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'Cameras' Topics

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iGUIDE 20% OFF Spring Fever Sale! mzivkovic 2 1 monthMeshImages (2730): :D Good timing!
Pro3 Issue in cold: motor can't move & noisy: Have you had this issue? GETMYVR 3 3 monthsGETMYVR (1892): @MatterFix thanks! It's not mine, just sent to me for this 3 day job. My counterpart for this gig has not experienced these issues with his personal Pro3, so I think it's just been heavily used.
Matterport Does Not & May Not Support Leica BLK360 2nd Generation Scanner DanSmigrod 1 7 monthsDanSmigrod (30108): Matterport Does Not & May Not Support Leica BLK360 2nd Generation Scanner Hi All, I received an email from Matterport today (7 November 2023) in response to my question about if/when Matterport will support the Leica BLK360 2nd Generation Scanner: === Saw you had a question regarding support of Leica BLK360 (2nd gen) We will not be supporting this scanner at this time, and are uncertain as to when we will work to support...
Realsee Galois - first full demo - by Nick Powell Home3D 4 7 monthsHome3D (3779): My understanding is that self-hosting is possible. Need to learn more. Dan? You want to get Realsee directly on WGAN video? I presume a URL is the end link, just as for all tours. Direct integration with Redfin and others is, I imagine, a long way off. But any URL can be linked to an MLS or aggregation site. I do it with 3DVista regularly.
Insta360 X3 Matterport Support? Beta? My Matterport X3 Shot Example manog 6 7 monthsDanSmigrod (30108): Insta360 X3 | Creating Virtual Tours with Matterport | video courtesy of Occupied Studios YouTube Channel | May 25, 2023 Buy Insta360 X3 via Amazon
Insta360 One X2 issue with the Matterport Capture App? Gladsmuir 8 11 monthsDanSmigrod (30108): @Gladsmuir I reached out to Insta360 regarding this challenge. Here is the reply: --- Hi Dan, I have carefully reviewed the post and discussed the issue with our service team and tech team. Based on their initial feedback, the Insta360 One X2 has been working perfectly with the Matterport Capture App for a long time already, so this may not be a common issue. To accurately pinpoint the reason for this issue, they would need...
Average lifespan or sweep count for a Matterport Pro2 Buster6070 7 11 monthsGamelLarry (186): I would highly recommend Mike with Matterfix. I used him to replace my batteries and have never heard any complaints about his service or products.
Needed: Pro2/Pro3 Camera Advice regarding Alignment rhelling 5 1 yearSkeeter (395): I've been doing this for a long time and getting a used Pro 2 will fix most issues. Although if there is sunlight you can't use. I've used both Pro 2 and z1 in scans and that works very well. Skeeter
Help Please: Matterport Pro2 Lite Upload Problems Flashcutter 4 1 yearFlashcutter (80): Thank you…someone already graciously shared their space. Let’s see how the new pricing structure works out. Thanks for the input. JM
Test - which camera should we choose ? SIMLAB 1 1 yearSIMLAB (26): Hi all, we decided to do a direct comparison and verify side by side what is the difference within different Matterprot capturing methods. - cellphone - Axis - Ricoh - Pro2 - BLK 360 tell us what you think and try it yourself using STAGES software... We regret we do not have Pro3 in house, but maybe some of you already have same models scanned with different hardware options - send it to us and we will do a...
Can you mix Theta Z1 and Pro 3 in the same model space? wildcatdave71 7 1 yearDanSmigrod (30108): Great tip! @wildcatdave71 Thanks for your kind note to all. Enjoy your weekend, Dan
Webinar: RICOH THETA 360 photography x Albarran Architects RICOHTHETA 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (30108): RICOH THETA X for Architecture, Construction & Design | Video courtesy of RICOH THETA YouTube Channel | 6 March 2023 Hi All, Above is the recording of this RICOH THETA webinar. Dan
Lighting Recommendations for Matterport Pro2/Pro3 and Ricoh THETA Z1? manog 3 1 yearron0987 (2860): @manog for the Ricoh Theta Z1 I like the Bushman Halo 360 light. It comes with dual threaded offset to allow access to camera charging port. The light itself also has the built in battery with the capability to charge your Z1 extending the time you can shot since the Z1 has a short battery life. The only down side is your adding weight to the top of the stand near the camera making it top heavy. The light output is adjustable.
iGUIDE Winter Sale 2023 iGUIDE 1 1 yeariGUIDE (10): All through the month of February, enjoy more great sales from iGUIDE. From now until February 28th, 2023 at 11:59 (EST) get: As a bonus, act now and receive 10 free standard iGUIDEs with your purchase. This deal is only on for a short time and is while supplies last so don’t wait! Get to the []iGUIDE store[/url] today and secure your discount! ...
Mounting bubble leveler on top of Matterport? Flashcutter 10 1 yearFlashcutter (80): Thanks Dan...extremely helpful!
360 photography and construction: RICOH THETA RICOHTHETA 1 1 yearRICOHTHETA (16): RICOH recently partnered with Architosh to host a webinar showcasing the digitalization of job sites within the AEC industry using 360-degree images. Tune into Part 1 for a deep dive on RICOH THETA cameras and proprietary jobsite digitization platforms RICOH360 Projects and RICOH360 Tours. Learn more about THETA X via Architosh: Product In-Depth: Ricoh THETA X for the AEC...
How to do a 360 virtual tour video of a Zip line? Camera? Tips? DiogoCosta38 2 1 yearSdoughtie (337): Interesting problem. I posted something and deleted it. I really need to think about it a little more. Is the client wanting 360 VR or stereo?
Picking right cameras? sebad90 19 1 yearMeshImages (2730): Yes, you are probably right. iPad is much easier to handle in the beginning - especially when precisely positioning Matterport markers. You have a good setup, go for it, maybe put the DSLR inside if you can later cancel it.
Matterport Pro3 Camera Spare Battery Availability? rzphotoman 7 1 yearDanSmigrod (30108): WGAN.INFO/pro3alerts | | Text pro3alerts to 877-805-0960 | powered by texting platform: Hi All, Matterport Pro3 Camera Batteries are now available in the Amazon Store. I (just) sent a WGAN Text Alert to those that signed up for Matterport Pro3 Camera news alerts from...
Gear List: Matterport Pro2 Camera + Light Solution EMILIANO 7 1 yearEMILIANO (172): Hey @Pedrotex69, I'm glad you liked my solution. it is very functional, you will find it well. E.
tripod adapter does not lock the camera well MATTERPORT PRO3 EMILIANO 10 1 yearWingman (4191): I have actually said that mine is ok while I have seen other complaining to experience some problems with it. However I have not used it much so may be I will have similar problems after some use.
Brand New Pro3 Battery Won't Charge. Anyone else have this problem? pixelray 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (30108): Open thread to view post.
Which platform for private sharing virtual tours? (No sharing via link) JayFarbman 8 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): WGAN-TV | Meet, Present and Collaborate Inside Your Matterport Tours powered by SuperViz | Guests: SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and SuperViz Head of Sales, marketing and Customer Success Marcelo Franco | Episode: 151 | Thursday, 30 June 2022 | SuperViz website WGAN-TV | New! Matterport Live Guided Tour – Video Chat – powered by Nodalview | Guest: Nodalview Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Lepelaars | Episode: #129 | Thursday, 6...
SIMLAB STAGES - Building Life-Cycle Support Laura1 1 2 yearsLaura1 (4): STAGES - what is it and why do I need it? This graphic shows it best. Build your own property Matterport time-lapse and track all facility changes through the complete building life cycle. Collect all building data (manuals, receipts, contact details) and communicate with all facility stakeholders in the most efficient visual way. No engineering knowledge is needed to digitize and capture your most crucial assets. STAGES is for...
iGUIDE - Shooting Large Spaces iGUIDE 1 2 yearsiGUIDE (10): Did you join our Masterclass on shooting large spaces? If not, you're in luck! We post all our Masterclass video recordings on our YouTube page. Check out the Masterclass - Shooting Large Spaces to learn how to optimize your time when surveying large areas.
14,000 SQFT Insta360 ONE X2 Matterport Scan: Your thoughts? nvarkawan 9 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Just changed the headline to 14,000 SQ FT. Thanks, Dan
Matterport Pro3 Camera/Scanner leak? RealtyMediaMx Jump to first page149Jump to last page 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Text Me 5 Minutes Before WGAN-TV is Live | WGAN-TV | Matterport Pro3 Camera: First Impressions; plus, Pro3 versus Pro2 and Pro3 versus Leica BLK360 | Guest: Southern 3D Tours Matterport 3D Imaging Specialist Larry Gamel | Episode: 161 | Thursday, 29 September 2022 | | @GamelLarry | WGAN-TV Podcast | WGAN-TV...
Openhaus Pro Podcast #4 w/ Florian Wagner Carson 1 2 yearsCarson (302): Listen in to a great conversation between Florian Wagner of Mesh Images and Carson Clement as they chat about how Florian got started with Matterport, the amazing Matterport Cloud, the Pro 3, and much more.. Enjoy!!
Pricing Question: How to charge for Vacation Rental Photography? GETMYVR 2 2 yearsMeidansha (583): Not sure about vacation rentals in particular but for case study houses for a building company I was told the houses are used for ten to 13 years so I charged the equivalent of 100 dollars a year up front and did a job equivalent to the price. I give them statistics every month and updates on how they can use SDKs to improve their viewing experience. They’re a big company but they don’t have time to be following changes on Matterport so...
2000ft scan matterport review (I would appreciate it if you could comment) nvarkawan 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @nvarkawan Great job! I agree with @lilnitsch about over scanning is good (but hide scans that are not needed for the walk through experience). In the screen grab above ( shame on Matterport for the advertisement at the top of the scan), seems like the 360 View has the return to the showroom icon in the wrong place:...
Giraffe360 Bringing out a New Camera Soon VTLV 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): [issuu][/issuu]WGAN-TV eBook | Intro to GIRAFFE360 for Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers[/url] with GIRAFFE360 Senior Account Executive Andrew Congleton (@AndrewCongleton) | Aired: Thursday, 23 September 2021 | Episode Number: #118 | | Book a Free GIRAFFE360 Demo WGAN-TV | Intro to GIRAFFE360 for Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers with ...
Do you charge the same for any Matterport camera? GETMYVR 5 2 yearsGETMYVR (1892): Thanks for the replies. With a Theta you have to disappear from the scene completely instead of follow behind with the Pro 2. Not sure how much time that really saves. And with 95% of listing still without a 360 or 3D virtual tour perhaps the price point is still a little hefty for some agents despite historically highest commissions ever. I think what is prudent is offer two versions of the Matterport tour, standard and Premium. I would...
How do you export full size (12866 x 6433) 360 images from Matterport Pro2? wolfind 11 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, DOWNLOAD360 service is no longer available. Dan
What other Virtual Tour platforms are compatible with Matterport cameras? HunsletRiviera 8 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, DOWNLOAD360 service is no longer available. Dan
It's official....the Pro1 is better at alignment than Pro2 pixelray 5 2 yearsGETMYVR (1892): @pixelray I began to notice ghost scans arbitrarily placed on the model in the app, when I've decided to delete scans! The only other real glitch I see is the Matterport app can only handle about a thousand scans per model. So I hope matterport gets working on that, I'm pretty sure investors are scoping out these forums.
Help please: Crazy misalignment lately in capture app pixelray 11 2 yearsVTLV (2870):
Ricoh Theta Z1 vs Theta X for virtual tour business? linas2569 7 2 yearsWingman (4191): 5.7K video is not that great. We are talking about 360 videos with 2 to 1 proportion that has a field of view of 360 x 180 degree so you need to compare it with a normal video and it is half of its resolution. Probably even more than half as it is just one side with 180 FOV both vertically and horizontally. So I would say 5.7K in 360 is equivalent of 1440P for a flat video with something like 25-50mm focal length.
What do you think about this space? kimhyunho 9 2 yearskimhyunho (23): @MeshImages Thank you very much for your kind explanation. krpano, cms4vr is quite overwhelming for light users like me. It'll be easier someday, right? I hope my boss will wait until then. haha : )
It seems not all Pro2s are the same?! Wingman 20 3 yearsWingman (4191): I have tested my new camera on a job and I can confirm transfer speed is fast as long as you come close to a camera. It is not affected by any reasonable distance created during scanning. Matterport have replied they will let me know what is wrong with my previous camera.
Does the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera need to be Calibrated? jpierce360 5 3 yearsMatterFix (390): @VirtusRealis 0.25% is very good! And I definitely agree with your comments about protecting the camera from bumps or impacts...for normal MP scanning and creating models, some impacts won't affect the model it produces but if your doing AEC work you should always handle the camera with care and verify your models with field laser measurements....a minor impact to the camera can seriously affect the AEC measurements.
Giraffe360 Debut in San Diego November 12-15, 2021 AndrewCongleton 11 3 yearslilnitsch (5457): @ThinkLab I might agree with you if this was indeed a superior product. However, the two tours I have seen are “ok” at best & not much better than a 360 tour. I am not saying this isn’t a product for someone it is just not a product for me. And I do not see a lot of adoption for this with agents as I had worked in-house with an 800 agent group so, I have spent some real time with agents in the trenches
Spatial AI Camera GarySnyder 4 3 yearsGarySnyder (2059): Thanks @meshimages for finding this This is incredible work. If this team can bring a solution like this demo to market it will revolutionize the 3D capture market. All they would need to do is buildout the ability to move between areas captures. Taking the $89 Spatial AI Camera and an application like the one above would be world changing. If the developer of the GeoCV engin is reading this and wanted to...
Matterport Pro2 - top and bottom fallen off SWalkerATL 3 3 yearsMatterFix (390): @SWalkerATL Here at MatterFix We offer a DIY repair kit for putting a Matterport camera back together and/or replacing the wifi antenna module (if the cable has broken off during the fall). The kit includes all of the needed tools, a replacement wifi antenna module, access to a detailed walk-thru video and, if needed, a Zoom or phone consultation to get any issues or questions resolved. The kit is $230 and it includes next day shipping in the...
Pro 2 Camera purchase leeverdon 8 3 yearsMeshImages (2730): @Wingman Yes, and this feature can enable shared capturing with multiple devices. You can already import 3D Scans from a BLK360 and add them to your scan. Probably we will see a new capture app, that will allow import of high quality 360 plus indoor lidar plus drone exterior, plus, plus, plus.
WGAN-TV Intro to GIRAFFE360 for Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers DanSmigrod 20 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): WGAN-TV | Intro to GIRAFFE360 for Residential Real Estate Agents and Brokers with GIRAFFE360 Senior Account Executive Andrew Congleton (@AndrewCongleton) | Aired: Thursday, 23 September 2021 | Episode: #118 Hi All, Everything you want to know about GIRAFFE360 in less than 60 minutes :cool: (Video above) Feel free to post your follow-up GIRAFFE360 questions here for GIRAFFE360 Senior Account Executive Andrew Congleton...
