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Tipped my Pro3 over and it hit the ground: now what??! RobertGalletta 21 20 hoursRobertGalletta (49): Thank you
Matterport Cloud Account>Do I need Matterport New Pricing Account for Pro3? SpencerLasky 4 2 daysaerialpixels (342): I think its only up to 20 other aliases
A platform for generating and sending out invoices with images and tour? OneFineDay 4 3 days_AG (7): @OneFineDay check out! It is a quick and powerful tool that will do all you need and more.
Matterport 16k Panorama from the (scan) points? AndreiAlexandru 12 3 daysGerhard (1405): @cmedia_germany that is great news, do you know who we email at Matterport as there must be thousands of MSP that want their 16K panoramic images to create self-hosted tours? I can download it at 16K without breaking any terms of services, but especially with the Pro2 no big difference in image quality between 4k and 16k.
How to buy extra batteries for the Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera/Scanner DanSmigrod 15 4 daysDanSmigrod (28193): @Fathom3D Brilliant! Also ... I could imagine that whatever is holding up the batteries has something to do with supplier quality. ✓ Job Opening: Matterport Supplier Quality Manager, Taiwan As of today (30 November 2022), Matterport is still showing this job opening available. Dan
MP Pro3 Acceleration Bundle on Order? Can you make an unboxing video? DanSmigrod 2 11 daysDanSmigrod (28193): Open thread to view post.
Question of the Day: What is your "Black Friday" offer or why not offering? DanSmigrod 1 12 daysDanSmigrod (28193): WGAN Question of the Day (All) Question of the Day: What is your "Black Friday" offer or why not offering? Hi All, The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Tuesday, 22 November 2022: ✓ What is your "Black Friday" offer or why not offering? Happy Thanksgiving, Dan
Would love some feedback on Matterport tour of dolls house and video CATHAL 6 12 daysCATHAL (22): Thanks, the house owner is Emma Wssdeil of Dolls House Grand Designs. It's a spectacular dolls house and was even used to fool Airbnb see link
Pro 3 scanning - hide behind??? DigitalTwin 4 14 daysWingman (3534): Just an extra note as I have noticed it during using a BLK360. If you wear a baseball hat make sure that you are not too close. That visor/bill(not sure what it is called exactly) on a hat can be captured by a spinning mirror if you are too close and do not even see it with your eyes.
How long does it take to receive back a Matterpak order? Cabrahams 8 17 daysDanSmigrod (28193): @Wingman When you get your Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit, please consider doing this: ✓ Matterport Pro3 Camera Unboxing Videos (Please Post Here) Dan
Converting real estate agents from cell phone listing photos to Matterport? DanSmigrod 2 19 daysMeshImages (2179): For residential properties over here is another problem arising - privacy. More and more people simply don’t want their private property to be shown in detail on the internet - buyers and sellers. And I can partly understand this - this is why I completely skipped the residential business.
Matterport to street-level collection for Google Street View jamal2022 5 20 daysWingman (3534): I doubt it will work even with 5 meters distance. It is only a Pro3 can do it. And as everybody else has mentioned a Matterport tour is good for business inside tours and even outdoor tours of parks if you can capture them in Sunlight. However it is not going to work for street and roads blue lines. Theoretically it is possible to create a blue line for a street using a Matterport camera but you will need a road to be closed(you will be...
Matterport Scan Points Shifting (on Backup Matterport Pro2 Camera)? BenAdgie 3 23 daysinmerso3D (81): @BenAdgie If by shift you mean numbering changes (and repeated numbers) there should be no problem when you process it. It has happened to me in scans with more than 1000 points (with the pro2). But if it's misalignment, don't continue and waste time and work. As Dan say, then "Better call Mike" Our experience with him has been very good. Luck.
How was this multi-floor Matterport tour created? Marcel 5 23 daysinmerso3D (81): Only in matterport is a 70-story building seen as only 4! This scan is awesome, but it's not possible without the help of matterport's stitching service even if you have the pro 8 camera! I agree with Marcel.
Do you have a Matterport Client Service Proposal: a pitch to new clients? DanSmigrod 1 27 daysDanSmigrod (28193): Do you have a Matterport Client Service Proposal: a pitch to new potential clients? Hi All, Do you have a Matterport Client Service Proposal: your pitch to potential new clients? I ask because I would like to add proposals to the WGAN Sample Forms Library. Please email to: ...
Pitching Matterport Pro3 Camera scans to smaller local builders? Expertise 6 30 daysDanSmigrod (28193): WGAN-TV | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperViz | Guests: SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and SuperViz Head of Sales, marketing and Customer Success Marcelo Franco | Episode: 151 | Thursday, 30 June 2022 | SuperViz website Video: SuperViz Recording During WGAN-TV Live at 5 show (above). Video courtesy of SuperViz @Expertise To add to @AineSuperViz comment above, when you do Matterport...
MSP with Pro3? 10 Thought-Starters for Charging for Scanning OUTDOOR Spaces DanSmigrod 2 1 monthExpertise (1063): We are 98% residential. My thought right now is to keep our current pricing structure and just do an add-on for exterior scanning. Less than 1/4 acre, 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre, 1/2 acre to 1 acre. More than acre > quote. We currently offer 2 residential interior MP choices. 1- living space only, not including garage (only available as add-on to photo shoot) 2- all under roof spaces including garage and covered porches, free floorplan
How to do Snapshots in Matterport model - User generated? ukvisualimmersion 4 1 monthPedrotex69 (212): Hi, this is a common feature in outher platforms also, like Treedis and gives you the option in what kind of format you want your screen saver photo.
