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Matterport Automatic Publish to Redfin19643

WGAN Standard
Greenville, South Carolina
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I received a call from a client this afternoon, who went off on me because the Matterport tour from his recent photo shoot was showing on Redfin but he has not listed the home yet.

I am aware of the content distribution option on Matterport and I turned it off for this tour and it was removed from Redfin almost immediately. I always thought that, and Redfin would only publish the tour if the listing was active.

Even the Matteport support page for Content Distribution clickable text states… “Additionally, your listing must be Active in order for your Matterport model to be distributed. If your property is Off Market, for example, the listing isn't Active and content distribution won't work.”

I possibly lost a client because of this, he wasn’t very understanding of my explanation of why I have automatic distribution turned on for my tours. Anyone else noticed Redfin publishing tours that aren’t listed? I am going to look through the rest of my previous jobs on Redfin and see if any other tours of inactive listings are published.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Per my memory, some years back, Matterport changed the Real Estate Add-ons so that the default setting was ON rather than OFF. I concur with you that this was NOT a good idea because scans are most always done before the listing is active. NAR changed rules a couple years ago so that agents are prohibited from any public display of "advertising" (which a MP tour is, sort of by definition) prior to listing. Agents have a 24-hour grace period, but can be fined by their local board if, once some advertising is "public", they don't list a property as active within 24 hours.

Matterport (are you listening to the WGAN posts?) should go back to default being OFF, so that these errors don't occur, putting agents in jeopardy and their photographers in an embarrassing situation.

FYI, another issue I once encountered was creating a custom floor plan for an agent, including her branding. She innocently added it as a "photo" on her MLS and was called to task because photos, videos, tours, etc on the MLS are prohibited from containing any agent branding. Was quickly fixed by replacing with a generic unbranded version and my client was not fined, but it's an issue.

Personally, I think agents should be able to including branding on their media. My reasoning is, Zillow and some other aggregators pull this media into their listings and then try their best to HIDE the real listing agent's info, in order to trick buyers into calling Zillow's "premier" agents who have simply paid them money but don't actually have the listing. The "Contact Agent" button goes to Zillow's paying agents, not the listing agent. The actual listing agent's info should always be prominent. It's a little better on and much better on, but fewer people use these sites.

BTW, when I create videos I brand the end of them with my own company logo. This is fine with our MLS. It's just the agent's branding that is prohibited.
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