Meet Rescan - 3D Scan helmet MeshImages 23 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): WON the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in 3 categories with Best of the Best distinction | Video courtesy of ReScan YouTube Channel | 12 August 2021 From the ReScan YouTube Channel The REscan Spatial Communication System and Mobile Viewer won the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in Applications, Mobile User Interface, and Ready to Launch Design Concept categories with Best of the Best distinction. Source: ...
Second Pro 2 dead with "Sensor Fault" error twinmoons 7 3 yearstwinmoons (144): I wanted to post an update on this. Today I heard back from Matterport support, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised that they made a one-time exception to keep this under warranty although it was about 14 months out. I definitely wanted to make sure they receive recognition for providing excellent support and resolve the issue in a fair manner. @MatterFix, definitely keeping you in mind for any future issues!
Flying with a Matterport camera Noddy 13 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Grab: We Get Around Network Collections of Cases for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera WGAN Master D2011-7 $189.99 | WGAN Pro $219.57 | WGAN Master $259.99 | WGAN Maestro $419.30 Hi All, MyCaseBuilder offers cases designed for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera that fit in the overhead luggage compartment of regular sized...
Vista Drone by Door Rabitics ready to distribute drones VTLV 10 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Skydio 3D Scan™ | Lunar Lander | Video courtesy of Skydio YouTube Channel | 13 May 2021 @VTLV I could imagine that Skydio will offer a mode for 3D/360 scanning indoors: autonomously. Please see video above. Dan
URGENT: I get broken diagonal lines win my scans MolinaPhoto 5 3 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Excellent solutions! I would add to that, if you need to order floor plans from Matterport, duplicate the model that includes Ricoh Theta Z1 "scans" and then delete the Ricoh Theta Z1 shot "scans" (because Matterport will not create floor plans that include 360s shot with a 360 1-click camera. Dan
Which 360 camera do you use to scan autos and auto dealerships? Harrycayman 5 3 yearsHarrycayman (421): Thank you guys it seems the Z1 is camera of choice. and that works with matterport app so i can use that for car interiors and pro 2 for exteriors and BLK in case its all out doors.
Matterport : Sensor Fault ChuckJ 8 3 yearsalirizacil (162): Hi Since i am in Turkey, and having 3 Pr2 camera, i had to solve my problems myself. Cencor fault was one of them which i solved surprisingly. This is how: I had battery problem with one of my camera. (One of the battery was off) Than i took it to one of my tecnician friend . While he was chainging the battery, he also just tried to check the cables and reconnect them( there are usd cables conecting cencors to mainboard) . And cencor fauld has...
Matterport Insta360 One X2 Image Quality? (Is it just me that thinks this?) browno24 7 3 yearscgraft (117): @browno24 Access the Mpembed premium trial through this page: You'll need to find your Matterport tour ID. This can be found by going to your Matterport space, clicking share, then click "Get Sharable link". Paste the link in a browser address bar and your tour ID is the string of letters and numbers after the = sign. see images for reference...
Will Pro 1 soon not be dropped from the device "ecosystem"? Noddy 9 4 yearsmori (809): @MeshImages IMO no Pro3 on the horizon if you think of something in the next 6-8 month.
MC250 exposure / seam issue + advice? picture_this 5 4 yearspicture_this (22): Thanks Wingman- appreciate the confirmation!
Preferred Street view camera & workflow GETMYVR 15 4 yearsPickChuck (413): @Wingman You make great points on all of this. You are very knowable sir. It seems like all these 360 cameras have a particular niche. I haven't found one that does it all. Perhaps it's just their "master plan" to make us buy several of them:). For me as primary a Real Estate photographer shooting stills as my main offering the 360's as well as Drone work are an "Add On". A bit of background: I can shoot...
Any idea how this tripod is remote controlled (for Theta Z1)? ArchimedStudio 10 4 yearsArchimedStudio (708): @Fmarta I was also thinking about this avenue. Can you share photos of your setup? It's not so much to create a Matterport tour while I stay seated on the couch sipping margarita and controlling the vacuum remotely. It's more to create a 360 video walkthrough. What's the top speed and are the wheels big enough to move around in an uneven concrete warehouse (for example)? Thanks!
EOS R5 vs R6 vs Sony A7S III. Which camera, and why ? ChuckJ 7 4 yearsHome3D (3779): I’ve been shooting HDR with the Sony A7Sii for over three years. It was my first still camera with a digital viewfinder and on this issue, I will NEVER go back to an optical one. The usefulness of focus peaking and zebra improve accuracy and accelerate my shooting dramatically. Many of my clients hire me to shoot HDR stills, a 3D or 360° virtual tour, AND a production video all in a single visit. I arrive with six different cameras. Add...
I am thinking about starting a virtual tour/Real Estate Photograph business Malek Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearsVTLV (2870): Do yourself a favor and learn the fundamentals of photos editing. This is a trade, not a get rich quick scheme breaking into a new industry. So many real estate agents get a license and think they'll make large sums of cash. 80% of them make less than $20,000 a year. Agents get in, sell a friend or family members home, starve and drop out to a part time job and rarely get back in. Happening a ton with 360 photographers as well. Ebay always has...
Matterport vs Ricoh ChuckJ 7 4 yearslilnitsch (5457): @GETMYVR I am using CloudPano for live video or audio conferencing within the the VR tour
Photographer dipping my toes into 3D/360. Am I on the right track? condra 12 4 yearsGETMYVR (1892): I would suggest use the iPhone for making phone calls, texts, taking selfies, but if you're looking to do matterport, you want to use the best camera possible to get the best results. Theta Z1 at the minimum. I tried an iPhone and an iPad on a sample matterport tour, and at the same time I connected a Z1 and I also did a portion of the house with a pro 2 3D to see how they work together. Worst tour ever produced.
What is the best camera/system for producing a 360 tour of a college campus HunsletRiviera 1 4 yearsHunsletRiviera (7): Hello WGAN I'm looking for some advice, I am the proud owner and operator of a Matterport Pro 2, and have recently received an enquiry about creating a virtual tour of a college campus here in the UK. The campus is rather large, sparse grounds with many different faculty buildings. I know that Matterport struggles to cope over a certain amount of scans, and I 100% believe that this campus is too large for Matterport to handle in a single...
How Asteroom got me to switch from Matterport. jwaltphotography 16 4 yearsjwaltphotography (55): I have not experienced this. We have shot more than 2 dozen properties since we recently implemented this. Our realtors are much happier with the time savings since I can shoot any house in 15 minutes or less. I have yet to hear a buyer state that "This tour wasn't immersive enough". IN fact, most buyers are layman in terms of cameras and cannot tell the difference. A matterport has consistent misalignment issues in post and it often...
Camera Settings for Real Estate Video 8643d 13 4 years8643d (246): @thephilm Very informative. Thank you!
Ricoh Theta V - Low light shooting stevienet 11 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Grab: Halo 360 Light from Bushman Panoramic Preview HALO 360 LIGHT and MAGIC CABLE | Video courtesy of Bushman Panoramic YouTube Channel | 25 June 2020 @stevienet Would this Bushman Panoramic Halo 360 Light- paired with your Ricoh Theta V - solve your lighting...
Getting started with little money Fish 30 4 yearsjen_ishayoga (33): @fish Hola and welcome aboard! Question for you ~ what market are you interested in getting into? You had mentioned 360s but later go into real estate and photos. So many of these markets bleed together, which is awesome and you'll probably have a lot of opportunity across the board! My specific focus (right now) is REP. One thing about this area, specifically, is that agents are looking for a one stop shop. You may offer 360s but there...
Asteroom Marketing Idea jwaltphotography 5 4 yearsjwaltphotography (55): Thank you!
Best camera to capture 100,000 square foot space? EnvisionedSpaces 8 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @EnvisionedSpaces In a few sentences, can you describe the space and how it is presently being used ( how it will be shot)? Dan
Pro 1 Charger Replacement cswartz 4 4 yearsAxis360Media (325): Glad I could help.
Ricoh Theta Z1 versus Matterport Pro2 3D Camera for Outdoor scans? Paulo 4 4 yearsWingman (4191): I cannot comment on using a Z1 with Matterport. I have just never seen any reason to do it since I have a Pro2. As for using it to capture a 360 I believe the further you are from objects the more chance you have to make a 360 without any stitching errors. It is better to stay at least 50cm away from any object and that distance applies to a Pro2 as well.
See how to open Matterport Pro1 3D Camera & Li-Ion Battery Question aerialpixels 18 4 yearsaerialpixels (457): @PeeBee yes i am using my parallel hack board on jobs already. once in a while i get sensor error or camera warming up, cant say for sure its due to my hack or my camera is just getting too old. but all is good. no leaking batts no explosions
Urgent! Help Please! On Site; Camera not connecting Cabrahams 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Cabrahams Anything here helpful in this Emergency checklist for Matterport Pros experiencing problems while on site? Dan
My QuoCam 8K Odyssey: Seeking a 360 Camera for Multiple Tour Platforms homefinders3d 12 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @homefinders3d The Forgotten QooCam 8K Magic : Creatively Use Express DNG8 and In Cam RAW+ at the same time!!! | Video courtesy of Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel | 21 June 2020
Moving Matterport models between iPad and iPhones devices Atriux 11 4 yearsAtriux (52): Yes . That's the one i will try for the time being iPad pro is in the back burner , now... & other hardware upgrades . TY
Help please with large scale models: scanning techniques? gear? BobbyG 14 4 yearsBobbyG (50): Just ran out of film with my brand new camera Pro2. Scan 209 then 187,188,189 I’ll post something
Virtual tours for cars Harrycayman 13 4 yearsJanHamorsky (180): Hi @junior, I mostly placed the camera on the floor between the front and rear seats and tilted it forward towards the dashboard, between the front seats. I used an Insta360 invisible selfie stick with a small tripod. And to remove the tripod I use Affinity Photo editing software: Live projection / equirectangular projection / inpainting brush tool... Best, Jan
Looking to purchase a DSLR 8643d Jump to first page53Jump to last page 4 yearsExpertise (1180): 80D, 10-22. You'll do great.
I had to expand on the previous, so here is Matterport Capture Compare 2.0! RichardStanton 9 4 yearsahojman (335): Thanks for your answer!
Make 3D virtual tours using any camera you want - Metareal Stage ysabelc 15 4 yearsysabelc (168): @hometakes As indicated in our FB group name, it's the "Metareal Stage Users Group", so we only let verified users join the group. So if you haven't signed up yet, we can't let you join. Otherwise we get too many spam accounts joining, which isn't good for anyone. We believe this verification is important to keep the quality of discussion in the group high. Signing up to Stage is free anyway, so it's not really a barrier to...
Matterport Pro 2- Popped your top? (WLAN Antenna) BSSMedia 2 4 yearsChemistrydoc (1836): Thanks for posting this - I've never actually had a crash, but I've lived through the near-heart-attack of watching a tripod leg collapse and catching the falling camera in time. Hopefully I never need to use these instructions, but I am very thankful to be a part of a community where this knowledge resides! Best, Keith
new Matterport competitor jayrtfm 10 4 yearsMeshImages (2730): @Kumar this is like Matterport started with the early MP Pro1. Imagine Rescan with a clean, perfectly structured and textured 3-dimensional mesh in this wonderful player. Maybe you could also draw highres images from this (additionally with renderers like vray or octane). You could also stage these images with 3D assets. Of course we are talking about pro services here. In Berlin, Germany, I would scan 2 reference use cases with this...
Are Labpano Pilot One Tours Live Yet? remaxvictory 6 4 yearsremaxvictory (41): Yeah, it is an awful lot of scans. I also don't like that you can't just click the direction that you want to go. You have to click on the actual scan points.
I tried the iOS's what I think.. photosintheround 6 4 yearsGarnetwest (234): The taxi industry said the same thing when Uber came on the scene. "No way that they can give people rides at those prices and stay in business. They are losing money with every ride!" Well we see what happened to the taxi industry. In tech, you dont have to make money to be just need to acquire market share. Uber lost almost $4 Billion dollars in 2019. Once you own the market, you can charge what you...
anybody used the qoocam 8k to make a tour? fotoguy 19 4 yearsJuMP (2031): @Wingman Yes, keep in touch.
Kandao qoocam 8K dave1380 3 4 yearsNN2020 (4): Dan, I agree. I too bought a Qoocam 8k with the idea of offering virtual tours. The camera is still in beta. You have to be a very advanced photographer or settle for the (limiting) auto modes provided. VERY difficult to implement an HDR workflow with the camera.
Where can I buy Ricoh Theta Z1 and get it Saturday GlennTremain 8 4 yearsChemistrydoc (1836): @GlennTremain I just saw where a reputable seller on eBay had 7 Ricoh Theta Z1s available. Ricoh is shipping a small supply next week (mine is in that order), and then not again until the end of May. Cheers! Keith
Needing Help Deciding photosbyhopsing 3 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Other advice for @photosbyhopsing ...?
Crazy puzzle that I just can't figure out! photosintheround 7 4 yearsGerhard (1484): @photosintheround mail support, they were quick to reply to me when I had my issues. Maybe ask for Maggie , she has helped me a lot in the past. Maybe reload the capture app? How full is your iPad? Do you have apps running in the background, kill them all. Also when you email them give your iPad model number to them, will save you time with emails. Also did you have problems with models uploading but not completing the upload ? Also check...
RICOH Theta Z1 connection issues with Android phone. Please help. JPPeron 3 4 yearsDprice2414 (1): I had issues with connectivity too. I ended up uninstalling the app and reinstalling. Working fine now.
Scan Spots all over FloorPlan. Not Happy. BobbyG 10 4 yearsHomePlanNZ (251): Though it's a big investment - the best solution is to buy or get a hire arrangement in place for a Leica BLK360. We use this for outdoor and big jobs. It's photographic quality is lower but you can do it in big jumps; or just use it sparsely to sort the black spots you're experiencing. Example: Sorry I know it's big money, but it is a suggestion :)
Need a Pro 2 Alternative that can scan in 35 F. degree temps. 3Din360 5 4 yearsGerhard (1484): @3Din360 BLK360 , I have shot in 115F in direct sunlight. Yes it starts to overheat just keep a cooler handy or umbrella. It will handle the cold also, just confirm with your Leica agent in your area and ask them for sale data or examples they can supply you. Work flow might be a little longer but the end results and data is worth it. It also gives you much wider coverage than Matterport so you can do less scans and move further between points,...
Looking for Timelapse Camera Options coulee360 5 4 yearsSaarikor (17): BCC2000 haves 1080 also. But it is not enough.
