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'iPad' Topics

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Planning to buy an iPad? Here's why you may want to wait a month DanSmigrod 6 1 monthDanSmigrod (30186): Apple (7 May 2024 Apple unveils the redesigned 11‑inch and all‑new 13‑inch iPad Air, supercharged by the M2 chip
iPad power consumption? ron0987 4 3 monthsMeshImages (2764): Had the same issues. I could not go over 400 Pro3 scanpoints without waiting minutes (!) for transfer and alignment on the latest ipad pro with M2 and 16GB RAM. (I have scanned models with more than 1.500 scanpoints before). Capture app has completely sucked up the ipad battery plus 20.000 powerbank in 5 hours of heavy scanning (400 scanpoints). I have solved thse problems by deleting many duplicate models and by archiving other model data. I...
Matterport Models missing on my iPad? Where have they gone? ScanMan 1 3 monthsScanMan (256): My Camera hasn't done much work in a while and I got it out recently to update firmware and prepare it for a job. Much has changed since I last used it . My main concern which I am confused about is where have the original scans gone which Iv'e always kept and never deleted on my iPad? Iv'e up dated the app and now i'm asked to login to access the original scans but only a handful of my models are appearing ? They should be easy to access on my...
iPad Pro M1 (1 TB/16GB RAM) vs. iPad Pro M2 2022 (512 GB/8GB RAM) 3dscanindonesia 6 4 monthslilnitsch (5469): @3dscanindonesia Not announced yet. But, expected at the Apple Spring event (Speculated for March) Source March iPad Event Apple is planning to introduce new iPad Pro models and a new set of iPad Air models in early 2024, and we could see them come out at a spring event. An event in March or April is typical for Apple, and this year's event could happen in March. Here's what we think we'll...
Transfer a Matterport Space between iPads? ELAN42 5 7 monthsELAN42 (146): Sorry, it works ! Updating iPad OS luckily updated to the last Drive version, and it seems to work (move Zip of Matterport Archive between 2 iPads)
Matterport Pro3 with an iPhone 14 Pro? rhelling 4 9 monthsWingman (4192): trimming & marking mirrors before uploading. Plus during scanning you may need to delete some scans or place a 360 view on a job minimap. All this in my opinion is much harder to do on a small screen
Which Android tablet? And experience with taking notes and sketching? Sdoughtie 12 1 yearSdoughtie (383): The preview is automatic if you send it from Apple Mail and paste the link into the message. I wish I knew of a way to do it in other mail clients.
Are there advantages to Matterport scanning with an iPad versus an iPhone? rhelling 6 1 yearSdoughtie (383): That's it, I'm using the ipad from now on...
URGENT: iPad closes Matterport app unexpectedly. How to fix?! Flashcutter 5 1 year8643d (246): You will definitely notice your time on site scanning will be faster with your new iPad. Best of luck!
URGENT! Matterport File Uploaded, but not processing. Help Please! fotoguy 10 1 yeardave3d (521): Failure rate for us continues about the same percentage. As of today a minimum of 4 of 74 (5.04%) Sorry if this sounds confusing. Something we are looking into now: We scan for multiple accounts each day. We're gonna make sure we only check to upload scans for one account at a time. No upload checks on scans for any other account until the first accounts scans show complete and processing. Only then will we log out of that...
when you go away from matterport app on ipad it stops uploading? Olegred 3 1 yearWingman (4192): do you mean when the app is just goes to background and it stops uploading? I would guess it is more like apple problem and they may pause any inactive app to do anything and it is not a choice of the app itself. Also the same should happen when an Ipad turns its screen off. To avoid it all I usually have some long timer for turning screen off, keep the app active(on top of everything) and leave my ipad as close to my router as possible.
Is my Matterport data on my lost iPad or in the Matterport itself? Flashcutter 6 1 yearWingman (4192): If you have not uploaded it for processing then it has been lost. However if you have apple backup setup and backup was done between completion of a job and the time you realised your iPad was dead you should be able to recover it from apple cloud. Also what do you mean by died? May be you can somehow turn it on and get the job exported or uploaded for processing.
