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WGAN Transcript: Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport18660

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ZUANT3D is a WGAN Sponsor
WGAN-TV | Case Study: Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and Plug Power Global Events Manager Tracy Oakland | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 18 May 2023 | Plug Power | @petergillett | WGAN-TV: Lead Generation and Real-Time Insights for Matterport via ZUANT

WGAN-TV Transcript | Case Study: Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport

Hi All,

[Transcript below]


I'm so happy that Plug Power and ZUANT are working together. … Without question, the analytics here are invaluable. It's something we would never get from an in-person only event. I've had the opportunity to work with several people within ZUANT between the Symposium and the crazy last-minute work and the consistent work we do with the [ZUANT] trade show application. … ZUANT is absolutely part of my A-team and I look forward to more Matterport + ZUANT3D tours. I look forward to continued work with lead generation at trade shows.

Tracy Oakland
Global Events Manager
Plug Power


On WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET) on Thursday, 18 May 2023, the topic is:

WGAN-TV | Case Study: Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport

My guests for this WGAN-TV show are:

1. Plug Power Global Events Manager Tracy Oakland
2. ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett

While we touched on how Plug Power uses Matterport + ZUANT3D for lead generation and insights in this previous WGAN-TV show - Lead Generation and Real-Time Insights for Matterport via ZUANT - we will do a deep-dive case study in our upcoming show.

Demo and Discussion Topics Include

1. The Problem Plug Power faced and how ZUANT3D solved this
2. Demo and walkthrough of the Plug Power ZUANT3D experience
3. Walkthrough of the ZUANT3D dashboard demonstrating stats and analytics
4. Future Plug Power "times" ZUANT3D projects
5. New ZUANT3D feature - Live Video and Chat

Questions that I should ask about this ZUANT3D + Matterport Case Study with Plug Power?


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Here is an example of Sales Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by ...

=> Example of Lead Generation Form in a Matterport Tour powered by



Zuant Contact Info

Landing Page:
Book a Demo: Contact Us
Email: |
Phone: 866-616-4958
WGAN Forum: @petergillett


Lead Capture is at the very heart of what we do. Streamline lead retrieval and data capture at events, showrooms, trade shows or in the field. Anywhere in the world. Follow-up instantly with a Content Showroom at your fingertips. Integrate seamlessly. Manage data securely. Analyse easily. All within the Zuant system.

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Zuant Cloud continues that journey by providing reports and analysis and connects to your CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

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ZUANT is a self-funded, independent company with all of our tech development based out of two offices in the UK’s Silicon Valley. From here, we orchestrate our global operations and are building great partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.

What began with boxes and boxes of lead capture forms, processed weeks after an event when the leads had gone cold, has blossomed into a digital platform in pursuit of ease and speed. And the name Zuant? It’s derived from the medieval Anglo-French word suant – meaning fast and light.

About Plug Power Inc.

Plug Power is building the hydrogen economy as the leading provider of comprehensive hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) turnkey solutions. The Company’s innovative technology powers electric motors with hydrogen fuel cells amid an ongoing paradigm shift in the power, energy, and transportation industries to address climate change and energy security, while providing efficiency gains and meeting sustainability goals.

Plug created the first commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) technology. As a result, the Company has deployed over 60,000 fuel cell systems for e-mobility, more than anyone else in the world, and has become the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen, having built and operated a hydrogen highway across North America. Plug delivers a significant value proposition to end-customers, including meaningful environmental benefits, efficiency gains, fast fueling, and lower operational costs.

Plug’s vertically integrated GenKey solution ties together all critical elements to power, fuel, and provide service to customers such as Amazon, BMW, The Southern Company, Carrefour, and Walmart. The Company is now leveraging its know-how, modular product architecture and foundational customers to rapidly expand into other key markets including zero-emission on-road vehicles, robotics, and data centers. More Info:


From the previous WGAN-TV Live at 5 show with ZUANT (below):

WGAN-TV Podcast | WGAN Forum Podcast

WGAN-TV Podcast | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | | @petergillett

WGAN-TV Podcast | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | | @petergillett

WGAN Forum Podcast | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | | @petergillett

WGAN-TV eBook | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | | @petergillett

WGAN-TV Training U

WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) - Free Course | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | | @petergillett

WGAN-TV | Sales Lead Generation & Real-Time Insights for Matterport Tours powered by ZUANT | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and ZUANT Chief Technology Officer Dave Hickson | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 19 January 2023 | | @petergillett
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WGAN Forum
Founder &
WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN-TV | Case Study: Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport | Guests: ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett and Plug Power Global Events Manager Tracy Oakland | Episode: 174 | Thursday, 18 May 2023 | Plug Power | @petergillett

Transcript (Video Above)

Dan Smigrod: - Hi all, I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Thursday, May 18, 2023, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. We have an awesome show for you today.

It's a Case Study - Plug Power Lead Generation Powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport and our subject matter experts today to visit with us on this topic are Plug Power Global Events Manager Tracy Oakland. Hey Tracy, good to see you. Thanks for being on the show today.

Tracy Oakland: - Thank you for having me Dan.

Dan Smigrod: - Awesome. Also with us today is ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett. Pete, good to see you. Thanks for being back on the show.

Peter Gillett: - Good to see you again Dan. Greetings.

Dan Smigrod: - Pete, for context for today's show. How about filling us in on ZUANT and ZUANT3D?

