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Sorry, JuMP team is stopping all online services related to Matterport.16805

3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Dear friends,

I am sorry to make this statement here that we are stopping all online services related to Matterport.
Not only include all online services to JuMP personal members and business members, but also the free sqft measurement interface.

Because we got letter from Matterport last week.
And Matterport pointed that our services are "Violation of Matterport Terms" and who use services from JuMP team will be "Violation of Matterport Terms" either.

But we believe what JuMP team done before are all good things to not only MSPs but also Matterport.
In order to avoid any escalation of this issue, we decide to stop all current online services related to Matterport right now.

All JuMP active members can send your refund request to our email: before the end of May 2022.
We will refund your member fee (calculated by the rest of your member period).

If we don't get your refund request after the end of May 2022, we will thank you and transfer your reset member period to be your donation to our business.

In the coming days we will try to transform into a "development on demand" team and focused on the Matterport SDK development and some non-violation things, for examples: the or

Thank you so much for supporting JuMP team for the last 6 years and wish all the best to you.
Thanks Dan and the great WGAN that gather all the MSPs here for truth, love and right things.

Below are the related email from Matterport and our reply for all of you to understand what happened last week.

Sender:JUMPTEAM <>
Sent At:2022 May 7 (Sat.) 09:04
Subject:Re: Violation of Matterport Terms

Ok, we will stop services to any Matterport content.
Statement will be released within 48 hours.
Thank you and god bless matterport!
Sent At:2022 May 7 (Sat.) 02:59
Recipient:JUMPTEAM <>
Subject:Re: Violation of Matterport Terms


Thank you for your feedback.

As our business has evolved significantly since 2013, we have changed our policies over time. This policy is not new and you have been in violation for several years.

Because you are bypassing our system and using your own code to generate OBJ files and Panoramic images, we consider this a violation of our terms for not only you but also any customer that is using your offering.

This is stated in section 3.5 of our Cloud Subscription Agreement here: 3.5. Restrictions. You shall not: (a) sell, lease, license, rent, resell or otherwise provide or transfer Your access to the Services, in whole or in part, to any third party that is not an Authorized User; (b) access or use any API provided by Matterport without the prior written authorization of Matterport; (c) except through the use of available end-user functionality in the Services, through authorized links to the Services, or through an authorized API, access or allow any third party to access any Customer Content stored on the Services; (d) reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Services or Matterport Cameras (or any component thereof); (e) modify or create any derivative work based on the Services or Matterport Cameras (or any component thereof) or any of the Documentation; (f) copy the Services or Matterport Cameras (or any component thereof); (g) remove any proprietary notice or label from any of the Documentation; or (h) take any action or omit to act in any way that would interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Services or Matterport Cameras, or adversely affect Matterport’s right, title or interest in or to the Services or Matterport Cameras. You also shall not use any deep-link, page-scrape, spider, robot, crawl, index, or other automatic devices, program, algorithm or technology to use, access, copy, acquire information from, generate impressions on, input information to, store information on, search on, generate searches on or monitor any portion of the Services, other than as explicitly permitted by Your subscription and Matterport published APIs.

Any Matterport customer who uses your service is at risk of having their account canceled and terminated. Do you intend to continue to put those customers at risk?

We will be forced to communicate to any customers that your service is in violation, and will also be taking action to discuss this with forum owners to let them know this is putting their users and Matterport customers at risk.


Schedule a meeting with me
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On Thu, May 5, 2022 at 8:45 PM JUMPTEAM <> wrote:
Hello [redacted],

Nice to meet you.
Sorry for late reply, your email was in spam box.

First, thank you for reaching me for the Matterport Terms issues.
You mentioned two items in your email: 1) the download of the 16K panoramic images and 2) the download of the OBJ files

Let talk about the OBJ file first:

We started to work on Matterport related business from late 2013, that is long time ago.
At that time the OBJ file is free for every Matterport camera owners to download, it was one of the result that Matterport committed to deliver.
But since Matterport released MatterPak which include the OBJ file into it, Matterport stopped the free download of OBJ file by no reason.
That violated the original promise that Matterport gave to every Matterport camera owners.

Most of Matterport camera owners need the OBJ file to be a reference when they build floorplan or calculate the sqft of their building.
They don't need the point cloud or other items within the MatterPak.
Include OBJ file into MatterPak and sell MatterPak only is kind of full-line forcing. It is not fair.

What JuMP team do is to provide a solution for the former Matterport users who work on the free OBJ file before.
Even we provide a solution, the requirement of OBJ file is not that much, you can get the number if you look at the sales number of your MatterPak.
So it make no sense for us to stop the OBJ file generation or not and it is same to Matterport also.
We suggest Matterport to be a company that can stick to your original promise to your very beginning customers, they are the people who make Matterport grow up.
We don't use any of Matterport API or SDK to generate the OBJ file, the OBJ file was generated by our own code.


Now let us talk about the 16K panoramic images:

We can generate the 16K panoramic images from any of your showcase link. And I am sure there are lots of peoples can do this.
It is too easy and just require some lines of code.
Why we provide the 16K panoramic images generation services is to show the great result of Matterport Pro2.
The great quality of 16K panoramic images is the key point that your Matterport Pro2 can compete other solutions, why not show it to your customers?
Our 16K panoramic images generation services is help Matterport to get more customers and more usages.
It is not a compete to Matterport, it is a help to Matterport.
BTW we don't use any of Matterport API or SDK to do that, just some lines of simple js code or python code.

