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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hello People that Matter,

I founded the Matterport User Group (MUG) - [now known as the We Get Around Network] - to help create community around the Matterport platform; including the Matterport Pro 3D Camera and Capture app; and soon on mobile phones, tablets, glasses, goggles and devices that we haven't even imagined (yet).

I am founder, CEO and Chief Photographer of Atlanta-based We Get Around. We ♥ Matterport.

While our focus is residential and commercial real estate in the greater Atlanta area, we have created 3D Showcases for film/TV locations, Universities, hotels, news media and a General Contractor.

I am also the founder of the We Get Around Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers. (We refer pros and engage pros.)

Plus, I enjoy mashing up my passion for fashion and glamour photography with Matterport like this (ARTlanta Tech Village).

Thank you for joining the MUG community.

You Matter!

[Join by 4 May 3015 to receive our first of occasional eBlasts. The first one will focus on services that Forum members offer to other members to offer to their clients such as videos, CMS, floor plans, VR and enhanced .obj files.]

Dan Smigrod
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DoyleRealtor private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, my name is Brandon Doyle. I am the first real estate agent in Minnesota to be using Matterport for residential listings. Currently I'm using it exclusively for my own listings and am not contracting out to other agents or seeking outside business. When I saw Matterport featured at inman connect conference in San Francisco I realized the potential it has in our market place and wanted to be an early adopter.

Check out my blog;

I also wrote an article in the YPN Lounge section of RealtorMag;
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Kat private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Matterporters!
My specialty is 3D modeling with SketchUp. I'm interested in the scan-file editing side of Matterport work, and in the potential of HTML5 Canvas/WebGL rendering of LiDAR scans. Feel free to look me up about 3D file editing or SketchUp modeling.
For the future, I can't wait to see what Project Tango puts in people's hands!
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YairYepez private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone,

I am an architectural designer and a long time 3D modeling enthusiast. Me and my company started using the Matterport 3D Camera since the Beta test back in November 2013. I love this technology and I scan as much as I can or need!

Very happy to see that capturing the built environment is becoming more inexpensive, efficient and fun.


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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
Hey, my name is Curtis Tucker and I am a crime scene documentation guy, trying to start a side business with real estate scanning. A buddy and I found this at a scanning conference and bought on a few weeks ago. We use a FARO 120 at work and the matterport is way more efficient tool. But, due to how it handles data, it can't be used for evidential use. I have lots of questions on the .obj management and manipulation.

I am in the Seattle area and our website is
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YairYepez private msg quote post Address this user
To ccctucker,

The best software to navigate the OBJ file is the Unity3D based Matterport Workshop.

Now, for further manipulation or navigation of the downloaded OBJ file I recommend to use Autodesk Maya but you need training, because depending on your experience with CAD software it will take you 1 to 4 weeks to learn it and to master it.

Sketchup is a nice and more economic option and very easy to learn. However, to import a OBJ file you need a 3rd party plug-in and a lot of RAM memory (6GB minimum)

It is bad that 3D scan files are not a recognized standard in several industries. It should be the PDF of the construction, architectural, engineering, real estate, insurance and any other industry that deals with bilt environment assets. It took years for the PDF be recognized as an ISO standard and a legal document. Scans might have to wait a while too. I hope not.

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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
I need to cut a horizontal slice from the obj and convert it into a dxf file for creating a 2d drawing. I use point cloud software at my other job, but can't use it for my side job and I am trying to find a cheap alternative to paying a few thousand for some of the software out there. Any ideas?
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
New to your blog, the forum looks good. One question I have for the group is how supportive Matterport Tech support is to suggestions. From what I have seen they welcome suggestions but I am a to new as an owner to see where they go with the suggestions. As a group do you track suggestions being made as to get group input on the idea and or a place we as a group can see what suggestion have been made so we are not going over issues that have been made?

I work with with 2d and 3d diagraming, long time total station user, got into 3d scanning a couple of years ago. I am a long time Photographer, my 3d scanning led me to Matterport. I found it to be an excellent tool and a fit for a new business so I bought one and I am looking to use it and photography skill to move forward in that business.

