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'Dropped Camera' Topics

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Video: I Dropped my Matterport Pro2 3D Camera! Now what? DanSmigrod 2 21 daysVTLV (2573): Start planning on your battery taking a dive soon (could be a few months). Plan according for a time to service your property when a window opens using the information above.
Dropped Matterport Camera? Here’s how to test it! MatterFix 3 2 monthsaerialpixels (291): One early morning scan, in a dark dark room, and having a bad case of presbyopia, I thought I had secured the tripod head clamp onto my Pro 1. BAM. 1.6m drop to the floor. Luckily no problem!
WGAN-TV eBook | Top 10 Matterport Pro1/Pro2/Pro2 Lite Repairs-Revisited DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (27553): WGAN-TV eBook | Top 10 Matterport Pro1, Pro2 and Pro2 Lite Camera Repairs (Revisited)[/url] | Guest: MatterFix (@MatterFix) Founder Mike Vorce | Thursday, 18 November 2021 | Episode #126 ...
What's in your case. leonherbert 3 3 yearsleonherbert (902): @DanSmigrod I have a theta V but I also have a backup Matterport from the company I am sub contracting too. It really sucks to see something you baby around crash to the ground. If anyone has wondered how the repair options work with Matterport here is a basic breakdown. Matterport charges a minimum amount of USD$400 to diagnose and estimate the full repair costs. The USD$400 is charged regardless of whether you decide to repair the camera or...