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Wishing Matterport would use AI to automatically remove tripod shadow20032

ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
While practicing with a new drone and trying to capture data for a 3DVista sample, I found myself 2 hours from my house and along with my drone, I had my Pro3 camera, so since I was gathering sample data and had the Pro3, unfortunate not the Realsee to do a side-by-side exterior run off.

I did come across this that I was not happy with and it is not a Matterport per say issue but they definitely could help. This is unedited version of the sample.

Since Matterport advertises this as a camera that takes excellent exterior scans, and I agree somewhat. But this being a sunny gorgeous morning in the Pacific Northwest you can see an extreme camera, tripod and me shadow. This was not appealing to me and would definitely not impress a client. So I figured I would manually remove the shadows and re-upload the panos.

I downloaded all the panos and manually removed the shadows. I no longer subscribe to Adobe Photo Shop but have several other software's to try this. At first, I was going to do all the scans and as I noticed the time it was taking I figured I would just focus on key scans.

So I also decided to focus on inputting the scans manually into the MP capture app on an Ipad. The first 3 wow, overlaid perfect and I thought I would be patting MP on the back for a job well done. But then the train ran off the track even though the panos were from MP but retouched they stopped aligning in the correct position. They started getting further and further off the mark. I had even left the originals in place to assist the software in alignment and manual alignment did not work after I moved them to correct location. Even at one point I deleted all original scans to allow the software work independent of existing data and that did not work either. After 3 days of removing shadows and getting the best alignment this is what I came up with, better but not great and I could not get very many scans on the back side to align.

So if you see a shadow is because I could not get a retouched pano to align.

My takeaway would be Matterport to add an AI removal tool to take away camera shadow in all panos, so there would be no need to download or erase camera shadows. I would think this would be a big issue using the camera on exterior high value properties. Also waiting to scan when the sun is at the highest point does not work either for public locations. Any ideas or input.
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Bochum, Germany
framedivision private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for sharing, @ron0987, very interesting!

I am not experienced in editing Panos in Matterport spaces, but only some days ago a guy I worked with told me something I could not yet verify. He said that re-touching Matterport 360s "the normal way" (exporting / downloading via "Media", editing, then importing in "Capture" ) yields in a significant lower image quality of the result.

This was the main reason for him to use the Realsee Galois and not Matterport for creating 360 panoramas for further use in 3DVista, because the downloads from Matterport were only 8K (which really is NOT much for a 360 panorama) whereas the Realsee panos have 134 MP (what Matterport internally has in "Showcase" ).

Can you tell if that's true?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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DigitalReplica3D private msg quote post Address this user
100% agree! @Ron0987. I hear talk of a de-cluttering option in the works. Makes a lot of sense to de-shadow. I'm also waiting for a pool and pond filler vs the dreaded black hole. I understand MPembed has it figured out wish Matterport had it's own solution
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@framedivision I did not think about it, but this is where Matterport may have screwed up. I totally forgot that the downloaded 360 are lower resolution. I do not know how much impact that has on the app to convert the photos into scans but if higher resolution is better, than this would not be good. I know customer service would not have a technical answer on this, I wish there was a MP technical advisor that could give use a straight answer.

I guess I will go back with a Theta Z1 and take a few extra photos and see if they will process correctly. We will see and wait for the update.
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Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I agree there should be some post production tools to erase whatever you need at least manually and we may have it one day.
@ron0987 I can see you are not just capturing a tripod shadow you are actually capturing your own shadow.
My advice is to make a circle of your walk around and behind a camera wider so your shadow is not captured. At least it will be just a tripod one.

And as other mentioned downloading all 360 photos, editing them and then building a tour through importing them back will make a very bad tour in terms of resolution. I would not do it even with 8K resolution which you can get through publishing on Maps. And one more thing, using 360 import means you will use Cortex to convert them to 3D and I am quite sure it won't make the whole 3D model anywhere close to the original tour quality.
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bethereeu private msg quote post Address this user
There is a solution, not aitomatic but allows you to keep resolution and avoide aligment issues.
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Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by bethereeu
There is a solution, not aitomatic but allows you to keep resolution and avoide aligment issues.

If you mean using a 3rd party to get original resolution panos via download and stitching, editing them and then building the tour again using Import 360 in the capture app you won't get an original resolution. Even if you supply 134mp pano through import they will be reduced to 8K(32mp) by Matterport before processing them. And moreover instead of using captured 3D data with a lidar to build your tour it will use Cortex to produce 3D data and it won't be the same quality.

And this is on top of that you may have a tour with 200-400 and more scan points and it will take you ages to build it back through importing edited 360s and cannot even guarantee it won't fail over so many panos ging through Matterport Cortex engine.
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