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Transcript: WGAN-TV | Intro to ThreeSixty Tours: Includes a Deep-Dive Demo16429

Atlanta, Georgia
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Atlanta, Georgia
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(Continued from above)

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: Let's say I have this property and I want to add all these panoramic images. I don't want to keep adding each one of this, it's just annoying to add one by one. I could do the batch upload. What that would do is that would allow you to load several pictures at the same time, so in this case, I've already loaded the swimming pool. I'm just going to load everything here. Click on it. Upload. What you can do is you can auto create tours with it.

Hadi Ossaily: You can click this button and once you upload, it will create a tour with all of the panoramas that you just uploaded.

Dan Smigrod: I don't understand what that means. They're not linked together, but they're all within one tour?

Hadi Ossaily: We haven't created the tour yet. Here we've uploaded everything.

Dan Smigrod: You haven't put in the hotspots yet or annotated the space in any way, it's just that that batch has been brought into a tour and it's ready for you to name that tour.

Hadi Ossaily: Actually, when I brought it in, I forgot to check the box so right now they're just sitting here as panoramic images.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: I would need to create the tour, so I'm going to redo this again. Now this time I'm going to choose the checkbox that says auto create.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: You can see the difference. Here I'm going to choose everything, and open it, and I'm going to upload. What this should do is it'll upload everything, but this time it's going to auto create a tour for me.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: It's going to put all of those eight panoramas inside the tour, nine parameters inside the tour.

Dan Smigrod: Does it also list the panoramas below individually?

Hadi Ossaily: It does. I'll show that to you, and then you can customize which panorama you want first and which panorama you want last. We'll go into that just in a second as soon as I –

Dan Smigrod: I understand the batch and you're about to create a tour but it's also listing the 360s below. If I touch that panorama below, all those changes that I make are going to apply in the tour itself?

Hadi Ossaily: If you change the tour settings, yes. I'll go into that to explain better.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: Here we have the nine files they've uploaded.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: When I close, I see here I have a new tour.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: When I go into the new tour to edit it and I see I have nine new panoramas, they're all here.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: All of them have been uploaded. This is the new tour that's in here. Now you can see a button here which is like a globe. These are the tour settings which we didn't have before because we were at the panorama level.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: Now we're at the tour level and when I click on the tour level, this is the settings for the tour.

Now if I scroll down all the way, I'll see all of these panoramas, the nine panoramas I just uploaded, they're all here automatically, so I don't have to add them anymore, they're all added to the tour by itself.

Dan Smigrod: One clarification here. If you went into edit, maybe if you just do that, if you just click one of those blue pencils.

Hadi Ossaily: If I click on that, it'll take me to the front door, for example.

Dan Smigrod: But when you go into that blue pencil, and you're about to make changes, is that applying the changes to the individual panorama that's listed below or just the one that's in the tour?

Hadi Ossaily: It's applying it to the panoramas listed below.

Dan Smigrod: Listed below, so it's globally making the changes to that panorama.

Hadi Ossaily: That's correct. I'm going to call it WGAN Gate, just so that we know that we just changed it now, and I save the panorama.

Hadi Ossaily: Then you go back to the dashboard. Then you see it here, it changed here in the panorama.

Dan Smigrod: Got it. You can make edits to the 360 either from the tours view or from the panoramas view?

Hadi Ossaily: That's correct. What that saves us, is it saves us the hassle of going into each one here and then changing the name, and what you could do is you just go into the tour.

This is how I do it. I just go into the tour and I click on the panorama settings and then I just say here, I'm going to call everything WGAN just so it's created with the WGAN.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: Save the panorama. Now when you go into the tour settings, you'd see that here you have the WGAN Gate that we changed.

Dan Smigrod: I'm lost. I thought we changed one of them to Swimming?

Hadi Ossaily: Yes. Give me a second. Sorry. Let me go back.

