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Video: Are you getting Matterport client testimonial videos like these? DanSmigrod 3 1 monthDanSmigrod (28149): Bill Scavone, The President of Weichert Realtors is talking about Matterport and Marketing Strategy | Video courtesy of Lucy Edwards YouTube Channel | 25 October 2022
Video: Glowing Reviews Marketing Video for a Matterport Service Provider DanSmigrod 2 2 monthsChemistrydoc (1655): @DanSmigrod Thanks to great clients and Glenn Tremain, who is responsible for dressing up the review in a relevant way and getting it out there.
Video: GUESS Ensures Worldwide Branding Consistency with Matterport DanSmigrod 5 5 monthsDanSmigrod (28149): GUESS ensures brand consistency and 2x productivity with Matterport digital twins Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 11 July 2022
Matterport Shout-outs from vacation rental owners/property managers? KathySeiler 8 5 monthskaliforniatuffy (35): How does Vacasa work with MSP’s? Do they hire their own contractors or do MSP’s reach out to vacation rental property owners on their own?
Video: Why Cushman & Wakefield integrates Matterport into their workflow DanSmigrod 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): Redefining the Commercial Real Estate Space Through Digital Twins, Featuring Cushman & Wakefield | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 10 December 2021 Panelists Rasika Savkar Partner Ent. Customer Success Manager Matterport Brigitte Bennett Marketing Executive Cushman & Wakefield, APAC Stephen Johnson St. Operations Manager, TDS Cushman & Wakefield, NORAM ...
Video: Shout-Out for Matterport for Insurance Claims Documentation DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): Eberl Doubles Business Development Success with Matterport | Video courtesy of the Matterport YouTube Channel | 3 December 2021 Transcript (video above) Phillip Morris: We are the sons and daughters of people that are making a difference for people that were hardest hit in worse times. Whether it's Hurricane Ida, whether that's Hurricane Katrina. We're not going back in time to the Polaroid days. Nobody...
Video: How Canoa Uses Matterport to Reconfigure Interior Commercial Spaces DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): Canoa Testimonial for Matterport | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 6 December 2021 Transcript (Video above) 00:00 Overall, the premise of Canoa and what we do, simply put, it's way 00:03 to design, manipulate and reclaim interior products in the commercial setting. 00:09 Unfortunately, today's tools use very manual procedures 00:13 to inventory those items and actually project...
Video: Testimonial for Matterport by UK Property Rental Agency DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): Atkinson McLeod Customer Testimonial | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 26 October 2021 Transcript (video above) We [ Atkinson McLeod] are a London-based estate agent. We're right in the center of London. We deal with property sales and property lettings. We do a lot of property rentals. About 75 percent of the business is rentals. For me, Matterport really stood out, yet we've got...
Video>Matterport in Construction: Saving Travel; Saving Time; Coordination DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): Hi All, WGAN Forum related discussion: ✓ Matterport>Swinerton Accelerates Construction Projects Cuts Travel Cost 50% Also See ... WGAN Forum discussions tagged: ✓ Swinerton | AEC | Construction | BIM Dan
Video: Why Redfin uses Matterport to promote nationwide DanSmigrod 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): @GETMYVR I wonder if Redfin uses a 3rd party image editing company - that uses AI for image editing - to automatically improve image quality. Dan
Video: Dominos Pizza Use-Case (Will Equipment Fit in 30 Stores?) DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): RPM Pizza is using Matterport to manage 30 stores | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 21 July 2021 Video: Dominos Pizza Use-Case (Will Equipment Fit in 36 Stores?) Hi All, If you the Facilities Manager for a Dominos Pizza franchise with 36 stores, how do you figure-out if equipment purchased (different equipment/different brands/different measurements) will fit into each production area...
Vacasa Sees 10% increase in rental conversion using Matterport Tours DanSmigrod 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): How Vacasa uses Matterport to manage and promote vacation rentals | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 21 July 2021 @3rantz This video speaks to Vacasa's plans to continue with Matterport. Thanks for pointing that out: Dan Transcript (Matterport Video above) [00:00:05] Caleb Donegan: Vacasa is North America's top vacation rental Management Platform. [00:00:09] Caleb...
Video: Why Perkins&Will used Matterport with The Wrigley Building project DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (28149): Why Perkins&Will used Matterport with The Wrigley Building project | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 21 July 2021 How to use Matterport + Leica BLK360 (to Matterport MatterPak to point cloud) for planning a renovation for a Historic landmark.
iGUIDE Shoutout Video by a Real Estate Marketing Agency DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsWingman (3516): I do not get it. If they are doing a lot of tours why IGuide with no monthly fee but quite a big processing fee is suddenly a benefit for them? All he said about measurements are already inside Matterport system and what's left is a cost. Even with a new professional plan on Matterport a mansion size house will cost them only $69 in a monthly fee and they can still do up to 25 of them paying only $69. While with IGuide something huge can...
Video: Run (Don't Walk) to Buy Virtual Tour Pro Course by Ben Claremont DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Virtual Tour Pro Review - Is this virtual tour course worth buying? | Video courtesy of Eat Sleep 360 YouTube Channel | 5 February 2021 WGAN Forum Related Discussions ✓ Transcript: Creator Ben Claremont on Top 10 Tips for Starting a Virtual Tour Business ✓ Transcript: Why Buy Virtual Tour Pro Course by Ben Claremont Special Offers for WGAN Community 1. Save 15 percent on Virtual Tour Pro...