Peter Gillett: - Cool. Yes. Delighted. ZUANT itself is the classic Lead Retrieval, Lead Management app that's earned its spurs over the decades scanning badges of trade shows and providing content and all of that lead management flow to streamline things through to CRM and marketing automation systems.

Then in the last few years, we've been asked to do the same thing for 3D spaces and hence formed a partnership with Matterport so we could overlay these additional services on Matterport 3D digital twins, and to start with, of course, exhibitions and trade shows was an idea of the example for this, but also into other events for clients like 3M and Tesla.

A lot in the bio health care field for companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific. We're seeing that this is actually taking us out into much wider fields. Tracy is going to talk about the manufacturing side, but also across fashion and retail and into travel and hospitality. Any way you need to demonstrate something.

Dan Smigrod: - Awesome. Lead Generation, good-quality data. ZUANT has been doing this for years. Thousands of trade shows over time. Now the addition of the Matterport virtual spaces. Pete, you and I and along with ZUANT CTO Dave Hickson, we did a deep dive WGAN-TV show: Sales Lead Generation and Real-Time Insights for Matterport via ZUANT3D. Our viewers can get a deep dive demo into this whole topic. Our short link: www.WGAN.INFO/ZUANTonWGAN

Dan Smigrod: Then as well to go to your website: Tracy, for context for today's show tell us about Plug Power. Big picture about Plug Power.

Tracy Oakland: - Sure. Plug Power has been working in hydrogen energy for more than 25 years. We built the first market for hydrogen, which was a turnkey hydrogen solution to support material handling operations of customers like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.

They are using 50,000 fuel cells and 50 tons of liquid hydrogen a day in their operations. We're also currently the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen in the world. Today our focus is heavily on building a green hydrogen infrastructure. Plug Power has fleets of forklifts and vehicles, green hydrogen plants, electrolysers, fuel cells, and a Gigafactory.

Now we're working on storage and delivery, all part of a green hydrogen network that we're developing to meet the challenges customers face and fully decarbonize energy transportation and industrial applications. We're becoming a one-stop shop for those who want to apply clean energy to their daily operations.

Dan Smigrod: - Yes, and who doesn't want to do that? Very exciting story actually to read about Plug Power at about the initiative for green.

Large company 3,000 employees, just released annual sales topping $700 million annual sales. Large company. Before we dive into the topic, anything else about Plug Power at a high level for context?

Tracy Oakland: - I would just say it's funny that you mentioned the 3,000 plus employees because only about two years ago we had 600. Between two and three years we've grown from 600 people to 3,000 plus. I think it proves our point that we're in it for the long haul and we're in it to make change.

Dan Smigrod: - It's very exciting, the pace of growth. It's really quite extraordinary. For today's topic:.

Plug Power Lead Generation powered by ZUANT3D + Matterport.

Dan Smigrod: What was the challenge that Plug Power was facing and how did Matterport + ZUANT help Plug Power?

Tracy Oakland: - It's funny, Dan. At the end of last year, I was talking to our exhibit house that builds our trade show exhibits. I said, "ladies, I need Lead Generation. I need custom Lead Generation that can streamline all of the global events that I manage."

Every show we were going to get different feedback, different analytics, and very basic stuff. They went to ExhibitorLive, a large trade show. I think it was in Las Vegas last year where they met Will Ross from ZUANT. They initially started talking to him because of my need for Lead Capture applications.

Once Will and I connected and he started telling me about the capabilities ZUANT has, we came across this 3D capability and I thought, well, actually, we're doing our annual symposium, which was in October last year [2022], and it was the first time since COVID that we could do in-person, but we also wanted to broadcast globally because there's no way to go back at this point.

It's a great way to connect with the global community and also you have a minimal amount of people in person. I started talking to Will and saying, we have a new Gigafactory out in Rochester, New York. That's where the symposium is going to take place.

We have a maximum of 200, 250 people that can be there, but we're going to stream worldwide. Using this 3D capability, how do we show the world everything that those people on site are going to see too? It was a very quick turnaround, a surprise project, I think for all of us.

We were definitely working until the very last minute to get it done, but it was such a departure from what I initially reached out to them about.

We were so pleasantly surprised because as people talk about, not only is it that visual of people seeing what we're seeing on site, that transparency, but then it's all of the analytics and all Lead Capture that come from a 3D environment as well.

Dan Smigrod: - Could you break it down into two categories? Let's put Lead Generation to the side for the moment and talk about perhaps how you were able to use Matterport and ZUANT for the offsite people to be able to experience the on-site.

Tracy Oakland: - Yes. Basically, one of the pieces of our symposium was going to be a tour of the new Gigafactory.

Basically what we did with Matterport and ZUANT was Matterport came and did a 3D scan of our factory and all of the points of the factory that were going to be tour stops in person. Basically, those people that were able to see it online, were seeing the same stops and seeing the same information that everybody on-site were seeing.

You would stop at the front entrance of the building and it would pop up like a hello or a video of our GM, Dan O'Connell, welcoming you to the Gigafactory, same as he did in the tour. Then we went around the facility and took scans of all, I think it was seven stops.

The 3D version allowed us to pop up a video where we had subject matter experts speaking about what's happening in each of those spots. Truly that global community was getting everything a person was getting on a tour in real time.

Dan Smigrod: - The big picture, how many people were able to view the Plug Power experience off-site?

Tracy Oakland: - Thousands. I don't know the exact number at this moment, but the number of people who logged into the symposium was close to 5,000 I think.