IMMERSOLUTIONS - Matterport Reseller in Canada - Buyer Beware JCHAFE 26 4 yearsImmerSolution (19): It will be ok for tomorrow. I will send you an email when it's ready to pick up
Creating Matterport 3D spaces with your smartphone JCHAFE 8 4 yearsleonherbert (903): @DanSmigrod going senile, totally forgot about that.
Camera and gadgets- real estate videos michaelakinyemi 4 4 yearsmichaelakinyemi (87): Thanks @JonJ @Chemistrydoc We currently use matterport for videos but we am looking for a professional solution (camera + Gimbal) that we can use for Real Estate Videos and Photography as we feel we are losing business by not offering professional video option to my clients. Budget is somewhere around $1,000-$1,500 for both Camera and Gimbal. I don't want to overspend on a camera with features i wont need. That's why i am looking for a cost...
Matteport Processing or is it me? Skeeter 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): WGAN-TV MPEmbed-an Overlay for Matterport Showcase with FounderDeveloper Chris Hickman-Short Story #409- Custom Image Filters @Skeeter I will defer to you and others about the Matterport processing / color challenges .... In the mean time, this might be helpful: ✓ Video: How to improve the Color Brightness/Saturation of a Matterport Tour using MP/embed Enjoy your weekend, Dan --- Special Offer for WGAN Standard and...
Has anyone noticed a drop in image quality? NC3D 5 4 yearsNC3D (80): Thanks for the feedback. I'll check on the firmware update.
Help Please: Matterport Pro2 3D Camera “udo port”? idaptllp 2 4 yearsbryanhscott (843): @idaptllp If you can log on to the camera's web management page, I suspect you can reveal this info. Maybe check with Matterport support, but I suspect (to them), this might be tantamount to Apple unlocking an iPhone for the FBI!? I've never had a reason to try/attempt it, but maybe a wireless sniffer tool will tell you what you need to know?
Considering Ricoh Theta Z1, but, worried about battery! photosintheround 12 4 yearsWingman (4191): The image quality and their time shift plugin is worth it everything else does not. As for a monopod, I use a cheap one for less than $15. It is ok for inside and leveled surface but outside and on a slope it can be a problem. Since I am going to use a Pilot Era instead of a Z1 soon I have decided to get a better one and bought Neewer brand monopod for $42 from...
Ricoh Tours leonherbert 10 4 yearsWingman (4191): $45/month for unlimited seems to be worth paying. However I am not sure you can create a tour with their Z1s and Vs due to Ricoh cutting off accuracy in location data. When you have 5m or even 5cm accuracy it is one thing but when it turns into 50-100m accuracy by bugs(or by bad code) in their app what kind of quality of a tour your can expect with that? The only way to avoid it is to use these two cameras with Street View app but I do not...
Error HDR stitching Lightroom via Ricoh Theta Stitcher johnstro12 3 4 yearsjohnstro12 (5): Thanks mate :) ;)problem solved :O :angel: :beer:
New Matterport Camera Release in 2020? dpiwow 4 4 yearslilnitsch (5457): @DanSmigrod I wouldn't be surprised if a "Pro3" in production doesn't slip into 2021.
3D Fly Through of Drone Model, Athol (near Queenstown) New Zealand TheRealDazzler 2 4 yearsDouglasMeyers (1282): I think Google Earth does better. Why does it take 30 sec. for this to move in and start the video.
Outdoor 3D Tour with Tetha Z1 on Matterport Cloud DanielJ 8 5 yearsDanielJ (26): Thank you very much for the precision. They are so many. The one I send you seems a bit more stable in case of wind but maybe it is just an impression.
Anyone delivering Matterport snapshots taken with a Theta Z1 JonJ 1 5 yearsJonJ (1760): I am curious to see if the quality of the snapshots taken with the theta Z1 are good enough for real estate photography? Are they good enough to replace my DSLR? I have a Theta S and am considering upgrading to a Z1. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Jon J
Need advice about the purchase of a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Mungo 5 5 yearsJonJ (1760): Hi @Mungo, If you are looking for a budget setup, I would recommend a Canon T6 paired with the Canon 10-18mm f4.5/5.6. This is a great starting place that will not break the bank. If you are able to spend a little more money, or if you can find a used camera, I would recommend stepping up to either a Canon 70D or 80D. These cameras have much higher resolution and have the additional feature of being able to bracket up to 9 images without the...
Does Matterport camera ever need calibrating? NC3D 5 5 yearsKfromPoland (114): Did it helped ?
Mirrorless + Nodal Ninja Setup - Cupix workflow issue (2:1 aspect ratio) flexcopmusic 2 5 yearsWingman (4191): Try this one!topic/ptgui/0LjQU-JLovQ
Review of the Major Players in 3D Tour Technology! Sara_iGuide 2 5 yearsmori (809): He didn´t mention a company from munich as also one from ireland.
The Light L16 Camera fotoguy 3 5 yearsadamhenry (8): One of my best friends is buying one used the same camera from eBay.
Is Matterport using My 3D contacts to sell directly to my customers??? JCHAFE 10 5 years3D_Hoffa (143): This post is important and should not be buried *bump*
Insta360 One X Tour 3SixtyNow 2 5 yearsJanHamorsky (180): here you are... but with Slovak titles, if you don't mind. Best, jan
Help with space re-scan ... ELAN42 1 5 yearsELAN42 (146): We did this recently: Due to sunlight and rain, the 3D model is bad in the main outdoor area. Id you look further, you will understand the problem is my umbrella above the camera (that was sometimes spotted by the camera itself and puddles that was reflecting sunlight creating "holes". Question is, is...
360 cameras with Matterport? CFster 4 5 yearsCGPhoto (16): I used my Insta 360 One X camera for a month and did about 10 home scans with it before getting my Pro 2 Camera. Below is a tour with the Insta 360 camera. It's not as clear as the Matterport cameras. Much more grain in the image and much less detail when you zoom in. I found that I needed to have my scan positions closer together. When passing through doorways, I could only move the camera about 12" - 18" between scans. I also had to...
Aleta S2C camera review & comparison to Matterport izoneguy 14 5 yearsEricLiu (49): @izoneguy, @Pitdulac We just release a firmware upgrade to enable Aleta S2C to do 7 brackets shot. Would you please try again? Thanks, Eric
Which 360º camera to pair with 3D Vista Software? DarrylB220 5 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @DarrylB220 You might look at Cupix for 3D tours. Cupix likely checks the boxes for: 1. Offline hosting 2. Privacy and Security with how/whom has access the models when they host 3. Various options for data output Best, Dan PS Cupix works with any 360 camera
I want to buy GeoCV kit outside US trunganhvux 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @TakedaSan Thank you ... @trunganhvux WGAN Forum discussions tagged: GeoCV Best, Dan
Matterport - unclear hosting prices Drone360vision 1 5 yearsDrone360vision (11): Hello, I've just double checked Matterport's hosting fees, and their sales page. The fees and explanation regarding this has changed. On the purchase page where you specify which camera you plan to purchase and the associated hosting platform, when the Pro 2 Lite camera is selected which previously received no free processing credits unlike the Pro 2. It no longer changes and appears that you now get three free processing credits...
Should I return my Matterport Pro 2 camera? Drone360vision 10 5 yearsJune (411): Yes now that the Beta version is coming to an end for the Theta V and Insta One it won’t even be possible to use those if you already have an account with Matterport. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I read somewhere (or in Dee’s video) that it would only be available to people that don’t already have an account with Matterport.
Checking used Matterport camera serial numbers for usage rzphotoman 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @sbl110 Outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Dan
Aleta S2C 12K 360º camera firmware upgrade - 14 Jan 2019 EricLiu 3 5 yearsEricLiu (49): Hi Dan, The current version of the Aleta S2C firmware is V1.04.43 I just posted it. Over the past 2 months we have been working very closely with a couple of photographers to improve the white balance and HDR; there were some unstable versions so I did not post them on WGAN. Now the version V1.04.43 is considered a improved and...
Aleta S2C 360 Camera First Impressions. Panoskin 2 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Panoskin Thanks for sharing. Most helpful. Best, Dan
You can now update Google Street View with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera Panoskin 2 5 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): Power in our hands? Sorry it’s been available with other cameras for over a year now.
Will Matterport Pro2 operate in -21 below zero Fahrenheit weather rzphotoman 12 5 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): I would imagine that you may have better luck using an insta360 ONE X at these temperatures! No rotation and you can warm the camera in your gloves between shots!
A small hotel photo shot with Aleta S2C EricLiu 3 5 yearsEricLiu (49): Hi Dan, Thanks for your kind reminder. Here are some additional information regarding this photo: Aleta S2C has 4 preset modes for shooting photos, and we suggest Day HDR mode or Night HDR mode to shoot interior HDR photos for real estate. This example was shot by Day HDR mode. With this mode, the Aleta S2C merges 3 different brightness to 1 photo by 1 click, and the photo is stitched in Aleta S2C automatically; not stitched by...
Studeo - Interactive storybooks for your storytelling business nirbetan 8 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, Check out at least one of these (amazing) Studeo eBooks (above links) that seamlessly integrate Matterport 3D Tours. How else might you use Studeo? Best, Dan
12K vs 6K compare : Aleta S2C vs other 360º camera EricLiu 1 5 yearsEricLiu (49): Hi All, Here are comparison photos between Aleta S2C and other 360º camera. 12K vs 6K. Excuse me for not specifying which other 360º camera is, but it’s brand new and definitely mainstream dual fisheye lens 360º camera with 6K in the US market. These photos are all shot in the first week of January. All with HDR mode. Indoor apartment ...
Purchase of Matterport Pro2 camera vs Pro2Lite Wonderdawg 3 5 yearsWonderdawg (343): Yep! “Oh it’s just $10 more per scan.” Factor in the credits and the math is like... Rent to Own pricing.
Aleta S2C 12K 360º camera supports OSC API EricLiu 2 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @EricLiu Thank you for the: ✓ Aleta S2C 360º Camera Firmware Update ✓ Video: How to upgrade the Firmware for Aleta S2C 360 Camera ✓ Aleta S2C 360º Camera User Manual ✓ Aleta S2C 360º Camera Quick Start Guide And, congrats on updating the Aleta S2C 360º Camera to include OSC API support. Hi All, OSC API support by 360º cameras helps enable platforms - like Matterport - to seamlessly integrate publishing to that platform. I...
Storing Matterport Camera between Shoots Matt19 2 5 years3dvrwalkthrough (89): Spending $250.00 to protect my $2,500 to $4,000.00 Camera is necessary. You will get caught in the rain eventually and humidity just about gives any software driven device a problem eventually. Get a waterproof pelican unit with the moisture pack similar to the ones you see in shoes or medicine. Had my camera close to a year. Scanned a lot. Run battery till it’s basically out or close to it. Then recharge. Never had any issues and holds...
What Products are you eyeballing before 2019 arrives? VTLV 3 5 yearsVTLV (2870): @Richierichks - Great idea Rich! I have a scan at a local library where I can ask about that. Are you able to connect your certificates over to your LinkedIn account?
What's my Matterport camera worth? KenBanks 3 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @KenBanks I wonder if you could call Matterport Sales and say something like: 1. If the last ___ three years, I have spent ___ with Matterport. 2. In the next three years, I am likely to spend ___ with Matterport. 3. In exchange for me pre-paying for __ years of Matterport Cloud, how about you repair the camera for free? ... or ... 4. How about I buy a new Matterport Pro2 Camera and trade you my Pro1 for a credit of _______ AND pre-pay for...
Effortless 3D is Halting Development on the E3D Scanner GarySnyder 2 6 yearsron0987 (2860): Very sad to see this, I had been following this since its inception hoping for a break thru with an affordable 3D scanner. Hopefully there will be a new break thru, I was happy to see Leica BLK360 but still very expensive. :oops::oops::oops::oops:
Re: Outside Virtual Tour 6 Acres 3dvrwalkthrough 8 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @3dvrwalkthrough As a WGAN Standard Member, you get the free use of Panoksin Pro to moderate Google Street View Tours. Please see your Welcome Onboard Letter (password required) for the We Get Around Panoskin Pro Order Form. Best, Dan
Anyone Seen This Camera? Richierichks 5 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Here the link to this camera in the Amazon Store. @Richierichks First time I have heard of this 360º camera. Thanks for sharing. Best, Dan
Matterport on Cupix? Mungo 4 6 yearsChemistrydoc (1836): @Metroplex It certainly is that! (Tedious)....However, it does work. It would be less tedious if I could find a way to download all 360 snapshots simultaneously. Seems that only works on regular 2D snapshots. KF
Magnets in lights okay with Matterport Camera? Seaweedsoul 2 6 yearsDouglasMeyers (1282): Has not been a issue yet but I use velcro to attach and there's not no metal in the case.
Preview Anomaly? Anyone else getting these? George_WALKINTOUR 5 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @George_WALKINTOUR See if this WGAN Forum discussion could be related: ✓ Question of the Day: Any reason not to use Matterport Fast Capture? Please let us know what Matterport Support says ... Best, Dan
Cupix image file size? CFster 3 6 yearsCFster (275): @leonvanzweel Thanks. I tried the trial version and the amount it can reduce file size without noticeable quality degradation is remarkable. I wonder if it’s possible to replicate those results in Lightroom or Photoshop.
6 Essential DSLR Equipment to Capture High-quality 360° Photos DanSmigrod 6 6 yearsGarySnyder (2059): I like the Velcro approach. I use a light weight chain like use for hanging plants. I have 3 lengths of the chain that are all linked to one of those simple round key holders on the other end of the chain I have a small quick release fitting like what you fine on some camera straps. I just wrap the end of the chain around the leg of my Manfrotto tripod and its set for the right spread to keep it out of my shot. I use this for stills and 360...
Scanning a large outdoor space 3dvrwalkthrough 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @3dvrwalkthrough WGAN Forum related discussion: ✓ Heads up comparison of insta360 Pro vs NC Tech iStar Pulsar Best, Dan
Tripod issues CKC 13 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @CKC Buy one of these two tripod heads: Dan
Matterport Charge per square foot lmrich73120 6 6 yearsVTLV (2870): I wouldn't bank on those numbers. Middle Man companies outsourcing to Matterport pros might get away with that pricing because their marketing budget has been pumped up and beating you out of your own market. Many of us try to make $0.10 a square foot. If there's multiple cameras around you, expect your competition to drop to as low as $0.03 a square foot just to beat you out. Photography services have been taking off the past few years...
Hardware Error - Sensor fault richeshkolhar 1 6 yearsricheshkolhar (1): Hey Fellas, Accidentally, My Camera (Pro2) dropped on the floor due to a technical issue in Tripod. We are getting error of "Hardware Error - Sensor Fault" now. Contacted Matterport Service and received quote of 1200 USD. At the moment, Camera is in Bangalore (INDIA). Shipping charges comes upto 500 USD. Bit confused to invest 1700 USD for repair or to buy new one at discounted price. Secondly, If I buy new one, Can we...