And we don't sell any of the 16K panoramic images and OBJ files to any one.
They are services that we provide to our JuMP members only not to anyone who want to use it.

If you still think they are "Violation of Matterport Terms" please let me know the detail.
About the page:
The above page is nothing related to your Matterport Terms, this net app is used to measure a sqft of any OBJ file (not stick to your Matterport file).
Any users that have an OBJ file or an old free downloaded OBJ file from "old Matterport" or just unzipped an OBJ file from MatterPak that purchased from "now Matterport" can upload this OBJ file to this page for a measurement of sqft. Please tell me where is the "Violation" exist?

We suggest Matterport provide the sqft result to all your customers by free, it is one important result that MSPs can use that result to charge the capture fee from their clients or their clients can know how big his target area is.
One sqft result can impove the satisfactions rate both to your customers and MSPs‘ customers either. It has no harm to any of Matterport business only improvment.

BTW we provide totally free sqft measurement services to all Matterport users from 2016 till now instead of Matterport (Which should be provided by Matterport yourself.)
Our free sqft measurement services will keep running unless our server is closed or out of services.

One more thing: about the 16K panoramic images
May I know how long are you in Matterport? If you are an old employee of Matterport, you may know that: when we pruchase Matterport cameras at the beginning.
Matterport promised to provide not only the OBJ files but also the panoramic images. You can check the history record of your company's website:
Matterport did provide the OBJ file download at that time but never for the panoramic images.
Matterport told their customer: why not provide the panoramic images was due to some technical reason and they would provide them later when they solved the technical problem.

Thank you.
JuMP team from Beijing China
Sent At:2022 May 5 (Thu.) 07:33
Recipient:jumpiit3d <>; JUMPTEAM <>
Subject:Violation of Matterport Terms


We have recently been made aware of your unauthorized use of the Matterport Platform and unauthorized services provided.

We do not allow third-parties to "use the Matterport APIs, any third-party API, Matterport SDKs, or Matterport Cloud Content to download raw data, to re-create any Matterport proprietary service or app or to create any product or service that competes with a Matterport product or service."

We have noticed that you are currently offering a service that allows for the download of the 16K panoramic images, OBJ files for a fee. We will require you to remove this product immediately.

I would also like to schedule a call to discuss this further.


Schedule a meeting with me
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
@JuMP thanks for what you have built and your response to this pain in the a$$ company.

How are your services competing against them?

I know your team will create cool stuff and you showed them things that they weren't even aware you could do.

Yes why charge us for the OBJ, it gets generated for free? And yes the promised it will always be free. But we know how their promises work by now. They must go into politics.


This needs to be exposed now, we have been taking this for too long as a community.

There is a tech from China ( will inbox you ), that looks just like Matterport, can you team up with them and help with the development as they need a little refining, and it will be a direct competitor to Matterport and we want to see Matterport sue a company in China ..... just like we wished GEOCV would have relocated to Russia, as there Matterport could not touch them. GEOCV would have destroyed Mstterport and turned them into Nokia.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@JuMP I used your chrome plug-in measurement tool on occasion and it was awesome that you provided that. I don't see why Matterport doesn't have something similar. All the best in your future endeavours!
Post 3 IP   flag post
ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@JuMP Again very frustrating to see you forced out, I wish Matterport would have embraced your product and service. I know Matterport is big and for now has the market cornered but when there is a break thru I feel there will be a lot of people @JuMP ship. I wish it was sooner then later, I just again have little to no loyalty to MP. I loved your service and you always jumped in when I had questions and I used your panoramic download services and it resolved my issues every time. I hope that you succeed please keep posting you have a great insight.

Post 4 IP   flag post
MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
@Jump Sorry to see your Jump Special Services close.

As many Matterporters I was a huge fan of the chrome plugin for floorplan measurements. And I remember 3 times where the Jump special services section helped me to solve the unsolvable cases where I needed access my (!) 16k panos to make my Matterport clients happy and not leave them standing in the rain.

Time will tell, wether the system-lock-in by Matterport and especially the way they are selling it, corresponds to globally accepted rules of business behaviour and intellectual property rights.
Post 5 IP   flag post
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Wish it was better news.

1. Matterport should enable downloading of the highest resolution possible of the 360 photo spheres
2. Matterport should enable the .obj to continue to be a free download
3. Matterport should enable a square feet (square meters) calculator for free

@JuMP provided valuable services to the Matterport ecosystem by providing these services.

Too bad that Matterport could not figure out a solution to make this win-win-win rather than lose-lose-lose. As an early adopter/innovator, @JuMP showed what was possible with the Matterport tech.

Post 6 IP   flag post
Belfast, United Kingdom
3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
Now that Jump has gone, can anyone recommend a facility to give an idea of sq footage of MP tours


Post 7 IP   flag post
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Your post inspired today's (16 May 2022) WGAN Question of the Day:

Question of the Day: How do you calculate SQ FT to Invoice for Matterport?

Post 8 IP   flag post
ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@3dshowcaseuk It would be hard to make any recommendation, by reading the notice sent to @JuMP it would be a violation of MP terms of service if someone provides that service even if it was free. The easy resolution looks like use MP or manually input the scaled floorplan into a CAD program and use the calculation it gives you.

I just came up with this maybe we as a group/forum get @Jump develop a standalone app or program they sell that allows us to do it ourselves. Then no violation of MP terms.

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91153 9 9
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