That being said, once it ended, people were still watching the 3D tour. As Pete would say, he just told me recently that there's still people watching that tour and I didn't even know it. It's great.

Peter Gillett: - Are still in there.

Tracy Oakland: - It's almost countless at this point Dan because you know where it started at that symposium live. Thousands and then it's there.

Dan Smigrod: - Now, I imagine in a factory that's related to some new innovative technology, you don't necessarily want people to see everything that's in the factory. How was ZUANT3D + Matterport able to help with that challenge of "we want people to see the factory, but we don't want people to see everything in the factory because with Matterport you do see everything."

Tracy Oakland: - Absolutely. It was a very simple conversation. Once they did a scan of each stop, we would go through the scan.

We would say, "this is a piece of IP, can you blur it out?" It was as simple as that. When you are watching the scan or the video, it never looks as if it was blurred. It was very professionally done where it was just simply a piece of the view that you didn't get too much detail in.

Dan Smigrod: - I imagine also that with ZUANT they were able to make it so that you would perhaps jump from the reception area right to the spot in the tour and skipping some things that you didn't want to show.

Tracy Oakland: - Absolutely. Yes. There's a lot of hallways. There's a lot of side rooms, labs, and things like that. Yes, we did take the opportunity to jump from spot 1 to 2, 3, 4 through 7 and keep it clean.

Dan Smigrod: - I'm going to ask Pete to do a demo of that a little bit later, but I still want to stay with the big picture.

Before we move on to the Lead Generation piece of it, was there anything else in terms of the visual experience of doing this online with Matterport + ZUANT3D? -I heard you at least talk about some annotation, so in my mind, I think of, "oh, here's a video of Daniel O'Connell, your [GM]."

"Oh, here's some subject matter experts." They're on video telling the same story that perhaps they would have told to the 200 plus that we're in person. Were there other things like that within the Matterport tour enhanced by ZUANT3D that you recall?

Tracy Oakland: -Absolutely. To be honest, there was probably so much that we could have used that, we didn't because of the quick turnaround. When we do further different scans, I am excited to see what else we could have done.

But yes, I think it was so easy to work with them. The idea that you can have a scan of an entire 360 space. A lot of the things that we were showing in this tour were brand new machines, building stacks, and things like that, all the parts and pieces to our fuel cells.

For a video to be able to pop up and somebody explain what that machine is doing, or data sheets, you can load any kind of data, PDFs, Word, anything you want, you can add in there so that people get the true information you want. It's at your fingertips how much or how little you want to allow people to see.

Dan Smigrod: -But in this new world of hybrid, where you're both doing an in-person and an online experience, it seems in this case, where perhaps in the past you might have had a special event experience, that would have been it.

But I think what I'm hearing is, you would have been limited to 200 people as opposed to the thousands that actually have now participated virtually in the Matterport + ZUANT3D experience. Were you able to learn things from, perhaps some of the analytics of ZUANT about where people spent their time or what, can you speak to that?

Tracy Oakland: -Absolutely. So that was the key, the analytics are key when you try to understand what people are interested in. And Plug Power, even though we'd been around for 25 years, we're still very entrepreneurial.

We're always trying to think of what's new, exciting, and what people need. To be able to see where a person went in this 3D tour, where they spent most of their time, did they click on all videos, or did they just click on a video focused on the production of a stack or an MEA Panel? It really gives you an understanding of what people are interested in.

That being said, it also shows you what countries people are watching from, or looking at different things, and what they are interested in. In Europe, green hydrogen is a huge conversation right now, so it's interesting to see somebody visiting this tour from anywhere really, and what they focused on, whether they went through all seven stops, or they wanted to really focus on one particular thing we were doing.

Dan Smigrod: -Either, what did you find or what surprised you when you had access to the analytics that's provided by ZUANT3D of a Matterport space?

Tracy Oakland: -Again, it's the understanding of what people are interested in. There's such an interest in our PEM electrolysers, and I think that says a lot about the hydrogen conversation.

It only become a big deal in the past few years where people have actually thought, wow, hydrogen really could be a thing, and now green hydrogen is a thing, and to see it through this Matterport ZUANT3D tour, to see that people really want to engage on how we're going to do that, says a lot to us about, we're doing the right thing.

It shows people that were actively doing it. It's one thing to say something, but this is a transparency to show people that Plug Power is actually producing.

Dan Smigrod: -Tracy, were you surprised at how much time was spent within the Matterport tour? How much time was spent at the different stations?

Tracy Oakland: -I wouldn't say I was surprised. I was delighted because when we did it, I thought, "oh, this is it, this is what people need to see."

Because again, what I said about it's one thing to talk about something, but the action needs to follow. I was so excited to see that people were viewing and seeing that we were actually doing something with hydrogen.

Tracy Oakland: Surprised and excited, probably in the same. Like I said before, there's no going back. I mean, there's no way you can't use this kind of software and this kind of production to get this information across to the masses.

Dan Smigrod: -I would imagine that you could have used just Matterport, and people could have viewed a Matterport tour, but you wouldn't have had any of these analytics.

How important was it that after you were surprised, maybe not surprised, but delighted about how important it was to actually have that feedback, that, "oh, we had thousands of people tour this space and spent a lot of time at the different stations and watched all these videos of subject matter experts talking about."

How important was the analytics of being able to know time spent, where was it spent, where were people from?

Tracy Oakland: -It's key. It's everything. What's funny is when I reached out to ZUANT and we started talking about the 3D tour, the initial demand was just to show people the store. Well, we have people in person that are going to see things. We need these people to see things too.