Scanning outside in VR, not 360 Smuller7711 5 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Smuller7711 Is this helpful for you to map the outside? ✓ SPAR3D-How to Make Money with PIX4D and Your Drone Dan
iPhone 360 tour blacusta 4 6 yearsblacusta (4): This was exactly what I was looking for! thank you for being so quick in your response
Camera Battery not charging... Lbelland 14 6 yearsCKC (85): Looks like I am having a similar issue to Lawrence's....
Matterport Outdoor Scanning - Rainbow & Glare IanA 3 6 yearsLiam_Tayler (239): ensure the lens is completely clean with one of those glass-cleaning cloths.
Matterport hardware - damaged mainboard - Can you help? gustavovc 7 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @gustavovc Thanks for keeping us posted. Dan
theVRkit update (2 May 2018) egkhoury 23 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @egkhoury Very cool! All, While the video is 360º - only one view (180ºs) is video. How might you use this feature to make money? Best, Dan
Entry Level SLR Camera Recommendations? leeverdon 4 6 yearsleeverdon (323): Thanks for your suggestions. If I'm going to go over the $1k mark (body only) then it would make sense to go with the Panasonic GH5. Great for video and stills, it can shoot HDR images using the bracket feature. Lots to consider.
Best distance for paintings Maxdemartino 3 6 yearsron0987 (2860): Also make sure the camera starts facing the painting so you do not have a situation where it is stitching photos together and there maybe a slight stitching error.
Is that a vintage Matterport? angusnorriss 3 6 yearsBernardhhi (204): Angus - too funny!
Help. Matterport wont stay connected to IPAD FedTheRealtor 8 6 yearsProperty3dNZ (617): @FedTheRealtor Hi There Sorry I have just seen this post now. A long time ago when I first started shooting with this camera I experienced something similar and wasted alot of time trying to figure it out! MP advised me that something else was interfering with the signal and advised me to turn off all electrical things in the area that could be interrupting the signal. This was not an option as I was scanning an apartment in a Retirement...
Matterport 3rd Party - White Label Panix84 4 6 yearsPanix84 (1): Hello, I believe it does solve the challenge Dan. Thank you very much for helping me out on this matter. I had't come up with the MatterPack concept so far in my research up until you mentioned it on this thread. So thank you once again for helping me out.
KINECT IR Sensor Gen 4 in 2019 Metroplex360 5 6 yearsleonherbert (903): This would be good presumably for small spaces, think cars!!
Matterport Pro vs MP Pro 2 3dvirtualview 3 6 years3dvirtualview (119): @DanSmigrod Thank you Dan. I will check them out.
Poll: What Photo Software do you use most? advancedhdr 17 6 yearsHarlanHambright (2097): Photoshop exclusively. Photomatix for HDR (exclusively). For twilight, I shoot at twilight.
Does Matterport have 3D Videos to use? 3dvirtualview 5 6 years3dvirtualview (119): @sbl110 Thank you Scott! Appreciate the links you shared! Will check them out now.
Theta V: How do you take best shots MarkCantu 4 6 yearsMarkCantu (105): Thanks Dan! I see you in the video, I guess the camera is in the center of the group. I have been watching Ross Peterson and you in forum today. Going to do a project on my own to get more experienced.
Need recommendations: non-proprietary grmngrl 16 6 yearsAntonYakubenko (686): @grmngrl We use a phone with a 3D camera attachment for capturing. Right now it's Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and Occipital Structure sensor attachment. Eventually we'll support more models of Android and iOS phones and consider different 3D cameras. We try to be hardware agnostic and allow using off-the-shelf hardware at its cost.
Best stabilizer camera for indoor RE filmin Virtuality22 4 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): @Virtuality22 There are many new options out there. The best is a matter of choice. We started with what we believe is the best camera for indoor video. Then we found a stabilizer that would work with the weight of the lens we chose and camera model. There are two cameras out there that we believe are great for the indoor video. We went with the Sony a7Sii almost three years ago to get a full frame sensor for the widest angle shots. It also...
MP Firmware Update - PART 2? Shakoure 1 6 yearsShakoure (549): About a month back, I updated my Pro2 Camera to the (15-sec) fast capture update via the iPad Capture app. A couple weeks later, I noticed that another firmware became available for upload on the capture app, referenced as v.1.1.623.19630. Does anyone know what this (2nd) update entails? I'm hesitant about updating without knowing what this one is about. Thanks.
MSP acronym:Fingernails on the chalkboard Nerdvice451 8 6 yearssrennick (361): Proud to be a Matterport Service Partner. We are providing a service to the clients we serve. There is so much more service involved when you hand over a virtual tour to a client. It's an ongoing relationship if we use the 3D technology, the deliverable, to its fullest capability. Also, we are bound to the Matterport ecosystem, so why not be a partner with them? Partner also speaks to the idea of partnering with the client, to come- on-...
Please advise: FASTEST way to create 3D tour mikeb 4 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @mikeb I only suggest GSV certified cameras to keep options open. (Anyone reading this would kick themselves if they bought a non-GSV certified camera and then had an opportunity to shoot a business.) I need to get on the road now ... Related WGAN Discussions ... ✓ Platforms for Hosting 360º Photo Spheres ✓ Hosting Platforms for 360º Photo Spheres ✓ WGAN Discussions tagged: 360 I look forward to hearing what others have to say...
Freaking Out...need HIGH RES PICS JMortimer 10 6 yearsrzphotoman (1831): This is a screen shot of a still I just downloaded from a recent Matterport scan using the Pro2 camera. Check out the file size...5664 x 3186px Image size 51.6megs. I always download them at full res. Never had an issue. I have to downsize them for delivery to the client. I don't shoot with a DSLR at all and use the quality of the images I get from the Matterport as a selling point. They don't need to hire a traditional photographer...
"... equivalent system to Matterport?" DanSmigrod 5 6 yearsMarc (97): Dan, Listening to your message and reading all the news recently is making me think that, as one of those on the sidelines of the MP world but an active Google Trusted photographer, I made the right decision to not invest in this tech to date. Maybe this whole debacle will actually help. In another community that I stay connected to, they've launched a cryptocurrency specific to the platform to ensure both compensation and copyrights for...
Matterport High-End LiDAR Camera Competitor? DanSmigrod Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearsBill (285): It sure does sound like Effortless Very unusual approach to try to convince investors in asking consumers to invest in something that may or may not happen. I'd look for other investors. The mere fact Matterport has such a large market share would surely insure lesser risk if any competitor comes out with more for less. And IMO the company should not be hiding behind anonymous...
Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera Announced grmngrl 21 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, A Matterport eBlast today (Tuesday, 20 December 2018). Your thoughts? Here is the link to: Watch Webinar Also ... ✓ [ebook] Listing Presentation Mistakes to Avoid ✓ [ebook] 3 Ways Win Listings with Email Marketing ✓ [ebook] The Definite Guide to Getting More Seller Leads from Facebook Dan ---- ...
Any Matterport Firmware Issues with Pro1? GarySnyder 2 6 yearsGarySnyder (2059): I've heard back fro MP instantly via chat that I should not have a problem with the latest firmware update for my camera, so it good news.
NCTech iris360 Pro pjeffery 4 6 yearsmori (809): I also believe their current focus is on the LASiris and related services.
Faster speed firmware update hellerca 5 6 yearsGerhard (1484): Hi, I also tried the update yesterday and followed the instructions. But nothing has changed in my capture app. Anyone else having this issue? Showing latest version.
ThreeSixty Tours + 360º Camera + Drone? alsangio 10 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): @DanSmigrod I guess I'm a slow reader. But under 100 emails alerts left! Next will be to work on catching up on the Live at 5's. Think I will be listening to Vimeo while driving for a while!
Extracting 360 images from ipad? htimsabbub23 23 6 yearsfrstbubble (639): I think it is very fair if you are doing 10 cars at 1 dealership that you could do them all under one scan and process it, then pull the 360's and stitch and use as needed. Very fair for Matterport and fair for MSP seeing how it is the same location.
Extra lights for Matterport Matt19 12 6 yearsDouglasMeyers (1282): Yes I went to Serv Pro and they loved it... Serv pro loves the idea that after the damage and when they are packing it up they will use my tour to put everything back exactly where it belongs...
Need help Getting a camera set up ben629 3 6 yearsChemistrydoc (1836): Jon, That's incredibly generous of you - nice work, BTW. Happy New Years - Keith
New Samsung 360 Round Camera Radie842 1 7 yearsRadie842 (254): This camera is 10,000 YSD over priced
How you Scan inside cars ? DroneProjects 17 7 yearssbl110 (285): Hi Dan, This was one of those "let's try this for fun" scans. My son photographs cars for a living and he gets his hands on some pretty nice rides every now and then. It's not often that one gets to play with a $177,000.00 vehicle. As an alternative, I was going to try and scan a Smart car as a comparison! Not sure the Matterport camera would even fit. Another reason is that it allows me to experiment with Mattertags. This...
Should I buy a refurbished Matterport Pro1? Liam_Tayler 4 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): Resolution, wider color ranger, faster speed. Google Street View publishing at > 100MP per Pano (coming soon). If successful, you'll be able to pay off your camera in no time. AND -- at the current moment and foreseeable future -- Matterport is a trusted brand that is in demand. With the recent integration with, I'm seeing more Realtors appreciate the value in the tool. With the integration of LEICA BLK360 next year, it's...
Matterport Cloud to Support Other Cameras? DanSmigrod 19 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Metroplex360 Yes! Exciting to see Matterport doing this alliance ... Dan
KRACK Wi-Fi exploit - serious threat natcoalson 2 7 yearsPointCloudVR (106): Thanks for the share. I had seen some headlines but good to read more. Cheers, Aaron
360 Marina Tour: 360º Camera for Outdoors Faga 11 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Faga Seems like either CartoBlue or ThreeSixty Tours would be a great solution for your Marina project. If you don't have an aerial 360º, you might try this ... ✓ How to Create Aerial 360 with Google Earth Which solution is right for you? Sounds like a person choice. Please let us know which solution you go with and why .... Best, Dan
Matterport Platform Versus [Open Platforms] DanSmigrod 6 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, A related WGAN Forum discussion: Alternative for confidential tours - CUPIX Dan
Scan not aligning & panning direction Riaan 2 7 yearsaristepp (58): I'd love an answer to your last sentence. I have read one explanation about controlling the pan direction. Can't say that it was helpful at all. I continue to work at understanding the machinations of the process so I can control it. Sometimes the pan works out exactly as I want it and other times I simply cannot win. Explanations welcome.
Over exposed Scans BobbyG 9 7 yearsHelen (769): @Bobby On the new ones you posted the spaces are not very well lit so I can understand the camera having the bright windows when trying to brighten up the interior. When you get close to the windows the view and everything looks great.
Insta360 Pro Review Bale100 14 7 yearsJamie (2013): Did anyone have issues connecting it via the ethernet? I've connected ok to a wifi, but ethernet is giving me dramas
New to Matterport: Tips for Getting Started? rapicammediavr360 2 7 yearsGlennTremain (2705): Welcome. Set your membership here to get emailed anytime someone creates a post. Then go to the Youtube channel and subscribe and then click on the bell icon and set it to be notified anytime a new video gets published. Then treat this forum like a relative owes you money and ask all the questions you want without feeling reserved about it. This place is awesome and you can get a lot of great tips and advice on everything. Good Luck!
Insta360 One | New 1-Click 360º Camera $300 DanSmigrod 10 7 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): @DanSmigrod I just like them and put them places that a DSLR rig is too large or too heavy to carry. I have a few Theta-S cameras, most are trashed now and I don't see the V much with much evolution so spreading out the flock a bit. And the price of the Samsung is ridiculous not to get one or two.
Annotations/White label MP Tours Working Now Gerhard 4 7 yearsGerhard (1484): @metroplex360 thanks for the comments much appreciated. For some unexplained reason, they started working. I will keep an eye on it. It's not a legal thing, just the company has all their content eg Videos players tailored to fit their look and is all white labeled. I will meet with them again to go over this objection. ( I also had the problem with a hotel chain that nearly gave me the contract 30 + hotels, but they want to host it themselves...
Ricoh Theta V: First GSV Mobile Ready Camera DanSmigrod 5 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): I am curious to know if this camera has a better depth of field than its predecessor. I also predict that this will be a perfect device for third party experiments with ARKit. It's that fuzzy feeling depth of field that killed my interest in the Theta S. I ordered it, used it twice and it's been sitting in the bag.
Matterport Puffery or Misleading Marketing? DanSmigrod 9 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @mori What features?
stuck at "Shutting down..." after Firmware! PedroPretell 3 7 yearsGerhard (1484):
Matterport Firmware and Capture App Updates DanSmigrod 23 7 yearsmori (809): Shot done & all is o.k.
Pro2 Time to Ship? CLE3D 9 7 yearsCLE3D (193): Ironically enough, the day I post this, I received the tracking number, thanks for everyone's responses!
Matterport Pro 3D Camera Battery Life DanSmigrod 9 7 yearsBiggles (43): My Pro1 has always been quite capable of at least 3 scans before recharging. I've carried out the updates this week and will see how the camera performs on Tuesday.
Help Understanding Matterport Bad Scan BobbyG 12 7 yearsJonJ (1760): @BobbyG, I would scan the core and then incrementally outward from each of the hallways so that they end up connecting at each of the corners. If you can get the center to line up, you should get better results. The reason your minimap has a misalignment is due to the aggregation of minor errors as you scanned around the building. By the time you work your way around the large space, the compounding error is too large to resolve. Also, you...
EPIC TERRIBLE 360 Video WHY? GeorgeK 2 7 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @GeorgeK I find the Ricoh Theta S video quality to be quite poor in general. I don't think I've seen it on any site looking good no matter where it's hosted... YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook...
Helix Media versus Matterport? Ghagendorf 1 7 yearsGhagendorf (378): This has probably been answered but is there material comparing Matterport to Helix Media? I have a potential client who uses Helix but I need to know more about comparing the products. Thanks in advance, Gordon
No internet connection and "unplug camera" KentoBlanco 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Emergency Checklist- Camera Dan
Matterport Camera Height: What do you do? DanSmigrod 7 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @MarcelloM @DannyBasting is doing scans for the data; not for walking around. If you are walking around, you do not want to bob up and down. While We Get Around Atlanta has done it to keep out of mirrors when the client insists, the user likely goes, oh, that's he Camera, and then keeps looking at the space. Dan
Matterport Camera Purchase DaveFahrny 6 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @DaveFahrny Great to hear! Matterport have been overwhelmed by the positive response (orders) for Pro-2 cameras and fulfillment is working VERY hard. Each camera goes through testing for alignment and from what I understand, there's quite a bit of manual assembly involved including modding of the actual Primesense cameras. For anyone who wants a Pro-2 -- order as soon as you can if you want to ensure that you have it when you need it.
