How to avoid the Matterport "Unarchiving" to Active Fee

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On Tuesday (17 May 2023), Matterport announced a new fee for "Unarchiving" ...

For clarification, if you have been archiving Matterport tours so that they did not count towards your Matterport Cloud Plan for the number of active models - now - when you unarchive a model, you will be charged $9.99 per model when you unarchive-to-active fee (beyond your plans "Included reactivations per month" allotment. (5 in a Matterport Professional Plan and 10 in a Matterport Business Plan.

Also on Tuesday, WGAN Forum Members discussed in this WGAN Forum topic (and included below), how to avoid Matterport "Unarchiving" to Active Fee.

Of course, the challenges of this (below) workaround include:

1. the hassle if you have added Matterport MatterTags or other enhancements that would need to be done again.
2. the hassle of self-storing Matterport spaces

Originally Posted by @SoldSquad
$10 to unarchive a model? Really?
It might make sense to just upload the scans again to create a new one, if they're still on your device, unless you spent much time editing the original.
Yeah - I just looked, and have almost all of the old scans I might ever want still saved in my iPad.

Originally Posted by @Jamie
@SoldSquad exactly. that's something we would most likely do. Save each model to the computer, re-upload to an ipad and process again. It's a waste of their resources.


What are your thoughts on How to avoid the Matterport "Unarchiving" to Active Fee?