Hi All,

I received an email from a WGAN Forum Member today (Tuesday, 11 August 2020) ...

"We are in the process of closing a really big retail client and they've requested some Matterport success stories with other retailers. Matterport is being really slow at providing any info, but I was wondering if you or the community came across any success stories and any financial metrics that would help?"

My suggestions:

1. Search WGAN Forum Tags for: Statistics | COVID19 | Research | Retail

2. Engage with the WGAN Forum Community

3. Watch WGAN-TV Training U free course: WGAN-TV | Is Matterport right for you? (because of the statistics quoted)

4. Watch WGAN-TV Training U free course: WGAN-TV Automating Exporting and Importing Matterport MatterTags as an easy way to enable shopping within the Matterport tour (knowing that there could be hundreds of MatterTags

What else would you recommend?