Need your suggestion on 360 camera qpoisson 23 7 yearsMatt19 (354): @mori Thanks Mori! When you say new releases are you talking Matterport or some other new option?
How many scans to become proficient? dtavres 7 7 yearsjustinv (1044): Proficient? Are you talking about scanning with absolute fewest scans to get the idea about property? Or scanning every nook and cranny to complete the doghouse? I use the first method. I don't feel it is necessary to scan pantry, closets and other small spaces. I like to let people use their imagination on some places because I believe people don't use their imagination enough! After a few scans, you will know what is necessary and what...
Upgrade or not? What would you do? tocha 11 7 yearsQueen_City_3D (3102): We've also ordered the new camera and plan to keep our existing as a back up and to scan 2 different properties at same time if required by hiring some help. Ideally we want to use the PRO2 as much as possible to give clients the better imagery when we're able, but in a pinch we still think the PRO1 will be okay. @tocha If you plan to continue down this path I'd say order the PRO2, and as you aren't currently doing enough to warrant having to...
Export 360º Photos From Matterport->Soon DanSmigrod 14 7 yearsmori (809): @DannyBasting / I often had mentioned this feature to MP before as this would really bring a great value.
GoPro Fusion FlightMedia 3 7 yearsFlightMedia (77): Sorry Dan Have not watched them
Updated Pro2 Discount and Trade-In Programs Metroplex360 15 7 yearsAwesome360 (4): Same thing here. I purchased April 28th 2017 and was told no new cameras are in the works! That is pathetic.
Dear Matterport, About your new camera... StevenHattan 16 7 yearstomasdunbar (88): I have my camera 8 months. I love the camera but this latest development is going to hurt. I will not be able to afford the new camera and it is a huge slap in the face. The price is significantly less for someone else to enter my market than what I originally paid and they will now have a better camera than me. Matterport have lost my respect
Is the Pro2 a Competitive Advantage? DanSmigrod 8 7 yearsjustinv (1044): My prices are going to stay the same with my old camera. I hope everyone in my market upgrades and raises their prices. For the most part, Realtors are cheap here and everywhere else.
Matterport Pro2 Early Bird Increased to $500 DanSmigrod 13 7 years3SixtyNow (484): I received an email today about the updated program to "better support our newest customers" but the trade in value for my camera hasn't changed. So, how is that "better support"?
How fast can you scan with a Pro1 vs Pro2? DanSmigrod 19 7 yearshometakes (1134): Ok. Heres one thats 4000 ac and took just 55 scans.
Pro2: I guess I'm Stupid. NOT impressed. StevenHattan 18 7 yearsStevenHattan (1513): @mike02h You'll have to ask Ross about that overlay. I'm not sure how he does it. ;)
The Matterport 3D Pro2 Camera is a Joy! Metroplex360 23 7 years3dinsights (40): The transfer speed on the Pro2 at 5Ghz is 2 - 3 times faster than the older 2.4ghz wifi protocol. So if the Pro2 is transferring more data its probably not noticeable as its moving from camera to iPad at a much quicker rate.
Matterport Pro2 Camera: Links to Research DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, I updated the links above. If you are trying to decide to upgrade or buy for the first time - Pro2 - the links above should be helpful. You can locate all the Pro2 We Get Around Network Forum discussions with the tag, Pro2 Dan
Matterport PR: Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsPaulj (1): They are offering a trade in on cameras purchased after 1 December 2016, based on how old it is. The deal will get you a refurbished Pro 2 as the text following- (Note, all Pro2 orders bought in association with the trade-in program will be fulfilled with Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras. These cameras are built from new and used parts, but have the same performance and carry the same 1-year warranty as a new Pro2 Camera. So is this...
Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera? DannyBasting Jump to first page73Jump to last page 7 yearsDannyBasting (1171): @Queen_City_3D you can use just one account. It doesn't matter what camera you are using, you just need to be logged in to the account where you want the model to be hosted when you upload it. Unless you want to work with a sepparate account for a big client that wants to cover his own monthly fee and conversion costs, I don't realy see the benefit in getting multiple accounts.
Two Matterport Cameras: Pro2 3D and Pro DanSmigrod 7 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @Wanderfish360 If you can afford it, do it. The quality of the Pro2 is a joy. Also, consider that you may not want to miss out on the first production run!
New Camera Price justinv 4 7 yearsGeorgeK (958): @Justinv We think alike Justin, I am still singing the benefits of having it but saying it has a higher resolution is not that big of a thing to me. I bet there is more on its way, in the digital space but right now in San Diego the percentage of Realtors even using the system is embarrassing given we are a high tech center and our prices are through the roof. Hope all is good your you in the TVA... george
Why Return Your Matterport Camera... DanSmigrod 5 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, Just spoke with a new Matterport Pro. He got his camera in the last 30 days. He was not planning on returning it because s/he has places to scan and does not want to be without a Camera. I suggested: 1. Buy a used Matterport Camera on eBay. There will be a ton. And, eBay guarantees the purchase. 2. Make sure you get a photo of the serial number so that you can confirm with Matterport that the Camera was not stolen. 3. Return the new...
Keep calm and use your old Matterport camera jfantin 4 7 yearskevshed (106): hear hear .. i'm staying put.
Should I buy a Matterport Pro2 Camera? DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, "Should I buy a Matterport Pro2 Camera?" is question that many of you are asking yourself as a result of Matterport announcing its new Pro2 Camera today (31 May 2017). Real Estate Agents - If you are a tech savvy real estate agent that was considering buying a Matterport Pro Camera, your timing is great. Before diving in, engage a Matterport Pro and ask to watch the workflow - both during and after the shoot. Then, if...
Matterport Pro1 Compatible with Street View? DanSmigrod 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Metroplex360 That's great news for all of us that own the original Matterport Pro 3D Camera (Pro1). Thanks for letting the We Get Around Network Forum Community know!!! (!!!) Best, Dan
Matterport Newsletter 31 May 17: Pro2 Camera DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, @DannyBasting first to spot - and publish - to We Get Around Network Forum the announcement by Matterport of the Matterport Pro2 Camera. Here is the Newsletter Matterport sent today (31 May 2017) to its customers. If you would like to comment on the Matterport Pro 2D Camera announcement, please join the discussion in teh We Get Around Network Forum here: ✓ Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera Dan --- ...
Sonicam on Kickstarter leonvanzweel 2 7 yearsLetMe3D (143): Nice to see this now, the 1999 buy in is sold out. Thanks I always want to spend more money than I have too. Will this be like Panono?
Matterport MIrror FIx viewnvisit 3 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): I have suspicions that Matterport are either planning on offering a service to us in the future, or allowing us to do this ourselves. If I had an estimate for this, it would be before GSV launches -- as we likely need to be able to blur license plates and people's faces.
Google's Street View is much better now qpoisson 5 7 yearsqpoisson (22): @Metroplex360 Moving mouse cursor along the walls, we can see that there exist planar geometries. And the geometries do reflect the variation of room width at different places. How does the viewer get the geometries ?
Matterport Camera Useful life? mcarbonell88 3 7 yearsbrett (10): Interesting what does Dan think?
Death by Smart Phone? Are MP days numbered? LetMe3D 7 7 yearscraigsauer (1075): If I was doing long term (5-10 years out) business strategy for Matterport (and I used be a professional long term business strategist!) I would think that the future would hold a good possibility if they use their existing strengths to prepare to be a leader in the coming robot camera drone boom. Matterport has already got a lot of relevant technology for this future under its belt already, so as long as it keeps watching and developing, they...
New Depth-Sensing Cameras for Matterport? DanSmigrod 8 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Tosolini Google Street View Summit would be a perfect time for Matterport to announce the new higher resolution for publishing to Google Street View. I noticed that Matterport removed their $$$$ Off Promo from the front page of their website, but maintained the promotional space. I could imagine that placeholder promo space could be replaced with something that calls attention to the new sensor – or New! Publish to Google Street...
LIDAR Scanning with Drones DougTse 2 7 yearsfrstbubble (639): Depending on the desired output requested you shouldn't need LIDAR pictures should be good enough. If you are looking for wire connection issues then infrared would be best.
Video overview of Leica BLK360 Richierichks 11 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Richierichks 360º Video: Leica Geosystems Director of Software Engineering Gregory Walsh chats about the Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner and Autodesk Recap 360º with We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, 3 April 2017. I discuss this SPAR3D presentation in []this Forum...
360 View Errors George_WALKINTOUR 3 7 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): Yeah, It took us several tries to get a hold of Matterport. We've got that camera swapped out for a new camera, but it was odd that we were getting this with a relatively new camera. Thanks.
Matterport eBlasts to Pro 3D Camera Owners DanSmigrod Jump to first page128Jump to last page 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, Matterport sent this newsletter today (26 April 2017). Dan ---
Facebook's New 360 Cameras for VR Woods 2 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Woods Thanks for sharing ... From Engadget (19 April 2017) "But before we get into all that, let's talk a little bit about what sets these cameras apart from normal 360 ones. With a traditional fixed camera, you see the world through its fixed lens. So if you're viewing this content (also known as...
SPAR3D: Matterport in the AEC Space DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): 360º Video: Matterport Business Development Manager Tomer Poran interviewed by We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, 4 April 2017 ----- Hi All, Here are the highlights of my video interview with Matterport Business Development Manager Tomer Poran at SPAR 3D in Houston. ✓ Pre-construction (export point cloud) - bring into Autodesk Revitt for "as-built"...
How to Embed an iGuide 3D Tour in the Forum DanSmigrod 11 7 yearsfrstbubble (639): @DanSmigrod that was just from another post about a reply from Matterport saying that some options may be available in that time frame. I think it came from a news letter.
Trouble with matterport camera ( buzzing) alirizacil 4 7 yearsalirizacil (162): Hi Dan, It is not that bad Jward's camera but it seems it may be like that. I will also try Rene's suggestion. No feedback from Matterport yet:( BR Ali
Big color differance alirizacil 3 7 yearsjustinv (1044): @alirizacil Did you use the preview button to look at it before you left the dealership? If you go back, do a scan and preview it. I have seen color shifts before but not that far off.
3D Showcase vs Direct Sunlight Conditions matthew 6 7 yearsJonJ (1760): I agree with Douglas with regards to how this scan is possible. By my estimation, the camera is set to a height of only 3 ft 6 inches. The scan positions are also very close together. The third thing that makes this possible is the fact that all of the surfaces available are solid. This allows for sufficient structures to allow for correlation of scan points. Also important to note is the fact that the dollhouse view is very incomplete....
Matterport Explosion Proof? 💥 ArtisticConcepts 11 7 yearsArtisticConcepts (681): @DanSmigrod, 👍🏽 gotcha.
InsideMaps vs Matterport Mario 20 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @dorlando My impression is that all Spaces, including homes, can now be published to Google Street View. That's why I imagine that Matterport will enable easy, fast and ($$$) to publish to Google Map. And, that we will see Google acquire Matterport. 😎 The first, big step forward will be Matterport making their API public. Dan
Samsung Gear 360 srennick 3 7 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @srennick @Property3dNZ Hi ladies, I'm using the Ricoh Theta S after reviewing both and watching several YouTube vid reviews, and I'm really happy with the ease of use and quality. :)
Index>Comparing 3D/VR Platforms for Scanning DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, Would you like a free 38-page interactive .pdf of this analysis? It's free when you join the We Get Around Network Forum. Already a Member? Please PM me for the link to download the free .pdf. Best, Dan
There'll soon be a major new player in town GarySnyder Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi All, Please continue this discussion here ... ✓ NCTECH IRIS360 PRO 3D IMMERSIVE Thanks, Dan
Matterport Camera's Rear LED stop working Gerhard 2 7 yearsfrstbubble (639): @Gerhard Any update on the situation? Did support get back to you and have they issued a resolution?
Got an email from Matterport grmngrl 7 7 yearsmcatino (118): No, I am sadden my research. I am and was so excited to go 100 mph into matterport but returned my camera last week. I should have never bought it but the sales guy got me at the right moment but then my diesel engine truck had a major issue that same night and then with a week in the Dealer shop. I have got over 3 grand into my truck and its just the bringing of 2017. But it really made me think, I just can't get into MP until I have a need...
Matterport Facebook Ad 3SixtyNow 7 7 years3SixtyNow (484): They are more about selling the cameras than actually helping us create more demand. Every add I see is about buying the camera. Which I don't blame them, that is why they are in business. I just wish the would have adds that advertise finding a service provider as well.
Need info about this virtual tour? abalkhail 13 7 yearsSeekBeak (61): No, thank you @nat_vanveen :) You're correct, SB doesn't have the depth that the MP camera provides, but can still make a very immersive tour using boring 'ol 360 images. The amount/frequency of images is up to the tour creator. Of course you don't get the fancy dollhouse/wireframe view of a house or structure, but SeekBeak isn't designed for Real Estate, it's more of a general creative toolbox... as you've discovered. Yes, the automagic...
When selling an MP camera smcclell 4 7 yearshometakes (1134): I wouldn't pay more than $1800 for one thats only been used one time. I can imagine it breaking and costing a heck of a lot to fix due to not having the warrantee as they are not transferable. Its not like they make a lot of these cameras....
Matterport related article in mori 1 7 yearsmori (809): Here a short article about MP:
scanning Problem: camera/ipad kept freezing 3SixtyNow 5 7 years3SixtyNow (484): I've only had my camera for 1 1/2 months. This is only the 3rd model I've done. The iPad is new and has nothing else on it. I rebooted the iPad and camera and that did the trick. This is just very time consuming if it's going to happen all the time.
iGuide Camera: Top 5 underrated features Chris_iGuide 5 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @Alex_iGuide I'm sorry for my incorrect terminology. I don't tend to think or work with 3D and had misappropriated '3D'. I usually think of the Z axis as being 3D... and when -I- think of the Z axis, I'm thinking that a panorama is X & Y and that the distance into the photograph (that doesn't really exist) is Z. The 2D Lidar scanner is really scanning what I perceive to be the X and Z axises. It lacks the Y axis. I think it's quite...
351,000 SQ FT Scan: Best Scanning Solution? DanSmigrod 23 7 yearsGannon (4): The main output of the scanner is a colored point cloud. We can also make the images available as well (placed in the correct location). Eg: without color With color: Raw image: ...
Photographer Researching 3D Tour Solutions? DanSmigrod 6 7 yearsblafarm (7): I am admittedly an outsider here and I have not yet even incorporated this product category into my offerings -- so my observations and opinions are nothing more than that of a novice. However, this development comes as no surprise to me. Matterport's business plan seems focused on putting as many Matterport cameras, into as many hands as possible (regardless of whose hands they are), so that they can achieve a critical mass of market...
