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Matterport Digital Twin Example: Music Studio / Music Retail Store DanSmigrod 1 17 daysDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin by Proper Measure Ltd. Owner/Operator Michael Stewart Matterport Blog (27 July 2022) Looking and sounding good: Getting the virtual measure of a music studio Proper Measure’s first commercial property 3D augmentation has hit all the right notes
Matterport Digital Twin Examples: Event Spaces DanSmigrod 2 3 monthsahojman (332): Love this space to add videos in the walls with Capture for example.
See Money Shot of "3 Martinis" | Nice Sunset Shot within a Matterport Tour DanSmigrod 7 4 monthsPedrotex69 (157): No Treedis.
New/AEC! Matterport Plugin for Autodesk Revit + Matterport E57 $89 Add-On DanSmigrod 9 4 monthsVirtusRealis (77): @aerialpixels If you open a .xyz file within wordpad, you get this : X Y Z R G B -0.930735 -0.822349 0.683301 109 94 75 -0.931235 -0.822349 0.681796 109 94 75 -0.930735 -0.823025 0.681796 109 94 75 -0.910735 -0.922349 1.392174 131 134 139 -0.910735 -0.922349 1.400292 140 143 148 -0.910735 -0.922349 1.400292 140 143 148 Raw data, a unified point cloud. About e57, I'm wondering how they can get a 10x higher resolution...
Matterport Blog: Better capture made simple: Matterport Axis™ origin story DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Axis smartphone rotator | Image courtesy of Matterport Axis smartphone rotator | Image courtesy of Matterport Matterport Axis: Unboxing,...
Matterport Digital Twin Example: Historical Bath House (Event Space) DanSmigrod 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin by Real Estate Agent Kevin Hand and Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace Digital Marketing Specialist. Matterport Blog (4 March 2022) Gaze out at the glorious scenery in Long Island from the the historic Kenjockety estate Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty captures the stately and tranquil New York mansion with Matterport
Matterport Tour Example: 40,000 SQ FT Furniture Showroom DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsjhairalexander (7): Hi!! how much time did you take to scan this space?
Matterport Digital Twin Example: Inside/Out of a Car DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsJuMP (1734): How do they hide the entrance of the whitecave? By virtual staging?
Fun Matterport Dollhouse View DanSmigrod 3 7 monthsCharlesHH (609): That is a great dollhouse. The dollhouse mini videos. Is there any way to control where these start or end? I do a lot of companies and find the downloadable short and long videos start or finish in the kitchen. Fine if it’s a fancy house but no good for a tour that is meant to be showing off a demo room.
Matterport Example: Building Water Management System (IoT data Coming) DanSmigrod 1 7 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Tour courtesy of Reed Water Chief Marketing Officer Avishai Moscovich Matterport Blog (14 January 2022) Learn how water systems work with a virtual walkthrough in a Toronto high-rise Reed Water gives students an immersive 3D experience of water management architecture with Matterport
Matterport Church Example? Please Share Here DanSmigrod 11 8 monthsHelloPado (177): And the Temple Visitors Center
Matterport Digital Twin of an Historic Hotel: 2,800 Scan Points->1,900 Used DanSmigrod 14 8 monthsNoddy (278): Thanks for the detailed answer @Wingman! Great to know how you approached it and Matterport's help etc. Now I need to get back to Matterport staff who have misguided us on the actual limits of the scanning which are not 1000 spins. (I still don't understand though how it is that I can process 999 spins in a model, but I I go to say 1005, it will not process, and that coincides with their telling me about the limit, makes me wonder has our...
Matterport Blog/Media Release: TruePlan™-to-Xactimate® for Insurance Claims DanSmigrod 3 9 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Changes to TruePlan Pricing - Holiday Edition! | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel | 1 December 2021 $125 on Actionable Insights Matterport Certification (AIMC) 4-Hour, Online, Self-Paced Training Course for Property Insurance Claim Documentation and receive a free...
