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Matterport Pro3: your highest ceiling scanned?19667

ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
What is the highest ceiling scanned with Pro3? I have a follow up for a Museum that has about 35’ ceiling that they want the ceiling scanned for architectural detail.

My thought process is run the scanner thru at about 10’ to scan the ceiling detail and then run it thru at normal height to pick up exhibits. It’s an open layout. Does anyone have any examples of higher ceiling scans where the ceiling detail was captured.

If you did have issues please identify them so I can avoid the same pitfalls.

Thank you

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WGAN Forum
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

While not your question, this still may be helpful to you:

=> WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Tall Tripod



P.S. For example, from one of the WGAN Forum posts tagged: Tall Tripod

Originally Posted by @Meidansha
Mechanically, Leica's batteries charge faster than the Pro 3. So you can potentially scan contiuously if you use the charger and the three batteries the Leica comes with.

Also the Leica doesn't freak out if it shakes around a little bit when you scan so you can put it on a big pole like the pic below to get those hard to reach spaces.

Even better the Leica stores the scan data internally making it possible to scan in a team and combine the data later on one iPad after the job is done (though it takes a little practice to get the scan points to combine well). This can save you big dollars as you won't need to pay Matterport to stitch spaces after the job!
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod this style of tripod could not be maneuvered in and around displays.

I was following up today, the peak of the ceiling is 45’. With the new high density MP settings, the cameras has the reach of 100 meters. So it should easily reach the ceiling. Game plan is to go in and do some sample scans to confirm the cameras capabilities before I scan 300-400 scans and find it won’t work or does not deliver what the customer wants.

Has anyone did any follow on actual distance the camera reaches with the new settings?
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WGAN Forum
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WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

From one of the posts tagged: tall tripod

Is this Manfrotto helpful?

Originally Posted by DanSmigrod

Congrats on your BLK360. Exciting! Please do share some of your BLK360 meets Matterport work in a new WGAN Forum topic.

Here are WGAN Forum posts tagged: Tall Tripod

From this WGAN Forum discussion is this example:

Ideas to scan large exploded truck

Originally Posted by @ahojman
Originally Posted by @ron0987
@ahojman this looks like about the toughest job I have ever seen to do with Matterport. I would check on renting a Leica Blk360 and use @MeshImages idea of rent a tripod that will elevat your camera above it and thru the maze of wires holding up the parts. But if your going to use Pro1 I definitly use elevated tripod. They make one with hand crank so you can raise or lower it for easy access and moving it. You can rent them at most large land survey companies. Please keep use posted on out come and work flow.

I live in Argentina.
Here you can find iron, wood, wine, friends, no much more than that.

I will try to do some captures on Saturday with my Insta 360 One X and see if it works for them.
I made a "DIY tripod" at the past to have 2 extra meters, but I think this is too much.
Here you can see my "invention":

And, from the same discussion...

Originally Posted by @MeshImages

This is the Manfrotto high stand, Manfrotto 269BU 4-Sections Super Stand, here is a link to the manfrotto website and there is also the 269 Giant stand, which is even higher (which I have not worked with)

I have the 269 Super Stand with wheels attached and a clamp to fix the Matterport Camera.

It is heavy and you will probably need assistance. If you move it, be careful, it may be shaking. This is why I have attached wheels. And please make sure to use a very good clamp, too. I use it with a RRS

And, from this WGAN Forum discussion:

How to do a Matterport scan when the place has a high ceiling?

Originally Posted by @marcoastan
Yes, it help me so much Dan. Thank you for your explanation. I'll try it.
How about if I use boom machine like this?

is the machine will be appear in the image?


@SpencerLasky may have some additional ideas?

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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Short answer: Matterport Pro3 Camera scans at 20 meters (65 feet) above for your museum scans (even though the Pro3 Camera can see 100 meters) (328 feet).

According to this Matterport Support page, last updated 27 March 2024:

What is the scanning range on Pro3?
Pro3 can capture depth points at a distance of 100m (328 feet), which is reflected in E57 files and BIM files. In processed models and other add-ons, the depth used is 20m (65 feet) per scan. This applies vertically as well (think atriums, cathedrals, and so on).

How high can the Pro3 scan?
The Pro3 can scan approximately 20m above where it's placed. If you want to capture something taller than that, we recommend using an elevated tripod.

@ron0987, does this help?

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