We've made a series of tutorials designed to guide you through using the STAGES platform effectively. These videos provide step-by-step instructions on utilizing various functions and proficiently manage your projects. Specifically tailored for users new to the web version of our product, this video will teach you:

· Defining the organization, and creating a workspace for your projects.
· Setting up a new project with a comprehensive description.
· Adding two stages with Matterport components.
· Synchronizing two Matterport spaces to create a building Time Line.
· Verifying synchronization in Compare View mode.
· Switching synchronized stages with the Time Line feature.
· Creating a note, attaching files, and marking its location.
· Generating a notes report for export to .PDF.

Embark on your journey with STAGES to enhance the construction process and building management. You can access sophisticated digital documentation and facilitate seamless communication with your team and clients. Don't forget to subscribe SIMLAB YouTube channel for additional tutorials, webinar recordings, and intriguing case studies.