Embed Matterport Tour: switch off all sharing? ukvisualimmersion 10 1 monthFathom3D (57): Looks like it's a fairly new feature, just announced a few weeks ago. Maybe someone with development experience will chime in with some insights.
Question of the Day: Has your Matterport Pro3 Camera order been delayed? DanSmigrod 10 1 monthDanSmigrod (28193): Hi All, Some updates about the Matterport Pro3 Camera and Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit in this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Why is the Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kit no long for sale? Dan 8:40 am ET Wednesday, 26 October 2022
Urbanimmersive franchise costs, fees and royalties? johnwheatley 9 1 monthjohnwheatley (193): @fhliberge Thanks Francois. That helps. I will use your link some day in the coming weeks to reach out.
Have you received your Matterport Pro3 Camera? Or what day were you told? DanSmigrod Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 monthExpertise (1063): We got ours from Adorama a week ago. Looking everywhere for extra batteries now. We did 3 new build homes with it yesterday for a national builder. Battery lasted about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Sadly, we needed 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish. Had to return today to do 3 scans. We love this camera. Very impressed.
Will iPad with M2 Chip Enable Faster Matterport Scanning & larger models? DanSmigrod 4 1 monthWingman (3534): On my Ipad Pro 2020 alignment takes about 5 seconds and I believe that the only time a new iPad model can improve. However even if a new model can do alignment in 1 second which I believe is unreal it is only saving 4 seconds on total of 34 seconds(30 seconds spin, 5 seconds transfer and 5 sec alignment). It does not look big that much even though it saves 10% time. More Ram is great but again I could do 1200 scans models easy with my Ipad so...
I am considering buying the Matterport Pro3 Camera: Questions I should ask? DanSmigrod 3 2 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @rzphotoman Thanks! (Sounds like you are holding off buying a Matterport Pro3 Camera. Hi All, What questions did you ask (and answer) - yourself - that helped you decide to buy a Matterport Pro3 Camera? Best, Dan
Best Display for Mac Studio M1 Max? leeverdon 3 2 monthslilnitsch (4355): I am strongly debating on going to a 42-inch LG C2 OLED
Does archiving a Matterport space remove the content from GSV? your360 4 2 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @your360 Ideally, save your Matterport digital twin to make it easy to remove or update the Google Street View version of the tour. Best, Dan
can you retrieve a deleted matterport? GlennTremain 5 2 monthsGlennTremain (2434): @Chemistrydoc @MeshImages @Skeeter Thank you all for your quick responses....I thought it was the broker but you confirmed his response and he is back on my christmas card list. Anyone on tiktok find me @nailsoupmedia and I will support you
Migrating Matterport Mattertags 1.0 to 2.0: How hard is it to migrate? marcelo 2 3 monthsMeshImages (2179): As far as I know, all Mattertags 1.0 are automatically updated to Mattertags 2.0. The new Mattertags come with some new features in the editor, such as different icons, direct file uploads to Matterport, keywords for search and a share-link-to-Mattertag option. In showcase you can fix the Mattertag and then move from one Mattertag to the next. I would definitely integrate and work with the Mattertags 2.0 SDK. I am sure there will be further...
Do you have a source for an Icon Database? VTLV 4 3 monthsVTLV (2633): Thank you for the input @MeshImages & @Wingman. Phone decided to ring off the hook when I posted this and never got back around to it. is the winner. It appears to have all the icons I am thinking of with an ability to change the colors to match the site of the client. Thank you!
Apple Introduces RoomPlan: Your thoughts? Gerhard 2 3 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): Apple @Gerhard Thanks for sharing. I could imagine: 1. Apps that let you create floor plans ( without having to indicate wall/floor/ceiling boundaries) 2. For apps that requiring indicating wall/floor/ceiling boundaries (they are likely to use this) 3. When a client wants floor plans, but does not want to...
How to build a full CGI Matterport tour? skyload300 29 3 monthsskyload300 (245): hi, yes sure, I will put one together and share it for everyone to benefit. I am on the road these days.. Will post here once done. H
Can you transfer Pro3 scans to other MSPs with Classic accounts? Queen_City_3D 16 3 monthsHome3D (3326): I use both a Pro 2 and BLK360 and these models can be hosted on either new or legacy accounts, as I have both. So my question from the beginning has also been - Is just the processing of Pro 3 models restricted to newer accounts (makes sense, no problem) or has MP decided to prohibit the transfer of models including Pro 3 scans to legacy accounts? (no reason, because you can do this with models that include BLK360 lidar scans). If anyone has a...
Seattle: real estate agents are moving away from Matterport. Buy Pro3? ron0987 7 3 monthsron0987 (2141): I appreciate all the feedback. I think the MP tour is an excellent tool for agents to use. @lilnitsch I agree with you and have been talking with agents just trying to educate them on the use of MP and professional photos or video to supplement their portfolio. But you cannot force one to move away from the use of smartphones. @coulee360 I also agree with the hope that MP rises to its full potential whether it is the Pro, Pro2 or Pro3...
MPEmbed for Matterport Tutor/Help? Sfalco 1 3 monthsSfalco (4): I’ve been asked to use MPEmbed to augment a Matterport tour for a data facility, but I’m a (brand) new user, and I’m struggling with figuring it. I would like to hire someone as a tutor to help me learn the best way to build this tour and coach me through this project: The data center has six key rooms with engineering features that requires explanation. It contains long hallways of dead space connecting the rooms, that...
Editing Zillow panos possible? ittam 4 3 monthsHopscotch (147): You can’t edit the image in post, only in camera and the settings our colleague above mentioned. The other workaround takes the media out of the Zillow platform, but you can save the images to your camera as well as the phone/tablet and can download them and edit them offline. You just would then have to make a proper tour in Seekbeak or another platform ie 3D Vista. Good luck!
