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Matterport Pro3 Camera Solves 10 Problems & Helps MSPs with 5 New Use Cases17398

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Image courtesy of Matterport | Matterport Pro3 Camera ($5,955) | Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit ($7,995)

GIF courtesy of Matterport | Matterport Pro3 Camera ($5,955) | Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit ($7,995)

Video: Matterport Video: Pro3 Unboxing, Connecting to Capture and Tips | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 30 August 2022

Video: Matterport's Sweet Spot is Spatial Data for Enterprise at Scale | Video courtesy of YouTube Channel | 24 March 2022

Video: 131. Matterport Pro3 Camera Solves 10 Problems & Helps MSPs with 5 New Use Cases | #MTTR | Text-to-Speech (Text Below) | Video courtesy of | Thursday, 1 September 2022

WGAN Forum Podcast | Episode 131

Matterport Pro3 Camera Solves 10 Problems & Helps MSPs with 5 New Use Cases

Commentary and Analysis by

Dan Smigrod
Founder and Managing Editor
We Get Around Network Forum
WGAN-TV Podcast
WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)

Matterport hit a grand slam home run with the design, build, distribution and pricing of the Matterport Pro3 Camera for Matterporters around the globe.

The Matterport Pro3 Camera solves 10 problems and enables at least five new use cases for Matterport Service Providers (MSPs).

While the Leica BLK360 image laser scanner paired with the Matterport Capture app solves most of the following challenges with its LiDAR scanning tech for capturing spatial data (versus the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera’s structured light tech), the BLK360 $20,400 starting price – versus the Pro3 $5,995 starting price – is simply too high (and capturing spatial data too slow) to scale a global network of Matterporters with the necessary image laser scanner required for scanning much of the built world.

Until the Pro3 announcement on August 30, 2022, that was a big-big-big problem for Matterport.

Given Matterport’s ambitious plans for its Matterport Capture Services On-Demand program - now in 150 plus cities among seven countries – and the challenges of the Pro2 and BLK360, my only surprise about the Pro3 is that it took Matterport so long to introduce it. For more on this topic, please see my post in the We Get Around Network Forum in January 2022: Why Matterport will Build and Sell a Leica BLK360 Clone for Less Than $7,500.

Unlike Leica that likely needs to make a profit on each BLK360 LiDAR scanner sold, I could imagine that Matterport is uniquely positioned with the Pro3 to sell at or near cost because Matterport has additional fly-wheel revenue stream opportunities from scanning spaces, including:

1. Services: Matterport Capture Services On-Demand | Matterport for Enterprise
2. Recurring Revenue: cloud hosting
3. Licensing: Matterport Partner Program (usage of Matterport APIs/SDKs)
4. Add Ons: MatterPak, BIM File, E57 high-density point cloud files, Floor Plans and TruePlan for Xactimate
5. Plug-ins: Revit Plugin for Matterport; Procore Integration (adding value in the AEC space)

With that backstory, here are 10 problems that the Matterport Pro3 Camera solves:

1. Outdoor Scanning – While it is possible to scan outdoors with a Matterport Pro2, it’s more of an art than science and successfully scanning outdoors with a Pro2 will likely still result in bad spatial data which is essential for many use cases. Even Matterport acknowledges this limitation of the Pro2 on its website: “Digital twins are no longer confined to indoor spaces.”

While the Pro2 does offer outdoor 360 Views – or even 360 Views converted to scans via the Matterport Cortex AI platform, again, these can be poor ‘MacGyvered’-like substitutes. The Pro3 – with its LiDAR tech – will make it easy, fast and reliable to scan outdoors successfully (including in bright sunlight).

According to Matterport, “The upgraded camera and software allows one single, high quality model for full-sun capture outdoors. Because Pro3 uses LiDAR, the sun is no longer an issue when scanning. This also eliminates depth issues with sunlight entering through windows and skylights indoors. If the sun is visible, we recommend pointing the lens of the camera directly at the sun for your first scan.”

2. High Ceilings – If you have ever tried capturing scan data of a ceiling 2.5 stories tall with a Pro2 – you have already experienced the challenge (and may have even explored a super-tall tripod as a workaround. The Pro3 likely can easily capture the ceiling of a gym or office atrium. And, while this will help make the Matterport dollhouse look professional, the real value is the additional spatial data that enable all kinds of use cases with measurement at its core.

3. Exterior Building Facades (for Elevations) – When you combine the problems solved #1 and #2, this enables scanning of exterior building facades. While it is nice for imagery of the front of a building for marketing purposes, the real power of this spatial data is enabling the Matterport platform to be the first step in easily, quickly and efficiently creating outdoor elevations.