Then the fact that those analytics are behind it was a pleasant surprise, so then it's something that Plug Power has never had, it's something that Plug Power has never had the opportunity to follow.

I know that the conversation isn't about the lead generation app that they have as well, but that too is what we're seeing at trade shows, at corporate events, we're getting these analytics that we never had before.

Now we have new people on our marketing team that are solely focused on really understanding these analytics, and working campaigns, and things like that, to make sure people get the information they're looking for, and the only reason we know what they're looking for is because of these analytics.

Dan Smigrod: -Let's talk about the lead generation.

Dan Smigrod: When your guests virtually entered the Matterport space, did they need to register through a ZUANT-provided registration screen?

Tracy Oakland: -They did. I did not work on that piece, but they did. It was in collaboration with whatever the hosting platform was for registering for this symposium as a whole.

Dan Smigrod: -Okay.

Tracy Oakland: -So they worked together.

Dan Smigrod: Pete, was that the case that the guests registered by filling out a ZUANT form in order to enter the Matterport space?

Peter Gillett: -They could do it that way, but also working with the webinar platform. We can just pull the registrations through to save them the trouble of having to do that so we know who they are when they go into space.

Dan Smigrod: -So you could do it either way?

Peter Gillett: -Sure. Absolutely. Of course, the people using the space now, on a daily basis, they register on the ZUANT form.

Dan Smigrod: -They register. In essence, there's two ways to enter a Matterport space of Plug Power.

One is you already know who they are, so you've granted them access, and then second, for those that you may not have necessarily invited, but have the opportunity to view the tour, they can register to enter the front door, essentially of Plug Power. -At the high level Tracy, can you talk a little bit about the lead generation as a result of this open house, this special invitation?

Tracy Oakland: -For the symposium, you mean?

Dan Smigrod: -For this symposium.

Tracy Oakland: -Yeah. It's again, thousands of opportunities to see who visited. What you see on the backend from ZUANT is who the person was, all of their registered information. You can see what they looked at, how many times they looked at it, if they went back to something.

Again, new people on our marketing team go through those analytics to understand what a person is doing when they visit it, and then continue to monitor campaigns based on that.

Dan Smigrod: -I'm somewhat naive. I don't fully understand all this. How important is it to your sales team when following up with someone who has visited the symposium to know exactly what they looked at within the Matterport tour and how much time they spent and which videos they looked at? How important was that?

Tracy Oakland: -We're all consumers. Imagine you go into a store and somebody comes up and wants to sell you this piece of equipment over here, but you have zero interest in that. You came into the store to get a baseball bat. Whatever the case is, it's the same thing with our sales teams.

They can go to this person and they can not waste this person's time or their own time talking about a broad picture or a hypothetical or things like that, they can immediately dive into what they think this person wants. Nobody wants their time wasted.

Nobody wants to be sold something that they don't need. It really helps for a conversation to be streamlined. To simply say, "you were here we saw that you visited this spot several times. What else can I tell you about that? What kind of information would you like to hear? What kind of additional stuff can I send you?"

Dan Smigrod: -As Global Events Manager before ZUANT, and you were doing events where you essentially collected the equivalent of a business card? We're talking about the difference between night and day.

We went from the information on a business card to actually, how much time did they spend? Where did they spend it? What did they look at? Which videos did they look at? That person is interested in inside a factory and using a forklift and the conversion of an existing technology to a green hydrogen technology for warehouses, is that...?

Tracy Oakland: -Yeah, absolutely. If you think of the 250 people that were there on site, we don't have these analytics for them. We know that they went on this tour. We know that they stopped at all seven spots.

We don't know if it interested them or not, unless you get feedback from them. Without question, the analytics here are invaluable. It's something we would never get from an in-person only event.

Dan Smigrod: -When you interact with perhaps sales and marketing, you are the Global Events Manager in a company of 3,000 employees. I would imagine there's a lot of people that have a focus on sales, a focus on marketing.

When you came back to them and said, "Here's the data analytics and the lead generation that we have and the information behind the leads." What kind of reactions did you get from your team?

Tracy Oakland: -They love it. It's just an added tool for them. It's a more efficient way for them to work. As in, we get valuable leads you're also able to see what's not valuable necessarily. It's always great to have people visit. It's always great to know that people are interested.

There's no question that there's competitors that are looking. There's no question that there's college age kids in university looking, which is wonderful, but certainly not somebody our sales team is going to reach out to.

Those instances, it streamlines for the sales team who the focus is, who the mature conversations are, who you sent us to sourcing a lot of the time, suppliers will try to sell us something. We'll log in and that's wonderful and we know to put them over on the sourcing side of things as opposed to sales.

Dan Smigrod: -It also helps the sales team prioritize? I imagine there's never enough salespeople to call the number of leads all on day 1 or all on week 1 or all in month 1. The ZUANT Data Analytics/Lead Generation, was that instrumental in helping the sales team prioritize?

Tracy Oakland: -Absolutely. We have every business unit that has a sales coordinator and part of their many, many jobs is to gather leads from an event or this 3D tour and plan out who in their business unit gets the lead and who has to follow up and things like that.

It does help and though we're not currently using it, ZUANT does enable you to integrate directly into Salesforce. The reason we're currently not using it is because we integrate first into a program called Pardot which is as a marketing tool and then ultimately you look like, you know that.

Dan Smigrod: -The Founder is in my office, in my co-working space.

