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Video: Real Estate By Design enables marketing with True 3D for new business - A Matterport Customer Story | video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 18 February 2020

Matterport Blog (1 April 2024) Actionable Real Estate Branding Tips In A Digital Era


Here are ten key takeaways [from this Matterport blog post), particularly focusing on statistics and strategies for real estate photographers and agencies looking to enhance their digital presence and branding through digital assets, such as Matterport Digital Twins:

1. Importance of Digital Presence: While 69% of Realtors have websites, these platforms are often outdated, with an average age of five years, underscoring the need for updated digital presence .

2. Enhanced Property Context with Digital Twins: Digital twins offer a comprehensive 3D experience, providing context unachievable through traditional visuals like photos and videos, thus enhancing real estate branding.

3. Impactful Results: Real Estate by Design experienced a drop in average days on the market from 30 to 21 days and an increase in average sales price to list price from 93% to 97% after utilizing Matterport digital twins.

4. Digital Branding Strategies: Updating real estate branding for a digital-first audience involves building credibility, attracting the right clientele, and standing out from competitors through unique listing experiences.

5. Actionable Branding Tips: Embedding business details within listings using Matterport’s Business Card and Quick Link plugin offers a non-invasive opportunity for brand highlighting and lead generation.

6. Differentiation through Matterport Add-ons: Utilizing Compass & Minimap plugins and detailed floor plans as part of Matterport’s digital twins can significantly enhance listing experiences and set agencies apart from competitors.

7. Reduced Advertising Spend: Focusing on branding rather than advertising can be cost-effective over time, leveraging free resources like social media profiles and affordable web templates.

8. Branding Consistency: Ensuring brand consistency across all marketing channels strengthens brand identity, professional appearance, and trust-building efforts.

9. Success with Standardization: Real Estate Analytics (REA) saw a 50% increase in online listing engagement and a 20% increase in sales after standardizing their property listings with Matterport digital twins.

10. Simplified Communication: Offering multiple, straightforward contact options and responding promptly to inquiries can distinguish an agency in a crowded market, making the home buying or selling process more accessible for clients.

These insights highlight the critical role of digital twins and advanced branding strategies in standing out in the competitive real estate market. By adopting innovative tools like Matterport, agencies can not only enhance their brand presence but also achieve tangible results in terms of engagement, sales, and client satisfaction.


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