Hadi Ossaily: Let me call it the WGAN Tour and we go down. Here we go, WGAN Swimming. I'm going to save the tour.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: This is the Swimming that we changed, save. Let's say we go into this one. This is the Living Room.

I'm going to come in here and say, Living Room. Save the panorama. Again, in this room, you can change the description. Everything we went through previously, the configuration, the panorama configuration and the auto-rotate, the brand information.

Dan Smigrod: That's cool. I'm clear on that. I now know how to batch bring in a tour, had to change everything associated with an individual panorama.

I think we're probably up to how do I annotate the space to add a Matterport tour to that 360 or a photo or music or any other digital asset?

Hadi Ossaily: Sure. I just want to go through, quickly through, the tour info if you don't mind the two series.

Dan Smigrod: Sure.

Hadi Ossaily: Here, you can change the tour description. Here's where you add more panoramas. Let's say I forgot to add a panorama. I added it later on and these are all my panoramas here. I can choose what I want.

If I wanted to add a panorama from another tour, I could add it from here. This is where you choose everything, all the panoramas to add. This is where you add a tour map. Anything loaded in the tour map area on the dashboard is where you would add them.

Dan Smigrod: Sorry, you went a little fast for me. Where did I upload a tour map? Let's call it the 2D map.

Hadi Ossaily: You would go back to the dashboard.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: You would scroll down all the way to the Photos section –

Dan Smigrod: Works the same way. Easy-peasy. Got it.

Hadi Ossaily: You would come in here and you would say, Yes, add the 2D map. Here, you have the option of adding it in the navigation Tray, which is the one here.

Dan Smigrod: The thing I think of is the Highlight Reel is the navigation Tray.

Hadi Ossaily: Or you can add it at the Header, which is up here. Or you could add it on both. You could say I want it on both.

Hadi Ossaily: The next option is the preserve orientation. I personally like this option. What that basically means is if you have this on Yes, that means it will preserve the direction where you're going. That means if I go into the house facing the window, and once I go into the house, the window should be behind me.

That option lets the user keep going the same way that he came in. I'll show you once we set up the tour. Once we go into the house, it'll be much easier to explain to you.

Dan Smigrod: That makes sense. That's where the orientation is set. That's at the Tour level.

Hadi Ossaily: That's at the Tour level, that's all. Over here, we're at the Tour level and we're going to say that you'll use the global brand. It's up to you again.

Dan Smigrod: I'm sorry, I got to go back to that orientation for a moment. When I shoot the tour, if I am totally consistent about keeping the camera facing north in every room, then that preserve orientation will work as expected.

Hadi Ossaily: It should. I'll show it to you once we go into the house.

Dan Smigrod: I think it's really an important point because if you're going to shoot a tour and you're not conscious of which way your camera's facing, then preserving orientation is not going to help, correct?

Hadi Ossaily: No. Actually, it doesn't matter what orientation you take the tour. It's really linking up the tour content. The different shots don't matter.

Dan Smigrod: Of how you link the tour. We haven't gotten there yet.

Hadi Ossaily: We haven't gotten there yet.

Dan Smigrod: When we do the linking, this is going to keep track of which way I've entered that panorama.

Hadi Ossaily: Yes. I'm going to try to show it to you here. Here, for example, let me go. Remember this tour I was showing you my walk. The marina's on my right. I'll going through here and now the marina is on my right. This is the preserve orientation, because if I were to go in and suddenly I'm facing this way.

Dan Smigrod: No, totally confusing, so great. That's where that's done. If I'm walking, now, I've walked down five 360's down the pier, when I turn around and come back, the water is going to be on my left.

Hadi Ossaily: That's correct. If I was to turn around and go back, the marina is on my left.

Dan Smigrod: That makes sense. I can't even imagine why somebody would not want that feature enabled.

Hadi Ossaily: I mean, it depends. On the house here, for example, on the tour, I disabled it because if I'm going in here, preserve orientation would make me face this way. Let me do that again.

Dan Smigrod: You're trying to show off the house so that it looks.