Tracy Oakland: - There you go. They're a lovely group. Yes. We go through Pardot first and then give it to our sales coordinators to divide and conquer amongst the sales team.

But any of that integration is helpful whether it's integrating, to Pardot or Salesforce is helpful because it's less manual work that we have to do and again, back to the efficiency of it all.

Dan Smigrod: -Pete, before I ask you to give us a deep dive demo of the Plug Power + Matterport + ZUANT3D at a top level, are there follow-up questions that you feel like you want to ask Tracy?

Peter Gillett: -Well, Tracy though we're delighted to have you two doing the job for me at this stage. You've had a taste of this at short notice, that it's delivered quite a lot more, but I think any of us expected at the time, we just didn't know.

You have to fly kites sometimes and see what happens. With that taste where do you see this headed for the future?

Do you see similar applications for other plants or earlier about your hydrogen highway way, are there other applications for Digital Twins that you can see in the future.

Tracy Oakland: -Absolutely. -There's no question we will use it again. We are building green hydrogen production plants across the US and we fully intend on doing at least one, if not multiple Matterport tours of those facilities.

Some of our products, like our PEP electrolyzer product or stationary power units. These are very large 40-foot-plus products that we absolutely are considering doing some Matterport digital twins with because those are things that you can't bring to somebody to show them.

You could bring a person there. But we much prefer to be able to bring a visual to people of what these very large scale products look like.

Peter Gillett: -Pretty cool. Do you ever see a time at a trade show where you would just, instead of building a booth, you would build a theater and have a 3D tour to go plant to plant? Any thoughts like that yet?

Tracy Oakland: -I think that can be integrated for sure. I think in the trade show world, there certainly needs to be an element of real product.

That's what people are looking for. But there absolutely is a world of combining it similarly to what we did for the symposium. You have things happening in person as they should, but certainly, an ability to bring other people broadcast to other people or broadcast into that show from a plan like you said.

Dan Smigrod: -I found it fascinating that you had 200-plus people come on-site yet the thousands of people who participated virtually, you know way more about what's of interest to them versus having collected their business card as they walked in the door or checked them off that they had registered to attend.

Tracy Oakland: -I think it's an element that people in live events hadn't really considered until recently. Now you invite people, you know the people that you're inviting, it's a bit of a select group, but you still don't know.

Dan Smigrod: -How important was it that you had thousands more participate than the 200 they could participate in person?

Tracy Oakland: -That's what I said. You can never go back. I think we will always have to have hybrid events because it started from the year before when it was the end of COVID and we were still being cautious and so we had a virtual event for the whole symposium and then we did the hybrid.

It's one of those things where you can't go back. We have valued customers and partners in Europe and Asia all around the world.

Why not include them in what we're doing and make it easier for them?

Dan Smigrod: -Since you were offering a virtual experience, did you have any concern that that might reduce the in-person attendance?

Tracy Oakland: -That was asked of us, but we were never really concerned because the Gigafactory is a tremendous large-scale place, and so we didn't know that it was something special for people to come see.

We were pleasantly surprised that we're happy that people did show up. Rochester, New York in October is always questionable simply by weather standards. But we did have a really great group in person and we were confident because of what we were showing them, but absolutely pleased to show globally as well.

Dan Smigrod: -Great. Pete. How about giving us a deep dive demo specifically of Plug Power + Matterport + ZUANT3D, specifically related to the symposium? Then Tracy, if you want to comment at any point while Pete is going through his show and tell. Please feel free to jump in.

Tracy Oakland: -Sure.

Peter Gillett: -Good. This is the screen once you've logged in and interestingly, this is the first time we use the Matterport Pro3 Camera, which was a really good test to show the quality of 3D photography outdoors as well as indoors.

Dan Smigrod: -Pete, excuse me, I'm looking at this still picture, so this is a Matterport tour and you're right outside.

Peter Gillett: -We're right outside. This was taken, I think on a Friday evening before the event the following week. I guess that's the sun going down and there's a guy walking over to a truck there. That gave a very nice quality introduction.

Dan Smigrod: -For clarification, help us understand the frame that this Matterport tour is living in.

Peter Gillett: -This is the ZUANT3D frame. This allows us to obviously provide some additional branding.

But the key thing here is to provide navigation. Particularly in this case, we didn't want people just wandering around and getting lost or going into confidential areas. We were able to create a really nice flow along the tour. Tracy, I mentioned this is very similar to the sequence for the 200-odd people that were there in person.

Tracy Oakland: -Absolutely. Yeah.

Peter Gillett: -Then using the Matterport MatterTags to be able to.

Dan Smigrod: -So Daniel O'Connell is the [GM] of Plug Power, so he's doing the welcome greeting.

Tracy Oakland: -He's actually the General Manager of this facility of the factory. Andy Marsh is Plug's CEO.

Dan Smigrod: -Thank you. There is sound, but you've turned it down for the purpose of the group.

Peter Gillett: -Indeed -- most of the guests would have gotten through here and listened to the introduction.

Daniel O'Connell: -Welcome to the world's first and largest PEM stack and electrolyzer Gigafactory. This facility has a capacity of 2.5 gigawatts of electrical outlet.

Dan Smigrod: -That's awesome. We get it.

Peter Gillett: -That's easy.

Dan Smigrod: -I see on the right side it says next is plate stamping though I'm looking down a hallway. I imagine what's going to happen is when you hit plate stamping, you're going to skip spaces that Plug Power didn't necessarily want to show people.