Does 8gb vs 16gb on ipad pro 2022 make a difference for MP Pro3 Scanning? Olegred 8 1 yearOlegred (102): Based on what I hear I returned the 8gb iPad, thanks Amazon, and ordered a 16gb machine. Pro3 cameras are 4 weeks out, I can not wait to put my hands on it.
Which iPad to buy/replace older model? kjoman 5 2 yearsWingman (4192): I believe the only thing you need to do to use it in the future is to upload a job for processing. Once it is done you can recover all scans back to your capture app. @Hopscotch posted a video about recovering yesterday. See it on the link below I have also added to the thread another great discovery about this new feature.
Will iPad with M2 Chip Enable Faster Matterport Scanning & larger models? DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsWingman (4192): On my Ipad Pro 2020 alignment takes about 5 seconds and I believe that the only time a new iPad model can improve. However even if a new model can do alignment in 1 second which I believe is unreal it is only saving 4 seconds on total of 34 seconds(30 seconds spin, 5 seconds transfer and 5 sec alignment). It does not look big that much even though it saves 10% time. More Ram is great but again I could do 1200 scans models easy with my Ipad so...
Quickest Apple iPad for Matterport Speed? west360digital 4 2 yearswest360digital (7): Thanks for the info! I did 2 tests: iPhone 13 - 40 seconds for total scanning, uploading, aligned and ready to scan again. iPad 32GB (2017)- 46 seconds for total scanning, uploading, aligned and ready to scan again. I think this new Ipad Pro with M1 Chip would be better. 8RAM and 16RAM options. I think there is probably an improvement on Matterport's end that could improve the speed. If I could get this down to 30 seconds, it could save a...
Question of the Day: Will you buy an Apple iPad Air? (Announced Today) DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsWingman (4192): No to Ipad Air as I have an Ipad Pro but I am waiting to see Apple glass. It can be quite great utilising it for scanning. If it allows a screen of an Ipad to be wirelessly mirrored to their glass you can keep your ipad on a tripod next to a Pro2 and have the strongest link for data transfer while you can see & control everything that the capture app is doing remotelly.
Matterport Capture App + Tripod + Rotator + Capture Automation: Up Next? DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Tuesday, 8 February 2022 --- ==> Matterport: Axis, a New Hands-Free Motor Mount for Precision 3D Capture ==> Question of the Day: Your thoughts about Matterport Axis Rotator? ==> Matterport Discounts Starter Plan to $6.67/Month with Axis Starter Bundle
Question of the Day: Your thoughts about new Apple iPad with Faster Chip? DanSmigrod 17 3 yearslilnitsch (5469): @DanSmigrod I preordered at 5am on launch ~ it's home show season so, I am running
Advice request - 2021 iPad options for MP Pro capture use Home3D 3 3 yearsMeshImages (2764): There is great discounts on iPad pro 2020 models, so I would recommend to buy one of those. The pro models have a better battery pack and best performance to speed up your workflow.
Question of the Day: Which new Apple iPad are you considering and why? DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsBenAdgie (85): Between 8gb of ram and the M1 chip, I would expect any of these iPads would handle large scale Matterport scans. I had a problem in the past with lower RAM iPads crashing. An important difference with these models is that the 1TB and 2TB models have 16GB of RAM on board. If you commonly use the BLK360 or hopefully the next Pro3 can capture in full light and these higher memory and processing capabilities will be needed.
Moving multiple Matterport scans to another floor? mk4au 8 3 yearsmk4au (58): @DanSmigrod @harlanhambright. I don’t even want to imagine! Over 1000 scans and it’s ‘messy’ enough.
iPad Air 2020 versus iPad Pro to pair with Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? BrettMtn 7 3 yearsinmerso3D (114): @BrettMtn I recommend Pro even if it is old. I have the first Pro (I think 2017?) And it works great. I have had 1067 scans and it is the same as 10 scan.