Example Matterport Tour of a Kitchen Furniture Showroom DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Küchen’s studio store, Germany | Matterport digital twin by Owner Ilja Stepa Matterport Blog (24 November 2021) Get inspired to design your dream kitchen by a unique shop in Germany Visit’s digital twin of Lesniks Küchen, of a one-of-a-kind kitchen furniture store
Matterport Blog: Engel & Völkers sells homes sight unseen with Matterport DanSmigrod 2 9 monthsVirtusRealis (77): Nice place ! Raw rendering though... :( Work stations not hidden, cut & windows tools not use, trim tool either... Could have been much better :|
Museum Tour>Buxton National Historic Site and Museum (Underground Railroad) DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin of Buxton National Historic Site and Museum in Ontario | Matterport Digital Twin by London, Ontario, Canada-based Owl 360 VR Tour Solutions Owner Adam Harris Matterport Blog (26 October 2021) Virtually explore a historically significant stop on the Underground Railroad | Owl 360 VR Tour Solutions brings the one-of-a-kind history of the Buxton National Historic Site back...
Matterport Digital Twin Example: Luxury Furniture Store (Many MatterTags) DanSmigrod 2 10 monthsGETMYVR (1319): Pretty good example, allows the customer scope out pretty much everything they have in a very realistic natural way. However thank goodness I don't live in Budapest, the prices in the store resemble Rodeo Dr, LOL - outa my league, I'm going to have to stick to estate sales.
Matterport Digital Twin Helps Barber Shop Navigate COVID-19 Guidelines DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Barbers, Kensington, UK | Matterport Digital Twin by Visual Immersion LTD Managing Director Ryan Becker Matterport Blog (11 October 2021) Take a Seat in a Local Barbershop in Kensington, UK | Visual Immersion brings the unique Gould Barbers experience to customers through Matterport scans
Matterport Blog: 100+ Developers Join Matterport Platform Partner Program DanSmigrod 1 11 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Matterport Platform Partner Program Matterport Blog (29 September 2021) Join 100 Platform Partners Developing the Future of the Built World Create 3D experiences that change how people access, manage and interact with the spaces where we live, work, and play ✓ 100+ Developers Join Matterport Platform Partner Program ✓ Examples include: CAPTUR3D | Listing3D | ...
Matterport Digital Twin Example/Case Study: Large Retail Toy Store DanSmigrod 1 11 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin | VEDES Spiel + Freizeit Breustedt Store in Goslar, Germany | Matterport tour by 63 Pixel Chief Technology Officer Stefan Nitz Matterport Blog (27 September 2021) Browse and Shop for Toys in the VEDES Spiel + Freizeit Breustedt Store in Goslar, Germany Discover how 63 Pixel uses Matterport to elevate the online shopping experience
Matterport Blog: Lamborghini Showroom in Mexico City DanSmigrod 3 11 monthsAYODELE (69): Amazing, never thought showrooms for vehicles could look this great. I will really love to use this as well to see what the market is like in my area.
MP Blog: Blog Take a virtual vacation at The Cloister at Sea Island Resort DanSmigrod 1 11 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Matterport Tour of The Cloister at Sea Island Resort, Georgia | Matterport Tour by Harlan Hambright Matterport Blog (13 September 2021) Take a virtual vacation at [url=]The Cloister at Sea Island Resort[/url] - Harlan Hambright Architectural Photography enables...
Matterport Blog: How Japanese retailers replicate in-store experiences DanSmigrod 1 11 monthsDanSmigrod (27531): Tour by Planning Office Reeship Owner Ryo Torii Matterport Blog (3 September 2021) Explore how Japanese retailers replicate in-store experiences | See how Planning Office Reeship revamped YOAK’s footwear showcase in immersive 3D
Matterport Blog: Announcing Matterport Notes: Collaboration (Beta) DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Matterport Notes | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 24 August 2021 Matterport Notes | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 25 August 2021 Matterport Blog (25 August 2021) Announcing Matterport Notes: Collaboration is coming to spaces | Start a conversation in any space WGAN Forum Related Discussions ✓ Matterport launches Notes, an...