4. Large Spaces – The challenges of using a Pro2 to shoot a 100,000 SQ FT empty warehouse includes: getting scans to connect; having to move the Pro2 a short distance between each scan and the length of time to complete each scan. The Pro3 will likely eliminate scanning errors (of connecting scans); enable the Pro3 to be moved double or triple (or more) the distance between scans and complete each scan faster (less than 20 seconds per scan). According to the Matterport website: “We recommend that you don't exceed 8 meters - [26 feet] - between scans for large, open areas where large space between scans is justified.”

The Pro3 captures data up to 330 feet (100 meters). According to the Matterport website, “Pro3 can capture depth points at a distance of 100 meters, which is reflected in E57 files and BIM files. In processed models and other add-ons, the depth used is 20 meters - [65 feet] - per scan. This applies vertically as well (think atriums, cathedrals, and so on).”

The Pro3 is 30 percent smaller and 35 percent lighter (weighs 4.85 pounds) than the Pro2. That matters if you are picking up and moving the Pro3 camera and tripod from location to location.

The addition of a tripod dolly speeds workflow of large open spaces while making the scanning process easier for Matterporters. The removal of the rechargeable battery (2.5 hours to charge to 80% and 3.5 hours to charge to 100 percent); estimated 220 scans per charge assuming continuous use of consecutive scans) enables all-day scanning with battery swaps.

5. Level of Detail – While the Level of Detail (LOD) may not matter for marketing a space, it can be a big deal when accuracy of measurements matter for commercial real estate spaces, AEC and Facility Management use cases.

While the Pro3 can’t touch the LOD of a $100,000+ scanner used for roads, bridges and other AEC use cases, it’s super-likely that the LOD – and enhanced scan data – of the Pro3 (±20mm accuracy at 10m versus the BLK360’s accuracy of 6mm versus the Pro2’s 40-137mm at 7 meters) will dramatically increase the use cases of Matterport where the Pro2 was not “good enough” but the Pro3 is “good enough” for many commercial real estate, AEC, space planning and Facility Management projects.

6. Speed of Scanning – The single largest expense in scanning is not the camera: it’s the labor. Time IS money and anything that can be done to reduce how long it takes to complete a scan will enable either more scanning (such as weekly construction documentation) or enable a MSP to do more projects in a day. Matterport says its Pro3 is four times faster. That said, the scanning time for indoor residential real estate should still take the SAME amount of time as Pro2.

According to the Matterport website, “Each 360° rotation takes less than 20 seconds. In indoor spaces, it’ll take you about as long to scan with Pro3 as it does with Pro2, because you’ll want to use a similar scan path to ensure a good navigation experience for the visitor to your space. In outdoor and extra large spaces, Pro3’s increased range can help you scan more area per hour than you could with Pro2.”

7. Price of Camera – If you bought a Leica BLK360 scanner (first or second generation (around $20,000) just to use it with the Matterport platform, you can now buy a Matterport Pro3 for less than one-third the price and get nearly the same or improved features.

The $5,995 Matterport Pro3 Camera price point means more MSPs will be able to afford to buy the Pro3 (and likely have immediate potential business with IFTI/PROvision Solutions and Matterport Capture Services On Demand – even while developing direct-to-client business (at a higher price point per project).

I could imagine that one of the reasons that the Pro3 is so affordably priced is to quickly build a global network of Matterport Service Providers with the Pro3 for likely Matterport scanning at scale that requires a Pro3 (or BLK360) Camera/Scanner.

That may already be a reality. Matterport writes on its blog on August 30, 2022, “Matterport Capture Services is now supercharged with the new Pro3 camera to provide the highest quality, professional digital twin, on-demand in major cities around the world.” I could imagine that many Matterporters already have a pre-release version of the Pro3.

8. Revenue Per Project – In my We Get Around Network Forum post in March 2022 – Matterport's Sweet Spot is Spatial Data for Enterprise at Scale – I talk about the challenges of Matterport – and service providers – building a scanning business around residential real estate. For Matterport and Matterporters, it is essential to seek out work where spatial data is the highest and best use case.

These projects pay more and leverage everything that Matterport, Matterporters and Matterport Partners offer. Plus, in a world of 180 3D/360 virtual tour/digital twin platforms/software tracked by WGAN, Matterport can make many of these competitors irrelevant where easy, fast, reliable capture, processing and use of spatial data matters.

9. Scanning Opportunities – The Pro3 enables many scanning opportunities that are not possible because of the limitation of the Pro2; some of which are discussed previously. The introduction of the Pro3 – at less than one-third the price of a BLK360 – will dramatically increase the opportunities for Matterport and MSPs.

