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'Tripod' Topics

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9 Tripods/Monopods to Consider for Your 360º 1-Click Camera DanSmigrod 23 5 monthsDanSmigrod (29837): Best360 Monopod via Amazon | $112
Gear of the Week: Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminum 3-Section Tripod DanSmigrod 3 8 monthsDanSmigrod (29837): @lilnitsch Cool! What do you like better about the iFOOTAGE Gazelle paired with a Matterport Pro Camera? Dan
VIDEO: How to Create a Nadir (Tripod Location) Logo Patch for Matterport DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (29837): How to Create a Nadir (Tripod Position) Logo Patch for Matterport | Video courtesy of MPEmbed YouTube Channel | 5 February 2023 Hi All, Using MPEmbed overlay for Matterport, you can not create a nadir logo patch for Matterport. The nadir is the bottom of the Matterport tour: the blurry patch where the tripod was located. This means you can use this "blurry spot" instead for a business name,...
Question of the Day: Have you used this 20 FT Tripod with Matterport Pro2? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @MeshImages Super-helpful tip about using a dolly with the tall tripod. Dan
Velbon CX690 Tripod head does not fit Matterport Pro2 plate Pedrotex69 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Gear of the Week --- Video: WGAN-TV Gear Accessories-WGAN-TV Gear Accessories-#2961- Camco Bullseye Level www.WGAN.INFO/6 $7 @GETMYVR Does the $7 Camco Bullseye Level solve the puzzle? It's discussed in the WGAN-TV Short Story #2961 (above). Dan
Matterport Gear Tip: Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum 4-Section Tripod DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsAI_DanSmigrod (31): [The following product description was written by AI trained on what Kevin/Eric said about the tripod.] -- The Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum 4-Section Tripod is a great choice for [ Matterport] photographers who need a versatile and easy-to-use tripod. With four sections, it's very easy to make small adjustments to the height of the tripod, making it perfect for shooting [...] an entire house[...] The rubber grips make it easy to...
How to set the Matterport Axis tripod base for the most stability? DanSmigrod 4 2 years3DPhoto (43): Perfect, thank you. Pros: Indoors it is fine, OK for the price, or someone just getting started. Cons: Fisher Price, entry level and indoors-only.
Tripod Leveling heads for Matterport Pro2 josephsaad91 7 2 yearsjosephsaad91 (4): Thanks all for the reply, i've added the inclinometer digital taco to the arsenal. Will assess the other options provided too if i need a better solution down the track
How to Stop Unstable camera Scans with Tripod? Harrycayman 8 2 yearsHarrycayman (418): Cool keep me posted Thank you
Video: Why 4 FT is the recommended height for Matterport Insurance Claims DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Matter Hacks | Matterport Tripod Setup | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights | 12 January 2021 Hi All, ✓ Manfrotto 190X Aluminum 3-Section Tripod (MT190X3) via Amazon ✓ Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum 4-Section Tripod ( Why Dan Smigrod Recommends this 4-section tripod instead of the 3-section tripod.) Which tripod do you use with your Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and why are you happy with...
Tripod for Z1 Theta for Cars and Car Showrooms? Harrycayman 7 3 yearsHarrycayman (418): Thanks wingman That's pretty neat will try and get it. Just waiting on Z1 to arrive .
How to save $230 on tripod for a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Gear of the Week --- Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum 4-Section Tripod ( $220 from Amazon) | recommended by WGAN Founder Dan Smigrod Hi All, Yikes! Why is Matterport recommending a $450 tripod in carbon when the exact same tripod is available for $220 in aluminum (that I recommend). Save the $230 by buying the tripod that I recommend. :cool: BTW, I...
Matterport Video: Overview of the Leica BLK360 with Manfrotto Tripod Review DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Overview of the Leica BLK360 with Manfrotto Tripod Review | Video courtesy of Mark Carroll YouTube Channel | 10 May 2021
WGAN Text2Win Manfrotto 290 3-Section Xtra Tripod | Sweepstakes #12 DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Hi All, Congrats to Boxborough, MA-based Todd Waddington with Todd Waddington Productions (@ToddWaddington) who won the Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminum 3-Section Tripod in the WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes #12. A new WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes every week! Best, Dan
WGAN Text2Win: Win Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Tripod | Sweepstakes #5 DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsPhilChavanne (4): The benefits of being a WGAN member! Yeehaw!
