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Customers asking for Matterport Customization Tools for branding?16816

Heber City Utah
tosch private msg quote post Address this user
Hey all! I'm curious, how often do your Matterport customers ask about adding branding, customization, or commerce on top of their Matterport tours?

a) often

b) not often

c) never
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
Customization tools keep me in the Matterport business. Without the variety of Matterport customization tools I would probably have to move my business to other solutions.

MPSkin is my favorite, treedis is also good, Simlab and e-Building are great for AEC and FM and Openhaus for e-Commerce looks very promising. It would be great to have Openhaus with a shopware integration
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CLUB Member
Osaka, Japan
Meidansha private msg quote post Address this user
The tours I make tend to be sold through a big advertising firm.

They prefer if the tours have the same pattern everytime, so the amount of customization I can do is limited.

The reason is that when dealing with big companies as final end clients the decision to make a tour is made by a large number of people and surprises can lose the contract.

We started using mpembed as it was a cheap solution that had what we needed. That is a menu for the tags.

Since then Matterport has introduced a similar menu.

As far as branding goes they only really ask for the "presented by". I have offered to put in logos etc before but then the advertising firm asks me not to as they need to get permission from the client and that can be tricky. In some cases the client has not minded but they never ask for it.

Small business on other hand just lets me do whatever I want.
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