10. Image Quality – The Pro3 image quality (20-megapixel 1” sensor, 12-element lens and 5-image HDR) beats both the Matterport Pro2 and Leica BLK360. The Pro3 should also handle reflective surfaces better, low light and outdoor sunlight to produce, in Matterport’s words, “brilliant, life-like color” digital twin and 2D images.

The combination of these Matterport Pro3 features make a huge difference for architects, engineers and construction professionals (AEC). According to Geo Week News (Thursday, August 31, 2022): “Some have argued … that the lack of high-resolution LiDAR made the [Pro2] device’s use cases somewhat limited. While there was depth sensing and measurement capabilities, the accuracy wasn’t at a level that AEC contractors were necessarily ready to embrace. The Matterport Pro3 Camera, along with some back-end improvements to the [Matterport] cloud platform and AI capabilities, however, seems to tackle that criticism head-on.”

Matterport Service Providers Meets Residential Real Estate

Matterport Service Providers that have been focused on residential real estate need to look to other verticals that can and will pay more for 3D digital twins – that include spatial data – within the Matterport eco-system because of headwinds from:

1. a surplus of MSPs in many markets (more Matterporters than available business)
2. Matterport Capture Services on Demand
3. Matterport acquisition of the nationwide real estate photography agency VHT Studios (announced July 7, 2022)

New verticals for MSPs – made possible because of the Pro3 features and Pro3 pricing (Pro3 at $5,995. Pro3 Acceleration Kit at $7,995) likely revolves around the AEC, Facilities Management and Space Planning verticals. Plus, the addition of Matterport Partner integrations take Matterport digital twins from tools to turn-key solutions.

Five New Use Cases for Residential Real Estate Centric Matterport Service Providers

1. As-Built SurveysAs-Builts are the first step in documenting the life-cycle (design-build-operate) of a to-be-renovated commercial space. Matterport Pro3 captures both spatial data (with greater accuracy of the Pro2) and images from any view beats old-school 2D photos and only taking key measurements (for architects to reconstruct the space before they begin reimagining the existing building).

Matterport Partner, SuperViz, enables live video chats – within Matterport digital twins and within BIM models among stakeholders anywhere. (It’s likely better than being there for a host of reasons! [Watch the WGAN-TV Podcast for the SuperViz episodes.]

2. Construction Documentation – to compare to a BIM model and various stages of construction); including either a daily, weekly or monthly cadence where before, the cost of labor of scanning was prohibited.

Matterport Partner, SIMLAB STAGES timeline feature, facilitates communications on steroids among various stakeholders to save travel costs, reduce rework by catching problems sooner and improve communication and construction workflows. [Watch the WGAN-TV Podcast for the SIMLAB STAGES episodes.]

3. Outdoor Elevations – this is a use-case that becomes easy, fast and simple with a Pro3; something that is not possible or practical with a Pro2 Camera. IFTI/PROvision Solutions – with its network of hundreds of Matterport Service Providers globally offers this Matterport + BLK360 solution today to its client base that seeks one company to handle the creation of outdoor elevations at scale.

IFTI/PROvisions Solutions will likely expand this offering to more markets as more MSPs invest in Matterport Pro3 Cameras. [Watch the WGAN-TV Podcast for the IFTI/PROvision Solutions episodes.]

4. Facilities Management – accurate measurement matters in the command center for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP).

Matterport Partner, Aetos Imaging, enables seamless integration with Facility Managers (FM) Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software such as Angus AnyWhere, FM360 and Building Engines for managing buildings from anywhere. [Watch WGAN-TV Podcast for the Aetos Imaging episodes.]

5. Space Planning - anything that involves space planning (with accurate measurement). From event spaces to MEP spaces will benefit from the improved accuracy of Pro3 scan data.

Matterport Partner, Zuant, enables lead generation within events within event spaces.

Matterport Partner, CAPTUR3D, enables augmented reality overlayed on Matterport digital twins for wayfinding: a Google Maps-like experience for indoor spaces. [Watch WGAN-TV Podcast for the CAPTUR3D episodes.]

Adorama, an official Matterport Pro3 Camera reseller reported Tuesday, August 30, 2022 in its blog post on the Pro3: “According to Matterport, the Pro2 meets roughly 70 percent of use-case requirements while the new Pro3 meets about 95 percent of use-case requirements. With this in mind, plus the countless other features, the Pro3 is the preferred offering for customers who want to regularly scan large spaces — both indoors and outdoors — with enhanced accuracy.”