Hadi Ossaily: I'm trying to show off the house. I'm in the living room and the kitchen is that way, correct?

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: I'm walking towards the kitchen. If I preserve orientation, then I'm going to keep walking in the same direction forward. The window should be in front of me. If I do that and I preserve orientation, then this is going to be my view.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, crappy view.

Hadi Ossaily: Crappy view. I don't want to look at the sink. There's nothing really to see here. In this case, I turned it off and I want the user to face this way.

Dan Smigrod: Great example, because I didn't understand why I would want to not have it. But that's a perfect illustration. That view looks way better than to say, oh, I'm just going to keep walking in the same direction and stare at the laundry machine. Yeah.

Hadi Ossaily: Exactly. That was the point I was trying to make initially and maybe I didn't make a good point then.

But the important part is that when you are taking pictures, you have to think of these things. Ideally, whoever took the picture, from the living room, they should have took a picture here, because that way I can preserve orientation and it gives them a more natural flow into the house. I can walk into the house.

The same thing with the master bedroom. In the bedroom – now I'm on the other side of the bedroom, I don't want to be facing this direction with preserve orientation, I'd rather be facing the entire house. What they should've done is they should've taken a picture here. That way, I can look into the bedroom and that feels more natural.

Dan Smigrod: Yes. Well, the good news, Hadi, is every one of our WGAN-TV viewers and every member of the We Get Around Network Forum will correctly shoot the tour to have awesome assets for their ThreeSixty.Tours.

Hadi Ossaily: I'm sure. Here, we go back to the tour settings. Again, this is what we talked about earlier, the branding.

This is at the Tour level. Remember we're doing the tour settings here and you could put either use the global brand or use same thing, same concepts as before. Logos for the particular tour. This is your tour list. In here, we're starting with the Swimming Pool.

If I wanted to start the tour with the Living Room, then I would just bring this up. As soon as you go into the tour, it would start with the Living Room instead of the Swimming Pool. You can change the order of which panorama you want to start first.

That would change the order on the navigation Tray on the bottom. Now, if we look at the navigation Tray, the Living Room is first and Swimming Pool is second.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: Do you have any questions on the Tour settings before we go into the –

Dan Smigrod: The Tour settings are straightforward as the 360s. Everything I could do at the Panorama level in terms of content, I can do that at the Tour level. I really think my next question is, well, how do you annotate the space in order to have those interactive Markers?

Hadi Ossaily: Sure, so here, what you would do is you would right-click and as soon as you 'right-click', a Marker pops up.

You hover over the Marker and you have three options. You have the Edit, the Delete, and then you have the 'Go Into'. Let's start with the Edit, and I will click on here and then you have a screen that opens up, and this is really where all the magic happens. Here I have a lot of options. Let's start with the Show Description.

Here you're just showing a description and I can put title here. Let's keep this as Marker Description. Let's say we add the WGAN here and here you can display with the title, or minimum no title just to display a smaller Marker.

Here you have the option of having the Marker always show or only show while I'm hovering on top.

Hadi Ossaily: Here you saw the Marker, let me save that. The Marker here, you saw it as the standard Marker?

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: I would come in here and now I want to change it, it's red, I want to make it blue. You can do that. Now it's blue. I have the option of changing whatever shape that you see here. These are standard shapes that we have.

You can add info on it, you can add a 3D on it. If I save it, now it's turned into a 3D. I can come here and say I want it Medium, Small, Medium Large or Tiny Small, Medium, Large and that just changed in size.

Dan Smigrod: Did you just drag it?

Hadi Ossaily: Yes. So you can drag this around, you can put it wherever you want.

Dan Smigrod: I know you said 'right-click' I'm old school and I still use a one button mouse on my Mac, so do I have an option? Or, I don't think about 'right-clicking '?

Hadi Ossaily: I'm not sure actually, I've never had that question before.

