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Matterport Pro? Asteroom solves the challenge of shooting 200,000+ SQ FT12975

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: How To Use A Nail Gun | Video courtesy of Deco Bliss YouTube Channel | 13 November 2011

Matterport Service Provider? Asteroom solves the challenge of shooting 200,000+ SQ FT
Do you want to use a hammer or a nail gun to frame a house?

Hi All,

If you are a busy, successful Matterport Service Provider, sooner or later, you will be asked to shoot a large space like this Matterport Service Provider, such as a 200,000 SQ FT school.

Unless you need the scan data to create an "As-Built" in the AEC space - and then the likely solution is Leica BLK360 + Matterport or CupixWorks from Cupix - it's likely that Matterport is NOT the right solution: especially if the tour will be used to sell or lease a space or other marketing or informational use-case.

Just because you own a hammer; doesn't mean that the the hammer is the right tool for framing a house: it's too slow and painful).

Okay, back to the 200,000 SQ FT space that you have been asked to quote ...

It's likely that you are asking yourself - or the WGAN Forum Community - questions like these:

1. Can I shoot a Matterport Tour of 200,000 SQ FT? (Will it process?)
2. If so, can I use the iPad that I got?
3. If I have to process the Matterport as multiple tours, will Matterport stitch the multiple tours together? (And, how long will it take Matterport to do that, if they are willing to do so.)
4. What technical issues might I run into doing a Matterport scan of 200,000 SQ FT?
5. How to deal with repetitive spaces?
6. How should I charge for this Matterport tour?

And, while it may be technically possible to shoot 200,000 SQ FT with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and the fastest iPad available, I could imagine that you will run into technical issues such as the model may be too big for Matterport to process; Matterport may be willing to stitch the spaces together, but they may take WEEKS to do that, if at all.

From this WGAN Forum discussion:

Originally Posted by @briangreul
Performance: It was smooth sailing until about 1100 scans. I estimate that I was about 77,000 s/f at that point. At scan 1152 the app started crashing and I began having alignment issues. It's possible there was a strategy error as well, but at that point I just carved up the territory and created a second model for MP to stitch together. This is a Matterport Capture Services project so ultimately it's their issue to deal with the usability of the data.

Originally Posted by @briangreul
The app slowed way down above 900 scans. Restarting could take 5 to 7 minutes for it to align the first scan. After 1000 scans it was required to wait until the first scan aligned before doing anymore. Prior to that you could stack 4 or 5 scans and the app would catch up with you once it figured out where you were.

Originally Posted by @briangreul
I'll personally be interested to see how useable the model is when it eventually processes.

And, from this WGAN Forum discussion:
Originally Posted by @BobbyG
Since I got my Pro2 camera, it starts to crash when I approach 200 scans.
Even if I have deleted at bunch along the way I didn't like.

How much to Charge for 200,000 SQ FT?

From this WGAN Forum discussion:
Originally Posted by @Cabrahams
Any help on pricing something like this?

If the total for this job is 135,000 sq.ft. I'm still waiting to hear back on how many sections would be scanned and approximate square footage. Say it's 7 different areas and models.

I normally charge $.14/sqft. Would you drop this to $.10? Lower?

Setting aside technical issues, the amount of time it takes to do a Matterport tour of a large space - will likely kill the project if the use-case is selling or leasing the space or informational.

For example, if you can scan 2,000 SQ FT of space an hour with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and latest iPad, 200,000 SQ FT would take 100 hours (10 days at 10 hours a day). If you charged...

1. 5 cents a SQ FT, the project would cost $10,000 (earning $1,000 for a 10 hour day)
2. 10 cents a SQ FT, the project would cost $20,000 (earning $2,000 for a 10 hour day)
3. 20 cents a SQ FT, the project would cost $40,000 (earning $4,000 for a 10 hour day)
4. 25 cents a SQ FT, the project would cost $50,000 (earning $5,000 for a 10 hour day)

Before you start planning your trip to Hawaii - post-COVID-19 - do you think that the project is worth $10,000 to $50,000 to your potential client?

What is more likely is that you will go through the above potential technical issues and pricing exercise simply to be told by the client that the ROI is not there for X dollars.

If you shot the same 200,000 SQ FT with Asteroom - using the 360 camera of your choice - you could likely shoot the space in less than a day - budget two days - and likely charge your choice of:

1. $1,000 flat fee
2. $2,500 flat fee
3. $3,500 flat fee
4. $5,000 flat fee

(You can place the camera anywhere: you do not need to shoot every 6-10 feet.)

Personally, I would likely charge $3,500 to $5,000 with one year hosting (and then X for hosting, maintenance and support: pricing based on value: not the amount of time that it takes me to shoot the project. (Plus, my pricing would include outsourcing professional editing of the 360s; 2D floor plans and other Add On services bundled into the pricing.)

