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Matterport Service Provider that wants to fill gaps in your shoot schedule?

Hi All,

Here are suggestions if you want to fill gaps in your shooting schedule:

1. Free! Get Text Alerts When Help Wanted Posts Appear in the WGAN Forum (USA and Canada Only)

2. WGAN CHEAT SHEET | 90+ Companies Seeking MSPs to Shoot Matterport/HDR Photos Gigs (Automatically receive the password when you join the WGAN Forum (free). Already a WGAN Member and need the password? Please Private Message me (@DanSmigrod)

3. Got a Matterport Pro3 Camera or Leica BLK360 Scanner? Get on THE List!

4. Ask existing clients for referrals

5. Offer Add Ons for existing shoots (such as Floor Plans, Smartphone shot Listing Videos using a template that eliminates editing.)

6. Watch this video (If you are a Matterport Service Provider that uses a Pro2/Pro3, you do not need to buy a 360 1-click camera until you know that you got a gig that justifies the purchase.)

7. Join as a WGAN Fan Club Member or WGAN Standard Member and get on the WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map

8. Join the SNAPPR Photographer Network

10. Reach out to a Matterport competitor: shoot for each other when on vacation and/or sick.

11. Offer to shoot free headshots at a brokerage. Ask a client to help enable. Meet new agents and let them know that you already shoot for X, Y and Z in the brokerage.

What other tips do you have for Matterport Service Providers that want to fill gaps in their schedule?

Enjoy your weekend,