Matterport Camera indicates Hardware Error GoneCoastalSC 20 7 years3DSense (4): I had the same issue today with my camera. It only managed to do a half turn and seized up. Hardware error - motor fault or similar. I finished the scan and wanted to do some 360 outside shots, when it happened. Will contact Matterport ASAP. Any tips dealing with the support?
Viewing Duration of Video and 3D Tours? DanSmigrod 5 7 yearsSeekBeak (61): So I ran some queries over our data to find out how long people interact with each Snap (a main image + associated meta data + attached audio/image files). After excluding the outliers and getting the overall averages: Average viewing time for each individual Snap: 48.28 seconds Average number of interactive hotspots per image: 3.22 Now remember, the major purpose of SeekBeak is to promote interactivity to an otherwise static 360 image, so I'd...
Is InsideMaps too good to be true? MSD 17 7 yearsHelen (769): @Hunter_InsideMaps Hi Hunter thanks for your reply but when it came to pricing I thought I was comparing pennies to pennies and not apples to apples. As I mentioned I do like your system and wish I could offer it as a cost effective solution to Matterport but that is not possible. Lets brake it down by comparing a modest 11 scans per month on an average 3000sqft homes for a year. With features of schematic floor plan and 3D model. My plan is...
How much do you charge? marcomatt 5 7 yearsMarkHak (1): Many thanks.
Missing entire spaces Sandiemcr 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Sandiemcr 1. Delete the scan in the wrong location 2. If you put the tripod lowest height, you should be able to complete the space successfully 3. Go back and scan at normal height 4. Disable the low scans in workshop Dan
#ICNY17 - Matterport Camera - $3,500 DanSmigrod 23 7 years3SixtyNow (484): I think I sent my request to the wrong customer service email. I did get a response and received a credit for $100. I was interested in their customer support more than the money. I was happy with the response time once I emailed the right customer support dept. This has made me a little more confident in their customer support. I keep reading about how long it takes to get a response from them. Maybe they acted quickly because I threatened to...
Refurb / Secondhand Cameras JACKS79 3 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @JACKS79 @LetMe3D While I fully plan on buying a new Matterport Pro camera when it comes out, as inevitably, a new one will arrive, I am very cautious to speculate when one will come out. The current Matterport camera shoots 2K tiles -- much larger than is needed for viewing on mobile. The current Matterport camera, through recent firmware updates has demonstrated that image quality can continue to be improved through software...
iGuide-Planitar 3D Platform>Indepth Analysis DanSmigrod 11 7 yearsChris_iGuide (337): @JuMP I've updated the links for you. Cheers, Chris
iGuide As A Platform - Thoughts RGO 7 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @RGO The short answer is all or nothing ... The iGuide System is a platform that includes: ✓ hardware ✓ software ✓ processing ✓ hosting For the iGuide magic to work, all the pieces need to work together. Just because you have four tires and a steering wheel, doesn't mean to you can drive ... I hear your concern – "but I already own a 3D Camera and a DSLR camera" ... Rather than looking at this as an expense, decide if...
Edit a 360° panorama in Photoshop (iGuide) Chris_iGuide 5 7 yearsChris_iGuide (337): @Baxter Yes, you can edit the whole thing as one image if you like. However, editing the fisheye images fits better into my workflow.
Realvision 3D/VR Platform: Indepth Analysis DanSmigrod 3 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): Great = gear. I would love to use my existing Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye. There is no support telephone number on the site... Wish there was.
Transfer Camera through Airport Control matthew 9 7 yearsProperty3dNZ (617): @matthew I travel within NZ all the time and do a Fragile check in with my Vanguard solid case. It contains with both my SLR and the MP camera - I sometimes sign a waiver but that's it and I have never had an issue.
Getting Started with Matterport? How much? DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Video: How much to get started as a Matterport Service Provider If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera - or one of about 20 related 3D/VR scanning Camera/Platforms - keep in mind that getting started costs more than just the Camera, tripod and hosting plan. This video walks you through my recommendations for Matterport Gear and Accessories. ( Shopping List Via Amazon) For example: 1. Get this tripod head or this...
Thanks iGuide for 32 cents! Metroplex360 1 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436):
iGuide to Google Street View Maps Helen 7 7 yearsKevin_iGuide (142): Hi kevshed, We began limited testing the Streetview program mid-November with a couple dozen of our iGuide Pro's and response has been incredible to @Metroplex360 's innovation. Local businesses see the cost as a no-brainer too; especially the ones paying for google and facebook ads. Given the holiday decorations in December a number of Pro's are booking up their slow periods in January and February with Business Tours. Here is a demonstration...
Current Matterport Firmware Version? BenedicteDamm 3 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): It would be nice if the Capture app let us know this is happening. If you ever get to a job and you get the firmware update notice – as we have - here's how I suggest you change your workflow. 1. If you do not use Matterport Capture app daily, before your next job, pair your iPad with the Matterport Camera for 30 minutes. 2. Restart the Camera and iPad. 3. See if a new Firmware update is ready Note: As much as I would like the benefits of a...
iGuide Camera System from Planitar for Pros DanSmigrod 8 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): It's only clever to make a Snorlax Pokemon appear in a closed-system tour by injecting him in at runtime.
Will my tripod work well? Just ordered a MP lknbigfish 6 7 yearslknbigfish (19): @DanSmigrod I really appreciate the work you put in to the list and video, it has been really helpful. I am glad I found your forum prior to purchasing the camera.
Buy a Matterport Camera in France webmarketimmo 10 7 yearswebmarketimmo (4): Hello Jacques, thank you for your reply. Yes I contacted Matterport UK and here is their answer: : [redacted] is the authorised Matterport Local Reseller for the UK market. Our agreement with Matterport only enables us to distribute cameras within the UK and not into Europe. Unfortunately we are unable to ship cameras to France.
Matterport Case George_WALKINTOUR 7 7 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): Yes, like what JonJ said, like an Otterbox. It would make it a bit bulkier when scanning, but as long as it doesn't affect the camera it should be fine. When we got our camera from Matterport they added a sticker to the bottom that reads "Precision instrument, handle with care."
5 3D Cameras>How long to Shoot/Scan a House? DanSmigrod 1 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Video: iGuide Speed Test | Video courtesy of iGuide Five 3D Camera Systems: How long to Shoot/Scan and Publish a House? How long does it take to scan a house with the following 3D Platforms: ✓ iGuide (formerly Planitar) ✓ immoviewer ✓ InsideMaps ✓ Matterport ✓ Realvision (formerly Toursler) In the single most comprehensive hands-on side-by-side analysis, We Get Around Blog Guest Columnist,...
Comparing Hardware Cost of 5 3D/VR Platforms DanSmigrod 4 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Tosolini Yes. Thanks to @pcollart for this serious primary R&D and for allowing We Get Around to publish it and share it with the We Get Around Network Forum Community. Happy holidays, Dan
Matterport Lens focal length? ShahBatroukh 1 7 yearsShahBatroukh (40): Anyone happen to know the Matterport lens focal length or 35mm equivalent? Thanks
Used Matterport Cameras For Sale on eBay DanSmigrod 23 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): A Forum Member writes ... --- "Thanks - I appreciate it - with prices in the mid $2000 range it seems cheap to buy used - regardless of warranty - in fact I could probably get a square trade warranty that last longer. There have also been new selling on ebay for mid $3000 but I get ignored when I ask if they carry warranty. Not sure what thats all about. All different sellers with low feedback. Cant imagine its matterport...
Price over 100 scans conVRts_JB 17 7 yearsTourMySpace (61): Yeah thats no fun.
using matterports screen shot pictures ThreeDImaging 11 8 yearsTHRHHI (292): I agree with Metroplex360 on the image quality. Since the new firmware my snaphot images seem better and you can actually tweak them in Photoshop and get descent images. They wont replace DSLR HDR but still usable. As for placement location I agree but i can get images in a small bathroom easier with the Matterport than i can with a DSLR
New Matterport Camera Coming Soon? DanSmigrod 18 8 yearsUserName (586): I was hoping InsideMaps allowed you to use your own capture camera. If they did, I could buy a hover camera and use it to capture 360 views of rooms and upload it all to InsideMaps. But, they say it only works with an iPhone sitting on their special tripod. That doesn't mean we couldn't come up with our own processing service that converted images taken from a floating hover camera into 360 pano tours the same way InsideMaps converts iPhone...
immoviewer Platform Used by 2,000 Brokerages DanSmigrod 5 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Juliaatimmoviewer Can you answer the questions that @Metroplex360 asks above? Thanks, Dan
360 shots AAS 2 8 yearsJonJ (1760): Yes, you need at least 1 scan to create a model.
Asus to unveil Google Tango-enabled smart GarySnyder 3 8 yearsGarySnyder (2059): Over time there will most likely be many VR apps for the Realsense camera for this phone as well as the phone from Lenovo and others that will be released in 2017. I have a HP Spectre which also has a Realsense camera that has an app from Google.
Alcatel jumps into the virtual reality GarySnyder 2 8 yearsJamie (2013): Looks like a nice package
$900 Off $4,500 Matterport Camera ->30 Nov16 DanSmigrod 9 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): If you bought your Matterport Camera in the last 30 days, you may (still) be able to save up to $900 by emailing Matterport Support to either honor the discount or arrange to return your Camera. A number of Members have shared with me that they were successful in doing this. In most cases, they asked their Matterport sales rep (whom referred them to Matterport Support). The above is possible because of the Matterport Pro 3D Camera Terms...
Matterport Camera Error Sensor Fault PANOPTICMOTION 1 8 yearsPANOPTICMOTION (19): Hi, We have had an error message showing - Hardware Error - Sensor Fault.... The camera will not not work even after rebooting several times. Has anyone had any experience with this? The camera has not been dropped or abused before anyone asked. It has however been working almost non stop for the last 7 weeks, so not sure if its just not built to last as a full on commercial tool!?
Blurred panel within a scan? akirk 4 8 yearsakirk (4): Thanks I got some response from the Matterport support forum and i8tvlooks like I must have moved the camera to soon - I've deleted the scan and now it looks fine!
Matterport HDR and exposure compensation HarlanHambright 1 8 yearsHarlanHambright (2097): Having scanned 10 oceanside timeshare condos in the past 2 days, and frankly semi-worried about the results—lighting-wise—i have to again commend MP for their HDR algorithms. You can complain about MP up and down, but our HDR and exposure compensating from scene to scene is really, really good. Go Vols,
Latest firmware update for Matterport PedroAvilez 6 8 yearsLewisBishop (217): Hi @PedroAvilez, Sorry for any confusion... I was just answering the question and did not think it through. I'm on the beta program as well.
Is Matterport Marketing Misleading? grmngrl 5 8 yearsgrmngrl (942): @Property3dNZ you make me smile. Egg on my face... Haha!
Pictures for MLS from Scan Lmccauley57 6 8 yearsjustinv (1044): Here is a video produced by photoshop that might help you next time. They have great videos but their written tutorials are not to clear and hard to follow. I have used this method to remove the listing sign out of the yard, stains off drive, etc. clickable text
New firmware update for Matterport Camera? yoon2366 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 8 years360Verbeelding (352): Hi looks good. great update from MP. The scans are getting better with almost every update. The realy work on picture improvement. What i don't understand is that losts of our MP friends are wondering if a scan takes 40 seconds or 60 seconds. Good scanning takes time. Because i as a photograper can't do anything with the camera then let it spin a am realy glad that MP takes the time and effort so the scans get better and better. So please...
Last model is very bright Wyzlo 6 8 yearsLizzg (183): Hi Willow, Any luck with your model? Lizz
Is Matterport contemptuous toward us? hometakes 7 8 yearsPedroAvilez (145): I agree with @Metroplex. The usd70 campaign was a rookie mistake but has show how MP deals with MSP's. Probably MP was not expecting such a negative and compreensive reaction by MSP's but I bet this will not change their agenda - just remeber what happened with 3rd party developers and all the changes in the TOS that were done. More, all this have show up how much MP understands Realtors mentality... Let's get back to MP goals and agenda. MP...
Google launches Tango AR smartphone system GarySnyder 23 8 yearsUserName (586): @JC3DCX - That was my concern not only about price but feasibility. A realtor would probably have to keep adding office space just to hold his physical dollhouses unless the realtor could print dollhouses on demand AND make them vanish when they're no longer needed. I keep forgetting we're still living in the 21'st century but maybe in the future, every tech device we think of as amazing may sit in the antiquated devices section of a...
Matterport Announcement on Monday 31 Oct 16 DanSmigrod 8 8 yearsRik (19): Last night they send me an offer for a camera with 20% discount, international sales as well
Scanning Issue & Should I Nuke my iPad? AdamplatinumHD 3 8 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): Thanks @photoJoe I did another scan and didn't get any problems at all? Weird.
Broken Matterport, How to Reconnect? George_WALKINTOUR 6 8 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): So here's Matterport's response to our situation... That definitely looks pretty serious and would need to come home for repairs. Unfortunately our camera is not serviceable by anyone but Matterport, so I would recommend you sending in your unit asap! RMA instructions are as follows: Your RMA number is: RMA-XXX To return the camera, please do the following: 1) Securely pack the camera and all included parts, using the instructions below....
nctech iris360 Camera versus Matterport DanSmigrod 11 8 yearsBrtz (4): Would it be possible to post an Istar example over here?
Why Matterport Pros Sell Their Camera DanSmigrod 21 8 yearsgrmngrl (942): @UserName that is great! Love the different transition options. I would know the difference, I don't think the average user would. Not 100% sure but I think you could add music to the kolor tour which is a definite plus.
New Processing Images Delay RenderingSpace 16 8 yearslisahinson (785): Is it 'safe' to do the latest firmware upgrade ? I just received the firmware upgrade option and was wondering I should do it - :O Thanks for the feedback.
3 of the 9 lenses light up red on Matterport judysmithre 4 8 yearsJonJ (1760): No, it is not broken. That is the correct operation.
Which Matterport case is right for you? DanSmigrod 2 8 yearsmpmare00 (7): Has anyone tried a larger case that would allow you to store the camera and tripod connected?
Matterport deal I received at a trade show. jmprop 2 8 yearsGlennTremain (2705): Congrats
Did you buy a MP Camera in the last 30 days? DanSmigrod 21 8 yearsjmprop (52): Might have posted this in wrong spot. Newbie :eek: Purchased my camera at the Florida Association of Realtors trade show in Orlando about 24 days ago. $3,800 plus first month of service ($49)free. Seems like best deal available to date.
New Matterport Camera? Upgrade old Camera? bonduell 13 8 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): @360Verbeelding 6 times 640 = 3840 maximum pixels if no overlap... this must mean that the Matterport Camera is already upscaling photos if our cube sizes are 1024 x 4 = 4096.