Dan Smigrod: I know I'm showing my unsophistication here, but I've been using a 'one-click' mouse. I'm guessing it's probably because I do things that are right-click and maybe it's just intuitive that I hit the "Command button" or a Control-Option keys or something.

Hadi Ossaily: It could be.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: Here we have the option. Another option is to put it inside the Pointer. If you wanted to put it inside a Pointer, then you'd get this white Pointer just to showcase it more.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: Here you have the custom Markers, remember I showed you that –

Dan Smigrod: Yes, there was a place to upload the custom Marker, so if I have that little icon of Menu, I can upload that.

Hadi Ossaily: Menu. I could just click it here and save and now you see the menu.

Hadi Ossaily: This is for the first part, that's the sole description. The Tour Content is where you want to show the other panoramas.

If I click on Tour Content, now I get a list of all the panoramas on the tour. So I can say that the Gate, this is the Gate and I want it while hovering. I can even add some animations to it. I can make it bounce, I can make it bounce slow. I can make it bounce fast.

Hadi Ossaily: Let's put it this way and now, this is the gate and the gate's not here, so now it's bouncing because I put the bounce on it. But the gate's over here, so I just grab it and I bring it here.

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: I save it, all right. You could do a lot with it. Here we have a delay on the bounce, then you can have the title always showing. Again, the title, and that's for the tour contents. You could choose whatever tour you have on this panorama.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: The next part. Let's leave that alone and we're going to come in here and we're going to add another Marker by right-clicking and I edit.

The next one would be a Matterport . If you had a Matterport tour, you just grab the link and you put it here and you would just put whatever Matterport title or whatever title you want.

And you would add your Matterport link here. The same thing applies, you can put animation to it and change the presentation.

This is just an Info, like an info Marker, if you like, because it has no action on it. If you wanted to add an external link like we did on the menu, then you would add the menu link here and you would come and say menu, and you choose the size of it.

That'll allow you to have the menu of the property, for example, of the restaurant. The last one's the iFrame Embed. If you wanted to embed an iFrame, you can do it here. You can embed video, YouTube video, you copy the iFrame and paste it here.

If you had the iFrame up, anything, basically any iFrame that you have, you can essentially copy and paste it here.

Dan Smigrod: Let's stick with YouTube video for a moment, so I can obviously grab the iFrame from a YouTube video and embed it and stay within the tour.

Or if I wanted someone to leave the tour, open up a new tab, then I could just insert it as an external link.

Hadi Ossaily: Yes, you could do both actually, whichever one you prefer.

Dan Smigrod: Whichever one I prefer is adding a YouTube video as an external link or within an iFrame.

This is where you could do the shopping within the tour without leaving. If you have, let's say, an Amazon product and you wanted to embed that shopping page within the tour itself without leaving the tour.

Hadi Ossaily: That's correct. So for example, now I copied the iFrame of one of our YouTube videos.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: I save it.

Hadi Ossaily: When I go into it, this is the YouTube video of adding your first panorama.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: It's just a bit confusing because I added the weird icon there and let's take it out and put this video or how about we … can put another video and change the color, put it in blue and save it. Now we have this video here, and this is what I meant when you go into it because this is the room but this is the edit mode.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: To simulate what the user would see, you would click on this and that would essentially be what a user.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, that makes sense. Is there anything else? If you could go back to your Content Management System for ThreeSixty.Tours.

I want to go back top-right and then go back to the dashboard, and I want to see on the left side there was one more thing.

Hadi Ossaily: Yes, there's the custom domain which I wanted to explain, or you want me to scroll down?

Dan Smigrod: Yeah. No, it was a name, even above domain name. What is that?

Hadi Ossaily: This is the name of the Marker, so I called the Menu icon, you would put the name here.

Dan Smigrod: I see that's where you're adding it, so that's your window to add what's above. Okay, totally makes sense. You wanted to talk about custom domains?

Hadi Ossaily: Yes. Here's where you add your custom domain. Custom Domain 1, Custom Domain 2,, whatever you want to call it.