Gear of the Week: Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Aluminum Tripod DanSmigrod 19 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Video: WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes #5 Winner Phil Chavanne in Tucson, AZ Loves Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Aluminum Tripod Prize! | Video courtesy of Phil Chavanne Hi All, The WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes #5 Phil Chavanne (@PhilChavanne) from Tucson, AZ :heart: Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Aluminum Tripod that he won Monday (4 January 2021) and received today (Friday, 8 January 2021). Phil sent this show and tell video with his thoughts...
Tall Tripod for BLK360 AnjumDesign 9 3 yearsJuMP (2031): @Home3D Your showcase is a great example of BLK360 + Pro2 work. And it is a brilliant photo that you show the equipments with your MSP family. I thought with the 6 meter high tripod maybe we can use Pro2 not BLK360 for the roof. But the RMB9999.00 tripod is too expensive, we don't have chance to test is it possible or not. BTW BLK360 is too expensive for us to have it also. One question about the three wheels base that you used under...
Comparison of Monopods by Mic Ty with DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): (11 December 2020) Best360 Monopod review and comparison vs. Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick and Bushman Monopod Related WGAN Forum Discussion ✓ 9 Tripods/Monopods to Consider for Your 360º 1-Click Camera Dan
Questions regarding MP 2 accesories. rodrigocastillo 11 3 yearsrodrigocastillo (117): @Gladsmuir Thank you for your kind response. Looking forward to add Virtual Tours of our properties. We have that Dolica dolly tripod so I will test it out! Cant wait to share our tours, Rodrigo
Ideas to scan large exploded truck ahojman 14 4 yearsysabelc (168): @ahojman I'm from Metareal, how can I help?
Cheap alternative for ricoh theta monopod? Rusty 14 4 yearslilnitsch (5412): @GETMYVR I use a bit of plate weights when needed for additional stability outdoors
Tripod for inside CAR 360 BlueImmersiveMedia 7 4 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (297): I built my own with leftover broken pieces. Works great!
Wich tripod for the Ricoh Z1 ? FXS 4 4 yearsPaulM (75): I've been using this - clickable text it's 4' and the base is 15" I'm also looking at a mike stand with a weighted circular base
Tripod for cramped space Ghagendorf 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @Ghagendorf While others will likely know the answer to your low tripod meets Matterport Camera question, just wondering if you have any concern about stitching errors with Matterport in tight spaces? Also, have you given some thought to: ✓ buying a Ricoh Theta Z1 on eBay. While you will pay a premium, you do have paid gigs ✓ buying a Ricoh Theta SC2 of Ricoh Theta V Dan P.S. Congrats on your new client!
Need a review from my latest project marcoastan 12 4 yearsbryanhscott (843): @marcoastan Thanks for the info. I appreciate the issue you mentioned about stability of the camera at the end of the mast you used. If you intend to do more of this type of "elevated" work, you might check out the heavy, telescoping, fiberglass masts offered at: You can purchase one of their multi-section masts, or just buy 2 or 3 of the larger sections by themselves. Each section is 7'...
What (Custom) Monopod I use for shooting 360° tours Home3D 13 4 yearsHome3D (3701): @8643d - Nothing sophisticated here. I use whatever is handy. Most of the time I find the Z1 has enough charge onboard to shoot a 360 tour for a home unless it's really large. I carry Gorilla tape with me at all times, but velcro straps would be good.
Monopod vs Tripod for a heavy camera Wingman 2 4 yearsbryanhscott (843): @Wingman I absolutely agree! Exactly same tact I took on the issue. I purchased an Insta360 One X (and their selfie-stick approx US $25) about 7 months ago, then about 3 mo later, replaced it with a Ricoh Theta Z1. I use the Insta selfie-stick on top of my small footprint (when legs not extended) SunPak Ultra 6000PG (about US$45). A similar Neewer might be even cheaper... Works great for shots up to about 60" off the floor. If I need...
Video: Best 360 Travel Monopod for Pros-Review, Build Guide/Shooting Tips DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Grab: CreatorUp --- BEST 360 VR Travel Monopod for Professionals - Review, Build Guide & Shooting Tips | Video courtesy of CreatorUp YouTube Channel (17 October 2019) Hi All, From the CreatorUp YouTube Channel: ---- Gear List for this build guide:...