Help please: Matterport Capture App not opening Pedrotex69 6 3 monthsMeshImages (2179): Yes, and with release of Capture App version 5, Matterport will give you the possibility to download your scan-jobs to the Capture App again. Probably later for a fee, but nothing gets lost, no worries ;)
Tips Needed - When Matterport Dollhouse view is critical kaliforniatuffy 6 4 monthsWingman (3534): I always make all big & noticeable black holes covered at least on jobs where it is possible. In some spots like on a couch with a lot of pillows stacked it is just much easier to remove pillows and do one scan in front rather than trying to fill holes between pillows from 2-3 sides. Also using low sitting tripod where needed.. for example to scan inside sinks in kitchen/bathroom and do two scans inside a bathtub to cover it all. However I...
Question of the Day: Which 3D/360 Platforms Offer White-Label Hosting? DanSmigrod 3 4 monthssherpa_media (359): Hey! Show & Tour could also be a great solution for you to customize the tour's url with your own domain name. You would want to make sure to input the Matterport "MLS Ready" url into Show & Tour so that viewers won't be able to pull the original Matterport link. See an example below! url: [showtour][/showtour]
Where do y'all find new business? tosch 10 4 monthslilnitsch (4355): Had an organic lead though my website yesterday that I am going to walk today for a Mixed use building with 30 apartments and several retail spaces Also, had a great little birthday party for one of my builders which these types of events are always great networking opportunities
Error Message Loading Matterport E57 file: help please AnjumDesign 1 4 monthsAnjumDesign (36): Just bought E57 file and it is not opening in cloud compare. I am getting below error. Any help appreciated
How to export to Sketchfab or 3D software to trim model? ron0987 4 4 monthsron0987 (2141): @Saulius @Wingman thank you for the input, the trim function I am familiar with. The thing that I am not familiar with is after you trim it is to complete the model. In this case the building was attached to a second less attractive building. I would like to trim that business and recreate the back wall and side wall that is missing to create a four-sided 3D model. Being able to either create these walls with an old brick texture or clone...
know of anything for booking an AIRBNB type of property that is not airbnb GlennTremain 2 4 monthsJamie (1917): hey Glen Yep it's a booking plugin. I'll PM you
Issues with Matterport motion sickness? northernWIld 3 4 monthsQueen_City_3D (2958): There's certainly a learning curve to properly navigate through the Matterport tours and I'll admit to having had some dizzy spells myself early on. I think the best fix for that is to make sure you have a highlight reel and encourage your viewers to use that. I almost always have a walkthrough tour and I use the &kb=0 parameter to turn off the auto pan between highlight scan locations. Unless you are really precise with where the scan...
How to mashup Matterport and Aerial 360s? DanSmigrod 5 4 months3dblickwinkel (215): I´m using It´s very easy to add a 360 photo (normal or aerial) and you can use it to start the tour. Sometimes I also use 3d vista, create a tour there with just an aerial photo panorama and from there link everything that the customer wants, e.g. MP, 3d vista, links, videos etc. This is also possible with MP Skin, where I can even give my customers access to the backend and they can add, delete...
Has anyone used SuperViz? Rob_IM4DM 4 4 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @Pedrotex69 Please keep us posted about how you use Matterport + SuperViz to get more business. Best, Dan
What/How do you charge for Zillow 3D Home Tours and Photo Packages? rzphotoman 15 4 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @VTLV May your bother always continue to live in your heart. Dan
Have any one had any experience using ViewAR? Rob_IM4DM 2 4 monthsVRCOLAB (25): Hey Rob, I used ViewAR back in January for a museum project. It worked as advertised. No issues to report. If I recall correctly it was part of their free beta, so no out of pocket costs to me. I would highly recommend them. Here's a sample of my project Good luck, Aaron Rice
Using CAPTUR3D with Matterport integration and AR waypoints? Rob_IM4DM 6 4 monthsRob_IM4DM (22): Thank you all for the reply’s.
Using Matterport with game engines? Rob_IM4DM 6 4 monthsRob_IM4DM (22): I see, but if you’re using the point cloud file, wouldn’t something like Unreal Engine 5 be able to run this without any issues. I have seen a video of someone taking the XYZ file and making into a 3D CAD file. Would this more work?
Which Floorplan tool is recommended for individual wall measurements? tmroberts 2 4 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): WGAN-TV | 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D CAPTUR3D Founder and COO Steven Kounnas | Episode 117 | Thursday, 9 September 2021 | Transcript and Example Floor Plans 122-WGAN-TV | Matterport Service Provider? Free Single Property Website with Every 2D Floor Plan Order from My Virtual Listings | Guest: My Visual Listings Co-Founder and CEO Greg Paterson @MyVisualListings | Air Date: Thursday, 21 October 2021 |...
Question of the Day: Have you used this 20 FT Tripod with Matterport Pro2? DanSmigrod 5 4 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @MeshImages Super-helpful tip about using a dolly with the tall tripod. Dan
Looking to scan a space with a extremly tall ceiling in louisiana-Solution? mdarocho 6 4 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @mdarocho Is this helpful? => Question of the Day: Have you used this 20 FT Tripod with Matterport Pro2? Dan
Matterport 3rd Party Blur Tool Recommendations? Integratedman 3 5 monthsaerialpixels (342): my experience with it is bad. it also messes up the dollhouse view
How do I paint the annotation color on the Matterport Semantic dataset? Gudiya 6 5 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @Baezeni Can you reply here about ... Thanks, Dan
Anyone else having a huge problem with the Matterport Edit Button? Integratedman 9 5 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @Integratedman Thanks for the update. If/when you hear back from Matterport about ... ... can you post an update here? Best, Dan
Matterport Blur Tool not working for me. You? How to solve? 808virtually 8 5 months808virtually (157): **Update** I received an email from Matterport Support today, 7/12. It seems they have fixed the issue. "Thank you for your patience. I have received an update from our engineering team that blur issue is fully fixed now. We have also tried in our sample spaces and sometimes the blur is not applied immediately after it says "applied" but once I move the scan point a little or refresh the screen, the blur is applied. Please...