Firmware Update 1.1.414.11204.b100b35-P Metroplex360 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 8 yearsMeshImages (2730): Sorry for not coming back to this post as quickly as promised. Right after the update with the new firmware we were facing the same problems as rpeterson described in this post 2 years ago, thank you VLTV for sharing this And during the update we had the same problem as THRHHI described in this thread. No flashing orange light. After endless minutes at...
Ready Action Tablet Mounts Cabrahams 4 8 yearsskycamguatemala (22): Nise product. I am using this with an iPad mini, so then I free my arms to move The tripod around I got It at Amazon too.
EVOX Images: 360º Photo Spheres Inside Cars DanSmigrod 10 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108):
why i couldn't find matterport in Dubai Muhammad 2 8 yearsSedry (10): I believe the KELLER Williams office in Dubai has or uses a matterport camera. So I don't think there is a ban, but you might want to check with them.
Matterport $600 Off Extended to 5 Sept 2016 DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Matterport has extended its $600 off offer through Monday, 5 September 2016 using the promo code: SPECIAL16 And, Professional hosting ($99/monthly) is free until 1 October 2016. [If you read this post on or before 5 October 2016, reminder that Matterport Camera Terms of Sale includes a 30 day money back guarantee....
MUG Forum Members/Visitors Want Competition DanSmigrod 7 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Queen_City_3D We de-duped based on the first answer :cool: Dan
New Matterport Camera to be Announced? DanSmigrod 7 8 yearsTosolini (4177): If you read Intel's latest announcement at its Developer Conference, you can imagine how sometimes in the future, you'll be able to miniaturize a MP camera down to the size of a Ricoh Theta. Intel's Project Euclid is a RealSense module for robots
If Matterport Released a newer camera... Metroplex360 14 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Metroplex360 I haven't had time to study LinkedIn for EXISTING employment titles. I imagine that Matterport already has a team in place for next generation Cameras. There's a ton that can be learned from both job openings and LinkedIn profiles. Best, Dan
Filters 3Dwalkmethru 11 8 yearssmcclell (156): The 360Degree outside views spoken on this post
360 reelase 3Dwalkmethru 9 8 yearsCLE3D (193): They won't be in the former of a walkthrough, but will be available in the highlight reel. You could do a guided tour from that though just like you can in the standard tour I'd assume. @dansmigrod correct?
ICSF16 Matterport versus Planitar's iGuide DanSmigrod 3 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi @Kevin_James I look forward to getting an iGuide demo (and doing a video Q&A like this) for the MUG Forum community. Best, Dan
ICSF16-Planitar iGuide DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Screen grabs from the ICSF16 Virtual Event Bag. Within the Inman Connect San Francisco...
ICSF16-13% off Matterport Camera+$200 Rebate DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Within the Inman Connect San Francisco 2016 (ICSF16) app is a coupon code to receive 13 percent off the Matterport Camera ($600) + by visiting the Matterport booth at #ICSF16 to receive a $200 rebate on...
Do you have more than one Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 6 8 yearsfrstbubble (639): @JC3DCX we got ours end of may.
Matterport Camera: Razor Versus Razor Blades DanSmigrod 2 8 years3Dwalkmethru (289): I think Matterport never had a solid marketing plan. They had the tech mentally and left out the revenue model details. Yes they need to make money with processing, monthly service fee's and cameras, what they have failed to do is set targets for each. How many cameras do we need to generate the sales they need. If they sell the camera at no margin they will saturate the market with cameras and providers will not be able to make money in a...
Grinding Ticking noise while scanning jward 8 8 years360Verbeelding (352): &jward, good for you. And great service from MP. Happy scanning grtz Rene.
Samsung Gear 360 Photos Showcas3D 18 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Samsung Gear 360 review
Matterport Camera Rental - Really? lisahinson 10 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Has anyone in the MUG Forum community rented a Matterport Camera? Dan
Multi cam vs Single lens 360º video cameras Bill 3 8 yearsBill (285): Thanks Carlos - you're absolutely right about the 4K and aspect ratios. This is an emerging technology and good to see some major players like Nikon, Samsung, LG, Kodak etc getting into the game. People will always be demanding of better and better image quality. For the time being we are left trying find the best user friendly low cost solution. We have one high profile client requesting this so we're sourcing solutions. We have the GoPro rigs...
Newbie questions - outdoor scan etc spassmore 3 8 yearsspassmore (1): Thanks for your response Peter, much appreciated!
Response when-whats the name of that camera? EricThomas 10 8 yearsLowell (25): A company could also buy their own dslr for photographs instead of hiring a photographer. When they want quality they'll hire a professional.
Google's Tango - Interesting read lisahinson 3 8 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): Scan a room, sure. Scan a house, no thanks.
Disruptive Technology GarySnyder 15 8 yearsRRapp (46): @GarySnyder and @smcclell Great input. It might be worth noting here that most of Faro's (and other companies') technology pertains to laser scanning, versus photogrammetry (which MP is using). Both technologies have benefits and deficits of course. And while laser scanning was developed in large part to overcome the accuracy issues with photogrammetry, it certainly seems that photogrammetry's continuing evolution is making it increasingly...
Helmut Mount for Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 3 8 yearsWashingtonState360 (40): I can't help but wonder if the helmet would have a built-in leveling device to beep at the wearer until their head was level? HaHaHa
Matterport Begins Shipping Cameras to Canada DanSmigrod 4 8 yearsArchimedStudio (708): Great! Matterport should have opened a store in my backyard while they were at it... :/ At least, I'll have a new reply to give to the common realtor answer "it's too expensive"... you can get one youself for as low as $7000+tx + all the equipment. Way cheaper indeed :) (thanks for the info @davidpylyp ) - end of sarcastic rant - ;)
Matterport Camera Available in Australia DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Getting a Matterport Camera in Australia just got easier. Matterport announced that they now have a distributor in Australia. To buy a Camera in Australia – or ask about availability outside the United States - contact Matterport International Sales. To buy a Camera in the United States, order here. Matterport Press Release follows. ... --- Matterport Continues Global Expansion by Bringing Immersive Media to Australia ...
Matterport Available in United Kingdom (UK) DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Getting a Matterport Camera in the United Kingdom (UK) just got easier. Matterport announced that they now have a distributor in the UK. To buy a Camera in the UK – or ask about availability outside the United States - contact Matterport International Sales. To buy a Camera in the United States, order here. Matterport Press Release follows. ... --- Matterport Continues Global Expansion with Entry to United Kingdom Property...
Terrafranca A new Tour by wyzlo Wyzlo 10 8 yearsNoel (94): @Wyzlo if 'flows' now. Great work and the sun set is a nice feature.
Tip: Just Starting out? Get the iPad Pro 9.7 DanSmigrod 11 8 yearsWashingtonState360 (40): Thank you Dan! My wife and I drove over to the Seattle side of the Cascade Mountains to an Apple Store today to pick out a newer iPad (only have an ancient iPad 2 now). Matt, the rep who helped us out, also suggested we NOT get the bigger iPad Pro, but rather recommended exactly the same Pro with full features as you had...
Bublcam scam starcraft04 2 8 yearsDigitalImageries (43): I second this warning. Totally a bad product. Much better options out there for half the price.
Upload Partially Complete Before I Upload BrianM 6 8 yearsmk4au (58): I've never had one begin uploading on its own. However, all scans this week have taken over three hours to upload - over full signal wi-fi, not LTE. Yesterday a scan took FIVE AND A HALF HOURS to upload! Talk about frustration! Now the question: From that scan yesterday I moved a couple of incorrectly placed windows and uploaded it again today - over three hours. But it is now a different model and I have already adjusted the first one...
Apparently Matterport Cameras Appreciate RenderingSpace 5 8 yearsCarlosFHdz (605): Great point, and good to know.
Exported as 360X180 Panorama Images?? Dolloff 11 8 years360Verbeelding (352): Hi JonJ, that looks great. Its time consuming i think but you can capture as much images you like and then stich them together. But again time consuming. Happy scanning, Grtz Rene.
New Cave scanning light setup 360Verbeelding 13 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Rene, @360Verbeelding And, great job keeping the camera out of the reflection in the glass cases. Dan
Next 3D matterport camera will come out? Cgranston 8 8 yearsron0987 (2860): Well, it is nice to know that Matterport is looking ahead, but I have to disagree with the "Pro" version of the camera because we were sold this camera as a Pro version two years ago with the plan to upgrade it with more features. I also would love to see a little more interaction from Matterport, I do not expect them to spill the beans on what they are doing but would love a little better interaction on where we are on the list of...
Matterport Camera Wanted (Rental) in (City) DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): About Selling a Used Matterport Camera About Buying a Used Matterport Camera About Renting a Matterport Camera --- A Matterport Pro in Philadelphia seeks an additional Matterport Camera on a day rate rental within 50 miles of Philly (on days you are not using your Camera). Please PM me for an intro. Dan
2 homes 2 iPads 2 Cameras - they connect! Bill 5 8 yearsBill (285): The WIFI from Matterport camera is open network and should be password protected - IMO. While 1 ipad cannot connect to 2 cameras simultaneously I don't see why 2 ipads wouldn't be able to connect to single camera at the same time. Not sure of any added benefit here but might be fun to do a little experimenting :-)
Serial Numbers - How many Matterport Camera Bill 3 8 yearsBill (285): We've seen many new companies and agencies popping up with MC's. If the numbers where in the 10's of thousands the market could become saturated and drive prices. But after bit of digging I've learned the numbers may actually be lower than I had anticipated with a guesstimate closer to 3000 units sold worldwide.
Infrared BarrieFisherPhoto 3 8 yearsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thanks so much for all of that info, I will let him know. Barrie
Used Matterport 3D Camera for Sale on eBay DanSmigrod 5 8 yearsRenderingSpace (607): Although buying or selling on ebay is easy and provides protection, Ebay takes out a massive 10% charge. That amounts to $300-400. Plus shipping. If anyone is considering buying or selling a camera, find another way if possible. Also, it's important to keep in mind that when you buy a used camera, the warranty doesn't transfer.
Help Please, got a 360youtube video job Conor 11 8 yearsmori (809): Theta has really bad quality. Check out this special: Unfortunately delivery is in july 2016 and maybe expect delays.
Video: How the Matterport Camera Magic Works DanSmigrod 9 8 years360Verbeelding (352): Hi All, Great vid. But this is what i think is a bid odd, At about 4 mins in to the video we see the MP cam used on a tripot with a video pan and tilt head. It doesn't realy matter what you use to put your cam on a tripot but MP doesn't follow its own advice here. A other thing is, when they show the result of the first scan they talk about the black spots. To fill in those you simply move the cam 10 feet or so to fill in those blind spots. In...
My order for Matterport 3D camera RossCo 10 8 yearsdanmorell (74): Hi Candy4Me, 3 days is great. About a month ago it was 7 - 10 days.
360-Degree Spherical Cameras DanSmigrod 12 8 yearspixelray (1040): I literally just placed my order...says 10-12 weeks but from what I have read, it could be longer.
Matterport eBlasts to Potential Camera Buyer DanSmigrod 1 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): At 8 pm EST today, Tuesday, 29 March 2016, Matterport sent this marketing eBlast to potential camera buyers ... ----- The real world now has metadata We annotate our digital files with oodles of useful data - geotags, comments, analytics, and descriptions designed to make them useful and discoverable. Why not do...
LED and Florescent lighting effect on MP yoon2366 3 8 yearsyoon2366 (61): Thank you for your advice, Gary. I really appreciate it.
Now you can stream VR with new webcam WebEye JacobVR 1 8 yearsJacobVR (10): Hey guys, want to share with you the news that our team has built virtual reality webcam Webcamera is great because it provides realistic perceptions of people and things on distance in real time. Right now it is on Kickstarter so you can find full information and watch videos about it ...
List: Best 3D Scanners of 2015 via DanSmigrod 4 8 yearscrullier (16): they are all different pieces of equipment for different things. Many of them are hobby grade and I would not use them for professional work. The matterport is great to do the "realtor" type work and to some extent GENERAL measurement acquisition. Being in the AEC industry I would not fully base a set of contract documents (as-builts) based on matter port data. On the other hand, I have used (my firm owns) a Faro X120. We use it...
Matterport Crash Test Results RenderingSpace 6 8 yearskenangiguere (46): Thanks for posting! I do lock doors when my camera is in front of it. Especially the front door! I've always been nervous about someone knocking it over.
How does the Dollhouse View get created BDPelton 4 8 yearssuncoastskyview (178): Yes, the dollhouse view and floor-plan are automatically created.
Video walkthrough example alex1908 2 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): Hi Alex, Welcome to the MUG Forum :cool: To learn more about getting free use of my Matterport 3D Tour examples, please click here. Here are five marketing tools to help you launch your Matterport business. Best, Dan
Error 504 iGor 1 8 yearsiGor (4): Removing the object collided with an error 504. This error does not allow for the film to pass into the next room, not allowing previous layers to stick together with the new. Tell me in what cases the error 504 occurs. And if there FAQ a description of all the errors that occur, please throw off a reference to it.
Novelty in VR world - stereoscopic 180 VR we JacobVR 1 8 yearsJacobVR (10): Found this videos yeaterday - I did not think that it would be possible so fast. Want to try that webcam. Video quality is really cool, i’m impressed.
Ticking noise while scanning? 3dHouseScan 12 8 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Bill Seems like a great opportunity for Matterport to surprise and delight with a loaner program: especially because we are all the early adapters / key influencers. I can not even imagine being without the Camera for 2-4 weeks. I recall that happened to you when you needed the Camera re-calibrated. Enjoy your weekend. We're expecting 12-18 inches of snow Saturday in NYC and wind gusts up to 55 mph. I am glad I flew in early for Inman...
Camera Recommendation seanminor 14 8 yearsseanminor (40): Sorry guys, I've been out of pocket the last week but my wife decided to go with the D3300 from Costco, and she is loving it. Thanks to all for your recommendations. Hope that everyone has a safe and awesome Christmas. Here's to an increasingly bigger awareness in 2016 of the power we offer with the Matterport platform. I already have jobs lined up for the first week in January. In my area, Houston, this will be a tough year for real estate...
Scan button does not light or work dphi 5 8 yearsShawen (37): Your problem was the date. So here is what happens. The Camera acts as the WiFi access point and hands out IP addresses to any device that connects. This connection procedure does not care about the dates on either device. Here comes the problem, The iPad connects to the camera via HTTPS. Even if you try and connect to port 80 you are automatically forwarded on to port 443 for a secure connection. When the date on the client system, in this case...
Crazy Shoot / Crazy Solution Metroplex360 4 8 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): Tosolini - Thanks for posting the link to that thread. I read it and it was VERY interesting. I will say, the method I used relied on being able to run around with the Matterport and look VERY silly. I imagine in the church that you shot, running outside and back in would have been IMPOSSIBLE.
Unboxing my Matterport Last Year Drew 5 8 yearsmpmare00 (7): Are you marketing MP tours mainly to your sphere or do you have a unique way of marketing to sellers that wins listings?
