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'SketchUp' Topics

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Video: Matterport 3D Point Cloud to SketchUp Workflow DanSmigrod 1 5 monthsDanSmigrod (28816): Matterport 3D Point Cloud to SketchUp Workflow | Video courtesy of We Are VR YouTube Channel | 17 January 2023 Hi All, Is this "how to" video helpful? Best, Dan
WGAN-TV Training U>AEC Team Meets Inside Your BIM Model powered by SuperViz DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (28816): SuperViz is a WGAN 3rd Party Service Provider --- WGAN-TV Training U (Free Course) | AEC Team Meetings Inside Your BIM Models, powered by SuperViz | Guests: SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO Russ Rive and SuperViz Head of Sales Marcelo Franco | Episode: 157 | Thursday, 18 August 2022 | SuperViz website @SuperViz ...
WGAN-TV eBook | AEC Team Meets Inside Your BIM Model powered by SuperViz DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (28816): SuperViz is a WGAN 3rd Party Service Provider --- WGAN-TV Podcast | WGAN Forum Podcast SuperViz | WGAN-TV Podcast | WGAN Forum...
WGAN-TV Podcast | AEC Team Meets Inside Your BIM Model powered by SuperViz DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (28816): SuperViz is a WGAN 3rd Party Service Provider --- WGAN-TV Podcast | WGAN Forum Podcast SuperViz | WGAN-TV Podcast | WGAN Forum...
Interior Design Layout Help: is Matterport to MatterPak to SketchUp best? lisaharpster 8 1 yearDanSmigrod (28816): Tour courtesy of Listing3D | Also See this Listing3D Tour Example | Also See this Listing3D Tour Example @ron0987 Among Listing3D services: ✓ rendering a walk-around 3D tour from blueprints, CAD files and/or floor plans ( example) ✓ rendering 2D images from blueprints, CAD files and/or floor plans Dan
Interior virtual tour from Floorplan Liam_Tayler 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): @Liam_Tayler If you would like to end up with a Matterport Tour – either from floor plans or your architect's CAD drawings (such as REVIT or SKETCHUP), Listing3D offers this service. This topic is covered in this WGAN-TV show: ✓ WGAN-TV eBook: How to Make Money Offering Virtual Staging of Matterport WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Listing3D Dan
Video: SketchUp (.skp) versus Revit (.rvt) in the AEC Space DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): Let's Talk Tuesday - Ep. 01 SketchUp vs. Revit | Video courtesy of Joseph Kim YouTube Channel | 21 April 2021 Hi All, As a Matterport Service Provider, you can provide clients with a Matterport MatterPak (which can be converted to SketchUp (.skp) and Revit (.rvt) files. Matterport Scanning of "As-Builts" may be the next revenue generating opportunity for you. While this video - SketchUp...
WGAN-TV: InsideMaps Architectural Visualization/CAD Export Capabilities DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): This WGAN-TV Live at 5 show will be reschedule. Dan
3D Room Scan to CAD>Canvas by Occipital Supports iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR Sensor DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): Canvas - 3D Scanning Best Practices for LiDAR-enabled Devices | Video courtesy of Occipital HQ YouTube Channel | 2 December 2020 From the Occipital HQ YouTube Channel Video Description Page A brief tutorial on best practices for scanning spaces with Canvas with a LiDAR-enabled device, such as an iPhone 12 Pro or iPad Pro (2020). Source: Occipital HQ YouTube Channel
Video>Matterport MatterPak Demo/Discussion for Biz Dev with Architects; GCs DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): Shop Talk 7: TrueSketch, Floor Plans, the MatterPak, & a bit more about Backing up using Catalina | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 16 September 2020 Hi All, The Matterport MatterPak is your "golden ticket" to doing Matterport scans for architects and general contractors. Entering this space means getting comfortable with their lingo, which will sounds something like...
