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'Tall Tripod' Topics

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Matterport Pro3: your highest ceiling scanned? ron0987 5 2 monthsDanSmigrod (30108): @ron0987 Short answer: Matterport Pro3 Camera scans at 20 meters (65 feet) above for your museum scans (even though the Pro3 Camera can see 100 meters) (328 feet). According to this Matterport Support page, last updated 27 March 2024: What is the scanning range on Pro3? Pro3 can capture depth points at a distance of 100m (328 feet), which is reflected in E57 files and BIM files. In processed models and other add-ons, the...
Matterport & Leica BLK360 G1 Integration EMILIANO 6 7 monthsEMILIANO (172): I knew it. I have both IPAD PRO 11" 512GB 2020 and IPHONE PRO MAX 14 512GM... :):):)
Matterport Scanning with Pro3 Camera at a height of 5-7 meters (16-23 Feet) Znh 15 1 yearZnh (13): @Austinpike That is an important information, thank you. I guess if no one else responds, I will go for - - suggested in post 7, which not that hight, but it is the only successfully tested solution with Pro 3 so far.
Question of the Day: Have you used this 20 FT Tripod with Matterport Pro2? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @MeshImages Super-helpful tip about using a dolly with the tall tripod. Dan
Looking to scan a space with a extremly tall ceiling in louisiana-Solution? mdarocho 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @mdarocho Is this helpful? => Question of the Day: Have you used this 20 FT Tripod with Matterport Pro2? Dan
Tall Tripod for BLK360 AnjumDesign 9 3 yearsJuMP (2031): @Home3D Your showcase is a great example of BLK360 + Pro2 work. And it is a brilliant photo that you show the equipments with your MSP family. I thought with the 6 meter high tripod maybe we can use Pro2 not BLK360 for the roof. But the RMB9999.00 tripod is too expensive, we don't have chance to test is it possible or not. BTW BLK360 is too expensive for us to have it also. One question about the three wheels base that you used under...
Taller tripod for Leica BLK360? AnjumDesign 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108):[]Screen Grab from Adorama[/url] Hi All, The very tall tripod in the PetaPixel photo is this one. Unfortunately, at its fully extended setting, it can old support 2.2 lbs. (Matterport Pro2 camera is 6.5 lbs.) Dan
Ideas to scan large exploded truck ahojman 14 4 yearsysabelc (168): @ahojman I'm from Metareal, how can I help?
Dome - can camera see height - is there a limit? SpencerLasky 23 4 yearsSpencerLasky (398): If I use the BLK360 or apparently the Z1 or insta360 one of the smaller 360 camera's can we go through the front doors and get a bit of the outside world? this would create a better dollhouse I would think. Anyone have an example of that with the small 360 camera and ... which one is the bang - quality images is the main thing. Thanks !
Need a review from my latest project marcoastan 12 4 yearsbryanhscott (843): @marcoastan Thanks for the info. I appreciate the issue you mentioned about stability of the camera at the end of the mast you used. If you intend to do more of this type of "elevated" work, you might check out the heavy, telescoping, fiberglass masts offered at: You can purchase one of their multi-section masts, or just buy 2 or 3 of the larger sections by themselves. Each section is 7'...
How to do a Matterport scan when the place has a high ceiling? marcoastan 10 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @marcoastan I noticed your new WGAN Forum discussion with the aircraft hanger that you shot ... Can you take a picture of your tripod extension showing it at 4 meters? Would :heart: to see what you did! Dan
How To Capture EXTREMELY High Dome Ceiling? VirtualView 4 5 yearsron0987 (2854): @VirtualView you need to look at the specs for the Leica BLK360, I use a Faro 120 and 360 which both have far more range than the BLK360 and I would be hesitant to scan that distance with out hoisting the scanner up 40-50' which is hard to do. Without knowing the interior lay out if there is no way to raise the scanner your data collected from that high might not be useable. Just something to consider prior to renting or buying a BLK360.
What is the maximum ceiling height for the Matterport dollhouse view? martinyoung50 6 5 yearsbryanhscott (843): @martinyoung50 You are very welcome.