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Matterport, 3DVista and a hammer20025

Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hope everyone enjoys the 4-day holiday weekend. May be a good time to ponder life, so permit me to share some thoughts.

Most of you know that our team uses Matterport a lot, and you may also have heard me sing the praises of 3DVista. It's possible to think of these systems as opposed to one another, as you can make home tours with either one. Matterport is more automatic and includes its iconic dollhouse, but lacks flexibility and prohibits user retouching and many other things. 3DVista is assembled more manually, but as with all non-Matterport 360 tours, creators can enhance and retouch however you wish. And white label, and self-host, and, and...

What brought me to 3DVista was its ability to create tours beyond the limits of Matterport. My first tour was a 23-acre apartment community. Try that with Matterport? I don't think so. But this tour, and many we've created since, used Matterport for some of its interior spaces, 3DVista for everything else. They can play in the sandbox together! The key here is to realize that 3DVista is a tool that lets you dream as big as you wish, whereas Matterport is generally limited to one building.

Here is a tour we completed a few months ago:
This tour for the Hampton Visitor Bureau covers nearly 200 acres. And it has about 30 Matterport models inside its 3DVista site tour. It began with a very forward-thinking woman at the Bureau who understood Matterport well, but wanted something on a scale she had never seen. It was competitively bid nationwide and about a dozen companies submitted proposals. It took a team of six of us spending a week in Hampton and several months of design, processing and assembly. When we were finished, the woman in charge confided in us that not a single one of the other bidders indicated that what she wanted could even be done. That's a nice feeling.

This is all to put some substance into my words here on WGAN to encourage you all to think big and keep learning. If you know how to do Matterport, push forward and learn 3DVista. Or if another direction or technology solves a need, go for it. But don't limit yourself by sticking to one thing. Learn. Experiment. Try things. If you find a client that wants to do something cool, find a way. Remember the old saying, "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail." Don't have only a hammer, carry a complete toolbox.

When we did our first 3DVista (the 23-acre apartment community):
...I told the client we could do it (I was fairly certain, fingers crossed) and asked how quickly he needed it. "What if this takes a couple months?" He answered "That's fine" and we went to work learning. It was scary at first.

Don't lament low prices paid for Matterport. If Matterport is all you do, you're someone with only a hammer. Learn to create complex tours with combinations of tech and you'll have less competition. It's also more fun. Jump out of bed in the morning 'cause you're having a ball doing your work.

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Buster6070 private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome project! Question on the 3d model of the entire property. Does 3DVista actually build that from your images, or is that compiled on another software and then just inputted as a complete file?
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Bon Secour, Alabama
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user

What a wonderfully motivating post! I have always enjoyed your work and your willingness to share it with all of us.

You are also correct - Matterport scanning is, sadly, becoming a commodity for many applications and markets, so the only thing that determines success is leveraging low pricing and making it work on the margins. There's nothing "value added" in many applications nowadays. It's left for the "kiddies with cameras" to fight it out to the bottom. And with the ever decreasing prices of cameras (especially used Pro2s), there is no end of "kiddies" making way to enter (and soon exit) these markets.

I also like your view of these presentations not as A or B, but rather A on a background of B - a systems approach.

The particular challenge in my market is to find the clients who are willing to pay the price for this level of work. But, I'm sure they are out there - not only in my, but in every, geographic market.

Kudos to you and your team, Kevin - wish you a great path forward. And let's all make July 4th our Independence Day - independence from downward spiralling prices, independence from single-focus thinking, and from lousy clients who view all work as basically the same.

Thanks again for the wonderfully placed kick in the a&&.

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Osaka, Japan
Meidansha private msg quote post Address this user
Nice work on the nationwide tender @Home3D.

Did exactly the same last year in Kobe, Japan.

Getting to the stage where I have to think about lighter ways to host these tours (I mean compression). Matterport is too heavy when you get to 1000 plus points and linking from other content (like the exterior scene below) can be even heavier.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D Again another great project, nice 3DVista integration. I enjoy your thought process on things and I enjoy working on projects like this but just not as big just yet. I am still refining my 3D models.

Thank you for sharing
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Buster6070 - No, 3DVista doesn't build a 3D model like ours you see in the launch view. But when you create a 3D model, 3DVista can import it in either .glb or .gltf formats. Read here:
Putting the 3D into 3DVista

In our case we captured a couple thousand still photos by drone mostly and some on the ground. Put these into Metashape to create the 3D model via photogrammetry. We've done this on six projects now.