[R&D] Architectural visualization meets immersive tours and virtual staging Tosolini 13 3 yearsTripp (10): @marshallartsmedia Great gallery tour and love the high quality resolution on all the art and the very polished look of the entire tour. Brilliant!
Virtual Exhibition made in Sketchup / Vray / 3dVista Marshallartsmedia 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): @Marshallartsmedia Ah! Correct. Thanks for the explanation. Dan
Architectural Files from MP Scan [Matterport MatterPak -->CAD file] BlueImmersiveMedia 6 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): @BlueImmersiveMedia WGAN Forum Related Discussions ✓ Video: How to Export Matterport 3D Models to Autodesk RECAP and Revit ✓ Matterport Announces Integration with Autodesk BIM 360® ✓ WGAN Forum Posts Tagged: AEC | BIM | Construction Documentation | General Contractor | Cupix ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV-How to Make Money with Weekly Construction Documentation ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV How Matterport Pros can Make Money Scanning for...
Offering Matterport point cloud files as a service jacobpmac 3 3 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): @jacobpmac WGAN Member @mp2fp provides Matterport point cloud to CAD file conversion service (e.g. to Revit, SketchUp and other CAD file formats) They are listed here ... ✓ WGAN List of 3rd Party Service Add Ons You Can Offer Without Leaving Home ... under the categories of: ✓ Matterport MatterPak to SketchUp and Revit File Conversion ✓ File Conversion (Matterport MatterPak to SketchUp, Revit and other file...
3D Blueprints to CAD such as SketchUp and Rhino 1211bjohnson 4 4 years1211bjohnson (2): Thanks Dan! :cool:
What can I use the Matterport MatterPak Point Cloud for? kaalus 1 4 yearskaalus (1): Good morning all. I have not found an answer in other topic already published, do some of you manage to market the "matterpak" with the clouds of points? I know that sketchup can read some files but for what purposes? What are the possibilities? I would like to train on more things but I really can not understand what it can do for me. Thanks in your advance Lucas
Video: How to CAD Modeling from "As-Built" Scan with Cupix in the AEC Space DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsegkhoury (37): Hi all, To answer "That kit should have caught up with the latest cameras but you'd have to check with them": yes, theVRkit is compatible with any phone equipped with a gyro sensor, which is the case of all iPhones and most Android ones. Best, Elie
WGAN-TV: How to Build 3D CAD Model within Cupix Platform for Newbies DanSmigrod 9 4 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): Check out the floor plan view in the bottom left. Dan
3D Matterport objects from Matterport to Autocad JavieB 6 5 yearsmori (806): In short: no - the quality is too bad. A photogrammetry solution and/or a handheld 3D scanner works much better. Best look for a Fablab close to you which offers one.
HW reqs to run SketchUp with large MP objs PetraSoderling 12 5 yearsMontreal3D (202): @thor604 Suprisingly, while Quaddro card and xeon processor are sold to be the most efficient for CAD, the price difference is huge compared to the actual variation in processing time. Unless you are dedicated at CAD modeling and pushing the limit of a CAD software, investing into such graphic card is often a bad investment.
SketchUp Cyber Monday Deal (Save $200) BlueImmersiveMedia 1 5 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (297): FYI. M
Chief Architect vs Sketchup BlueImmersiveMedia 6 5 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (297): @HelloPado Thank you!!! I will reach out Thursday or Friday. Im traveling until then. You are very kind to offer. I will give you a ring. Thanks again!
Matterport OBJ question Chi3d 15 5 yearsChi3d (16): what is the pricing?
SPAR3D: SketchUp Viewer in HoloLens Demo DanSmigrod 1 6 yearsDanSmigrod (28816): 360º Video: Trimble Geospatial Division Product Applications Engineer (Mixed Reality Team) Sergey Krawovski, MSc demos [xxxx] to We Get Around Network Forum Founder Dan Smigrod at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, 5 April 2017. --- Hi All, I got to experience SketchUp Viewer (Trimble) in HoloLens at SPAR 3D. Imagine that you are an architect and your client is in a different city. Both of you can...