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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Ron,

Thank you for joining the forum. I encourage you – and other MUG members – to post Matterport suggestions to our Matterport Wish List Thread ... is very responsive to my requests for help.


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Kat private msg quote post Address this user
@ccctucker Do you need this slice done repeatedly, or is this a one-time thing? If you just need one slice, conversion, or drawing, I'd possibly outsource the task overseas from a company or person who owns the requisite software already.

My specialty is SketchUp, if you have any questions there.
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Missoula, MT
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

My name is Ross Peterson and I live in Missoula, Montana...on the mountainous western side of our state. My "real" job is that of a web developer (specializing in custom WordPress solutions) but I've invested in residential rental homes (Missoula is one of two college towns in the state) as well as short term/vacation rentals as my second job/passion. My father has been in real estate in Montana for almost 40 years and my sister joined him in the business approx 10 years ago. Real estate and technology have always been in my blood, so to speak.

I learned of the Matterport service/camera over the summer this year and showed it to my dad/sis. They were as intrigued as I was and (last month) decided that it was something that would really compliment their residential real estate business here in Missoula. Additionally, we felt that this sort of technology would have great value to other industries in the area and decided to start a side project ( that would offer scanning services.

My background with 3D is relatively limited, but I've spent a significant amount of time using SketchUp to render out ideas for a remodel plans or to just test out an idea for a room layout/etc. I've painstakingly measured out nearly every floor/room in my rental properties and generated simple models of each so that I could easily generate accurate square footages or show simple floorplans to prospective tenants/etc. Additionally, during remodels, I'll often shoot TONS of photos for my records so that I know where water/power lines are and can reference these images later in the case of a leak/etc.

When I saw what the matterport could do, it essentially combined most of the steps I've described above into one simple model/solution that would have great value to me....and (we hope) others!

I'm particularly interested in how the 3D portion of what Matterport offers will mature. The "Showcase" view is awesome and the way it is easily generated is a huge time-saver...but I'd also like to think we're on the tip of an iceberg here with the 3D modeling side of things. I'm eager to see where it all goes.

Dan, I appreciate you taking the time to put together this forum and have already learned a lot from you folks. I'll do my best to keep posting whatever I can to help.

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Bryn private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Everyone,

Bryn Erickson

We have been developing our business for close to a year now. You can check it out here. I hope to share information and what we have learned with all of you and hope to get the same back.

Nice to meet you all!
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome Bryn,
I really like your website...what software are you using to make the models?
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Bryn private msg quote post Address this user
Oh thanks! I'l will share it with you privately if you message me. It would seem that our biggest competition is matterport itself so we need to stick together and help each other but I don't want to just put it out in the open. We need like a secret society or something ha!
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
How about a secret knock or handshake?
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grantmuller private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and my camera arrives this week - super excited! I own a real estate company in Boulder/Denver. I believe we may be the first in the area to present our listings with matterport. Thanks for this great resource and special thanks to Brandon Doyle, realtor in Minnesota, for his willingness to share his experiences!
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TrueSpaces private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,

I live in the Southeast Michigan area. Have been part of the Matterport early adopter program since last November.

My target market is on high end Realtors/Listings [$250,000 +]

Recently exhibited at 2 local Realtor Conferences and the feedback has been great.

Good luck to everyone!

