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My Experience with E57 files, Point Clouds and CloudCompare19947

Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
I just finished scanning a 33,000 SF building at 288 Scan Points with the Pro3 (Yeah, I missed my 199 goal). I have to provide ceiling plans and sprinkler locations for this particular client. More than half of this building did not have a gyp board or acoustical tile ceiling which makes it very difficult to get sprinkler head locations using the Matterpak .xyz file. The LOD is just not there to see sprinkler heads that are not in a ceiling. I usually go back and hand measure in this situation. The E57 file did a great job at showing these locations.

This is my second time using an E57 file. The first time my computer was way under powered to handle it. I also use Autodesk Recap Pro and CloudCompare. To be honest, I prefer cloudcompare due to some of it's features; however, both applications have their advantages.

One disadvantage of cloud compare was importing a 36GB E57 with 288 sweeps file fails miserably. I was able to open the same file in Recap without any issues.

If you are looking for a way to get a pointcloud out of Recap to use in Cloudcompare: I unified at 5mm resolution the pointcloud and exported it as another E57 file. It opens in cloudcompare with not issue. The finial cloud was 860M points.
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Kharvester private msg quote post Address this user
This is very interesting to me as I have been wondering about the usefulness of the pro3 point cloud (E57) for use in construction/as-built/digital twin applications. Do you feel that the E57 from matterport is close enough for modelling from? Also what is the difference between the E57 & XYZ?
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Basic Member
Noddy private msg quote post Address this user
@Sdoughtie, thanks for that info. Good to know about file size behavior in Cloud compare vs Recap Pro

Could you share what computer specs you are using now?
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user

Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900H 2.50 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.7 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display
Manufacturer Alienware

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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
@Kharvester I usually model from the xyz file, however, I take physical dimensions onsite in case there are issues; I did the same on this job, but not the sprinkler heads. Some of the problems that I run into with modeling from a pointcloud is that buildings are not square. I find there is 'creep' when it comes to aligning a BIM to a real-world building.

An example would be that an exterior wall may differ by 2" over 150'; Let's say there is an office at the far end. Placing one wall of the office in alignment with the pointcloud will result in the office being 2" too short or long. Not really an issue over 150' but that really matters if the office is 5' wide.

Seems like the E57 is very detail, I can see and measure to the sprinkler pipe, they do not even show up in the xyz file.

Additionally, I have not updated the pro 3 to use the increased LOD. Frankly, I am afraid that I will get a bricked camera in the middle of all these projects. I will probably end up purchasing another Pro 3 before I update it.
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Vanaman06 private msg quote post Address this user
I haven’t used the increased LOD but I have had the update since it came out and have not had any issues at all.

High LOD takes about 2 minutes per scan so significantly more time.

The Update didn’t improve anything else as far as I can tell so if you’re not using the increased LOD it’s probably not necessary.
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
@Vanaman06 awesome! thanks for letting me know!
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
@Vanaman06 I updated the pro3 with no issues. Thanks.
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DigitalReplica3D private msg quote post Address this user
Regarding high LOD. I'm currently scanning an ADU as it is being built. I scanned the unit after plumbing and heating was installed. I scanned the unit again, after insulation was in place. When it came to drywall. The installers covered the entire garage ceiling with drywall. The drywall covered all the electrical wiring for 16 recessed lights. They also covered a can light upstairs and access to the attic area.

To find the appropriate locations. I went back to the "Plumbing & Electrical" space and compared it to the "Insulation" space. The later, I scanned using a medium density setting vs standard density. I have not tried the highest density setting.

I find the measurement feature while editing the space, worked much better with the medium density vs standard density scan. I was able to pinpoint the crosshairs on my target quicker and more accurately. The measurement crosshairs with the standard density scanned space bounced around and sometimes a location was impossible to target. I know for accuracy. The XYZ, E57 and BIM deliver much higher tolerances vs MP's processed space. I still wonder why MP's space only measures in one inch increments. You'd think perhaps 1/4 inch increments would be possible

@Sdoughtie I appreciate your input. Curious in the future what you thoughts are regarding BIM and high density scanning.


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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
@DigitalReplica3D great job!
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
Just started using this. LASTOOLS offers some great command line tools for working with pointclouds.


And, I didn't realize that I had cloudcompare set to us the integrated gpu instead of the actual GPU. Wow, what a difference!
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
Note, many of the LasTools are not free. They require a license. There are quite a few useful ones that are free. Without license the non-free tools will distort your pointclouds. Below is a list the tools that can be freely used. Two in particular would be e572las and las2las for converting an e57 file and thinning the file to a manageable size.

This will thin your cloud to 1/8" resolution:

las2las64 -i cloud.las -o cloud-thinned8.las -thin_with_grid 0.003

Open source tools

laszip - compresses LAS files to LAZ in high speed without information loss
las2las - filters, transforms, subsamples, clips, thins, ...
las2txt - turns LAS/LAZ into human-readable and easy-to-parse text
txt2las - converts LiDAR from standard ASCII to LAS/LAZ
lascopcindex - creates a COPC *.laz file for a given set of *.las or *.laz files
lasdiff - compares LIDAR data of two LAS/LAZ/ASCII files and reports whether they are identical or whether they are different
lasinfo - prints out an overview of the contents of a LAS/LAZ file
lasmerge - can merge several LAS/LAZ files into one
lasprecision - reads LIDAR data in the LAS format and computes statistics about precision "advertised" in the header

Free tools

lasview - visualizes the contents of a LAS/LAZ file and can also compute a TIN
lasvalidate - determine if LAS files are conform to the ASPRS LAS specifications
demzip - compresses and uncompresses raster data to RasterLAZ format
e572las -extracts the points from the E57 format and stores them as LAS/LAZ files
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
These are the sprinkler pendants... This is in height ramp color to be able to see the pendants more clearly.

Note: all dimensions in Cloudcompare are at the pointcloud resolution, in this case Meters.
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Sdoughtie private msg quote post Address this user
Another issue is, the e57 file has all of the photospheres inside of it. It is possible to extract those and use them elsewhere. I would just purchase the e57 file instead of the matterpak except the e57 seems to have a lot of noise and is not as sharp as the .xyz file. I suspect that the .xyz file is generated from the model rather than the scan data.

Anyone know how to get the e57 as sharp as the .xyz file?
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