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Why Matterport Should Buy RSET: the Emergency Responder Training Platform17726

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WGAN-TV Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia
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WGAN-TV | Matterport + RSET for Real-World Simulations for Police, Fire and EMT Emergency Responders: Including Schools, Museums, Theaters and Public Spaces | Guests: RSET Founder and CEO Bill Gregory, RSET Director of Operations Michael Schmidt and RSET Unity 3D Developer Michael Probst | Tuesday, 18 October 2022 | Episode: 164 | RSET | | WGAN Forum Member Name: @RSET

WGAN-TV eBook | Matterport + RSET for Real-World Simulations for Police, Fire and EMT Emergency Responders: Including Schools, Museums, Theaters and Public Spaces | Guests: RSET Founder and CEO Bill Gregory, RSET Director of Operations Michael Schmidt and RSET Unity 3D Developer Michael Probst | Tuesday, 18 October 2022 | Episode: 164 | RSET | | WGAN Forum Member Name: @RSET

RSET | |

Video: RSET Overview | Video courtesy of RSET (Enomalies, LLC) YouTube Channel | 9 October 2022

Video: Why Matterport Should by the RSET Platform for Emergency Responder Training (Police, Fire, EMTs) | Video courtesy of | 26 October 2022

WGAN-TV Forum Podcast | Number 149

Why Matterport Should Buy RSET: the Emergency Responder Training Platform (Police, Fire, EMTs)

Commentary and Analysis by
Dan Smigrod
Founder and Managing Editor
We Get Around Network and WGAN-TV Podcast

Matterport should buy RSET is my takeaway from the demo and discussion with the RSET team on a recent WGAN-TV Podcast:

Matterport + RSET for Real-World Simulations for Police, Fire and EMT Emergency Responders

During this WGAN-TV Podcast, RSET Founder and CEO Bill Gregory said: “RSET is developed for the military and first responders, primarily, where you can take [3D] scans of real-world environments and create an interactive space to do training simulations and after-action review.”

Add to this, according to the RSET website, “... where high risk events can be safely replicated, customized and shared to save lives and reduce injuries in the line of duty.”

Unfortunately, it’s not too hard to imagine a mass casualty incident – an active shooter at a school; church or synagogue; a fire in a museum or theater; or an explosion at a high-visibility and critical building space in your community.

Now, imagine that prior to that mass casualty event, emergency responders – police, firefighters and EMTs – can train within a digital twin of that specific space to rehearse various scenarios such as:

1. Various kinds of casualties
2. AI adversaries shooting back
3. Obstacles
4. weather conditions (smoke, fire, lighting, submerged under water)
5. fire (various burn rates of walls and floors)
6. sounds of people – avatars – screaming for help (or too injured to say anything)

Imagine after mass casualty events, the same as above, except with the actual scenarios, digitally recreated, to do post analysis of “what happened” to either:

1. improve for the next time
2. use in litigation (next generation trial graphics) to bring the jury to the scene of a nightclub fire and walk them around

Before and after simulations for emergency responders are possible because of Matterport + RSET. The Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool (RSET Engine) enables anyone (democratizes) to build-out training scenarios using the Matterport MatterPak Object file (.OBJ) as the environment.

It’s easy to picture: creating a Matterport scan of a space today; build-out the emergency training scenario tomorrow; and then conduct before and after training simulations.

Before Matterport + RSET, training and post event analysis was:

1. Super-expensive
2. Time-consuming to create
3. Not necessarily realistic
4. Required (expensive) skilled computer programmers and digital designers

Super-expensive and time-consuming because it could take weeks or months to digitally recreate a space (that now can be done in a day with Matterport). Or, not necessarily realistic, because of Teddy Bear Triage and Treatment – yes, that’s a thing – “where they will give a teddy bear a tag and a bandage on it and throw it into a building and say, "I'm a 35-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the chest,” said Bill during the WGAN-TV Podcast.

Add military infantry-related training to the mix and you start to see how any space – scanned with Matterport and paired with RSET “ … can be safely replicated, customized and shared to save lives and reduce injuries in the line of duty.”

“[RSET] started working for the Office of Naval Research, developing a rapid scanning platform for military training,” said Bill during the WGAN-TV Podcast. “When we got into this, we were actually building our own scanning hardware and then it was about 2014, we started noticing a lot of scanners coming online. And started working with Matterport at that time and decided it would be a better path instead of trying to compete with all the hardware manufacturers to just design a platform that could use the output from any one of these scanners.”

“When we really started using Matterport, it became our platform of choice to start doing this. We've been working for the military doing this for awhile now, creating, again, training scenarios or after-action reviews, because it's a really low barrier of entry because you don't have to have a lot of training; you don't need to train a 3D modeler to create an environment,” Bill said.

Plus, all training scenarios can be recorded (videos) via virtual cameras placed in the space and from the point of view of the emergency responders – and others – in the space.

Add to the mix, a Matterport Pro3 Camera for scanning the environments for training that can now easily include the outside of buildings, tall ceilings and super-large spaces.