Proximity Based Tags in Matterport? tosch 1 5 monthstosch (215): Hello all, Do you have a matterport scan with tons of tags? It can start to feel kind of cluttered. Now you can de-clutter with Proximity Based Tags. With this feature enabled tags will auto populate as visitors navigate around your tour and only display tags in their immediate area. Openhaus Tags vs Matterport:
Matterport posted my model to their Pinterest Account without permission?! Meidansha 15 5 monthsGerhard (1405): @Meidansha :eek::eek::eek: Its a joke. Just remember they own your content. You can hold spaces for clients, are they idiots? That's their business model, they need to sell hosting. You work for Matterport, you have to realize that, not the other way around. But Matterport is making so much business right now, and it's such an easy sell with my new virtual tour tech. I just tell customers your data is owned by Matterport, delete does not mean...
Help Please: Matterport Pro1 3D Camera Creating Stitch Lines 360world 3 5 monthsMatterFix (285): As mentioned above, this is how the different camera images are shaded in the capture app.... you cannot judge image quality/shading from within the capture app. The shading defects seen in the capture app will not appear in your processed model. What you can look for in the images in the capture app is misalignments in the stitching of the images. Mis-alignment of images at the vertical stitching lines in the capture app. Look at...
Is it possible to have DIFFERENT links within the SAME Matterport tour? DiogoCosta38 3 5 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): Hello @DiogoCosta38 Yes. The Matterport feature that enables different links within the same Matterport tour is called: Deep Links Best, Dan [Via Google Translate] Olá @DiogoCosta38 Sim. O recurso Matterport que permite links diferentes dentro do mesmo tour Matterport é chamado: Deep Links melhor, Dan
'Should I switch to Commercial Real Estate instead of Residential RE?' DanSmigrod 4 5 monthskaliforniatuffy (35): @rzphotoman Any tips on how to price commercial work as opposed to residential? I am also trying to move away from residential real estate and move towards more commercial work. I’ve done a few jobs so far but feel I am way undercharging.
Anyone Noticing Increased Matterport Pixelation? Shakoure 6 5 monthsMarcel (387): I also noticed this and was thinking wow these old pro 1 tours look crap and I need to speak to the client and get them re-captured. Probably should anyway.
Question of the Day: What is your average house real estate shoot price? DanSmigrod 3 5 monthsExpertise (1063): This kid is a BS artist.
Question of the Day: How will 5.78% 30-year fixed mortgage rate affect you? DanSmigrod 2 6 monthsGETMYVR (1431): I'm locked into a 5% rate for a while now, compared to the interest rates in the seventies and eighties money looks cheap. However when you look at what Europeans pay for mortgage interest, it ranges between 0.61% to 2.75% . And with typically much lower property taxes from the local governments. Now you know how every European goes on vacation for a month.
3D Matterport to 360 tour? InStasy 9 6 monthsWingman (3534): I thought of a phone IMU as a problem since I have been testing these apps. It is a very good idea in the video to use a gimbal for an iPhone. I had actually never thought of a gimbal until your post. And I believe any gimbal will work. However my problem is I have an iPad and there are no gimbals for them. Once I have my rover ready I will try IOS LiDAR scanning by moving my rover at constant slow speed with my Ipad tilted at...
Help please: trouble uploading a Matterport model Laserpro3532 4 6 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): @Laserpro3532 Great. Enjoy your weekend. Dan
Mattertags Not Working : PDF ThinkLab 5 6 monthsWingman (3534): I have mentioned many times that most clouds are not suitable for loading anything into Mattertags. Clouds do not spit back binary data of a document you are calling from them. They return HTML code that contains a lot of things. Fo example when you try to open an image from a cloud(say Google Photos) through HTTP(s)(url is using http(s)) you are getting an interface for editing, a viewer to display the called image and on top of that you will... - How to feature Matterport Virtual Tours? northernWIld 4 6 monthsnorthernWIld (22): This is all really helpful, thanks to you both for the comprehensive reply. Definitely helps my understanding of the workflow. I have a few friendly Agent contacts that I will reach out to see how our local MLS works so I can tailor a specialize how-to to their needs. Cheers again.
What is the deal with the JPEGS included with MatterPak bundle?? SkyGuys 3 6 monthsWingman (3534): It is so called baking textures that give your 3d model realistic look with colours and textures from a real space. As @Jamie has mentioned it is a part of obj package.
Help Please: How to transfer Matterport 360s to other Matterport Tours? CATHAL 22 6 monthsCATHAL (22): You’re absolutely right. I could understand how it might be difficult if it was one of the capture images that are stitched together in at Tour. But for an extra 360 that we’re actually adding ourselves (via edit button) … I should be straightforward simple upload on their side.
Video: Is the Matterport virtual tour ready for VR headset? DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): Is the Matterport virtual tour ready for VR headset? | Video courtesy of Lama VR YouTube Channel | 20 May 2022 Hi All, Your thoughts? Dan
Question of the Day: How do you calculate SQ FT to Invoice for Matterport? DanSmigrod 7 7 monthsThinkLab (386): @JuMP you have a very good point. I think yes, because of their fine print they own all the data. Just wondering people with SDK access, because they pay Matterport a fee they allow it. Why would Matterport also say when they create your floor plans you are not allowed to remove their branding from your work you paid for. So waiting to see what Matterport will reply , and if they will ever replay on this forum.