Then you would come in here and you would choose what custom domain you want on the tour. That would essentially change the URL from, it wouldn't be any more MyThreeSixty.Tours, it'll be, for example.

Dan Smigrod: It's that easy?

Hadi Ossaily: I mean, there's some configuration to it. Well, you need to configure your DNS settings and if you go to www.ThreeSixty.Tours, go all the way up and you click on the "Help Center", you click on "Learning Center", you'll get some extensive documentation here. It's pretty easy.

I mean, it's not difficult at all. You go down and you click on the "Adding Custom Domains".

Dan Smigrod: Okay.

Hadi Ossaily: You'll get an explanation of it.

Dan Smigrod: It's not as simple as just saying, I'm going to put in In order to do that, I do need to set some DNS pointers prior to doing this.

Hadi Ossaily: That's right. Otherwise everybody would be pointing. I can point to whatever the domain I want.

Dan Smigrod: Got it. You have to be in control of your domain, let's say Or Or wherever you host your domain and then do your DNS settings. Is there a term for this?

Hadi Ossaily: Just do your DNS settings just to modify your DNS settings. Essentially you're telling GoDaddy that, "Hey, allow ThreeSixty.Tours to redirect my domain to whatever the domain is there." You're basically telling your provider like GoDaddy, like yes, allow ThreeSixty.Tours to play around with my domain.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, is there anything on the Content Management System for ThreeSixty.Tours that we haven't looked at?

Hadi Ossaily: Here. We've looked at the short URL, the long URL, so this is what you would give somebody – as we said for the MLS. Then you have the iFrame and the response of the iFrame script here. I think that's about it. I don't see anything else that we didn't discuss.

Dan Smigrod: Okay, I'm going to take us out of screen sharing. Before we jump into our next topic – and I have a lot of questions – I did want to mention for our viewers that are WGAN Standard Members, you get the free use of ThreeSixty.Tours Business Plan and if you go to www.ThreeSixty.Tours www.ThreeSixty.Tours, that's the extension – –.tours – Just check on pricing and you'll see there's a Business Plan and it's quite exhaustive in terms of unlimited tours, unlimited panoramas, I want to say five – up to five custom domains.

WGAN Standard Members get the free use of ThreeSixty.Tours Business Plan. Hadi, talk to me a little bit about the best use cases. What's the real sweet spot for ThreeSixty.Tours?

Hadi Ossaily: I mean, I couldn't narrow down one sweet spot, so we use it a lot for real estate listings. We have a lot of real estate photographers. We do have a few universities that use it. Our main strength lies in that real estate listings, universities.

I mean, anybody that really wants to showcase their property. The tool is very powerful. You're able to do a lot, and we're planning this year. We are working extensively just to give everything an upgrade, add more features, just offer more to our customers.

Dan Smigrod: I would say We Get Around Network, we curate a list of 3D/360 platforms – 3D/360 virtual tour platforms and software – There's about 170 that we keep track of.

I want to say though, some of the things that seem unique to ThreeSixty.Tours is this whole idea of the aerial 360 to be able to annotate the space, let's say with Matterport – WGAN is a pretty Matterport-centric community – The ability to have an aerial view of a planned community, of an apartment community, of a vacation rental community, and then to be able to annotate that aerial 360 looking down on, there's Vacation Rental 1, there's Vacation Rental 2, there's Vacation Rental 3, there's House 1 for sale, House 2 for sale, House 3 for sale.

That seems like something that's particularly unique about ThreeSixty.Tours. What are other things that you think are some of the stronger features that lend itself to particular use-cases?

Hadi Ossaily: Actually, I do have actually a feature that we didn't see. I don't know if you want to go back, I can show you the polygon Markers and that would be perfect for somebody doing a residential [community overview].

Dan Smigrod: Yes. Let's take a look at that. Because I think that that's a really awesome use case for ThreeSixty.Tours, is when you have a plat with 10 homes – 50 homes – 100 homes for sale. You're starting with this image or this is what we showed us earlier, now I think you're going to show us how you might add boundaries to this property.

