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Does 8gb vs 16gb on ipad pro 2022 make a difference for MP Pro3 Scanning?18133

Olegred private msg quote post Address this user
I just got an Ipad pro in anticipation of the Pro3 camera upgrade.

Mine has 8 GB ram.

Would 16 GB version be noticeably faster and more reliable? What do you think?
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Cayman Islands
Harrycayman private msg quote post Address this user

Yes 16 GB ram is recommended by Matterport especially when you get bigger jobs.
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EMILIANO private msg quote post Address this user


I carried out tests between Ipad Pro 11 2nd version and Iphone 14 Pro Max, with single scans, scans to be associated with other scans (made both with Camera PRO3 and with PRO2) the time difference is about 2/2.5 seconds, ie scan with Ipad Pro 24/26 sec, with Iphone 14 Pro 22/24 sec... (with average scan times of the PRO3 of 16/18 sec)... for 2 seconds more... even if they were 6 , my will to upgrade from Ipad Pro 11 2nd version with one of the 4th version, given the cost, it "frozen"

Always ready to change my mind if I'm proven otherwise.

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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
I just shot two cruise ships and for the first one I had my older i pad ( 4 years old...) and the app kept crashing and I had to resort to my i phone 13 pro, and that was OK. For the second ship ( 930 scans) I bought a 1 tb and 16 gig ram i pad and the job went soooo much smoother.
I opinion... get the best tool for the job and in this case the bigger the better
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I did a hotel on this Monday with a Pro3 for event spaces with my Ipad Pro 2020. It took about 430 scans for about 1300sqm on two levels. Transfer & alignment were as fast as with a Pro2 and took about 7-9 seconds. Jumping from one side to another to add a scan where I could not do it before did not crash anything, just took a bit more time which is normal.
The only big difference is that deleting a Pro3 scan takes significantly more time than deleting a Pro2 scan.
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EMILIANO private msg quote post Address this user

I too have noticed that when you delete a scan with PRO3 it takes much longer to delete than with PRO2.
I scanned a historic building with 1150 scans in PRO2 and 110 in PRO3 with my Ipad Pro 2020 (1260 total scans)... if I had had the PRO3 sooner... how many less problems and how many cancelled/misaligned/wrong scans would I have I would be spared.

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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
That part with longer deleting times may be affecting only those who has not updated their camera hardware. I had to update it today as I was getting really bright shots. That is not only mispresenting a space but also blows windows too much(see attached image when the Sun was covered with thick clouds). I have posted about it on MOUG but it seems not many is experiencing the same. That's why I decided to install the latest firmware on my camera. It has not fixed brightness but it has fixed a speed of deleting scans. They disappeared and all data removed almost instantly when I tested it on two scans model. It cloud be fast because it is just two scans but I hope updating firmware has sped it up a bit.
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Olegred private msg quote post Address this user
Based on what I hear I returned the 8gb iPad, thanks Amazon, and ordered a 16gb machine. Pro3 cameras are 4 weeks out, I can not wait to put my hands on it.
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96020 8 8
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