Wording to put in a floor plan to reduce the risk of wrong square foot? Laserpro3532 4 7 monthsExpertise (1063): Simple- we delete the Square Footage info in Photoshop, leaving just the disclaimer. Matterport SF is calculated form the interior walls, our county calculates from the exterior dimensions, so the SF is almost always low as compared to tax records.
E57 Viewer Recommendations? cammar 3 7 monthscammar (10): Thanks I’ll look into it!
Can't upload models due to connectivity issues. You? pguerreiro 3 7 monthspguerreiro (109): @GETMYVR Thanks my friend. It worked!
Floor Plans Service that can Create Floor Plans Similar to this? rodrigocastillo 3 7 monthsBaezeni (37): @rodrigocastillo has 15 years experience in making custom high end floorplans and always happy to help. 1. Just send your input by email to and ready plan delivered next work day 2. You will get a online link with download or onscreen interactive comment function 3. No payment before you confirm ok 4. Baezeni can handle all type of input, you or your client logo and custom design as wished (and as...
Which 360 platform enables open/close of glove box in this car tour? peterek87 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 monthsTosolini (3965): Some time ago, I shared this experiment which is based on swapping entire panoramas. Using 3D renders to simulate interactions in a 360 space The number of possible combinations can easily get out of hand, so it's not an efficient workflow. 3D Vista recently released a new hotspot type for virtual staging which seems to address this specific use case.
Matterport Deep Link &qs=1 url parameter still relevant? NC3D 1 8 monthsNC3D (68): Hi all, Sorry in advance if I missed the answer to this, but I cannot seem to get any deep links to accomplish the smooth fade-in transition that I have in the past using the &qs=1 parameter. Thanks much!
Matterpak files still work if 3d Tour is archived? Pedrotex69 3 8 monthsPedrotex69 (212): Thanks Dan. Can you give me any advice if I have to do anything different when doing my scans? Does the camera as to be higher? Do I have to leave less space between scans, and so on. Thanks.
Quickest Apple iPad for Matterport Speed? west360digital 4 8 monthswest360digital (7): Thanks for the info! I did 2 tests: iPhone 13 - 40 seconds for total scanning, uploading, aligned and ready to scan again. iPad 32GB (2017)- 46 seconds for total scanning, uploading, aligned and ready to scan again. I think this new Ipad Pro with M1 Chip would be better. 8RAM and 16RAM options. I think there is probably an improvement on Matterport's end that could improve the speed. If I could get this down to 30 seconds, it could save a...
Help Please: How to extract images from any Ricoh Theta Z1 360 photos? DanSmigrod 2 8 monthslilnitsch (4355): I use the insta360 player -
Matterport Marketing Video: Why Matterport is right for your listing DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): Why Matterport is right for your listing | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 17 March 2022 Hi All, How will you use this Matterport marketing video? Dan Transcript (video above) Ninety-five percent of home buyers search for a home online. The Internet is now the first place people will discover your home, and having an engaging comprehensive listing is more important than ever....
How long to Un-Publish from Google Street View via Matterport? jpierce360 2 9 monthsWingman (3534): It should happen instantly for a desktop but may still be shown on smartphones and tablets for some time.
Digital Marketing Assets for Agent: Shoot on an overcast day or reschedule? GlennTremain 7 9 monthsShawn_P (264): When shooting for a builder, they will postpone certain aspects of the shoot for better weather. Rarely do they request a “sky swap.” Best to ask the owner or realtor how they want to proceed
Zillow 3D Home Tour Add Panorama? Brian360 2 9 monthslilnitsch (4355): @Brian360 I have seen the feature but, have yet to try it yet. it appears that it works in a similar manor to Matterport where a new tour link is created though with the Zillow dashboard it should be relatively easy to relink the new tour to the property
Question: Does the Matterport MatterPak include an XYZ File? rzphotoman 3 9 monthsrzphotoman (1738): Thanks Dan...much appreciated.
Dan, should I buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and start a service business? DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): [issuu][/issuu]Free eBook: Dan, Should I Buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (and Start a Service Business?) | Guest: Anonymous | Friday, 25 February 2022 | Episode: #135 WGAN-TV | Dan, Should I Buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (and Start a Service Business?) | Guest: Anonymous | Friday, 25 February 2022 | Episode: #135 | (The voice of the WGAN Forum Member has been changed and...
Import 360º BETA for iOS. Anyone knows? pguerreiro 7 10 monthsYerlan (7): @pguerreiro Hello again! Can you please tell me what phone did you shoot with? photos stitch well. and what did you fix the phone to?
Transfer Space to Customer: Do hidden scans stay hidden? jpierce360 4 10 monthsjpierce360 (160): Good point Ron! I'll let them know, I just don't want them to have to do anything. its fine if they see the hidden pieces and edit tools.
Question of the Day: Is the Matterport Dollhouse Valuable? DanSmigrod 6 10 monthsWingman (3534): @CharlesHH That is my point. When we compare systems for a speed of use we first need to match all what is coming as their default features. It is kind of not rocket science but even that came to me recently when I saw a badly produced Matterport tour for the same property I did in full. That tour had everything disabled but in a nutshell it was still a tour made of 134MP Matterport can deliver with a pro 2. It took me about 5 hours to do...