Hadi Ossaily: This is an aerial image of a residential property, and let's say somebody buys a piece of land, and you want to show on the boundaries of this land, let's say you want to show the boundaries of the entire complex, you can. I'm not going to show it to you on this because I don't have authority to do so. I'm going to show on a 360 we do have.

This is the house that we had and let's say I wanted to mark this boundary, or I wanted to mark, I will right-click, I would go into what we didn't look at as polygon Markers here.

Dan Smigrod: Yes.

Hadi Ossaily: What essentially that would do is, that would give me Marker and I can put whatever color I want. This is the Marker that we saw, and now I can move this up and down, and I can mark the space here.

Let's say I wanted to mark this as like an emergency exit, for example. I can do that here, I can make it more opaque or lighter depending on what I want. Now here this is it. I can increase the border width. Right now you see it's over there.

I can call it whatever I want, like Emergency Exit. I want it to always showing that it's an emergency exit. How that would help in this case, it doesn't help much because of the house, but if you go to the residential complex that we were seeing, this is it.

You could get that and mark the boundaries here, as in the show the boundaries of, let's say the property. These are the boundaries of this property, these are the boundaries of that property, you could color coded.

We have a customer of ours that color codes their entire development since it's under construction and they want to market it as what's under construction and where to build and where not to build. A lot of stuff like that which we think is very powerful.

Dan Smigrod: All right. Awesome. I get it in terms of Markers. That's the aerial view of either a 2D or 360 image so that you can annotate with Matterport photos, video, 360s, other tours, anything with an iFrame that seems unique.

The ability to mark areas, particularly for planned communities or communities that are coming, that seems awesome. One of the things that I thought was pretty unique or novel about ThreeSixty.Tours is it can be as simple as you want or as advanced as you want. Because it seems like under the hood,

Dan Smigrod: There are so many options if you want them. If you just want certain features, but you now want to start tweaking things, you've built into the platform a lot of things that can be tweaked. So I want to have the 360 move.

I don't want it to move. I want it to move; rotate, but I want it to rotate slowly. I want to change the number of seconds, I want to delay in terms of rotation. So I think that's one of my takeaways was it's a simple platform to use, but it's powerful for those that are power users that really want to push the limit of each of the different settings that you had.

Hadi Ossaily: Exactly. I mean, well said there. The platform itself is very powerful and very simple to use. So the learning curve on the platform is quite easy as you saw. I mean, it's very easy to learn it.

And I think the way we just embody all this integration together, and how everything comes together is very special.

It allows you to change the logos on a panoramic level, on a tour level, on the global level. There are so many options packed in there that you can use, or you could just have a very simple tour and use the basics of it. I think that's what's quite powerful about the software itself.

Dan Smigrod: Do you have any sense of, do I need to do one tour, three tours, 10 tours before I feel like I'm super-proficient in how to build tours?

Hadi Ossaily: I mean generally, once you do your second and third tour, you can dominate the platform.

What I find is time-consuming or difficult is for you to get yourself familiar with the tour you're creating. If somebody, for example, like the Lido Tour, The Marina Walk that we showed you, it took a while to do that, simply because we don't know the Marina, just to get ourselves, our orientation around the Marina took awhile.

So once you know where you are and where everything is, like what part of the Marina is that restaurant, and that's the part that is time-consuming.

But the tour creation itself is really quite simple. It's very easy to add really quick. You can literally create a tour within a few minutes, within like three or four minutes, you can have your tour done.

Dan Smigrod: I'm just getting started – I think I'm going to talk about two different audiences. Someone who's just getting started and someone who is a power user of virtual tours, whether it's Matterport or some other virtual tour platform. I'm just getting started, is there a free option for taking ThreeSixty.Tours for a spin?

