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'MPskin' Topics

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Matterport Overlays Like MPembed with these features for an auction house? jamal2022 7 11 daysJuMP (1776): @jamal2022 We can offer special overlay for you, our coverpage for Matterport was developed at the same time of MPembed's beginning. Please refer below 4 years old post: We thought that MPembed was enough for the market and some functions in our solution would touch the TOS of Matterport so we stopped the develop of our coverpage system 4 years ago. The...
How to do Snapshots in Matterport model - User generated? ukvisualimmersion 4 25 daysPedrotex69 (212): Hi, this is a common feature in outher platforms also, like Treedis and gives you the option in what kind of format you want your screen saver photo.
Matterport Overlay service that respects privacy of content? northernWIld 3 3 monthsVTLV (2630): - Bullseye If you're worried about the terms matching Matterports terms this is where you need to consider a push of 360's on another platform like []Cloudpano[/url] or 3DVista. I've had legal departments tell my how I and "nobody else" is allowed to "reproduce" or "display" the end product. I cannot promise that with...
Lead Generation & Matterport - how to do it? GETMYVR 6 4 monthsGETMYVR (1428): Many great ideas, and thanks to Peter at Zuant reaching out too.
How to mashup Matterport and Aerial 360s? DanSmigrod 5 4 months3dblickwinkel (215): I´m using It´s very easy to add a 360 photo (normal or aerial) and you can use it to start the tour. Sometimes I also use 3d vista, create a tour there with just an aerial photo panorama and from there link everything that the customer wants, e.g. MP, 3d vista, links, videos etc. This is also possible with MP Skin, where I can even give my customers access to the backend and they can add, delete...
Customers asking for Matterport Customization Tools for branding? tosch 3 7 monthsMeidansha (328): The tours I make tend to be sold through a big advertising firm. They prefer if the tours have the same pattern everytime, so the amount of customization I can do is limited. The reason is that when dealing with big companies as final end clients the decision to make a tour is made by a large number of people and surprises can lose the contract. We started using mpembed as it was a cheap solution that had what we needed. That is a menu for...
Matterport Digital Twin of an Historic Hotel: 2,800 Scan Points->1,900 Used DanSmigrod 14 1 yearNoddy (287): Thanks for the detailed answer @Wingman! Great to know how you approached it and Matterport's help etc. Now I need to get back to Matterport staff who have misguided us on the actual limits of the scanning which are not 1000 spins. (I still don't understand though how it is that I can process 999 spins in a model, but I I go to say 1005, it will not process, and that coincides with their telling me about the limit, makes me wonder has our...
Very good news from MPskin 3dblickwinkel 2 2 yearsmori (791): I also want to add that the hosting location of MP Skin is Europe (Provider is in Germany) in case of privacy and GDPR compliance.
Ideas for an extremely customised and engaging tour Alex77 8 2 yearsHome3D (3326): If the suggestions above don't solve the "cold and technical" challenge, look into 3DVista features such as this: