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20 Questions and Answers: RELA Platform for Real Estate Photographers19930

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Atlanta, Georgia
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RELA is a WGAN Marketing Partner
--- | WGAN 20 Questions and Answers

WGAN-TV RELA Booking System and Billing Platform for Matterport Pros with RELA CEO Mike Land | (20 February 2020)

These WGAN-TV 20 Questions and Answers based on the WGAN-TV Podcast episode (above) featuring Mike Land, CEO of RELA. This episode focuses on the innovative RELA Booking System and Billing Platform tailored for Matterport Service Providers.

Q&A Topics Include

RELA: Booking Shoots
RELA: Smart Pricing and Packaging
RELA: Integrated Payment and Media Delivery
RELA Team Calendar Synchronization


1. Overview of RELA's Core Services

Q1: What is RELA's core service for Matterport Service Providers?
A1: RELA allows Service Providers to create beautiful Single Property Websites that showcase and deliver media, such as photos, 3D tours, floor plans, and videos, to real estate agents. The platform simplifies workflow, enhances media presentation, and adds value to the service provided.

Q2: How does RELA integrate with Matterport?
A2: RELA is fully compatible with Matterport, allowing integration of Matterport 3D tours along with photos, videos, floor plans, and other media. The platform is continually evolving to enhance this integration further.

2. Booking and Smart Pricing

Q3: What new features has RELA introduced for booking and pricing?
A3: RELA has launched a platform integration that enables Service Providers to list services and products with custom pricing, allowing customers to place orders and book shoots directly from a customized order page that syncs with calendars and integrates with media delivery.

Q4: How does the smart pricing system work in RELA?
A4: The smart pricing system avoids information overload by presenting only the relevant pricing based on the property size entered by the customer. This ensures a smooth ordering experience without overwhelming the customer with too many options.

3. Getting Paid on Time

Q5: What problem does the integrated payment system solve?
A5: The integrated payment system ensures that Service Providers get paid on time by locking media downloads until the payment is received. This prevents issues with accounts receivable and ensures a seamless payment process.

Q6: How are invoices managed in RELA?
A6: Invoices are directly tied to listings, and customers are notified of outstanding balances before they can download media. This streamlines the payment process and helps Service Providers manage their finances efficiently.

4. Team Calendar Sync and Assignments

Q7: How does the team calendar sync feature benefit Service Providers?
A7: The team calendar sync feature allows seamless coordination of schedules by syncing orders with Google Calendar. This ensures all team members are aware of their assignments and reduces the risk of scheduling conflicts.

Q8: Can multiple team members be assigned to a single order?
A8: Yes, orders can be assigned to multiple team members, each responsible for different tasks. This flexibility ensures efficient task management and enhances team collaboration.

5. Media Delivery and Property Websites

Q9: How does RELA handle media delivery?
A9: RELA delivers media through Single Property Websites or media-only options. These websites provide a professional and organized way to present media to clients, enhancing the overall service quality.

Q10: Can clients see the media before payment?
A10: Clients can preview media in low resolution but cannot download or publish the full versions until the invoice is paid. This ensures that Service Providers receive payment before the final media is released.

6. Customization and Flexibility

Q11: How customizable is the RELA platform?
A11: The RELA platform is highly customizable, allowing Service Providers to tailor the order form, packages, pricing, and email templates to fit their specific needs and branding.

Q12: Can Service Providers create custom packages and discounts?
A12: Yes, Service Providers can create custom packages and apply various types of discounts, such as percentage off, fixed price discounts, or dollar amount discounts, providing flexibility in pricing strategies.

7. Handling Special Requests and Assignments

Q13: Can RELA accommodate special pricing for specific clients?
A13: RELA includes a pricing rules feature that allows Service Providers to set special pricing for specific clients, honoring long-term agreements or special deals without affecting public rate cards.

Q14: How does RELA manage third-party assignments?
A14: Third-party assignments can be managed within the RELA platform, ensuring that independent contractors or partner companies receive notifications and assignments just like in-house team members.

8. Enhancing Client Experience

Q15: What are the benefits of the client dashboard in RELA?
A15: The client dashboard provides a centralized place for clients to access their orders, invoices, and media, improving the overall client experience and making it easier for them to manage their projects.

Q16: How does RELA handle customer support and onboarding?
A16: RELA offers comprehensive support through help videos, live chat, and screen share sessions to assist with onboarding and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth transition and effective use of the platform.

9. Security and Compliance

Q17: How does RELA ensure payment security?
A17: RELA integrates with Stripe for payment processing, ensuring all transactions are secure and PCI compliant. Stripe handles credit card encryption and storage, minimizing security risks for Service Providers.

Q18: Does RELA handle tax calculations?
A18: Yes, RELA can calculate sales tax based on the property location, ensuring accurate tax reporting and compliance. However, Service Providers are responsible for remitting the tax to the appropriate authorities.

10. Future Enhancements and Updates

Q19: What upcoming features can users expect from RELA?
A19: Future updates will include additional calendar integrations (Apple Calendar, Outlook), more customization options, and advanced discount code functionalities. These updates aim to further streamline operations and enhance the user experience.

Q20: How can Service Providers give feedback to RELA?
A20: RELA encourages feedback from its users to continuously improve the platform. Service Providers can reach out via live chat, email, or participate in beta testing programs to share their suggestions and experiences.


The RELA Booking System and Billing Platform offer Matterport Service Providers a comprehensive solution for managing bookings, pricing, payments, and media delivery. With features designed to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and improve client interactions, RELA is poised to transform the way real estate photographers and Service Providers operate. We hope this Q&A has provided valuable insights into the platform's capabilities and encourages further exploration of its benefits. For more information, visit:

10 Bonus Q&A

11. Client Communication and Order Management

Q21: How does RELA facilitate client communication during the order process?
A21: RELA automates client communication through customizable email templates for order confirmations, updates, and payment reminders. This ensures clients are kept informed throughout the process without additional manual effort from the Service Provider.

