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'VHT Studios' Topics

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Video: Interview with Matterport VP, Brendan Dowdle DanSmigrod 1 5 monthsDanSmigrod (28416): Matterport Acquisition of VHT Studios | Video courtesy of Lucy Edwards YouTube Channel | 16 September 2022 Guest: Matterport VP, Capture Services Brendan Dowdle
Matterport 2Q22 Subscription revenue was $18.4 million, up 7% sequentially DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (28416): Matterport Media Release --- Matterport via Globe Newswire 123. Matterport Announces 2Q2022 Financial Results, with Stronger-than-Expected Subscription Revenue | Video courtesy of | 10 August 2022 [podbean][/podbean]...
It may not be easy to compete with VHT & Matterport ittam 13 6 monthsGETMYVR (1476): I can compete with VHT better than they know. Don't let the teaser price fool you. My photos are all Gold level, and the Matterport combined with photos is LESS than VHT - same or better quality. VHT charges $599 for simple drone photos. Here's why they cannot dominate and what most agents want: VHT $240 photos $99 Matterport and Floor plan (limited time) $599 drone ---------- $938 My Services $175 photos $100 Matterport (request floor plans...
Matterport Acquisition of VHT Studios: 9 Reasons This is a Bad Strategy DanSmigrod 5 6 monthsDanSmigrod (28416): Hi All, A WGAN Forum related discussion started by: @ittam => It may not be easy to compete with VHT & Matterport Dan
Question of the Day: Your thoughts about Matterport Acquiring VHT Studios? DanSmigrod 9 7 monthsDanSmigrod (28416): Matterport's acquisition of VHT Studios | Video courtesy of Showcase University YouTube Channel | 11 July 2022 (I suggest that you start watching at 4:15 into the 19:06 video.)
Matterport Acquires VHT Studios to Accelerate Adoption of Digital Twins DanSmigrod 2 7 monthsExpertise (1075): A thought for VHT Studios- when Realtor clients discover that the actual cost of a floorplan as an add-on is $15 (or less) HOW is their perception of VHT going to change? So many business LIE, so transparently these days. It's not a good look.
Question of the Day>Does VHT Studios acquisition of TourFactory affect you? DanSmigrod 3 1 yearlilnitsch (4506): I turned down the offer to be a Tour Factory shooter as well their corporate office is in my backyard. They would have allowed me to set my own pricing but, with the geography of my area it once again didn't pencil If I was in a larger metro and just starting out I might have considered their offer Collabra Technology is the parent company of TourFactory
VHT Studios Webinar: Deep Dive into Matterport and 3D tours DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28416): Lunch with Lucy: Deep Dive into Matterport & 3D Tours | Video courtesy of VHT Studios YouTube Channel | 26 May 2021
Video: The Future of Real Estate Photography with 1,000 Photographer Agency DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28416): Spaces - Episode 124 - The Future of Real Estate Photography with VHT Studios COO Vince Collura | Video courtesy of Shooting Spaces YouTube Channel | 19 January 2021 From Shooting Spaces YouTube Channel This week we have a great guest on with us, the COO of VHT Studios, Vince Collura. We brought Vince on to discuss the future of real estate photography. He was the perfect guest to discuss this...