Peter Gillett: -Indeed. Here we are at the plate ceiling and if you're into plate ceiling, you'd want to watch the next video. Dennis Sharp, who was the guy in charge of this particular area and so we've got the video for him to introduce this stage.

Dan Smigrod: -Are we able to look as a 360 in terms of being in the plate sealing space?

Peter Gillett: -Indeed, so you can see various aspects here. Few more videos, so not too much to browse around.

Dan Smigrod: -But I think this is probably important because that's been blurred. Tracy, I imagine that you or your team specified that we can't show whatever is on those pallets.

Tracy Oakland: -Exactly.

Peter Gillett: That's plates sealing.

Dan Smigrod: Again, for clarification, is the one and the green is that Matterport is that ZUANT?

Peter Gillett: This is a classic Matterport video with a MatterTag inserted. But of course, we're tracking how long people look at a video.

This becomes part of the dwell time on the sales leads that are captured. That's classic Matterport. If a sales guy was using this one to one with a visitor, they may not want to go through the tour. So you can hop two different sections.

So if you have a customer interested in stack assembly, he or she would jump straight to that. But interestingly for the symposium, people seem to religiously walk through the whole tour and it's amazing how engaged they got. They are into their subjects here.

Dan Smigrod: Well, unless there was something else on the front-end, maybe you can take us into the back-end. Which is really the magic, the secret sauce for ZUANT3D.

Peter Gillett: Absolutely.

Dan Smigrod: Was there anything else on the front-end that you wanted to show us, Peter?

Peter Gillett: Not particularly. You know those various steps all the way through the tour. If you're into hydrogen plants, this is your thing. And Tracy, I don't know if there are any other points that you had feedback on that some people find interesting here.

Tracy Oakland: No, I think the idea of being able to see inside of a working Gigafactory is in itself an opportunity.

I know not everybody is into that thing, but if you are, this is an exceptional opportunity to see how these things are set up and how they work together.

Peter Gillett: Good. For Tracy, her team, she has the power to go into the back-end of the system. In the future, we hope to line up these additional place cards if you like, to describe each of the factories.

Dan Smigrod: We're in the content management system, the CMS of ZUANT3D, and we're now looking at a demo account of the Plug Power Symposium 2022.

Peter Gillett: Yes. Well, this is the real account. This is like the content hub where you'd add additional Matterport scans or different tours, or maybe Tracy the future if you wanted a Chinese or Japanese version. You could have different tours in different languages using exactly the same scan but pre-packaged.

Dan Smigrod: Let me stop you here, Peter. I don't want to have you end up showing something we don't have permission for. Make sure we come off the tour and then talk about the different activities and lead and radar and what all that means.

Peter Gillett: Sure. In activity this is what Tracy you were talking about. You've both got an activity grid. You can see.

Dan Smigrod: We have some data that's just you Pete, that we can look at and not look at some other data. Great.

Peter Gillett: Yes. Indeed, this then gets packaged up. Once someone's left the space or there's been no activity for five minutes, we've set that time and it then creates a sales lead.

Dan Smigrod: Before we go there, let's go slowly over this page because there's a lot that probably really matters. Maybe you can help us explain what those different categories are and why that's golden.

Peter Gillett: Sure. Tracy was explaining to cut to the chase for the sales guy. He or she would want to know what the priority interests were for an individual in space. What did they dwell on the most? What did they skip through?

The sales lead once it's condensed, after someone's left the tour, you will be able to see those activities. And summarized so that you've got the person's contact details plus what their main interests were. Good indication.

Dan Smigrod: In this particular case, your email address is showing up and there's a date stamp. What experience do you have in this symposium?

We can see how much time you spend in the plates sealing, the plate stamping zones, and within those zones, which points you were looking at and spending time on.

Peter Gillett: Indeed.

Dan Smigrod: On this page, which gives you the number of interactions per se that let's say you had looking at the tour, is there a scoring system or is that something that's coming to help aid the salespeople so that you turn this raw data into --

Peter Gillett: Yes, so the start of this is radar, so that's the next thing. You can see all of the people that have been in the space through the course of today, where they left the space. The higher the score at this stage.

These are actual views of other visitors who have been in the Plug Power digital twin today. The higher the score, the more time and the more activities someone has taken in that space.

Dan Smigrod: Is there anything else to show us on the back-end?

Peter Gillett: Yes, there is. Radar is the precursor to a soon to be launched feature, which is chat and video.

You can connect this to your inside sales team, your contact center agents, so that they can be monitoring this and then diving in, maybe as a receptionist in Plug Power uniform to say, "well, I see you've been in the space and you're spending a lot of time looking at plate sealing for instance. Can I help you?"

I think that's the final step in making a digital twin something that's almost better than real life.

Dan Smigrod: We'll talk about that. I promised to ask you about that. I wonder if I should stay in the case study of what actually happened.

During the symposium was it possible for Plug Power to see in real time what was happening?

Peter Gillett: Yes, indeed. If we go to the dates of the symposium itself, which was in October.

Peter Gillett: Let's go back to say the 14th Friday was probably the shoot. Then run that to the end of the month.

Peter Gillett: It's now generating the stats on the dashboard to show exactly what happened. The numbers are terrific. In that period of time, you can see this symposium activity peaked at 65,000 activities.

That's wonderful engagement compared to tracking the few seconds that someone goes into your website and looks at a one or two pages and disappears off again. These guys had an average of 65 activities within that space. That's a really good engagement. Over 2,000 unique visitors were there.