Matterport Blog: Virtually explore one of Haiti’s essential health centers DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Tour courtesy of Build Health International Tour courtesy of Build Health International Matterport Blog (23 August 2021) Virtually explore one of Haiti’s most essential health centers | Build Health International gives partners an interactive tool to view the physical landscape of global healthcare infrastructure
Matterport Blog: 9 Benefits of Using Matterport for Large Insurance Claims DanSmigrod 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): @JonSabath Congrats on Sabath Property Damage Consultants being featured on the Matterport Blog. I added some links to your post above to make it easier for potential clients to connect with you. Best, dan
Example of a Retail Store Replicating the Experience within a Matterport DanSmigrod 22 1 yearahagert (141): @wingman @meshimages- THANKS FOR THE RECAP! @expertise THANK YOU!
Matterport Dollhouse View Now Offers Labels DanSmigrod 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Editing your Matterport Model: Labels & Dollhouse | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 12 July 2021 Transcript (video above) Amir Frank: Welcome, Matterporters. In this video, I just wanted to cover the new Labels in Dollhouse View and a couple of the things that we just rolled out on July 1st. So let's go ahead and dive right in to see how to set this up. Now you should know that older...
Matterport Tour: The Institut Europeo di Design (IED) Kunsthal in Bilbao DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin of The Institut Europeo di Design (IED) Kunsthal | Matterport Digital Twin by Mendilur Position Matterport Blog (9 July 2021) Explore a design institute in Spain built from a historic building on the Island of Talent and Knowledge | Mendilur Position uses Matterport to give students an immersive tour of the Institute’s unique architecture We have been working with...
Matterport Digital Twin: Retail Store Harvey Norman with Many MatterTags DanSmigrod 5 1 yearYadie (7): Thank you. It took around 5 hours. It is just over 400 scans.
Matterport Digital Twin Example of an EMS (AMBus Ambulance Bus) Station DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin of Austin-Travis County EMS (Texas) | Matterport Digital Twin by Austin, Texas-based Envision ATX Anthony Guinta Matterport Blog (28 June 2021) Virtually experience an Emergency Services Services station in Texas | Austin-Travis County EMS gives citizens an immersive way to learn about injury prevention and how they help the community
Matterport Digital Twin of Restaurant in Dubai + Restaurant Business Model DanSmigrod 2 1 yearMatterFix (276): Great project! And really good idea to consolidate restaurants into one go-to site! Perfect use for Matterport technology. I have been considering doing similar for venues (wedding, meeting etc). What are your plans for the main interface to access all of the properties?
Question of the Day: Does this sale price mean a MP Pro3 is imminent? DanSmigrod 8 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Matterport Pro2 3D Camera + Free Hard Case Offer Matterport Pro2 3D Camera + Free Hard Case Offer [Does not include the tripod and quick release plate] Hi All, Please see above about how to receive a free hard case for Matterport Pro2 3D...
Matterport Digital Twin of Circus School Gym: Cirkus in Beweging, Belgium DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin of Circus School Gym: Cirkus in Beweging, Belgium Matterport Blog (14 June 2021) Enjoy the show at the Cirkus in Beweging | This Belgian circus school is welcoming visitors from across the world to tour its historic gym --- WGAN Forum Related Discussions ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV 67 Tips for Creating Matterport Digital Twins of Schools ✓ WGAN Forum posts...
Matterport Triples Time Spent on Senior Living Website; Page Visits up DanSmigrod 3 1 yearGETMYVR (1319): Definitely inspiration for making contacts in this field. Videos of resident testimonials embedded with Mattertags would definitely add closing skills to this! Good job.
Example: Matterport Digital Twin of a Recording Studio in Historic Building DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Round House recording studio. Matterport Digital Twin by []Nichecom[/url] Matterport Blog (17 May 2021) This historic home turned residential studio can now be explored through its digital twin Alexis Michallek, manager of recording studio, The Hideaway at the Round House, shares how the team is using Matterport technology.
Matterport Digital Twin of 215,000 SQ FT School; 1,464 Scans Over 4 Days DanSmigrod 8 1 yearExpertise (942): Just so impressed that you guys did this with no previous experience. And "howdy" to @metroplex360, a true pro and someone we admire greatly.
Matterport Blog: How to Select The Right Camera for the Job DanSmigrod 2 1 yearExpertise (942): I want a Pro 3.