Video: Real Estate Photography Business Growth with iGUIDE - Jim McHugh DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Real Estate Photography Business Growth with iGUIDE - Jim McHugh | Video courtesy of iGUIDE YouTube Channel | 13 January 2021 From the iGUIDE YouTube Channel: Jim McHugh is the owner of HomeTourVision, founded in 2012. After recognizing the marketing power of visual imagery in the real estate market, he bought his first iGUIDE camera in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Going from working out of his...
Video: Matterport Tour as the 1st Viewing (Saves Agents Time) DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsHome3D (3326): The basic message here is the same as I currently express to my clients, and some have gotten surprising results. One of my top clients (shot over a hundred properties for her) recently was selling a home in Malibu, not on the beach but nearby. I created photos, a video and a Matterport, all combined in a WP3D Models webpage as I usually do. She listed on the MLS and within three days had multiple offers - TWO of which were "all...
A Thanksgiving Thanks rko1 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): @rko1 Much thanks for your super-kind note. And, thank you for your support to help make the WGAN Forum possible. happy holidays, Dan
Happy Thanksgiving ron0987 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): @ron0987 @ron0987 I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. And, thank you for for adding some much to the WGAN Community. Happy holidays, Dan
Just uploaded our 1000th editing job to Expertise 6 2 yearsExpertise (1060): Their video editing is pretty decent, we do it in-house mostly tho. I'm not sure if they do panos!?
Question of the Day: Do you get Shout-Out video testimonials while on-site? DanSmigrod 7 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): @johnwheatley Cool! Perhaps someone here will review SoTellUs app (and suggest a much better name :cool: for it! Dan
Thank You Dan Smigrod and We Get Around Network rko1 14 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy | Video courtesy of Derek Sivers YouTube Channel | 11 February 2010 @rko1 @Ghagendorf @Skeeter @GETMYVR @macalenny @3dshowcaseuk @Wonderdawg @lucadeal @DouglasMeyers @leonherbert @Home3D @Garnetwest Thank you for your super-kind posts. You remind me of the first follower dancing in this video (above). The We Get Around...
Real Estate Broker: [Matterport] "seals the deal with the listing" DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Chervenich Realty efficiently markets listings and rentals - A Matterport Customer Story | video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 17 March 2020 Hi All, Would it make sense to embed this real estate broker Matterport shout-out video to your website? (Or, to get a similar shout-out testimonial video from one or more of your clients?) Best, Dan Transcript - I'm Dave Chervenic with...
Matterport Marketing Video features "Shout-Outs" from Different Verticals DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): See how customers realize new efficiencies with Matterport | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (26 February 2020) Hi All, In this Matterport marketing video (above), Matterport clients - in various verticals - give Matterport "Shout-Outs" about why they :heart: Matterport. How might you use this Matterport marketing video to help you get more Matterport Service Provider...
Matterport Testimonial Videos: Keller Williams Agents DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): See how customers realize new efficiencies with Matterport | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 26 February 2020 Hi All, This video is a composite, highlights of "shout-outs" from Matterport clients. Dan
Question of the Day: Matterport Tour Sells House without Physical WalkThru? DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsBrokerBruce (281): Yes, I have one closing the end of the month. Super, almost new 3 bedroom rancher in Suffolk, VA. Older couple coming from NC., their agent did a facetime with them in the home just prior to writing the offer. I had shot one of my listings that had already sold when I got my Pro 2 Lite to practice on, so this listing was the first one I had actually shot and used for marketing.
Video: Matterport 3D Camera - How It Helps Sellers Stand Apart! DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Matterport 3D Camera - How It Helps Sellers Stand Apart! | Video courtesy of Caitlin Davis Nashville Real Estate YouTube Channel Hi All, This video (above) is an example of a real estate agent "all in" to differentiate her business with Matterport to get more listings. "Instagram verse real life, we all gravitate towards those beautifully posed photos, and the same thing goes for...
Matterport Video: Matterport customers speak about their experiences! DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): Wow black mic cable over white shirts. Freshman year, film school?
WGAN-TV Brokerage uses Matterport 3D Tours for ALL Listings: 25-40 Weekly DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsShakoure (441): @angusnorriss... Sounded like she confirmed that they hire photographers. However, the more important, follow-up question is whether they will switch to an inhouse model once their agents can simply use any compatible 1-click 360 camera as a much cheaper option.
WGAN-TV BH&G Real Estate CEO and President Sherry Chris on 3D/360º Tours DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate CEO and President Sherry Chris on 3D/360º Tours ( ICNY19) Hi All, At Inman Connect NY 2019, I spoke with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate CEO and President Sherry Chris about 3D/360º Tours. "3D imaging is the way of the future," says Sherry. "It's going to be an important technology component for everything that we do in our industry....
Question of the Day: Do you ask your clients for a shout-out video? DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Hi All, Got a shout-out video from one of your clients? Please share here. Best, Dan
I ran out of credits! Metroplex360 3 4 yearsPhotoAndVideoEdits (258): Thank you both very much and to all the other folks here that are using our platform. Colin
Are you getting video testimonials? DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (28149): Screen Grab: Slide courtesy of Digital Summit Atlanta (22 May 2018) Hi All, You have happy clients? Ask them to do a testimonial on video. More powerful that logos. Got a testimonial video to share? Best, Dan P.S From #DSATL | Digital Summit Atlanta (22 May 2018)