STAGES desktop platform for AEC professionals supports point cloud!

The latest update introduces support for .XYZ files. Within a single project, the point cloud can be synchronized and overlaid with other 3D file formats supported by the platform: .OBJ, .IFC, or .FBX, as well as 2D plans in .JPG or .PDF formats.

The available edition options for .XYZ are:
• opacity
• point size
• amount of points

STAGES provides a centralized repository for documentation throughout the entire building lifecycle. The sync and compare view features enable easy chronological viewing and comparison of added components. At every construction stage, AEC professionals have quick access to diverse building representation formats, ranging from design files to digital twins. The web-based version of STAGES, accessible through a browser, offers similar capabilities but primarily serves as a monitoring and communication tool for fieldwork, leveraging Matterport’s 360 walkthrough technology. When installed on powerful hardware, the standalone application creates an ideal working environment for creating a repository of formats commonly used in the AEC industry.

Check video presenting .XYZ edition:

Read more about desktop version of STAGES: