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SIMLAB STAGES Matterport Timelapse - Christmas in Kaunas City Jedrzej 3 5 monthsron0987 (2851): @Jedrzej thank you for sharing looks nice and good way to showcase feature. Definitely a nice feature to also compare cameras side by side, to show a client.
SIMLAB STAGES Demo project to check Matterport split-screen effect Jedrzej 3 5 monthsJedrzej (311): @DanSmigrod Thank you Dan for this summary, with which you have exhausted the topic :) I'd like to add that one of the key target groups of STAGES users are the customers of construction companies to whom the Digital Twin documentation is given. Whether they are private customers or employees of the building owner, e.g. the facility managers, they can use the split-screen to compare the critical stages of construction with the final state, so...
SIMLAB STAGES - Tutorial: How to synchronize Matterport spaces Jedrzej 1 6 monthsJedrzej (311): We've made a series of tutorials designed to guide you through using the STAGES platform effectively. These videos provide step-by-step instructions on utilizing various functions and proficiently manage your projects. Specifically tailored for users new to the web version of our product, this video will teach you: · Defining the organization, and creating a workspace for your projects. · Setting up a new project with a...
Matterport Capture - quality difference comparison Jedrzej 1 1 yearJedrzej (311): To all Matterport users! Let’s compare the quality difference between Smartphone / Axis / Pro 2 / Pro 3. Compare view with the split screen within STAGES will give the answer! Have you got scans of the same space made with different devices? Or you can make some? Send us your Matterport links and let us combine demo project in STAGES to answer the most important questions for all of you: Which camera should I use? Links to scans send...
Side-By-Side videos before and after of Matterport Hopscotch 3 5 yearsangusnorriss (744): @ArtisticConcepts hi Chris, yes I’d be interested in seeing too.