Peter Gillett: If that number of people suddenly turned up at your exhibition booth or wanted to attend in person to this event, you'd be swamped and you couldn't engage with them all. It allows the service to cope with that traffic.

Then gives Tracy a view of where people spend the most time. Obviously, the welcome page and the lobby is the first one. But over time you'll start to see which areas were the most interesting. The fact that it's such a flat line here from station to station actually shows engagement, doesn't it?

Because they stayed in and wanted to do the whole tour. That was an extremely good job. Well done.

Dan Smigrod: Tracy looking at this page, do you have any comments?

Tracy Oakland: Just reiterating the things that Pete said, again, we would never have reached this number of people if we didn't have such a platform. Again, going back to that, I was going to say the same thing that Pete said.

When you see that linear steady graph there of engagement and the different tour stops, it does prove the point that everybody is stuck it out and it dropped off a little bit towards the end, but not by much. They really were engaged in the process of making these things.

Dan Smigrod: Had this only been a Matterport tour, I'm going to call it a vanilla Matterport tour, you wouldn't know any of this.

Tracy Oakland: No. Again, that would have helped visually, that would have helped give people some insight into our Gigafactory, but we would not have known what they were interested in.

Dan Smigrod: You really got to see that you had 2,000 unique visitors come to the symposium and in a delightful way experience everything that they could see with nearly equal amount of time.

Peter Gillett: Yes, it's surprisingly consistent. It shows tremendous engagement really much to our surprise, I think.

Dan Smigrod: I think there's more on this dashboard that you wanted to show. Pete.

Peter Gillett: We can change and adjust this dashboard. This is our suggested dashboard for clients to use.

But basically if we've got the data, we can present anything anyone wants. We've added things like most frequent departure points. Well, here you are. I think the hydrogen fueling system was probably the last stop in the tour so it meant that they stayed right to the end, things like that.

Dan Smigrod: Is there anything else on the backend to show us?

Peter Gillett: I guess the leads themselves then is the combination here.

Dan Smigrod: I think what we'll do is we'll come off that screen, and I think the key thing here was I saw a button that said export, so tell us about that export and what is it that Plug Power received?

Peter Gillett: Well, there's a standard. You can download a spreadsheet of your leads with all of that information.

But ideally, we'd have this plugged into what we call our railway station or the ZUANT Cloud, which is used for receiving leads wherever they're from bad scans or from Matterport 3D experiences, and then you can do all sorts of things with those leads.

Send a thank you for going on the tour, supplying some content, and connecting to the HubSpot system. So that's where all the traffic, the magic happens with processing and streamlining that lead to data.

Dan Smigrod: Great. Tracy, back to you. When you began this conversation, the challenge you were originally going after was related to your lead management and it sounded like it was a little bit every trade show had a different system and while we're on this topic, what challenge was ZUANT able to help you with just in general, with your physical events and your lead generation?

Tracy Oakland: Sure. Exactly what you said when you go to a trade show generally the organizer has a system that you can rent and you scan the badge and you get whatever information that person registered with is what you get.

You can sometimes add qualifying questions and then you get a simple spreadsheet fed back to after the event.

What I was finding in 12-20 global events in a year, it was all inconsistent.

The qualifying questions were inconsistent, the contact or data that they offered at registration wasn't always the same, especially Europe versus US, and so in addition to that, some of them you had a handheld, something tangible thing that you had to scan and other shows you'd have your phone and an app on it, and it became very confusing, very convoluted, and hard to get all of my sales teams on the same page about too, so this has tremendously streamlined.

We use the ZUANT app for every trade show. We've had eight trade shows this year so far globally. We also have the opportunity for our people to have this on there. Our CEO Andy Marsh, for instance, can have the app on his phone, and if he's sitting on a train going somewhere and he interacts with somebody and he wants to take their information and send them some stuff. He can scan their business card and it will load in.

He has specific qualifying questions and then he can send it to somebody on his team to follow up with. So it's that having it at the tip of your fingers as it were, where either it's on a trade show or it's on a train, it doesn't matter.

It all goes into the same system in the same way consistently, and then we upload them after each event and send them to our sales coordinators who know what they're getting. You know what I mean they don't have to sift through things. A piece with the ZUANT app that's great for us as they have a note section where you can dictate information. Our teams have been bombarded at trade shows and it's a great problem to have.

They've been so busy that sometimes all they can do is scan a badge or a business card and then dictate notes in the notes section, and that's okay because on the backend we are able to go through and look at that and organize it for them and know exactly what they were thinking, so it just really works.

There's been very few downsides and largely it's because somebody, it's user error or somebody is not great at technology and so they have trouble working at, but ZUANT is great at training, they've sat in and done trainings with our sales teams before shows so they know what they're working with and it's all uphill at this point in terms of what the opportunities are and how streamlined to this.

Dan Smigrod: If I hear correctly all these crazy different devices and technologies, they've all gone away. You've standardized on the ZUANT classic app for lead generation collection and I believe then ZUANT helped you with the export routine to Pardot. Is that what I was hearing?

Tracy Oakland: Yeah, they're working with the people on our marketing team that do the integration. They're working to integrate it so it goes directly into Pardot.

Dan Smigrod: Pete, I presume, just in general, whatever content management system a client is using that you build out the integration to for those enterprise size clients?

