Elevate Your Matterport Models and Construction Projects with STAGES!
Discover STAGES' Key Features in One Engaging Video:

1. Matterport Split-Screen Effect: See the difference in your models.
2. Matterport Screenshots and Hand Sketches: Add your personal touch.
3. Matterport Blueprint Synchronization: Keep everything in harmony.
4. Matterport Models Stitching: Smooth transitions between scans.
5. Area Measurement: Precision in every detail.
6. Punch List Export to PDF: Streamline your workflow.
7. Point Cloud Support: Dive deep into your data.
8. Support for compatibility with IFC, OBJ, FBX, SVG, JPG, and More: Versatile file format.

You can experience all of these features for FREE with STAGES software. Join our community and unlock the full potential of your Matterport projects.