Matterport Digital Twin of a TV/Film Soundstage/Production Facility DanSmigrod 2 1 yearWingman (3308): Not related to production and more like a performance thing but I did a theatre 2 days ago. I call it now I have tried everything.
Matterport Blog: Exploring Matterport’s New Add-Ons Section DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Grab 1: Add-Ons within Cloud Account Grab 1: Add-Ons within Cloud Account Matterport Blog (21 April 2021) Exploring Matterport’s New Add-Ons...
Matterport Tours: a Firehouse Before and After Renovation DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Firehouse: Completed Renovation | Matterport Digital Twin by Matterport Blog (19 April 2021 Anthony Carrino Reaches the Finish Line (Part Four of Four) From foyer to living room, take the Matterport 3D grand tour of Anthony Carrino’s mesmerizing home renovation extravaganza
Scavenger Hunt within Matterport Tour: Construction Surveying Equipment DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Geosystems, Bilbao, Spain | Matterport Digital Twin courtesy of Global Geosystems Matterport Blog (16 April 2021) Take a virtual trip to Spain and tour Global Geosystems - The team at Global Geosystems welcomes visitors to a digital recreation of their office in Bilbao
Matterport Digital Twin of Lux Kitchen & Bath Showroom with Many MatterTags DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Kuche & Bagno | Matterport Digital Twin by United Kingdom-based Venue View Virtual Tours Managing Director Keith McMahon Matterport Blog (14 April 2021) Tour Kuche & Bagno's luxurious Warwickshire showroom from the comfort of home - Kuche & Bango partner with Venue View to virtually showcase the latest trends in design
Matterport Museum Example Shot in Low Light + Many MatterTags (in Korean) DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): National Museum of Korea | Matterport Tour by Korea-based Dataking Ceo and Founder Sunstar Matterport Blog (12 April 2021) Explore Korean history dating back to the first century at the “Gaya Spirit” exhibit - The National Museum of Korea and Dataking team up to digitally archive thousands of cultural artifacts
Matterport TruePlan for Xactimate save restoration companies $121,830/year DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Grab: Matterport Blog Matterport Blog (8 April 2021) Introducing Matterport TruePlan™ for Xactimate®, a new Add-on offering that’s a must for insurance and restoration customers - Our new TruePlan Add-on lets you generate accurate as-built sketches of any space, right from your model, with a click of a...
Matterport Blog: Matterport helps showcase art destroyed in Beirut Blast DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531):“L’Art Blessé” ( “The Wounded Art” ) by Jean-Louis Mainguy | Matterport Digital Twin by oVRlebanon Founder and CEO Elias Haber Matterport Blog (22 March 2021) Matterport helps showcase art destroyed in Beirut Blast - Matterport Capture Technician, oVRlebanon, scans extraordinary art exhibition, unveiling the beauty of art destroyed in the 2020 Beirut Explosion
Matterport Blog: Back-to-School with a Virtual Open House DanSmigrod 10 1 yearDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twins courtesy of Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School (MTCES), Bulter, Ohio Matterport Blog (3 March 2021) Touring Elementary Schools Safely During a Pandemic - See how Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary uses Matterport 3D scans to give prospective parents and students on-campus tours safely from afar. "Mother...
Real Estate MarketPlace, DoorInsider, Uses Matterport for Sales/Rentals DanSmigrod 4 1 yearAlcobaparis (11): Any questions, feel free to ask.
Matterport Digital Twin Example: Luxembourg National Museum of History/Art DanSmigrod 2 1 yearAlcobaparis (11): Culture is accessible everywhere and affordable. Luv it !
Blog: Matterport Enables Safe Reopening of UK’s COVID-19 Impacted Schools DanSmigrod 3 1 yearCharlesHH (609): It ends with "Get started with your iPhone" Imagine trying to scan the school in the dollhouse with your iPhone. How to truly s*** on the providers who made Matterport what it was.
