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Homejab says Video beats 3D tours in article18100

Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
This article came across my news feed . It was recently published from Homejab and argues how video walkthroughs are much more exciting and better for the consumer than 3D tours .

I've gone to many of my competitors YouTube pages and looked at the actual views of the video tours versus what a comparable home got with Matterport tourism. There's usually no comparison .

Matterport usually wins hands down but home job never mentioned matterport .

Do you think real estate video walkthroughs are better than 3D tours and if so, why ?

Matterport 3D tours throw the hammer down and when with time spent on site . They create a real buy-in and offer everything Video has X10 times more . IMO.

And sell videos the way to go. Why are we all talking about the matterport Pro 3 and stuff like that??

Maybe it's because the article doesn't make any sense!

=> Why Real Estate Walkthrough Videos are Better than 3D Virtual Tours
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Seestvaates private msg quote post Address this user
I don't see anybody using videos in my specific European real estate market. Virtual tours are rare too, but more common. I don't have anything against offering video, I have all the gear and I've done lots of video work for other uses. We will see if anyone ever bites my offer.

Homejab is using another platform, not Matterport, for their virtual tours. It seems to be a lot inferior. This might be why they are biased.

Video and virtual tours have their own pros and cons I think. Video doesn't show everything, virtual tour usually does. VT probably offers a lot more information and the viewer can choose to focus on what she wants. Video is linear, no control. BUT I think the article is right about video offering more emotion. The combination of music, editing, speed ramps, orbit pans, lens flares and whatnot can indeed leave a good, controlled emotional impression. It can be cinematic, which is a thing people apparently desire.
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CLUB Member
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

While I like video and sell video services "Bang for my customer's Buck" would be VR Tours 360 or preferably Matterport as VR tours give potential home buyers a better sense of how the home comes together.

I include some sort of 360 tour on every package I offer including vacant land. My basic residential package includes a Zillow 3D home tour & Stills
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Sales and
New Accounts
London Ontario, Canada
Andrew_Lampman private msg quote post Address this user
I have personally experienced not providing video to my clients and was losing business, I even lost business on not providing Matterport as well so I added Matterport - since adding video to my services it now is part of 52% of all packages we do as a company, and they all pretty much have a floor plan in what realtors are ordering.

The article is correct that the medium people are using for viewing & entertainment is video so it is an easy way to get them to view the clients video.
Video is designed to capture a buyer into wanting to see more and will then go to see the home in person — it also helps the client/realtor market themselves, let’s not forget that every penny a realtor spends they want a lead to come out of it if possible - if the video looks good so does the realtor as they can put it on any platform.

On the business side for us and we can’t forget we are in business to provide media for our clients — if you do 3D Matterport and the realtor says can you do photos as well — you do.
Whether you believe in video or not in North American it is huge and if you are not doing it then you are leaving money at the shoot for someone else to come along and make — for an extra 15-30 mins on site you can make $200-400 more per shoot (depending on what you charge).
I know from experience and sharing what I know.
If you don’t know how to shoot video or want to learn a little more we have a free course online to help, I go through gear, settings, types of shots and more. Free Shooting Video Course
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Club Member
Gilroy, California
Dataventurer private msg quote post Address this user
I tend to think in terms of where the Viewing Public's mind is at when they are searching through listings. People sit down at their computer or phone, create a search criteria, then start scanning through the results. Quickly! If they see something interesting, the first thing they do is look through the gallery of photos because they can do that quickly and see if the property is of interest. Next step is to check the virtual tour because that, too, is under their control. My stats from providing Zillow 3D Home tours is that the average time viewing the tours was 45 seconds. That is a valuable statistic to share with your client. There's value is getting buyers' eyeballs on the property for an additional 45 seconds. If a Viewer is really interested, they will sit still and let you show them a video. I saw far fewer views of videos and for far less time than the full length of the video.

One of the issues here is how the real estate platforms present the link to the videos. Some don't provide a link to videos. That's why I create a single page website and tell my agent/clients to add that URL to the media links in their MLS listing.

Video is definitely a more artistic and emotional way of presenting a property. The challenge is getting a busy viewer to sit through the video. I contend that they will likely do that only if they have already scanned through the photos and virtual tour and are still interested in seeing more.

I think one of the main benefits of offering video by an agent is that it improves their status for marketing a property for a seller (and winning the listing!). It impresses the seller! That may be where the real payoff is for the investment in providing a video in the property marketing package!
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CLUB Member
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user

Agreed. Syndication of media assets isn't a given as many agents do not know what can go where. Then there is knowing the rules of the MLS in regards to Branding many MLS's require that the public facing assets be unbranded so, that they can be shared with the buyers agent's clients without the listing agents contact info attached.

I to offer a single property website both branded and unbranded as well as delivering both branded and unbranded assets to the listing agent.

As for the big Real Estate agencies Sotheby's International Realty is the only brokerage that I have seen really pushing Video (they push matterport as well) Sotheby's International Realty I believe is still the only big brokerage to actually receive a YouTube Play button award
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