How you think virtual tours provider will benefit from the metaverse ? Josequinones 11 10 monthsCharlesHH (635): Article in the Times of London where the journalist entered the metaverse and in minutes was being sexually harassed and offered pornography. Young kids should not be able to access it but apparently very easy to bypass controls. @Josequinones I remember Second Life (still exists) where a friend sold a lot of her art to be placed in Second Life homes - she made a couple of thousand dollars. Apparently, it is still in existence and is very...
Should I ask my client to get a Matterport account to take-over hosting? SnappyDave 7 11 monthsSnappyDave (1): Yeah I can see that hosting and billing the clients is the way to go. Thanks guys.
Remove objects in Matterport like Photoshop? AndreiAlexandru 6 11 monthsDanSmigrod (28193): The exporting/importing of 360s in Matterport tours can be done by a Matterport Partner using the Matterport API/SDK. Listing3D is an example of a Matterport Partner that can provide this service to you. You can provide Listing3D with direction, such as: ✓ remove tripod from mirror ✓ add these 3D provided: objects, tables, chairs, etc ✓ virtual staging in style X, Y or Z (see Listing3D style options) Dan
Question of the Day: What camera gear do you hope Santa brings you? DanSmigrod 3 1 yearWingman (3534): I think I have not been naughty and Santa has just brought me a DJI Ronin S2 gimbal combo instead of a less expensive DJI Ronin SC2 combo.
Commercial Real Estate Developer like Cushman & Wakefield? BlueImmersiveMedia 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): Redefining the Commercial Real Estate Space Through Digital Twins, Featuring Cushman & Wakefield | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 10 December 2021 Panelists Rasika Savkar Partner Ent. Customer Success Manager Matterport Brigitte Bennett Marketing Executive Cushman & Wakefield, APAC Stephen Johnson St. Operations Manager, TDS Cushman & Wakefield, NORAM Elizabeth...
Urgent: Matterport Capture app won’t start up? [In the midst of scanning] NC3D 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): @NC3D That's great news! Thanks for sharing how you solved the puzzle. Best, Dan
Does Anyone Know… Matterport to GSV, do 360s migrate as well? Home3D 2 1 yearWingman (3534): If you place 360s on minimap they will be published. This is an example from a tour I have done recently [streetview][/streetview],-.12&ss=347
Ricoh theta V shooting over 2,000sqm Model Critique? AYODELE 7 1 yearDataventurer (373): Marking Windows, Mirrors, and Trim | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 22 January 2021 Here is a 2-minute video about how to mark windows and mirrors in the capture app. Pretty simple to execute. After you make these changes in your Capture app, the model will need to be uploaded again. Keep at it!
Real estate photos versus real estate test drives: homebuyers prefer? GETMYVR 11 1 yearGETMYVR (1431): @Dataventurer excellent deep dive on the stats, thanks! I agree with the pics, they are preeminent above everything. Today I was talking to one of my agents when I was shooting some photos, and she mentioned she's been 3 hours at an open house and had five people walk in. No offers from any of them. Typically open houses are on the weekend for about 3 hours either on a Saturday or a Sunday. She's one of my better customers who also gets...
Old camera warning for firmware update in the Capture? Wingman 5 1 yearWingman (3534): No problems with connections. It is just my old camera that I replaced with a working one through Matterport repair is still shown in the app with no visible way to remove it and the app tells me to update its firmware. Technically it is not that annoying but I would just prefer to remove old camera from the app so it does not tell me to update anything for it.
Matterport Highlight Reel - Specific start panorama? LeventeSolczi 5 1 yearLeventeSolczi (58): If i start to duplicate i will have around 20 extra models :) it does not worth it. (
Need tips for scanning last floor building + rooftop DeftUnified 4 1 yearDeftUnified (10): Thanks a lot to you for your kind advices. I'll do my best :D
Matterport 3rd Party Developers: Enable Adding Nadir Logo Patch? DanSmigrod 4 1 yearThinkLab (386): @Gladsmuir you are very correct in what you are saying. You add that extra little value and makes your tours stand out from all the generic looking Matterport tours. Yes I fully agree that this must be free, as clients don't pay extra. And by just making your tours look better than lazy Joe MSP down the road that is charging so cheap you can charge more for your better looking tours. Also to have all the branding removed from the tours like...
Who is getting GIRAFFE 360 and why ? ThinkLab 12 1 yearGETMYVR (1431): I will say as the website owner, it is Dan Smigrods's sole discretion to advertise and promote every company possible - that is the way it goes! And I am extremely grateful to be part of this community. I own 100% of my equipment, the best 2D & 3D camera's, and some of the rest - is subscriptions based. I do not think Giraffe360 is a good fit for me, and I encourage NEW 360/3D people to investigate all possible options on the table. I...
Matterport 360 Views not showing up. Help please HarlanHambright 8 1 yearlilnitsch (4355): @GETMYVR What I use my Z1’s the most for is Zillow’s 3D home tours. A Zillow 3D home tour & stills is my entry level offering
Squaremeter Measurement of Tours? TobiasRempe 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): WGAN-TV | 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D CAPTUR3D Founder and COO Steven Kounnas | Episode 117 | Thursday, 9 September 2021 WGAN-TV eBook | 7 Strategies to Sell Floor Plans as an Add On with CAPTUR3D Founder and COO Steven Kounnas | Aired Live: Thursday, 9 September 2021 | Episode:...
Question of the Day: Any issues with iPadOS15 + iPad + Matterport Pro2? DanSmigrod 3 1 yearron0987 (2141): I have had no issues using Ipad Pro and iOS 15 using MP Pro2 camera.