Ricoh theta gear 8643d 10 5 years8643d (246): Awesome, Thanks Dan. I found your gear kit for 360 1 click cameras, good stuff. 360 1 click camera gear
Video: How to Remove a Tripod from 360 video or 360 photo: 4 ways to do it! DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): How to Remove a Tripod from 360 video or 360 photo: 4 ways to do it! | Video courtesy of 360Rumors YouTube Channel Hi All, From 360º 1-Click Camera Subject Matter Expert Mic Ty (360Rumors YouTube Channel): Easy tutorial that shows 4 WAYS to REMOVE tripods, shadows and other objects from your 360 photos and videos, with or without Adobe Creative Cloud. With these 360 video techniques (and 360 photo...
Three Tripods to pair with Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 4 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): WGAN Forum Related Topics ✓ Two Tripods Heads to Pair between Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Tripod ✓ My Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List Best, Dan
Question of the Day: What height do you set your Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 13 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Hi All, This question seems to come up a lot. I agree with ... Wondering if @Property3NZ sets it any lower than 4 feet (1.22 meters). The following is also great advice by @walkintour Other thoughts on the topic of Matterport Pro2 3D Camera height? Enjoy your weekend, Dan
Tripod Legs or "cockroaches" ??? Gerhard 4 5 yearsVTLV (2867): I wouldn't waste my time trying to apologize. Take a look at some of your portfolios or examples on your website. Hopefully, you will see tripod feet in one of them you can reference. Then explain it is something you cannot edit out of the tour. If you get more resistance, mention most clients use the tour to navigate the property and inspect when they arrive in person. Took 12 tours to find a flaw? Sounds like a search for discount or a...
Tripod dolly Wingman 4 5 yearsConvrts (240): Thanks for this @Wingman ... just ordered one, looks great!
Need a tripod for the GEOCV camera jzgk 2 5 yearssameerak (46): Hi Jzgk Here at GeoCV we internally use and recommend the Manfrotto 190go! tripod However, any tripod that supports 5 lbs of load and has a 3/8"-16 Screw will work with our system. These specs are common in most tripods on the market. With the GeoCV Scanner Kit we provide the quick release plate clamp that you attach onto the screw at the top of the legs in order to secure the scanner to the tripod.
Matterport Piece of Gear of the Week: Tripod Dolly DanSmigrod 2 5 yearsleonherbert (903): Absolutely, When you are using a new iPad Pro you would be wasting time, lifting and placing the tripod all the time. The secret is to have a second tripod for stairs. One issue I have with my manfrotto 190 (three extension)is that I have too not fully extend the legs so I get the camera at the best height. I need to try and find a tripod that would only need the middle column raised a little. I am looking at getting another dolly to use on...
Matterport Doll house details problem ahojman Jump to first page33Jump to last page 5 yearsahojman (335): Friselina view
Question of the Day: Whom has the tallest Tripod (and Why)? DanSmigrod 5 5 yearsExpertise (1178): Gitzo 9 footer >> clickable text
Any good tripod for a Matterport camera with legs locking? Wingman 3 5 yearsGladsmuir (642): Manfrotto used to do a Triaut which had central bracing and goes up to about 12 feet. I bought one in 1979 and it's still going strong. It does weigh a ridiculous amount. Manfrotto currently do the similar Aluminium Pro Geared Tripod with Geared Column - Black SKU 475B which is listed at £400, but available for less on Amazon. They also do video tripods that...
Borrow 10 Tripod Heads for Matterport via WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program DanSmigrod 6 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Hi All, To borrow - one or more of the tripod heads described above - from the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program, simply complete this Form (if you are a WGAN Standard or Premium Member): ✓ We Get Around Network 360º Camera Loaner Program (Private Message me for the Password) Happy New Year, Dan P.S. Read more about the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program
Video: Best 360 camera tripods & selfie sticks - 2018 Ultimate Buying Guide DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (297): @ericlien I just purchased this Monopod as well. Love it! When walking around it looks like a walking stick. I leave the Theta attached for quick shots in interesting places. Great buy. Came w a nice bag w shoulder strip too!