The camera is the model Tosolini 3 8 yearsTosolini (4177): Here is my Matterport camera and Hololens having a nice chat at the Microsoft Visitor Center. I bet they talked about future trends in technology...
Making 3-D imaging 1,000 times better falconshakka 1 8 yearsfalconshakka (68): Pretty cool news for imaging technology from MIT
Short Survey for data gathering Tateo 18 8 yearsfranmts (181): Maybe it's a matter more of technology adoption timing and familiarity. What I mean by that is that any agent knows what to do with good quality photos and videos, 'cause they play nicely on MLS, any portal, people click and it plays. On the other hand we're selling mostly software, which isn't featured yet in Zillow and yet gives brokerages quite a hard time to embed on properties, there's lots of improvement on the back-end yet to be done......
International Shipping of Matterport Camera DanSmigrod 14 9 yearsjoelE (76): it should be duty free but probably some brokers fee and of course GST Mine is on the way, bought an used one and shipped UPS, will also probably pay GST
Battery discharge Max_Sodomovskiy 6 9 yearsGarySnyder (2059): Good to hear :)
Aerial Footage Invelop 30 9 yearstradetickers (10): They just want money. F the FAA. Who cares what the government wants to regulate. Their regulation only hurts the economy. Anything that deliberately hurts the economy is an enemy of the people. It's just another way to steal more money from a supposed free people. It's us against them, as there is no representation. We need another tea party.
Slow camera connection geoffllerena 5 9 yearsgeoffllerena (7): Yes I tried too. Someone's answer on Facebook that makes sense too: Michael said: "Most likely there was a high 2.4GHz traffic in that place and when Matterport device opened its access point (AP), negotiated a slow transfer channel with the neighboring APs. Why? Well, that's how 802.11x standards are written. The bandwidth is limited, the more members, the slow it gets. What to do? restart the camera to give it another run of the...
Have You Ever Been Caught? BrianM 7 9 yearsmikeE (34): Thanks Bill! Very kind of you.
Distortion? GusArb 7 9 yearsGarySnyder (2059): Thanks Dan @Queen_City_3D what Dan is referring to is the centre line of the camera during one of its rotation stops. Just look where the camera is pointing and you can easily get a feeling where the center line of the camera will fall and move the camera accordingly so the next stop to the right falls on the center the item you’re trying to capture. It’s also better if you can avoid it not to be so close to certain objects. Think of it...
How do you compete with Google? tradetickers 6 9 yearstradetickers (10): Matterport may get bought out by google at this rate
Matterport and Lighting KenBanks 8 9 yearsGarySnyder (2059): Hi Cyrus I've still not had a need for the lights as this was a very special case where I was supposed to shoot part of the VT up a very dark spiral stairs up to a tower but as I said it didn't happen. I'd be very interested in seeing what you design and produce as I have to admit I'm intrigued by your suggestion of printing a case for the camera. Best regards Gary
Why do all the threads with matterport tradetickers 7 9 yearstradetickers (10): Yes the main question is "why are so many selling?". Has me concerned. The learning curve on this is nil and once they see how much they'r laying out to get these done they realize they could just buy their own. No skill involved means this is not going to stay lucrative.
Capture App Feature Request / Wishlist Bill 4 9 yearsAttractiveListing (4): I would love to set a thumbnail of the dollhouse view and then a separate starting point inside the house....
Is the Matterport Camera capable of high res Metroplex360 2 9 yearsMaxx90 (7): I shoot a lot of DSLR myself, however I am shooting bracketed which I then do post production on. Although my cameras do it internally it is never as good as the manual way, so my guess is that it is the same with the Matterport camera. On a high note however the end product looks much better on mobile devices which is what is predominately used these days.
Matterport Pro 3D Camera Package for Sale SurfaceAndEdge 7 9 yearsSurfaceAndEdge (4): It is sold. The buyer said it wasn't even going to be used for business. Seems like an expensive toy,don't you think? On the bright side, one less competitor.
Forum Members "Wish Lists" --> Matterport DanSmigrod 3 9 yearsniagrealtygroup (13): Was thinking from a production point of view that a progress indicator on 'My Matterport' would help us with workflow.
Looking for Matterpeeps in Sydney, Australia AdamplatinumHD 9 9 yearsMitchell (7): Thanks Adam
App Bug / Alignment Bug / Wifi Bug Richard 2 9 yearscdpmedia (52): Richard, Sorry I cant help resolve any of your technical questions. But your entry brings forward serious concerns I have with MP. Foremost, How is it that you have to turn to a forum to resolve this unresolved problem. How is it that the company that sold you the $4500 camera and the hefty processing and monthly fees hasnt jumped to attention to sort it out? And my even bigger concern is how could a well established user like you with...
dropped camera? Jamie 14 9 yearsJamie (2013): Hahaha. Wouldn't catch me doing that to my ninja's :) I have an old fujifilm that would work great as a hammer though
Google Cardboard? Please help for info 3dvirtueletour 6 9 yearskc1302 (16): pthor is right and the numbers are impressive. Matterport Cardboard presentations are possible through Unity and cardboard SDK but at the cost of visual quality. Setup is relatively fast and easy to follow compared with GearVR. Unfortunately there are some visual...
"Camera not stable" on almost every scan pixelray 18 9 yearsHarlanHambright (2097): I use a 2 axis bubble level i bought back in the 1980s that i used for my Globuscope. it is screwed to the matter port and the quick release plate screws to it. Anyone in the market for a non-functioning Globuscope?
Cameras pattimikemurray 5 9 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): All, Please use eBay to buy/sell used Matterport cameras to protect both the buyer and seller. eBay offers this Money Back Guarantee; even if the seller will not take back the Camera. Thanks, Dan
Buying or Selling a Matterport Camera Posts Amazing3DTours Jump to first page32Jump to last page 9 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): All, Please use eBay to buy/sell used Matterport cameras to protect both the buyer and seller. eBay offers this Money Back Guarantee; even if the seller will not take back the Camera. Thanks, Dan
A case for the Matterport Pro 3D Camera DigitalImageries 9 9 yearsMaria (106): I use a Nanuk case which is made in Canada. It's very similar to the Pelican case I was issued but I actually like it better than the pelican. I like their latches and minor features not present in the Pelican I use such as the handle snaps in the down position keeping it from potentially being broken (Not likely with these cases, but possible). The resin is supposedly stronger allowing a lighter case, but I have no way of verifying that. The...
transfer taking a long time Jamie 21 9 yearsJamie (2013): Yes I'm still on ipad air 1. Will be interesting if you had both air 1 and 2 and tried to duplicate the same error. I had issues before but put it down to the 1st gen camera. I tried the same area with a 2nd Gen and an air 2 and it worked. If I had time I would have used the air 1 on gen 2 and vice versa to try and isolate the issue
Matterport Tips and Tricks for a Newbie?? usruss 3 9 yearspixelray (1040): Keep the scans closer vs further away. Take your time. Use your level to keep camera perfect. The goal should be to not have a scan that won't align. Read up on this site. It has helped tremendously. Oh and practice on your own house with several scans of it. Good luck!
Hello from India BabluN 3 9 yearsBabluN (49): Hi Andrew, Thank You, that answers my question, please let me know if there is anything else that I need to keep a tab on...!
Camera for Sale jessetutt 9 9 yearsjessetutt (67): Thanks Dan! For those interested. This camera has to move, so I have dropped the price! Jesse
Wanting To Buy - Australia destef1 3 9 yearsdestef1 (1): Thanks mate that would be great!
Virtually New Matterport Camera for Sale shannonbloemker 6 9 yearsavvideographer (1): HI Shannon was the camera sold ? Thanks! annie
Matterport Camera for Sale ToddKivimaki 3 9 yearsavvideographer (1): Hi there,message for Todd. very interested in the matterport for sale. would you email me directly at : thanks !
FOR SALE - Matterport Camera with <15 Scans jonrr52 5 9 yearsjonrr52 (1): Thanks Dan.
Next Version Of Camera? seanminor 8 9 yearssvensson (10): Yes, just confirmed with glenn, no new version of matterport camera will be released. The mobile capture is the next thing they intend to release. For now they want to focus on the firmware and updates on the current camera. Which is a logical step.
Used Matterport Camera Wanted RenderingSpace 2 9 yearsjackye (13): My camera in like new. 2 shoots. How much are you willing to pay? Jackye Ferreira
Version 2 of the Matterport camera MDuff 1 9 yearsMDuff (19): Hi Gang, After hearing talk of the differences in capture between Version 1 and 2 of Matterport's cameras, I'm curious when Version 2 first became available? I only got my in mid April and I don't have the LCD screen on the back. Has anyone received a Version 2 camera before mid April?
Matterport versus iGuide (Which and Why) DanSmigrod 5 9 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): I've talked to many folks at Matterport, the owner of Toursler, and just recently Kevin with iGuide. All 3 companies have solid products, and are continuing to innovate in a new market category for real estate which is very exciting. Ultimately it comes down to 1) availability in your market place, and 2) whether or not the end user wants to do the scanning themselves or higher it out to a professional. From what I've seen with Toursler &...
The "not used" button CKC 4 9 yearsCKC (85): Hahaha...thanks guys
Camera and Spirit Level PieroBortolot 22 9 yearsron0987 (2860): So can someone attach a photo of the new setup. I was wondering what the fuss was but new mount explains the issue. Ron
Camera Refused to See Any Additional Scans GarySnyder Jump to first page39Jump to last page 9 yearsGarySnyder (2059): UPDATE: Just finished a job that took 290 scans to complete 197 scans. The same problem cropped up several time again. Thanks goodness I knew what to look out for this time or I would have bee screwed In so far as the new update which I had uploaded before the shoot it did no good so everyone please be aware if scans go missing look at your entire mini-map and I'm sure you will find the missing scan. Then delete the scan and move closed to the...
Adding location links to a scan Jamie 6 9 yearsvirtualshowingsla (13): Hi, I have been using Marcel's portal for some time.. It is great.. I couldn't see operating my matterport business without it. Thanks Marcel!!
Do You Need WiFi to Scan a Remote Location? CKC 13 9 yearsJamie (2013): I think the aliens on the far side of the moon might take the camera and reverse engineer it. Hey maybe that's a good thing, we can have our upgrades then
Project tango? Canada 5 9 yearsTim (355): Yeah, received an email earlier today...not sure I see any use for us at the moment...
First gen camera and new app update 2.0.7 issues Jamie 3 9 yearsJamie (2013): Interesting. Thanks Charlie. I will email support as well and see what they have to say.
Best .obj files Hathakas 15 9 yearsEww (4): Hi Jacques, You should be able to find those programs on the autodesk website to download trials etc. Eric
Matterport Pro 3D Camera Wish List DanSmigrod 15 9 yearsJamie (2013): Ability to change white balance and exposure. How about a bracket to mount the iPad to the back of the camera
Compare Matterport Camera Versions WeinigerHomes 13 9 yearsWeinigerHomes (13): Good to know john thnx
Matterport Camera available now!!!! captureguy 3 9 yearscaptureguy (4): It says why we are selling it on the listing. We are being completely transparent. Same camera. We had not had time to list it until now and were not happy with 3K offers.
want to buy Matterport Camera WeinigerHomes 2 9 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @WeinigerHomes Here's a Matterport 3D Camera available on eBay. It's mentioned in this Forum thread.
Looking for a camera in the EU Breezz 2 9 yearsDanSmigrod (30108): @Breezz Here's a Matterport 3D Camera available on eBay. It's mentioned in this Forum thread.
Matterport By The Numbers DanSmigrod 4 9 yearsJamie (2013): Accuracy isn't 1" I measure with laser and I checked the same point the other day and a 50 foot measurement was off by 11 inches. This isn't within standard measuring tolerance
Complete model of outdoor location Canada 6 9 yearsCanada (10): Once again ! Thanks for the help
Anyone want to sell a camera? Canada 4 9 yearsTim (355): Ahhh, sort of...not for people that don't have them...
Capture at Night in the C-O-L-D DanSmigrod 10 9 yearsBredeErickson (4): @DanSmigrod Temps were in the 20's and falling as I recall, it was pretty late in the day when i got to the back yard. I didn't experience any real problems with alignment but i worked the perimeter against the fence so that i had some structure for the Matterport to latch on to. I was outside for probably 30 minutes.
Matterport Pro 3D Camera Battery DanSmigrod 6 9 yearsdfellars (52): I often scan multiple locations in a single day and carry a backup iPad and a power inverter in the car to charge the camera. Dan Fellars
Selling my Matterport Camera!!! captureguy 5 9 yearscaptureguy (4): Acquired in late 2013 as an early adopter because I love to experiment. I shut down my side business to focus on my full time gig.
MatterPort 3D Camera (looking to buy ASAP) NaveenSehgal 1 9 yearsNaveenSehgal (1): Hello, I am looking to purchase a camera from someone who is selling asap. I have ordered the camera through MatterPort, due to back orders it has been over 4 weeks and still have not received anything. I am located in Toronto Ontario Canada, am even willing to fly and pick it up. The sooner the better. Thank you! Naveen Sehgal (416) 843-1450
What if? LeeBlackston 6 9 yearsJamie (2013): Vincent No link, I was just told by one o the matterport guys that floored in new York had done it. I saw maybe 18 months ago that they had partnered up (a presentation they did together) I looked at floored to clean up the scans when it was the mesh only view. Recent matterport users might not remember that
Materport links saulstokes 2 9 yearsJohnBecker (388): Saul, Just this week, we got a way to define the starting point where a user enters a model. While the functionality you're talking about is theoretically possible, it doesn't exist just yet. The approach that occurs to me is to make the user aware of the dollhouse view, and how powerful it can be in navigating to different locations in the model.
New 3D Video Capture Rig GarySnyder 2 9 yearsTim (355): Yeah, looked into this 9 months ago and many go pros aren't cheap, the device itself had bad reviews from those who paid and used it and there were some sync issues that made the whole process a bit of a nightmare...
Matterport Brings 3D Capture to Mobile GarySnyder 1 10 yearsGarySnyder (2059): In the video you can see the new Matterport mobile capture interface. I'm looking forward to seeing the first comparison between the Pro Camera and and a mobile device.
Matterport battery ccctucker 6 10 yearsccctucker (154): Well, sent it back on Monday, hope to get it back by next Friday. The same day we sent it off, we got calls for two jobs this weekend, sucks!
What is this device on Matterports website?? GarySnyder 6 10 yearsvirtualsweden (16): In the beginning it was white.
Tripod and adapters CharlieB 1 10 yearsCharlieB (77): Okay I had an issue with buying the recommended parts and accessories....and maybe it is because I just have not worked with these parts before. Honestly I have been taking photos for years but my experience has been with Colorado Mountain properties and not using tripods. So....what I found out is that when I installed...