High speed scanning with IPad Pro 2020: scanning, transferring and aligning 3dshowcaseuk 7 4 yearsalirizacil (162): Ipad air 2020 has better processor and i am happy with that too.
Question of the Day: Your thoughts about Apple's new iPads? DanSmigrod 4 4 yearslilnitsch (5469): I believe when the next line of iPad Pro's drop we will see that new touchID in the sleep/wake button just due to this whole covid and face masks ~ we will also likely see some sort of touchID on the new phones next month
Video: How to Capture a Matterport 3D Scan With (just an) iPhone or iPad DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsGerhard (1484): I have tried it in both my iPads Pro and 11" and iPhones , it is {insert emoji}. I don't see this being a threat. Rather had to spend their time and working on our wishlist. But okay I am tired of talking about this. for 5 years now. They don't LISTEN.
How many people use tablets instead of your phones? somd4522 5 4 yearsAtriux (52): Yes. I use the iPad with Z1 . However i'm about to change it very soon ... its outdated :). Good luck with Qoocam8K ...I still bet on Z1.
How to Backup Your Matterport Spaces on iPad DanSmigrod Jump to first page40Jump to last page 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Hi All, Related WGAN Forum Discussion: ✓ Restoring a Previous BackUp not working Dan
Media Release: Matterport Brings 3D Capture to the iPhone DanSmigrod 16 4 yearsRichardStanton (253): Man it's been a LONG time since I have posted here - but I am finding my way back now as a concerted effort! :) I just wanted to post to this thread as well - I just did a small test myself, I wanted to compare the iPad Pro 2020 with the iPone 11 Pro Max as both a test of the seemingly Cortex driven scan as well as the qualitative differences between tablet and phone. I did these quickly, and I did them hand held - interesting stitching. I...
Capture with an Ipad on a nodal head rotator Wingman 6 4 yearsWingman (4192): Sorry for typos. I meant "where" not "when". Here is my topic And here is another one from @Oboldyrev
2 accounts on 1 Ipad KfromPoland 4 4 yearsKfromPoland (114): nope was just cuorius :) Thanks Guys for Help :)
Iphone as Camera SpencerLasky 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): @Spencerlasky Please see / comment on these WGAN Forum discussions: ✓ Question of the Day: Please share a Matterport Capture iOS App Created Tour ✓ Media Release: Matterport Brings 3D Capture to the iPhone ✓ Matterport Capture App + Tripod + Rotator + Capture Automation: Up Next? Dan
if/how to upload the MP scans from your ipad to an external hard drive davem 3 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): @davem Matterport should offer Cloud Backup and Restore. This has been a WGAN Forum Matterport Workshop "Wish List" item for Matterport for 5+ years. Dan
Question of the Day: Please share a Matterport Capture iOS App Created Tour DanSmigrod 17 4 yearslilnitsch (5469): @Wingman Agreed. I think on a first glance some agents may say: "hey, that's good enough" until they scan a home & see how much time it takes and realize that the quality is not awesome. Just like some agents takes photos with their smart phones. I wish Matterport would implement a "Shot with..." label on each of the tours to let the general public know which Camera was used to create a tour. I had made this...
Video: Matterport brings 3D capture to the iPhone!! pguerreiro 6 4 yearsbriangreul (684): Marketing: The art of adding sparkle and creating excitement. I had a bid request today for listing photos, drone photography, and oh yea one of those 3D tour things... budget $75. I looked up the address and noticed it was listed. Call the listing agent and gave them a heads up. The requester thought it was a 4,000 s/f house. Listing was for $1.5MM and a 9,000 s/f property. The photos in the listing were taken with an iPad or some other...
New! Matterport Capture iOS App 4.0: Scan with your iPhone or iPad DanSmigrod 8 4 yearsVTLV (2882): This would have been a better term for "Matterport Lite" to be referenced as an offering instead of degrading the entire brand.