In addition to Matterport Capture Services On-Demand, I could imagine companies such as IFTI/PROvision Solutions which offers Matterport scanning at scale across the United States and around the globe for ]construction progress documentation; and facilities management; Snappr for Enterprise and other companies that provide Matterport On-Demand services, have the same challenge of sourcing a Network of Matterport Service Providers that own – or are willing to rent – a Leica BLK360 LiDAR scanner.

That’s why the Pro3 with its many new and improved features and two price points are so significant to all stakeholders in the Matterport ecosystem.

While I have discussed 10 significant problems that the Matterport Pro3 Camera solves and five new use cases for Matterport Service Providers that presently are focused solely on residential real estate, I could imagine that the We Get Around Network Forum Community can list more problems that the Pro3 solves – and new use-cases – made possible by the introduction of the Matterport Pro3 Camera.

Matterport Nails It with its Pro3 Camera

As the Founder and Managing Editor of the We Get Around Network Forumthe world’s largest public forum of Matterporters and Matterport centric content, my sense from reading all 91,000 posts among 16,000 topics – as well as using a Matterport Pro Camera since July 2014 – Matterport has done an amazing and exceptional job listening to the problems, challenges and opportunities of the Matterport ecosystem and nailing it with the introduction of the Matterport Pro3 Camera.

The Matterport Pro3 Camera will raise all boats and help Matterport succeed faster as “the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world.”

The Future Arrives Shortly

Matterport officially announced its Matterport Pro3 Camera on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 and that shipping would begin in the United States and Canada early this month, September 2022. In early October 2022, Matterport says it will begin shipping the Pro3 to customers in the UK, European Union, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

What are your thoughts about the Matterport Pro3 Camera?

Join the free We Get Around Network Forum ( and join the Matterport Pro3 Camera discussions.


✓ All WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Pro3

Here are Amazon links to buy the Matterport Pro3 Camera: (WGAN affiliate links)

1. Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera ($5,955)
2. Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera | Acceleration Kit ($7,995)
3. Matterport Replacement Camera Battery for Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera ($154.99)
4. Matterport Quick Release Camp Tripod Mount and Clutch for Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera ($129.99)
5. Matterport Camera Battery Charging Kit Bundle for Pro3 3D Lidar Digital Camera ($129.99)
6. Matterport 4-Section Tripod ($149.99)
7. Matterport Tripod Wheeled Dolly ($145.98)
8. Matterport Hard Case for Pro3 ($199.99)
9. USB C Car Charger, Anker 49.5 W (recommended by Matterport | Needs to be 20V or greater) ($39.99)
10. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (6 Pack) ($.99) (Matterport recommends Microfiber for lens/laser)


Matterport Pro3 Camera | Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit | WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)

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WGAN Forum Discussion: WGAN Cheat Sheet: Cost Worksheet for Matterport Pro3 Camera

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Matterport Pro3 Camera | Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit
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Dover, Delaware
marcelo private msg quote post Address this user
Great information Dan, thanks for providing this. I'm excited to see the first Matterport tours done with the new Pro 3 in SuperViz.
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Fan Club
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
skyload300 private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Dan,
Lots of useful information and external links.
Loved it.
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Bentonville, Arkansas
kwreece private msg quote post Address this user
I fear the measure to accuracy is not sufficient for many applications. The distance a scan measurement can be off more then 3x amount of the BLK according to the Matterport website at 10m. I would love to hear from real users using BLK if they feel the Pro3 actually could replace what they are doing. Or does the better image quality (the BLK is poor) offset the poorer measurement accuracy?
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Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I will add one more since I am going to use it for that. Since distances between scans can be increased to 5-7 meters you can now use a Pro3 for Google Maps even for just a small a few spots tour. The advantages are you can do it fast and Matterport tours are just "go and publish" using a flor plan comparing to any other system where you need to put all 360 manually in right spots.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
Question: is the Pro3 able to scan black reflective surfaces like this floor (360 Kuula-link)? Maybe with cortex and/or LiDAR scan?

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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Are you seeking scan data or visual tour?

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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod thanks for coming back to my question. In the meantime I have scanned this project. Matterport Pro3 cannot scan this floor, but it created a perfect 3D Tour with the help of the ceiling data. You even cannot work with cortex on this floor. Cortex only created the same small circles on the floor.

But Matterport support helped me with a special rendering process - I will add to images from the floorplan view before and after this special rendering.

Thanks again and BIG SHOUTOUT TO MATTERPORT SUPPORT (Sylvester) - this was awesome help!

This was before the special Matterport Rendering:

And this after the special Matterport Rendering - awesome - wonderful transitions in 3D Mesh

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