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DoyleRealtor private msg quote post Address this user
I've had the pleasure of connecting in person, on phone, and via email with many members of this site. The newspaper and magazine articles I've been in have generated a lot of attention. Good for business, and good for the community.
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jessetutt private msg quote post Address this user
Hi. I have a long history of software development, technology architecture, project management and leadership in IT. I am just starting a new company in Alberta dedicating to showcasing real estate and am really thankful for all of the great content on this site. I am just in the process of reviewing over 20 scanners and have a Matterport scanner ordered and am interested to see how it lines up against all the others on the market. Thanks for taking the time to create this site.
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DavidDedwylder private msg quote post Address this user
David Dedwylder here from ArlingTon Tx. I just got my camera in a few days ago after a long 6 week wait. I am a real estate agent as well as a professional photographer. I am excited to put together some new marketing to make this generate real estate sales for myself and other agents in the ArlingTon/fort worth area. How lead capture tools for real estate can be used and where agents can promote viewings is what I really want to work on. I will be doing some scans for others in my area as time permits.
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JoeMontaleone private msg quote post Address this user
Hi I am a Realtor, Broker in Windsor Ontario, Canada and I have been using Matterport now for 8 weeks and absolutely love it. I have a client who is a major developer and what I do now is for every model home that we have and build, I go in before it closes and take my camera and shoot the home so that we have the virtual tour access instead of plain pictures and brochures. I am now beginning to blitz our Magazines in Marketing our exciting story of Matterport. If there is anyone who did something special in promoting this please share with me. Thank You Joe Montaleone
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Drew private msg quote post Address this user
Good Morning,
My name is Drew Pittman. I am a 4th generation resident and 4th generation broker of Stuart,Fl. I own Drew Pittman Realty & Auctions and coming soon 3D Imaging Group LLC. My Matterport should be arriving this week. A big thanks to Dan and all of you for your informative posts. I prefer to learn the "almost hard way." Any suggestions of what not to do with my new camera would be greatly appreciated.

Looking Forward,
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JohnBecker private msg quote post Address this user
Hello! I'm a new Matterport user who has done exactly one scan so far, so I'll be doing a lot of keeping my mouth shut and listening for a while.
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Drew private msg quote post Address this user
Open for business in Florida. I just built this temporary website over the weekend. I will have a professional site soon but I wanted to share now. I offer some additional services that I had not seen, such as Aviation and Marine. Has anyone had any luck scanning Jets or Yachts?

Looking Forward,
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DanMilstein private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Gang,

I am an architectural and aerial photographer specializing in luxury estate work. I've been working with the Matterport system since pre-release in 2013. My Matterport clients range from individual property owners to large brokerage marketing departments. Should be an interesting year.

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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
Im running a matterport scanning company in anaheim, Ca called OC Matterport. Right now, my market is homes starting at $950,000 and leases above 5,000 a month in the Orange County area ( We're looking at 1600+ in our market). My company is pretty new, we have completed about 10 scans in the 3 weeks since receiving are camera. I would love to talk to y'all about what tips and tricks you have picked up.

Very Respectfully,
Jake Rees
OC Matterport
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Orange, California
craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all,

I'm just getting started with my Matteport camera and have only scanned 3 properties so far. I'm in Long Beach, CA.

Craig Sauer
3D Interior Scanning
310 953 3298
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Greetings all. I'm Jamie from Canada.
I've been using matterport for the past 12 months. We specialize in the real estate market, offering hi end photography, aerial footage, video production and floor plans.
Exciting to introduce a new technology to the market in Canada.

Dan, I had a look at some of your work, very nice.
I've completed a few large scans myself (8000+) and run into the challenges that most of you are facing.
I'm glad to see matterport keep updating their app.

Cheers everyone
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Nodal Ninja
Bill private msg quote post Address this user
Hello fellow Matterporters - if that's the properly coined term. Some of you may know me as CEO of Nodal Ninja (nothing to do with Ninja style Karate - we sell panoramic photography equipment). Well I also dabble in other projects as well to include the acquisition and use of the Matterport. My wife Kim is an Associate Broker and Real Estate agent here in the Phoenix area. So while I might do some occasional work on the side I am also teaching Kim how to use the Matterport in her profession as well. It will add great value to her listings.

I found this group via Google and it seems much more active than the Matterport Forum. We've also done a bit of business in the past with Dan (hey Dan).
I'm looking forward to learning more and sharing some of the projects we do. We can all learn from other peoples experiences.
Here is sample outdoor scan of our backyard:.
Excuse the yard mess - it is fall and we are in the process of moving.

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grantmuller private msg quote post Address this user
Great outdoor scans!
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101046 923 30
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