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Rent a Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera (in the United States)

Hi All,

✓ Do you want to take the Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera for a spin before you buy?
✓ Do you occasionally need to rent a Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera?
✓ Do you have a one time project that needs a Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera?
✓ Are you quoting on a project that requires a Leica BLK360 Scanner/Camera?

For a free referral to a WGAN Member that has five (5) Leica BLK360 scanners to rent, please send an email to:

To help expedite your request, please include in your email:

1. Contact Info

Company Name
Street Address
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WGAN Forum Member Name

2. Dates Needed

Include the first day of scanning and the last day of scanning

3. Project Description

4. Any additional info that you feel will be helpful and/or questions.