So, You can make $3,500 to $5,000 (and recurring revenue) - in a day - and the cost to the client is a fraction of what it would have cost to shoot Matterport. For clarification, if you were to charge $5,000 for an Asteroom virtual tour, that's half the cost of a Matterport tour at $0.05 SQ FT ($10,000) and 20 percent of the cost at $0.25 SQ FT ($50,000).

Plus, it is way easier for you to shoot an Asteroom tour of 200,000 SQ FT - and way less technical risk/challenges - than shooting a Matterport.

Big Problem for You

As a busy, successful Matterport Service Provider, the big problem for you is making time for a test and learn to shoot Asteroom to experience the learning-curve (easy-peasy) and have a sample you shot to show a potential client.

Despite being crazy-busy (using a hammer when you should be using a nail gun), it's essential that you make time to do a test and learn with Asteroom so that you know:

1. How to shoot with Asteroom (either with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera - tips using Matterport - or Ricoh Theta Z1)
2. How a tour is created by Asteroom (like Matterport, automatically created for you)
3. What the Asteroom deliverables available (3D Dollhouse; 2D schematic floor plans; pro edited 360s)
4. How you can trick-out an Asteroom tour (add video, links, client branding, music)

By making time now to do a test and learn with Asteroom, you will make more money by quoting a solution that makes more "cents" for your client that asks for a 200,000 SQ FT Matterport tour, but did not realize how much it was going to cost (because of the amount of time that it takes you to shoot 200,000 SQ FT with Matterport).

Oh by the way, if you don't quote the Asteroom solution to your client, I could imagine that another photographer will.

The next time that you get asked to shoot a large space, ask questions such as:

1. What is the use case for the tour? Do you need an "As-Built" for a renovation project? Or, it this tour for selling on leasing the space? (Or, for yet a different use case?)
2. How much is it worth to you to solve this problem? In the example above, if the client says $5,000 - tops - then why quote a $10,000 to $20,000 solution? Solving the problem is not worth more than $5,000 to the client!
3. Let me show you another solution (you have an example you created, right!!!) and ask, if I could do this within your budget, would this work for your needs?

Getting Started with Asteroom

For the WGAN Community, Asteroom offers the Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle that includes creating the tour for you; pro editing of all the 360s and six months hosting for a total of $60 - no subscription required. (WGAN Standard and Premium Members receive - free - one Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle.)

Or, you can get a monthly or annual subscription to Asteroom. (WGAN Standard and Premium Members receive Asteroom Professional Membership at no charge. (And, if you upgrade to Enterprise, you receive a $19 monthly credit towards Asteroom Enterprise.)

If you are still intent on quoting Matterport for 200,000 SQ FT - thinking that you are going to make a $10,000 to $50,000 killing on a 10-day Matterport scanning project - you will either not get the project (leaving money on the table) or the potential technical challenges with using Matterport for a 200,000 SQ FT project may have you in tears when you can't deliver to your client what you promised.

And, that's not a good feeling.

Do you want to use a hammer or a nail gun to frame a house? Make more money with less hassle with Asteroom. Plus, if you can do in a day what it would have taken 10 days with Matterport, you could either have nine extra shoot days available or spending those nine days on the beach in Hawaii.

Your thoughts?


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WGAN Standard
Boxborough, Massachusetts
toddwaddington private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Dan,

Is there a table somewhere that shows approx number of 360s for Asteroom/sq foot. In other words: 30 panos for 5,000, 60 for 10K (just making up numbers here.

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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I suggest walking the space - with your potential client - and "mapping" out where you would need a 360 pano.

For example, if you are shooting an empty 200,000 SQ FT warehouse, one in the middle might be all that's needed. If you are shooting a 200,000 SQ FT office, where would you want the 360s to tell the story of the space?

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jericreson private msg quote post Address this user
I just shot a 20,000 sf project. It included 54 panos - 13 of which were exterior panos. The # of panos will vary by project - for example, large open spaces will require fewer panos than individual offices with connecting halls, and complex layouts.

If you are shooting with a relatively low resolution camera, you will need substantially more images to capture a decent level of zoom in detail, especially of larger rooms. A Theta Z1 would require approx 3 images to capture in great clarity and detail a room that an Xphase will capture in one pano.

So your results may vary. There is also going to be significant post work - which will also vary - depending on your camera, your settings, your lighting conditions, etc., and needs to be factored into your pricing.

Walk a job if it's large or complex, and create a specific estimate for that project. Using price per sq foot on a commercial job, using the same parameters as a residential real estate shoot, for example, will most likely end up with significantly underpricing a project.

I'm noticing some lag and loading issues, especially on 3D Dollhouse views in this larger tour, using EyeSpy360. I'm having them look into that. I'm wondering if people are having similar issues with Asteroom, or other non-Matterport providers -
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