Q22: Can clients modify their orders after submission?
A22: Yes, clients can request modifications to their orders through their dashboard. Service Providers can review and approve these changes, ensuring flexibility and accommodating client needs effectively.

12. Reporting and Analytics

Q23: Does RELA provide reporting and analytics features?
A23: RELA offers a comprehensive dashboard with key metrics and reporting capabilities. Service Providers can track order volume, revenue, unpaid invoices, and other essential data to make informed business decisions.

Q24: How can Service Providers export their data for further analysis?
A24: Data can be easily exported from the RELA platform in various formats, allowing Service Providers to conduct further analysis using their preferred tools. This includes order details, client information, and financial reports.

13. Integration with Other Tools

Q25: Can RELA integrate with other third-party tools and platforms?
A25: While RELA currently integrates with Google Calendar for scheduling, future updates will include integrations with Apple Calendar and Outlook. Additionally, Stripe is used for payment processing, ensuring a seamless financial workflow.

Q26: How does RELA handle data security?
A26: RELA prioritizes data security by using secure connections, encryption, and compliance with industry standards such as PCI for payment processing. This ensures that all client and transaction data is protected.

14. Custom Branding and White Labeling

Q27: How can Service Providers customize the RELA platform to match their brand?
A27: Service Providers can customize the RELA platform with their branding, including logos, colors, and domain settings. This white-labeling ensures a seamless brand experience for their clients.

Q28: Can RELA's booking page be integrated into a Service Provider's existing website?
A28: Yes, the booking page can be integrated into a Service Provider's existing website using a sub-domain, maintaining a consistent look and feel while providing a secure booking and payment experience.

15. Handling Special Cases and Exceptions

Q29: How does RELA handle special cases like rush orders or large properties?
A29: Service Providers can set custom pricing and terms for special cases such as rush orders or large properties. These settings ensure that unique client needs are met efficiently and profitably.

Q30: Is there support for multiple languages and regions in RELA?
A30: RELA plans to expand its support for multiple languages and regions, ensuring that Service Providers operating in different parts of the world can utilize the platform effectively. Currently, support for tax calculations in Canada is being developed.


With these additional questions and answers, we hope to provide an even deeper understanding of how the RELA platform can revolutionize the operations of Matterport Service Providers. By addressing common pain points and offering advanced features, RELA empowers Service Providers to deliver exceptional service while streamlining their workflows. For more information, visit:


Note: WGAN 20 Questions and Answers posts are created with ChatGPT-4o using the following GPT created by @DanSmigrod | 20 Questions and Answers: Podcast to Q&A Blog Post | Content created lightly edited by @DanSmigrod
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Buster6070 private msg quote post Address this user
I worked for an agent where we used Rela for our property websites and loved them. Their property websites are better than anyone else I've tried. However as a photographer their pricing model is a tad confusing and costly. I don't mind paying for a subscription, but then paying per media delivery or website after just 5 is too much.

I'm currently subscribed to Aryeo for $100/month and am capped at 250 listings per year, or you can look at Show and Tour too. Their package at that price point offers more capacity.

I wish Rela would swap to a fee structure closer to the above. Would swap in a heartbeat if I could just pay one monthly fee with a reasonable listing capacity per month or year.
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I reached out to RELA Chief Executive Officer Mike Land for a response to your post.

Mike writes:


Regarding Buster's comments, here's how we justify our pricing compared to Aryeo:

It basically comes out to around the same cost, and sometimes cheaper. With Aryeo, agent's don't really use the property websites, so it's basically just a delivery system. Their pricing at $100 a month is for about 20 deliveries per month.

With Rela, you can choose to do Media-Only, which includes delivery of all of your media and assets, but excludes the property website. Media-Only jobs are only $3/$4 each compared to the full Property Website cost of $9-$15 (the cost ranges change depending on volume and plan level).

So here's a comparable scenario with 20 deliveries a month on Rela:

$74 - Starter Photog Plan + Storefront:
$0 - 5 free deliveries each month: $0;
$60 - Additional 15 deliveries (to get to 20 for the month.
$134 total per month vs $100 per month Aryeo

Now some things to consider:

1. If you have less deliveries in a month, your cost is lower...i.e. holiday seasons.
2. The agents love and use Rela's property website templates, so you have the opportunity to upsell those after delivery to earn extra revenue.
3. We don't lock you into any contracts, just month-to-month and pay as you go.
4. Not owned by Zillow

Hopefully this example illustrates how Rela's pricing is very close to Aryeo's, with the added benefit of upselling the websites.


@Buster6070, additional thoughts?


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Buster6070 private msg quote post Address this user

Sorry for delay. Nope, I guess it depends on your situation. Rela is definetly tempting, but I still think 5 webpages a month is rather low. Especially compared to the packages offered to agents where they get 25 active listings/10 agents for the same price. If that was offered to Photographers I think it tracks way better. For instance I have 7 active, 4 pending, and 2 projected property sites coming up for a total of 13 this month. If you were given 25 to rotate through that's way more valuable, and just seems like it's consuming that same amount of resources as the agent package for the same price. As a photographer I'd still have to add-on the store-front package which is fair, because that requires more resources on Rela's backend. No issue there.

I appreciate the pricing example though and response. I'll compare to my situation just for fun. For transparency this is my side gig that I'm trying to grow, so my numbers are low. I subscribe to Aryeo because I want to be prepared to scale quickly when needed. So far in June I've had 8 listings, 6 with property websites. I have 2 more on the books that will include property websites. That would translate to $160 this month compared to the $100 I pay now. I
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