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Video: I Dropped my Matterport Pro2 3D Camera! Now what?17202

Atlanta, Georgia
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Video: I Dropped my Matterport Pro2 3D Camera! Now what? | Video courtesy of Mattertraffic YouTube Channel | 26 July 2022

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Transcript (Video Above)

Mike Vorce: Hello, this is Mike with, and this is another one in our series of pro tips videos that we're doing for the Matterport Service Provider Community.

In these videos we go through common occurrence as things that can happen where your cameras may be damaged, how to evaluate what the damage level is, and then how to choose which repair option is best for you and your particular situation. This particular video we're calling, whoops, I dropped my camera.

Now what? This is a very common occurrence. You may say I've never dropped my camera, but in our experience it's not a question of if you're going to drop your camera is more a question of when. N

ow, anytime when you have damage to your Matterport camera, you've got several different options for getting repairs done. Matterport will do repairs.

They're particularly good if your camera is still under warranty, the initial factory warranty on them is good for a year and even though manufacturer warrantees typically don't cover physical damage. A lot of times they can work with you if your camera's under warranty now if you're out of warranty, you of course, you can still send it to Matterport. You can also send it to us at matter fix.

Our prices are very competitive. Most times when a camera is dropped, the cost to get it repaired is 250 plus shipping, and that includes doing a number of things that replacing another components inside might be bad.

That's an option. Another option is if you evaluate the camera, we're going to walk you through a little bit later in the video how to evaluate what all might be wrong with your camera.

But if you evaluate it and you determine that only the WiFi antenna needs to be replaced and the housing needs to be put back together. Everything else is fine.

We do have what we call our fast fix kits, which is a DIY kit that we send to you in that kit comes with all the tools you need, includes a new port, it includes access to a walk-through video to guide you through the process and then we can even do a Zoom call or consult with you on the phone if you get stuck. Those are three Matterport under warranty, Matterport, regular repair, MatterFix and your camera into us.

The advantage there is we're going to go through a number of different. We're not just going to replace your WiFi antenna if that's what we're going to check a number of different components. If it only is your WiFi antenna, then the Fast fixed kit might be a good option for you.

Now let's talk about what can happen when you drop your camera. As you can imagine, the cameras what probably £8 and falling from five to seven feet off of a tripod onto a hard floor. As you can imagine, it can cause a lot of damage. There's the stuff you can see visually. Typically the tops popped off. The Wi-Fi cable may or may not be broken.

Maybe the bottom popped off the housing, not lined up correctly, just not fitting back correctly. Those are the things you can see. But in addition to what you can see, what we've got here, this is a pro to light camera. The back is on it. You probably recognize the back. Turn it around here. We've removed the bottom plate, the top plate, and the front housing. Normally, the sensor array would be sitting in here.

Mike Vorce: There's two aluminum rods that go through the camera here and they hold the sensor array in place. What quite often can happen is the metal chassis. If the camera falls and hits on a corner, this metal chassis can get bent or distorted.

Everything may look fine from the outside, but you can have that on the inside. Very common occurrence is the sensor support rods can get bent since they're holding the array and when it falls that jar can quite often than these, you can have damage to the mount and there's a bolt that goes through there, a shaft that goes through there, and there's an electric motor in there, the stepper motor, you can have damage to that assembly sometimes when the cameras on a tripod when it falls and it talks a little bit that can be damaged.

That's another thing that you really can't see that might be damaged. When your camera is fallen, you've got the external things are things you can see there are obvious and the possibly have some things on the inside going on. How would you check for problems inside the camera? I'm going to walk you through some quick little testing procedures that you can do to see if you might have some of these other issues with your camera.

One thing is you can twist them out like this. You should always with Matter port camera, there should be no point in it. It shouldn't wiggle, and there should be a firm, consistent resistance when you turn this around. You never should hear a clicking or any jumping sound or anything inside there. If you hear any of that is very likely that something in the clutch mechanism has gotten damaged.

The next thing you do is go ahead and turn your camera on and make sure you don't get an error message. Sometimes when the cameras have been dropped, some of the connections can get out of a line inside the camera and can cause an error message. You can also get an error message if the sensor array has been broken, if one of the cameras or something in the array is broken. If that's the case, that camera is going to need to go back to Matterport because it's going to have to have a new sensor put in it and be re-calibrated.

But some of the other error messages that you might get, like an O_3 up for three mid lot of times those can indicate a problem with some of the connections in the camera and not being seated correctly. But if you don't have that problem, turn the camera on, put it on your tripod, connect with your Capture app, and go ahead and initiate a scan. You scan where the Matterport camera a lot you're very familiar with how it moves.

It has six different positions that it goes to you push the button, it moves a sixth of the way around and stops, and that movement is very smooth. You want to make sure that it's moving like that. If it's doing any jumping, any vibrating, any bouncing or anything like that, or if you hear any clicking or anything inside the camera like a clutch, then that's the indication that you've got a problem in any of those things are an indication you've got a problem inside the drive motor.

Now if that checks out, then the next thing you want to do is do a complete scan. Then in your Capture app, go ahead and open it up and look at the vertical seams when the camera captures or does a sweep it stocks stopped six times and this other six images that it lines up and stitches together to make the scan inside the Capture app. And you're looking at a preview in the Capture app.

The coloring of the images is always weird. But those vertical seams where those six images come together, they should be lined up pretty close. If they're off quarter of an inch or something at 12 feet, that's not bad. But if you notice anything significant in any of those stitching lines, there's out of alignment, then that's a sign that most likely the sensor rods and the camera probably are bent, possibly the chassis is bent to.

Do that check that out, check the stitching. Next thing you wanna do is move the camera three or four different positions. Make sure you don't have any problem getting alignment.

If you move in four or five feet, cameras should have no problem getting alignment. If you do have a problem there, then that indicates the camera is going to need to be sent in for service. The last thing you want to go the extra mile, you can go ahead and upload a small model and then go into the model, the process model. After its process go in and look and inspect it.

Inspect all the horizontal lines inside the model. Baseboard, crown molding, bottoms and tops of windows. Just go around and look at those horizontal lines and see if you see any offsets. If you visually see offsets in your process model, then that's another indication that something inside the camera is bent. It's definitely going to need to be sent in for service. That covers some basic testing that you can do.

Like I said, if you go through the testing and everything is fine and you're comfortable doing a simple disassembly, simple repair yourself. One of our fast fix is a good choice for you. The advantage there is the kits costs $200 plus shipping, but we send the kid out and you're going to get it within a couple of days. Then usually it only takes about 20 minutes to fix your camera if you're doing that yourself.

You can be up and going a lot quicker. You also can save the time and transit time to and from us or to and from Matterport to get your camera fixed so that that's an option.

But as I said, we do not recommend a kid if you're having any of those other problems, you need to send the camera in and get it serviced. That covers the camera dropping what can happen and what your options are for repairing the camera. We're here at matter of fixed contact us messages on Facebook.

I believe our phone number is on our website, email us will be happy to help you out. Thanks.


WGAN-TV | Top 10 Matterport Pro1, Pro2 and Pro2 Lite Camera Repairs (Revisited) | Guest: MatterFix (@MatterFix) Founder Mike Vorce | Thursday, 18 November 2021 | Episode #126
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