Peter Gillett: Yes, for sure. It could be a connection to your content, collateral videos so that they're on the app going in along the exit and the leads flowing through into the CRM or marketing automation platform, so that just saves so much time, and also most companies take a long time to follow up on leads to a show, and if you're spending hundreds of thousands, some companies millions on a trade show, it's madness not to get an instant thank you email out and up the sales guy is following them up. Getting ahead of the competition is the game these days.

Dan Smigrod: Awesome. I want to just switch gears a little bit, Pete, you started to talk about something new that's coming with ZUANT3D live guided chat. Can you talk just a little bit about that topic? What is ZUANT3D live guided chat?

Peter Gillett: It's both chat and video, and that can be initiated by a visitor into a 3D space, so a really good example. You're looking to buy a new car. You go into a Matterport scanned.

Dan Smigrod: -Let's stay on Plug Power for a moment and say how that might work for Plug Power. Let's talk about the symposium, this is a new feature that wasn't out at the time. But if Plug Power knew about this feature, how might that have worked with this symposium?

Peter Gillett: -With the symposium, we could have had a team of agents there available to talk to people going through the Matterport tour.

They could have just pressed the button to talk to someone or to have a chat if they had individual questions as they went through. I think almost more importantly, after the symposium, when we've had these other people visiting each day, then just to be able to greet them.

As I said, in a Plug Power uniform, as the receptionist would be sitting on a reception desk. "How can I help you? Why are you here today? Can I get someone from inside sales to give you a tour?" To give you that really good personal service that you sometimes struggled to get at a live show?

Dan Smigrod: -Oh, I think I heard three things. Had those virtual visitors stood in front of that piece of equipment. There might have been a live greeter to be able to interact with those that were visiting virtually.

Peter Gillett: -Correct.

Dan Smigrod: -That would actually be a one-on-one greeting as opposed to a one-to-many. Is that correct?

Peter Gillett: -Yes. Absolutely individual.

Dan Smigrod: -Literally, if Plug Power had enough staff to go around, could have had a one-on-one with anyone and that could have taken place at each station with a subject matter expert regarding that?

Peter Gillett: -Indeed, absolutely.

Dan Smigrod: -That video chat might've been initiated either by the visitor or by Plug Power recognizing that somebody is spending a lot of time standing in that one spot, looking, turning and say, "hey, I'm Dan, Just wanted to check and see if you had a question."

Peter Gillett: -Indeed.

Dan Smigrod: -Then presumably either could accept that video chat or not. As a visitor, I wouldn't be forced to accept that video chat I would get a little window. "Would you like to talk to a person right now?"

Peter Gillett: -Yes. Indeed, both screens could be controlled by either side.

Dan Smigrod: -Either side. Then I think the second thing I heard is that it could have been a text chat as well. I'm virtually standing in front of that station. I could be typing a note asking, "does that come in blue?"

Peter Gillett: -Indeed, simple as that.

Tracy Oakland: -Actually that's something that the in-person people had that the virtual didn't and it would have been helpful too, if we did have subject matter experts at each stop. Those real time questions that the in-person got answers to, that would be a perfect use case for that application.

Dan Smigrod: -Pete, how might that work? Let's just say it was at a Plug Power trade show that was happening virtually. In a similar fashion, I walk into the Plug Power trade show booth. Is there a video greeter for everyone or is it like would you like to chat with someone virtually to help walk you through the experience?

Peter Gillett: -Yes. Particularly for trade shows there'll be some people that really do want to see some new products being launched at the show. But they're on the other side of the world. They don't have time to fly to the show and the cost of hotels and so on.

They would actually pre book an appointment with someone in the booth who would be able to show them around using the digital twin, sitting in a meeting room actually at the show. You tend to have your subject matter expert for new products at a show so that's the best time.

Book of face-to-face live meeting or a virtual meeting if you can't travel to the show. It's a way of getting a much better return on investment for your exhibiting. I see more people and extend the life of the show, maybe for weeks or months afterwards.

Dan Smigrod: -For our viewers, if they're interested in learning more about ZUANT or ZUANT3D or ZUANT classic app or ZUANT3D live guided chat.

They can go to: and contact or rather contact page or go to or in fact call the company 866-616-4958. For those that are in the We Get Around Network Forum, Pete is at @PeterGillett.

For those that are interested in more about Plug Power, The website is: Before we all say bye, I just wanted to give each of you an opportunity to ask each other a question or comment. If that's the case. Tracy, is there something you wanted to ask Pete or just the final thought?

Tracy Oakland: -The final thought is I'm so happy that Plug Power and ZUANT are working together.

I've had the opportunity to work with several people within ZUANT between the symposium and the crazy last-minute work and the consistent work we do with the trade show application, I'm the type of person that likes to find an A team and stick with it and ZUANT is absolutely part of my A team. I look forward to more 3D tours. I look forward to continued work with regeneration and trade shows and anything else we can think of.

Peter Gillett: -Good. I think just to add to that, I think you were fairly brave just to dive in with this new technology, a new camera. Just did it. Appreciate your confidence with delight, but it's paid off in these early days. Wonderful.

Dan Smigrod: -Tracy, Thanks for being on the show today.

Tracy Oakland: -Dan thank you so much and thank you, Peter.

Dan Smigrod: -Pete, thank you for being on the show today.

Peter Gillett: -Thanks both.

Dan Smigrod: -We've been visiting with Plug Power Global Events Manager Tracy Oakland and ZUANT Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillett.

I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. And you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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Plug Power tour -- powered by Matterport and ZUANT3D -- without the lead generation form

Here is the Plug Power tour -- powered by Matterport and ZUANT3D -- with the lead generation form.

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