For a Matterport acquisition of RSET, Matterport + RSET means:

1. New Verticals for Matterport – military and emergency responder training (police, fire and EMTs)
2. New Uses for Existing Matterport digital twins – that may have been created for marketing purposes that now can be used in an entirely different and unexpected (important) way.
3. More Matterport digital twins – yet another reason to create a digital twin of a space
4. Sell More Matterport MatterPaks (Add On) – RSET uses the .OBJ in the Matterport MatterPak
5. Limit RSET Engine to only Matterport – presently, the RSET Engine works with any scan that can generate an Object file. (Given that RSET saves lives, perhaps instead of limiting the RSET Engine to Matterport, Matterport could charge a fee for importing scans from other platforms.)
6. Avoid Matterport Being Boxed Out of Using RSET – imagine if another scanning platform/camera decided to buy RSET and limit its use to their Object files only.
7. Matterport Service Providers – Matterport + RSET adds value to existing Matterport scans by Matterport Service Providers and will help MSPs get new business.
8. Sell More Matterport Pro3 Cameras – Since training includes the outside of spaces – entering and existing buildings, a Matterport Pro3 Camera will likely be needed for the majority of Matterport + RSET integrations. My impression is that Matterport has more than 20,000 Matterport Service Providers worldwide; typically real estate photographers that offer Matterport as an Add On. Matterport + RSET has the potential to be a significant use-case to offer Matterport digital twins.
9. Scale Faster Around the Globe – it’s likely that Matterport could help expedite growth (with its deep pockets) across America and around the globe.
10. Democratize Scanning – Its way easier to show someone how to scan a space with a Matterport Pro3 Camera than it is to teach them how to use Unity to code and design an existing space.
11. Licensed Spaces for Pre-Built Training – Imagine police departments creating training exercises – Matterport + RSET – and licensing the experience to police departments across the country. (An additional revenue stream for Matterport.)
12. Save Lives and Reduce Injuries – saving lives and reducing injuries is a great moral compass for a company and helps super-charge the Matterport mission: “leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world.”

Matterport Pro3 Camera

To amplify the point about selling more $6,000 Matterport Pro3 Cameras – and $8,000 Matterport Pro3 Camera Acceleration Kits (includes MatterPaks) – they are super-inexpensive when compared to weeks or months of highly skilled Unity Developers and Artists re-constructing real spaces.

And, while Matterport likely doesn’t make much money from the sale of the Matterport Pro3 Camera – compared to the $20,000+ Leica BLK360 scanners – Matterport makes its money on cloud hosting and add ons as a result of more scanning with Matterport Pro3 Cameras.

Matterport MatterPak

There is a good chance that if you are a Matterport Service Provider or end-user of Matterport, that you never had a need to order a Matterport MatterPak. With the pairing of Matterport + RSET Engine, RSET has created huge value for Matterport MatterPaks that previously have (easily) been perceived as detritus (if noticed at all) except by Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) professionals that needed the MatterPak to create files that could be imported into Revit, SketchUp and other CAD programs.

While Matterport has done a great job preventing you from seeing through walls when walking around a Matterport digital twin, with fire training, for example, you do want to see if there is a three-ton air-conditioning unit above you or if the floor is missing support beams. With Matterport MatterPak + RSET, you can see through walls and floors.

Market Size for Space-Based Training

How big are the markets for training of the military, emergency responders and litigation digital modeling? I could imagine that the annual spending on these three verticals could easily bump the annual spend on Matterport digital twins – exponentially – in the coming years.
The training experience works great with keyboard controls or a PlayStation game controller as well as within a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted device.


If you get to play or see the free RSET ZOMBIE Game – MatterPakAttack – you can experience or see the data view of your Matterport digital twin (or the free examples provided).

One might say that the data view looks like a bombed-out version of a Matterport digital twin. And, while you would never use the MatterPak view of a Matterport digital twin for marketing purposes – such as helping sell real estate – it turns out this rough view of spaces is perfect for military infantry-related training, emergency responder training (police, fire and EMTs), litigation and for fighting ZOMBIES.

RSET is already seeing traction with these use cases among these clients:

► US Department of the Navy | Science & Technology
► US Department of the Navy | Marine Corps
► Lexington, KY Fire Department
► OLF | Oldfather Law Firm

RSET has already been used in lawsuit settlements of over $100 million.

While I began by saying, “Matterport should buy RSET, it’s likely that Matterport should limit its investment to 20 percent of RSET. This way, RSET can remain independent and agile – to move quickly and easily with the investment endorsement and funding from Matterport and the vertical expertise of the RSET team.

Matterport shouldn’t wait too long to make an offer to acquire or invest in RSET. RSET Engine is platform agnostic, including working with Apple iPhones and iPads that include LiDAR – which means RSET could have potentially deeper pocket investors.

I have not talked with the RSET leadership about their investment or scaling plans. Whatever RSET decides, exciting times ahead.

What are your thoughts? Should Matterport buy – or invest in – RSET?
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Training in
Lexington, Kentucky
RSET private msg quote post Address this user
Well we would certainly be thrilled if Matterport invested in us!
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