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dave1380 private msg quote post Address this user
Evening all,

So after a horrendous year in property, what with Brexit, scooby doo at the helm and then the threat that trump might start playing risk with the world. So I thought i'd put that as a side line at the moment as its a real mine field.

So I took the leap to set up a 360 virtual tour business, utilising my huge network of property owners and business owners. I have bought the Qoocam 8K, and i'm also utilising Affinity rather than Photoshop as there seems to be a strong argument for it.

I'm also split between pano2vr and 3D vista for the software as it will allow me to be creative at a decent cost and will own it, not having to subscribe.

So far the feedback on the 8K is, well...... Not great.

Because of the coronavirus, they have had issues with updates and firmware, there is one coming this week they said, but reality is that the camera is in Beta stage. ( basically we are test dummies at our cost)

Now don't get me wrong, the camera, images, detail, quality and look, is fantastic. However their studio, communication, and connections are way off. You can get an Insta one x, that you'll take out of the box and do what you need it to do instantly. This has taken days to get to a rendering and editing picture stage. It doesn't have the options it states on the video, box or the manual yet as that is "coming in march", THEN WHY BLOODY PUT IT ON SALE???

8K is a certainty and is coming in other cameras, however its not there yet for these cameras, so we will watch this one grow over the next month or so. I'm trying to launch a business with a camera that doesn't do what it says it can, and has issues that i will have to wait a month to sort out.

BUT - I can do a VT with what I have an the software will save this along with a long editing process. I think by mid spring, this will be the go to camera in this price bracket as insta went more down the action cam route.

I'm eager to learn and grow, and with that, hear any feedback from you pros out there of what to look out for, pros and cons, ups and downs along with all and any advice.


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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
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NN2020 private msg quote post Address this user
Dan, I agree. I too bought a Qoocam 8k with the idea of offering virtual tours. The camera is still in beta. You have to be a very advanced photographer or settle for the (limiting) auto modes provided. VERY difficult to implement an HDR workflow with the camera.
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