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Virtual Tours Vs Video Tours Vs 360 Tours – What’s The Difference? AlexScene3D 5 4 monthsDataventurer (500): @AlexScene3D I concur with what GETMYVR just posted. And I have the numbers to prove it! I provide photos, Zillow 3D Home Tours, walk-through videos, and a single page website in my package (also includes drone pics and video clips, plus a floorplan). Every week while one of my properties is live, I record the traffic for each of the media. I send a text to the agent with an updated snip from the spreadsheet. It's a way to stay in contact...
Blog -10 Reasons Why Zuant3D Tours are the Future of Real Estate Marketing samwoolford 3 1 yearGerhard (1484): @samwoolford it has a flaw, if I don't want to get tracked, then I can't see the tour. There are other providers that also offer the lead gen before entering the tour. But that also is flawed as the client does not get verified. It is just also slowing down the client from seeing the tour. Secondly, agents won't pay for the tours not even if they are $50.00, we have been selling cameras to them makes it much easier, as when they do the math...
Connecting 360 images for walk through of a homes interior BlueImmersiveMedia 6 2 yearslilnitsch (5469): @BlueImmersiveMedia No frills with minor limited branding has a free option outside of that there is several good options available for building out of 360 tours. BoxBrownie even has an option in which they’ll build and connect it for you
What is the next level down from a Matterport tour GlennTremain 14 3 yearsWingman (4237): I would start with what features client absolutely needs & what are optional. That for sure will narrow it to just few providers. Also with your analogy for $9 vs $4000 shoes do you want something that can be done faster than Matterport with as less fees paid by you as possible so you can offer a cheaper than Matterport alternative or it can be even more time consuming and it does not have to be cheaper. From my experience I tried...