Video 3 of 3: How to Edit 3D Scans Captured with Matterport Capture iOS App DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): How to Edit 3D Scans Captured with Matterport Capture iOS App) Part 3 3 of 3: How to Edit 3D Scans Captured with Matterport Capture iOS App - [b]Part 3 | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 2 May 2020 | Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank HI All, From the Matterport YouTube Channel: Part 3 of 3 Learn how to personalize your immersive 3D space and share it with friends,...
Video 2 of 3: How to capture 3D scans via Matterport Capture (iOS) App DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): How to capture 3D scans via Matterport Capture (iOS) App | Part 2 2 of 3: How to capture 3D scans via Matterport Capture (iOS) App - [b]Part 2 | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 2 May 2020 | Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank HI All, From the Matterport YouTube Channel: Part 2 of 3 Use your iPhone camera to capture any space and turn it into an immersive 3D digital twin....
Video 1 of 3: Getting started with Matterport Capture (iOS) App DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Getting started with Matterport Capture App (iOS) Part 1 1 of 3: Getting started with Matterport Capture - a 3D camera app for iPhone and iPad - Part 1 | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 2 May 2020 | Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank HI All, From the Matterport YouTube Channel: Part 1 of 3 Now, all you need is your iPhone or iPad to experience the power of [the...
I pad not showing tours DouglasMeyers 3 5 yearsDouglasMeyers (1282): I believe the i pad did just update not to long ago. Now what ?
What IPad features are you watching for your next? VTLV 1 5 yearsVTLV (2882): What iPad features are you watching for your next ipad? I started using Matterport with an IPad Air 2 years ago and the thing is dead. Apple won’t take it back as a core since I went to a non certified guy to replace some glass a couple times. What iPads have you upgraded to since starting? Are you eyeballing certain models with a faster core? I used an iPhone the other day and noticed slower loading times. I have also used a 12”...
Apple Update IOS 13 starts today on Iphones VTLV 3 5 yearsVTLV (2882): I had hiccups dropping wifi this week on the Iphone 7. After the above update my ipad turned into a paper weight. A prior choice to replace a cracked screen at 1/3 of the original purchases price from a non approved vendor versus having Apple do it for 2/3's the original purchase price a couple years ago voided my opportunity for a trade in.
Gear of the Week>BRAECN iPad AIR 10.5” 3rd Gen 2019 Case/iPad Pro 10.5 Case DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsron0987 (2929): I do have the you are showing Dan and love it.
Down loading a model (s) to Matterport 3D Showcase App davidpylyp 2 5 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): @davidpylyp Yes. Please see this WGAN Forum discussion for how to do this ... ✓ How to get model onto clients ipad? Best, Dan
IPad Air versus iPad Mini for Matterport: Pros and Cons of iPad Mini? DanSmigrod 8 5 yearsBuschstu (24): Thanks. I matterport aprtments with professional photography . Most aprts only require 50-75 scans . So should get enough per mini .Using 12.9 ipad pro now but pain to lug around. Bill
Urgent Advice Needed - Models Not Uploading Chemistrydoc 21 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Open thread to view post.
What iPad to Get? ShellyLodge 6 6 yearsCFster (275): I see there’s an new 11” size too. Pricing is starting to get up into laptop category, because Apple knows these are giving MacBooks a run for their money performance wise and are putting a lot of desktops to shame as well. I’m waiting with baited breath for Photoshop for iPad coming out next year.
Upload spaces from Pc or Mac JavieB 10 6 yearsJavieB (62): @immersivespaces Undoubtedly With the expensive cost of the service applied for storage, processing and publication in street view, it´s difficult to understand that Matterport doesn´t provide this option to users.
How do I save MP tour offline? ericlien 6 6 yearsQueen_City_3D (3129): I can’t see why they wouldn’t be. It just wouldn’t be shareable. Only viewable on devices that it was downloaded on while account was still active.
