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Matterport Pro2 Create Tour: White Balance Issue - Orange Hue. Help Please18668

leeverdon private msg quote post Address this user
Good day,

I've been having an issue lately with the Matterport Pro2 camera's white balance in some scans. I noticed that in the majority of the bedrooms the color is off and it shows a bright orange or yellow tone from a particular viewpoint/distance. See attached screenshots.

I'm aware that certain light bulbs could be attributed to this but as you navigate closer the color returns to normal. Anyone else experienced this issue?

I emailed Matterport and this was their response.

"As I review the models it seems that the color was because of too much light and the reflection of the light coming out from the window. If you can cover the window by using window blinds or curtains this might help us improve the resolution of the tour. You can also use this third party software like MPEmbed for color enhancement."

A lot of the time the rooms I scan do not always have blinds or curtains so it's not possible to cover the window. It's quite annoying that this camera doesn't adjust accordingly based on the lighting conditions.

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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
actually, the camera has done a good job balancing to the overall room. the yellow is from incandescent bulbs in the closets. I love shooting new homes with all LED lights. that is the only solution. the problem is easily fixed to stills pulled from the tour by decreasing yellow saturation and/or increasing brightness in the command-U menu.
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Club Member
Buffalo, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with Harlan. And I often get a green hue from the lawn outside. Even with the highest grade DSLR in the best lens, these light issues are really difficult to bypass. Simply because these high quality cameras really absorb the true light that we see.

I carry a box of daylight LEDs with me at all time. However, I think we can't neglect the overall objective of what these 3D tours are actually meant to do and that's put people inside of the space.

You can always send the agents at tip sheet. Encourage them to replace all incandescent light bulbs with daylight LEDs. Or even offer that service as an upgrade and then change the light bulbs back to what they were.
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