My favorite thing about building a tour around a 3D model is 3DVista's feature allowing the creation of "sequences." These are programmed movements, in full 3D, between different camera positions within the 3D model. Best example we've done with this is:

Once you launch it, on the left are 11 names of areas at Hillside. Click on one, then another. 3DVista's "sequence" feature moves you through space to the next stop. I love this. And it's perfectly smooth, you're not moving node-to-node.

Right now photogrammetry is the way to go. But experiments are underway to streamline the process. 3DVista has a crack team pushing the envelope. For those interested, don't wait, start now. The learning curve takes time but if I learned it, you can. (I know NOTHING about coding) Learn the basics of 3DVista and I'm sure you'll find ways to use it that will surprise me. It's that deep.

Also to know - 3DVista you purchase once. No monthly fees. Every now and then there's an upgrade that costs a little extra to get, but this tool is a bargain compared to Matterport and you can self-host everything you create. And white-label is the default. To many benefits to list here.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
@Meidansha - great work for Kobe Convention Center. Am I correct to assume the 3D model was drone shots assembled in photogrammetry? Looks great.

There are ways that we like using Matterport inside 3DVista, and sometimes we don't. Our cemetery tour: entirely 3DVista, no Matterport. Explore the Mausoleum and you'll see it's largely the same except no dollhouse. Shooting 360 images gives you greater control over the exposure and dynamic range. Hampton wanted to use Matterport for interiors but in many instances we prefer the entire tour be 360s in 3DVista as the integration on interiors with exteriors is smoother.
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Osaka, Japan
Meidansha private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D the photogrammetry is from Google (the attribution is small but is displayed).

The facility didn’t have the budget and is situated near an airport so drone photogrammetry was out of the question this time around.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D fantastic work as always, You've perfected 3DVista to an art form which can compete with any global competitor. I always look forward to viewing your work.

@Meidansha great work as well as you begin to explore the potential of 3DVista.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D Hampton is one of the best projects I know, congratulations (again)!

@Meidansha Congratulations, too, very nice visit to Japan!

I´m looking forward to visit more locations like these. Carry on the great work!
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
Amazing job! That's in my backyard.
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Bochum, Germany
framedivision private msg quote post Address this user
Brilliant posting, @Home3D! I haven't had the time for a full exploration of your "Monster", but I really love the spirit you bring to the community - absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for the great inspiration,
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Realwalk3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Home3d, nice idea with the little stick figure icon when you hover over it in the MENU

I'm also proud of the 3Dvista project.
I believe that my project is the LARGEST project made in 3dvista in the world (the largest number of panoramas and functionalities).

3dvista is a powerhouse. It took me a long time to learn how to add advanced functionalities.
I wonder how many 360 panoramas you used in your 3dvista project? Because above 400-600 panoramas, working in 3dvista is already difficult, but...

We used 1,600 panoramas for the project!
To use 1600 panoramas in 3dvista, we had to change the computer equipment to one where one workstation had at least two or three 32-inch monitors and a Windows computer worth $5,000

The project is carried out on an area that covers 400,000 square meters at ground level + the area of ​​the buildings.

All photos were taken by matterport pro3, 3 devices scanned this area every day, 7 days a week. and processing panoramas and creating the application in 3dvista took an additional 6 months:

Pro 3 has taken over 10,000 panoramas
1,600 selected panoramas were used in the 3Dvista project.
All 360 panoramas had the nadir and zenith areas erased.
Due to the client's requirement not to pay hosting fees, we had to give up matterport's 3D models.

The project has implemented paths that lead from point A-B, allowing for improved navigation around the facility.
The project starts with a drone panorama and a minimap showing the entire campus.
Then open the LEFT MENU and click START.
The project is bilingual and partially adapted to WCAG 2.1
The project can be operated entirely from the keyboard.

And here's the effect:

On the client's website:

My company also won the tender for this project, but I was the only bidder.
No one was able to meet the conditions set in the tender.
The value of such a project is over $90,000
I already have 7 years of experience in 3dvista.
If someone has the appropriate resources and made 360 ​​panoramas, I can prepare any project using the 3dvista software with any client's imagination.
Basically, you can do almost anything with any level of complexity in 3dvista.
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Tour produced by

Hi All,

Los Angeles area-based @Home3D 3D/360º Virtual Tour Creation and Consultant Kevin Dole ( will be my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 8 August 2024 to talk about this tour:

WGAN-TV | Multimedia Case Study: Visit Hampton Virginia 3D Digital Twin Tour (

I will start a new topic the week of 22 July with more details


Thank you for suggesting this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show topic with Kevin.


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