Matterport Exposure misalignment - Help kwreece 6 1 yearkwreece (85): I uploaded it and it looks awesome. No issues setting Matatags or placing 360 views. Thanks again for the pointers. I was afraid to upload it thinking I had really screwed up based on the previews. Won't make that mistake again. Thanks again everybody, Ken
Matterport Cameras, warranties etc.? Shawn_P 3 1 yearShawn_P (264): Yes. Thank you
Help MP 360 photo edit? ron0987 4 1 yearlilnitsch (4355): I find that sometimes it a little easier to get a 360 to appear where you'd like it in the workshop. Though, I still place my 360 views when on site in the field
Lost Mattertag ıssue? alirizacil 2 1 yearCharlesHH (635): It seems that if you get close or over 100 tags you can have problems. I could not change stalk length and some would not move. Known bug with no solution. Maybe similar problem. Suggest you publish after every ten. But refresh view page to see if they are there. Stalk changes showed in preview but went back to default when model was refreshed.
Matterport model iframe: link? ukvisualimmersion 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): @ukvisualimmersion The following is from the WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Is it possible to get Matterport to create a redirect? The short of it: by using a 3rd party platform for delivering Matterport tours, you can make changes to your Matterport tours; reprocess them and still have the same URL (not the Matterport URL, but the 3rd party tool URL such as WP3D Models, MPEmbed or Show & Tour. Dan --- ---
Is there a way to edit Matterport images? kwreece 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): @kwreece Listing3D offers decluttering of Matterport tours. Depending on your needs, I could imagine that Listing3D may be able to help you. (Yes. I understand that you are not seeking virtual staging.) Matterport does not offer editing of the panoramas. Matterport does offer blurring, if that's helpful. Dan
Matterport - GSV scans not linked KfromPoland 4 1 yearJosequinones (20): Happened to me recently... Just give it 5-7 days and it will link together. Make sure you uploaded all panos (first option when uploading from matterport)
Question of the Day: Inbound leads you receive for MP: what percent happen? DanSmigrod 5 1 yearWingman (3534): Not counting requests where it is most likely to be another matterport provider trying to see what other charge I would say it is well over 50%. These are not potential leads as you would count them with cold calling. These clients have usually decided they want our product, they just need extra information, quotes or possible dates when it can be done. It could be even higher because these type of clients usually need time and I have some...
Platform Question anastasios 6 1 yearGETMYVR (1431): Nice tour
How to mark a floor mirror? Meidansha 6 1 yearWingman (3534): There may be a way but I have not mentioned it because I do not think it is ready. Check with Captur3d (@AlexHitchcock) to see if they have implemented their trimming tools into their platform. I have seen their announcement through a video that they are working on a box type of trimming and the way it has been shown in the video it should be able to solve this problem.
MPEMBED lighting (brightness/contrast) settings Question SpencerLasky 3 1 yearSpencerLasky (327): Thank you Noam!
How to walking paths 360s on Google Street View when published via 3DVista? Boggo2 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): @Boggo2 I am just guessing here: 1. individual 360s show up in 1-3 days on Google Street View 2. linking of same 360s can take 1-2 weeks on Google Street View Does that help? Best, Dan
Mavic 2 Pro remote controller: Where can I buy it in the US? rodrigocastillo 4 1 yearDaveFahrny (269): You can contact the seller & get a feel for them . I have purchased many drones & parts on eBay without any problems. Ebays policies will normally back you up if there is an issue . Good Luck with you search
My Virtual Tour business is not taking off. What am I doing wrong? DanRess 14 1 yearExpertise (1063): Here is the problem my friend... (dmcquade) The number of people who thought it would be "as easy as Build a website -> Get customers -> make money" is off the charts. The bad news is you got a very late start in this bidness. Six years ago there were 2 people doing R/E photos in our county. We were the 3rd. Now there are 25-30 I'd guess. The good news is you seem to be in a large market. I've noticed that many folks in...
Question of the Day: Do you charge for Snapshots from the Matterport Tour? DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): Hi All, The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Thursday, 15 July 2021: Do you charge for Snapshots from the Matterport Tour? Best, Dan P.S. This WGAN Question of the Day was inspired by this WGAN Forum post by @BenAdgie ✓ Matterport features and picture packages for real estate
Photo Capture errors: Can you help? Wonderdawg 6 1 yearGETMYVR (1431): When I first started my journey I shot Matterport only and all my images came from my matterport camera, until I purchase my Nikon D750 and lenses, and I would never consider such a thing ever again. At no price. Night and day difference.
how many Matterport Pro2 3D Cameras have been sold in the US? dave3d 8 1 yearDanSmigrod (28193): @rko1 Congrats on your success/growth. And, thank you for your super-kind note. Best, Dan
Reflective glass partition marking matterport: Trim as Window or Mirrors? ukvisualimmersion 3 2 years3rantz (10): @ukvisualimmersion I had that case some months ago with an office, marked the partition as mirror both sides and worked ok. You can see it here.
Expenses vs Deductions and taxes thereal360 2 2 yearsMatt19 (354): Hi Alex, Hobbies (losses) are not deductible. If this is business then the loss is deductible. Do some quick googling on what is business verses hobby. If business then you can deduct. Standard deduction vs itemization has nothing to do with your loss, if that that is what you are asking. Perhaps you are talking about the standard mileage rate vs actual costs? All that being said usually it is best to have a conversation so that the...
Customized objects color in Captur3D Virtual Staging objects ahojman 1 2 yearsahojman (335): Anyone knows how to add color to customized objects in Captur3D? I saw them always gray. For example in this case I created it in 3D builder in "brown" but when it goes inside the Virtual Staging it is gray again. ...