Matterport customer service non existent... mjstef 26 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): @mjstef Are you using an Apple charger and cable or a 3rd party charger and cable? Dan
CNET: iPad 2018 vs iPad Pro: Which to Buy? DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): Hi All, If you plan to buy an iPad, you are likely comparing various options. This CNET article may be helpful to you: CNET (16 May 2018) iPad 2018 vs. iPad Pro: Which should you buy? My thoughts: 1. Get the largest capacity that you can afford - After 4 years, Matterport still does not offer a cloud backup and restore solution. (Deleting models to make room is NOT a good idea.) 2. Weight and Size Matters - keep in mind that...
IPad is full Wonderdawg 11 6 yearsWonderdawg (343): Thanks all for the responses. Once I delete the models, I no longer have access via My Matterport and the ability to view statistics. It’s a bit disconcerting as I’m so use to keeping my raw files, finished jpegs and catalogs of images via Lightroom and Photoshop intact on multiple hard drives and the cloud such as Dropbox, Google Drive, BackBlaze, Crashplan and the old images on iPhoto. I ended up buying a new iPad with 128; the previous...
What iPad Models are good for drone control? ParkPrince 3 6 yearschermle (4): Hi, I've been using an ipad air 2 for about a year. It's probably the largest one you can fit into the controller cradle. I use the same thing for Matterport scans. Regardless of what you buy, I would strongly suggest you purchace a sunshade for the monitor. Viewing the monitor on bright days can be really tough. The shade probably won't resolve the viewing problems, but it'll help. I think you can get them for around $15. USD
Ipad Pro Users Matt19 7 6 yearsVTLV (2882): Order yourself a pack of these and hand them out to your clients when they look at you funny.
How to do Matterport Scanning Faster? DanSmigrod 7 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): @IanA By the way, this episode of WGAN-TV may be helpful for you. Dan WGAN-TV What’s in Your Matterport Service Provider Gear Kit?
November 11 - iPad Pro (2nd Gen) Sale Metroplex360 5 7 yearsShowcas3D (146): @Metroplex360 I was just about to post this as I just picked up a 512 gb model
If your iPad does not support iOS11, do this DanSmigrod 2 7 yearsMetroplex360 (9436): It's iPad Pro time!
Will IOS 11 be "Monumental" for Backups? VTLV 2 7 yearsRadie842 (254): I have 2 iPads and I put 11 on o e 2 months ago and have been using it. Seems to have no issues yet. I did do a backup before the download just Incase.
HDR BackUp Q Outside Matterport Services VTLV 3 7 yearsHarlanHambright (2115): 1. It is redundant to shoot RAW for HDR. Except for tweaking color temp, the HDR process is giving you as much dynamic range that RAW will, so shooting in-camera JPEG will alleviate a lot of storage issues. And you can color correct a jpeg just as easily. 2. After you have processed your HDR files, you can delete the original camera files. I have only on a few occasions re-processed old camera files and that was because early HDR was pretty...
iPad Mini 4 in a pinch DanSmigrod 7 7 yearsDanSmigrod (30186): @Gransky Much thanks for conducting and sharing the results. Great to know, in a pinch. Dan
iPad 9.7 (2017) Vs iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 2 DanSmigrod 8 7 yearsGransky (103): Normally, my day to day iPad is the iPad Air 2. However, due to a broken charging cable, my iPad didn't charge over night so I borrowed my son's iPad Mini 4. Call me crazy, but I felt it processed the scans quicker than my iPad Air 2. Personally, I'm waiting to see the new Pro offerings coming down the pipeline.
How to get model onto clients ipad? terrygrant 7 8 yearsterrygrant (34): Thanks for your help everyone. In answer to your question Kev it is not on the market. The understandably proud owners carried out the refurbishment themselves and I don't think they will be parting with it any time soon. I did the scan for free in return for letting me use it in my marketing :-)