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Matterport Billing...Complaint19671

rhelling private msg quote post Address this user
I've complained to Matterport about billing/invoicing...

I'm curious if others have the same issues and/or would join me in complaining. lol

Last month's invoice:
I ordered my monthly professional subscription...
Plus (2) CAD files...

Seems simple enough. But I forget how much those CAD files cost, so about a week after I ordered them, I tried to find "somewhere" that told me how much I spent. Notta. I asked Matterport and their answer was, "you'll have to wait until the end of the month when the invoice comes out."

Now, imagine I ordered (5) CAD files. It's roughly $5,000. I'm working my expenses and I'm trying to figure out whether I should order another CAD file. BUT....I have no idea my credit card is already being charged $5,000. Now, I completely understand that as a professional business...I'm on top of my books and know what my expenses are...but my complaint is that at no point during the month can Matterport provide me with how much my credit card is going to be invoiced. To me...that's totally unacceptable.

Second...I just got my invoice for the subscription and (2) CAD files.'s (9) pages. Apparently Matterport isn't worried about the environment if I decide to print that invoice. One page of what I ordered...and 8 pages of things I could have ordered but didn't.

Please, someone agree with me that this is beyond ridiculous and that Matterport should hire an accountant...or a software accountant engineer. (I'm pretty sure that they can afford it based on my last invoice.)
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Fan Club
Coeur DAlene, Idaho
daviddemilo private msg quote post Address this user
Same complaint here, different problem.

I paid for a Pro account in August, got charged over $600 for 20 spaces.

I added 10 spaces in January, immediately got charged for $550. No explanation of the start/end of the subscription, credit for existing subscription, etc.

And no obvious way to raise a case with customer service on billing issues.

Do they think they're Facebook?
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Fan Club
Coeur DAlene, Idaho
daviddemilo private msg quote post Address this user
Apparently, the infotech people at Matterport (and frankly, a lot of tech companies) don't understand that billing is part of customer experience.
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rhelling private msg quote post Address this user

Glad to hear i’m not alone. BUT I promise to be a loud voice. I shared with Matterport that I had 1,000 projects and explained all the details in 100 pages of text. Then told them I only wanted 2 of them to get CAD files. …and after i ordered them, I let Matterport know that in 30 days I’ll be able to tell them whether i can pay or whether we’ll have to discuss small claims court.
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Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
I'm pretty sure most of us can agree Matterport has among the worst customer service in the history of any service company. And that's just because Matterport has the wrong CEO of leadership.

As a public company shareholders don't give a s*** about how you take care of the customers, just how much money they're returning.

How's that return? Looking for all you who invested on top of crappy customer service?
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