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'Color' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Matterport Pro2 Create Tour: White Balance Issue - Orange Hue. Help Please leeverdon 3 11 monthsGETMYVR (1850): I agree with Harlan. And I often get a green hue from the lawn outside. Even with the highest grade DSLR in the best lens, these light issues are really difficult to bypass. Simply because these high quality cameras really absorb the true light that we see. I carry a box of daylight LEDs with me at all time. However, I think we can't neglect the overall objective of what these 3D tours are actually meant to do and that's put people inside of...
Help! Any 3rd party tools that gives some image color/contrast? aerialpixels 3 2 yearsaerialpixels (451): @denlee Thank you!
Color view doll house MyVirtualScan 4 3 yearsMyVirtualScan (17): Thanks all. We dont have the choise for many colors, only 3 but perfect ;)
inside outside color temp correction thereal360 1 4 yearsthereal360 (271): Hey.... It's been a few days. But there are still more questions to be had!!! So on of the bigger problems I am running into doing 360 tours is the color temp. Never thought that would be a issue, but it is. Inside and through windows. The color temp inside is warm the color temp outside is cooler, and it's a pain to get the outside to match to the inside and then to match to the WHOLE tour. Is there some voodoo magic I am not aware of....
Video>How to quickly/easily fix/adjust color casts issues in RE photography DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29855):>How to quickly/easily fix/adjust color casts issues in Real Estate photography | Video courtesy of Rich Baum YouTube Channel | 30 June 2020 Hi All, What one new thing did you learn from this video? Best, Dan
Video: How to improve the Color Brightness/Saturation of a Matterport Tour DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29855): WGAN Standard Membership Benefit of the Week --- WGAN-TV MPEmbed-an Overlay for Matterport Showcase with FounderDeveloper Chris Hickman-Short Story #409- Custom Image Filters Hi All, A WGAN Member writes: "... new to Matterport using the [Ricoh Theta] Z1, how can you edit in Lightroom? I shot a sample tour yesterday and it’s really blown out and I’d love to be able to post process it, but how can l? In this WGAN-TV Short...
Matterport color: Am I being too picky? izoneguy 8 5 yearsDanSmigrod (29855): @izoneguy As a WGAN Standard Member, you receive: ✓ FREE! First six months of Cupix Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to Google Street View), if you are a We Get Around Network Standard or Premium Member. Dan