Question of the Day: Which Tripod Head do you use with Matterport? DanSmigrod 2 5 yearsChemistrydoc (1784): @DanSmigrod Desmond DLEV-1 + Distal Clamp, yet I usually still adjust level using the tripod legs and a Home Depot el-cheapo bubble level. Keith
360 tour solutions for small spaces? CFster 3 5 yearsleonvanzweel (521): @CFster I use a bushman panoramic Eben VR tripod which I had modified (single leg and top extenders) by an engineering shop to reduce the height further. It is mounted on a wooden triangle that fits on the seat for stability and weighed down with a 10kg Kettlebell. This is my 5th prototype. Not perfect yet, but damn close.
Matterport Gear and Accessories (That Gear Tab Above) DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): Screen Grab: Gear Tab Above Hi All, If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera, you'll need gear such as: ✓ tripod ✓ tripod head or quick release plate ✓ iPad holder ✓ camera bag...
Question of the Day: With this, can you do a Matterport house tour faster? DanSmigrod 5 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): I open spaces. In regular homes, it is too big to move through the clutter.
Best Tripod Revised 2018? VTLV 12 6 yearsCFster (275): I think this thing costs like $5k or something, but I like idea, and I wonder why some other manufacturer hasn’t come up with something similar. Acadalus Self Levelling Tripod Head
Question of the Day: How have you modified Matterport Camera or Tripod? DanSmigrod 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @CFster This one looks like it has a smaller footprint. If you get it, please let us know if the wheels come off. Seems like someone must have invented a tri-shape bracket that adjusts to the location within the tripod where you would like to control the legs, as you described. Best, Dan
Tripod issues CKC 13 6 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @CKC Buy one of these two tripod heads: Dan
Question of the Day: Which Tripod & Head do you use with Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 7 6 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): @PeterMcCready I've been screwing the Matterport Camera on my tripod since September 2015 - and I've tried 2 quick releases and just didn't see the advantage. I still have to take the quick release off when I put my DSLR on as I have a different head for that anyway (or I use my Alta Vanguard Pro 2+ for my DSLR)... DLEV is well made, I just don't really see the point. I can level my camera with a bubble in the shoe by moving my legs around.
Best Tripod for Matterport? JAX1979 7 7 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): @JAX1979 for a number of reasons, you really want the carbon version of any tripod you purchase.
Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler-Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 DanSmigrod 12 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9435): I recently purchased a DESMON DLEV-1 and have had the SAME problems. I've found that it's necessary to have the top washers tightened to not get this. Problem is, with the DLEV-1 tight, it loses flexibility and kind of defeats the whole purpose. I have been meaning to start a thread about this little accessory to get some feedback as I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to take advantage of it. Many people swear by...
Effect of Camera Height Richierichks 15 7 yearscraigsauer (1075): I'm just finding this thread as I'm searching for threads about verticals. I'm hoping to get some opinion from Matterport with regards to this issue now that they are really marketing the new camera as providing sufficiently high quality captures to use for real estate marketing stills. I'm pretty unconvinced, primarily because of the issue of the verticals in the Matterport images. Whenever I capture images (primarily for Guided Tours) I...
Tripod, Leveler and Bubble Level Solution DanSmigrod 24 8 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): If you are buying a Matterport Camera ... There are two Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level versions. Either one will work and both are on the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List. I prefer the quick release version ... On the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List, it is called ... Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level Plus Discal Clamp for Tripod 3/8 Precision Leveling Base ($59.95) ...
Buying a Tripode Wyzlo 4 8 yearsDanSmigrod (29837): @Wyzlo Our Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List begins with a discussion of which tripod I recommend and why. In our We Get Around Blog Post ... Matterport Photographers: Tripod, Leveler and Bubble Level Solution ... I outline which solution I recommend (which is s different tripod and head than Matterport recommends) :cool: Dan
Tripod issues lisahinson 8 8 yearslisahinson (785): Ordered the Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler.. thanks!
Lowering tripod and its effects? EricThomas 4 9 yearsdfellars (52): This is a VERY early model we ran while testing the camera. This was pre-release and the showcase view was not yet available so we captured at multiple heights to try and create a more photo-realistic mesh view. Creating a better mesh view was not successful, but as you move through the kitchen you can see that we took sweeps at both a high and low position and it should give you an idea of the...