Matterport Digital Twin of the French Broad Chocolate Factory DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): Digital Twin of the French Broad Chocolate Factory, Asheville, NC | Matterport Digital Twin by Jared Kay, CEO of Amplified Media Inc., Asheville, NC Matterport Blog (10 February 2021) Getting To Know Your Chocolate This Valentine’s Day - Matterport partners with French Broad Chocolate Factory in Asheville, North Carolina to provide an intimate perspective of chocolate production,...
Message from Matterport CEO RJ Pittman on Matterport Going Public DanSmigrod 4 2 yearscastaway (78): Alec Gores recently helped Luminar go public
Matterport Digital Twin of Oldest Synagogue in France: Built in 1343 DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): @J8MediaServices Welcome to the WGAN Forum. Thank you for your backstory above about your Matterport tour of the Synagogue de Carpentras. Sweet! Please do share the treasures of Provencal Heritage by starting a new WGAN Forum discussion, when ready. Best, Dan
Matterport Example of 200,000 SQ FT Large Venue with View From 6,400 Seats DanSmigrod 8 2 yearsHome3D (3300): @Vividmedia - scan count makes sense to me. I've done 70,000 sf and it came to about 650 scans. @ron0987 - What you've suggested here about creating an index for easy-click access to any section is very doable by embedding this MP tour within a 3DVista tour. I've done this.
My Backstory to this Matterport 3D Tour of MLK's Ebenezer Baptist Church DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): Hi All, Seems appropriate to re-share this post on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Dan
Matterport Case Study: COVID Motivates Broker to create Matterport Tours DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsron0987 (2076): Sales are still to hot in my area for agent to worry about 3d tours or pro photos I am am getting fewer calls from agents. I am focusing on builders or apartments that need to host a virtual platform.
Matterport Blog: Handel and Jimi Hendrix Museum in London DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsAlanD (40): Amazing job! Thanks for share it!
Matterport Blog: Explore a Digital Twin of the Historic Mark Twain House DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): Tour by Capture Visual Marketing Matterport Blog: Explore Mark Twain’s Home Where His Most Iconic Works Were Hi All, Matterport Blog (7 December 2020) Step Into the Pages of History - Explore Mark Twain’s Home Where His Most Iconic Works Were Written Simsbury, CT-based Matterport Service Provider Tony Healy (@Capture) with Capture, LLC struggled with Matterport scans...
Matterport Blog: SURVEY: Retail Stores Go Virtual DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsGETMYVR (1319): Another good example virtual grocery shopping, from Inabuggy
Egypt Monuments, Matterport Blog AhmedAttia 5 2 yearsAhmedAttia (220): @DanSmigrod thanks a lot Dan for this supportive feedback and looking to share more with you soon.
A message from Matterport CEO RJ Pittman about COVID-19 | Coronovirus DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsHome3D (3300): Yes, Matterport should offer free or discounted processing and hosting during the crisis. That would put heart ahead of profits and, by doing so, likely generate more customers and good will to carry forward when the crisis resolves.
How PropTech is helping to keep business going during COVID-19 Outbreak DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): Hi All, Here in an excellent round-up of how Matterport digital twins help empower business transactions during the Coronavirus. Below are some of the highlights. I encourage you to read the entire Matterport blog post here. While no one wants to be exploitive of COVID-19, reminder that you - a Matterport Service Provider - solve a real, immediate problem for real estate agents and their home seller clients (and for home buyers). You are...
Matterport Blog: Matterport Enables 3D Measurements For Its Platform DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): Matterport Blog (12 December 2019) Matterport Enables Interactive 3D Measurements For Its Spatial Data Platform PRNewswire (12 December 2019) Matterport Enables Interactive 3D Measurements for Its Spatial Data Platform - New Measurement Mode further positions Matterport digital twins as the collaboration medium for the built world --- Related WGAN Forum Discussions ✓ Matterport Enables Interactive 3D Measurements for Its...
Matterport Blog: natural partnership between property auctions & 3D Tours DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (27531): Matterport Blog (29 November 2019) Exploring the natural partnership between property auctions & virtual tours "In October 2019, Town & Country Property Auctions reported a rising number of buyers who were coming to its auctions prepared to ‘buy blind’ – which means bidding on a property without actually having visited the home in person," says the Matterport Blog post by David Rabee. 'This is where virtual tours...