Pay for License infringement phishing email to Client? SpencerLasky 6 2 yearsWingman (3534): We have discussed it many times here. They are kind of legit but sent by jerks to wrong people to scare them & pay. They know that any 360 tour tech provider can infringe this patent but chasing photographers & their clients because they will probably loose everything trying to sue for example Matterport. You client simply needs to ask to send an official letter via post. They can say they do not trust emails and believe they are...
How to Auto play video at start of Matterport tour? BenAdgie 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): @BenAdgie [captur3d][/captur3d]Matterport 3D Tour displayed within CAPTUR3D (ala Matterport's Showcase) ✓ How to insert a Video "Picture-in-Picture" Style in a Matterport Tour Dan
How to deal with internal windows while creating a 3D Matterport model? sandhun 3 2 yearssandhun (112): Hi Dan, looks like it could be quite a simple one then. No mirrors, no windows. This is an unpaid job which I'm doing in the hope of attracting future work from a client
How will affect real estate photographers? DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsExpertise (1063): "Our agents"? Who are your agents? I can assure you they aren't Realtors, because posting actual listings on this site will be a massive MLS violation. Oh, well, let's trust that this guy isn't completely delusional. Let's see what's hot on the 'ol PLS in my hometown. Checks the site >> Nothing. Ok, let's try Orlando. >> Nothing. He is based in LA, the site shows about 40 listings there. They all seem to have pro...
How to change the appearance of a Matterport MatterTag? Possible? NC3D 7 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9429): With MPEmbed, you can choose from a library with thousands of icons and set a color to each -- or you can upload your own icon images! You can even have invisible Mattertags if you'd like!
Got tips for Matterport Scanning of an empty vessel hull for an .obj ...? sese 4 2 yearsEaglePrecision (271): It is possible to do a 3D exterior scan of the hull using photogrammetry (a set of overlapped images that are stitched together in 3D software such as Agisoft Metashape or DroneDeploy). The exterior 3D model can then be linked to the interior 360 tour using annotations in Sketchfab.
How to use MicroSD Cards for Matterport Data Backup with an Android Tablet? DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): Hi All, Above is from the WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Matterport Video: Capture for Android Started this new WGAN Forum discussion for this question by @Queen_City_3D ... Dan
Should you work for free? DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): Virtual Tour Pro | Coupon Code: WGANVTP --- WGAN-TV Ben Claremont Top 10 Tips for Building a Profitable Virtual Tour Business-#1741-Do You Need To Work For Free? Hi All, Is this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1741, above), Virtual Tour Subject Matter Expert Ben Claremont answers the question, " Should you work for...
Why do I see a GSV Blue Line in Streets App but not Google Maps? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): Ah! Yes! That worked! Much thanks on all the backstory. I found that very help/interesting. I went ahead and published one of my new GSV "Blue-Lines" here: ( once you reminded me about Pegman :cool: ) ✓ About my Labpano Pilot One EE Google Street View Meets NC Waterfalls Dan
Why do 360 cameras provide a light source for low lighting. Swinc20022002 10 2 yearsPickChuck (413): Here is a shoot using the Z1 and Halo light. Chuck
Can you take measurements with the Ricoh Theta Z1? Info about? Swinc20022002 8 2 yearslilnitsch (4355): @JuMP I had this done from this tour when I was at Inman Connect in Las Vegas in 2019
Best outdoor camera that can be used with matterport? 3dshowcaseuk 8 2 yearsdave3d (208): The Maui scan doesn't have shadow changes from the trees. Yours looks to have that. In this tour I'd be doing outside with BLK and inside with Pro2 BLK is simple in the space you show. Wide open. But can't have ANY movement in the space. Z1 is an outdoor space with changing shadow that is an absolute nightmare. I spent four days trying BLK360/PRO2/and Z1 in a complex outdoor garden. Full days sunrise to sunset. ...
How to price 360 video shot with an Insta360 One R? AlanD 5 2 yearslilnitsch (4355): @AlanD Lighting for the little Insta360’s may be a bit of an issue as well as they have pretty small sensors. Something along the lines of Insta360’s titan may be a better solution for a commercial video project like this
Matterport Webinar: Ask us anything | Wed 10 Feb 2021 DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): Matterport ShopTalk Webinar held on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | Thursday, 11 February 2021
Feedback from a client: How to help eliminate these Matterport challenges? Shawn_P Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsExpertise (1063): I'd email the guy: "Matterport and 3D tech in general is new technology. It is not perfect, yet. Someday it will be. Until then we have to live with minor glitches".
What is the best system and camera to create outdoor 360 tours? alohaman 3 2 yearsToddsFotos (69): I am not sure if this is what you are looking for. is a company out of Stockholm, Sweden that has a platform hosting VR & Aerial VR-360 for photographers. I have used them for a couple of years. The platform allows you to create interest points using icons that can be linked to 3rd party websites, video clips and more. Click this link to see a sample showcasing Stockholm on their platform. I use their platform in conjunction...
Question of the Day: Do you hide scans before delivering Matterport Tours? DanSmigrod 10 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): @photosintheround @ron0987 @GFHoge @lilnitsch @leonherbert @Wingman I could imagine that some Matterport Service Provides keep their pricing down by not hiding scans at all. Hi All, I would love to hear from someone that does not hide scans (and why). For those that prefer someone else to improve the walk around experience by hiding scans, CAPTUR3D offers this service. Dan
What's your problem? DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28193): Hi All, What's your problem (or question)? Lots of WGAN Forum Members would be happy to help you. Simply start a new WGAN Forum discussion with your problem (or question). Not yet a WGAN Forum Member? It's free to join. Free to post. Plus, 50+ free WGAN Forum Membership Benefits. Best, Dan