Hadi Ossaily: Yes. So we do have a free option that you can take. Anybody can go and sign up, and you get a free tour. You can create a tour for free.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. If you want to play with ThreeSixty.Tours, you set up a free account, you'll get a free tour, and you can start building, and playing, and experimenting with it?

Hadi Ossaily: Exactly. Then you wouldn't have access to the custom polygon Markers, and there's a few things you don't have access to as a free user. But I mean, even the free version is very powerful. You can still create tours and share them.

Dan Smigrod: Okay. Just a couple of things before we wrap up, Hadi, is I just want to speak to those that are power users, let's say, or Matterport photographers, and they're taking lots of Matterport Tours. You thought, well, this might be interesting to learn about ThreeSixty.Tours.

I'm not sure how it relates to me because I already do tours in Matterport or something, but my takeaway from watching – you visit with us today and seeing demos is ThreeSixty.Tours is an opportunity to add an overlay of an overwhelming amount of added value.

Whether you're building tours in a different platform, if you have tours of many vacation rentals, ThreeSixty.Tours lets you bring them all together. If you're doing a resort property and you want to be able to show, "here are all the rental units, here's the spa, the restaurant, other public spaces, the beach, the public activities, ThreeSixty.Tours really is a way to bring together all these assets and add a huge amount of value. So whether you're just starting out and you're looking for a platform to say, "Okay, I bought a 360 camera. I want to be able to build Tours," ThreeSixty.Tours does that.

But if you're a power user of a platform like Matterport, this is a way to add this whole other layer of value in order to perhaps either add value to existing clients or actually to get new clients. Because maybe all you're doing is you're getting individual rentals.

But now you go back to the property manager and say, "Hey, I'm shooting all your vacation rentals for a variety of owners. I could put all these on a map for you and create value for your entire rental community or your entire property." Anyway, that's how I looked at it. It was power users would find this as like, "Oh, this is awesome."

Hadi Ossaily: Of course, we see it the same way. In fact, we don't see ourselves as competing with Matterport. We compliment Matterport.

So for those powerful Matterport users were in no way saying we prefer our software over the Matterport, we are just saying we complement the Matterport tours and the Matterport software.

You can use your Matterport tours to give it more value, and give it more really what you were saying. Just combining all of the properties together, combining the aerial shot with the Matterport.

When you combine ThreeSixty.Tours with Matterport, you're really creating a much more powerful tour, and you're adding much more value to your tour itself.

Dan Smigrod: Yeah, I would challenge our viewers to think bigger than just shooting individual vacation rentals, individual properties.

How do you take it to the next level and secure the entire community; whether it's a property manager, or a vacation rental manager, or a historic district, or an entire college campus? This is a way to bring together everything that you're doing all in one visual metaphor of how to see and experience a very large property.

Hadi Ossaily: Yes, definitely. I 100 percent agree on that.

Dan Smigrod: Hadi, the last word for you, Anything that we didn't discuss today, you feel like we should have covered and we didn't?

Hadi Ossaily: I mean, we've covered basically everything that is in the software. If anybody has any questions or you would like to reach out, please do.

You reach out to me, use info@ThreeSixty.Tours. You just get on the website and take that email as well and we're happy to answer any questions. I want to thank you for having me on the show. It was a pleasure and I look forward to coming back.

Dan Smigrod: Thank you. Hadi, I would add to info@ThreeSixty.Tours. www.ThreeSixty.Tours. Also, you can go to www.ThreeSixty.Tours, and there's a Contact Us box.

And also in the We Get Around Network Forum,, your member name is: @ThreeSixty_Tours

Dan Smigrod: So there are lots of ways to get in touch with Hadi. Hadi, thanks for being on the show today.

Hadi Ossaily: Thank you, Dan. I appreciate it.

Dan Smigrod: We've been visiting with Hadi Ossaily. Hadi is the owner of ThreeSixty.Tours, visiting with us today from Lisbon, Portugal.

Dan Smigrod: Do I have that right, Lisbon?

Hadi Ossaily: You have that right.

Dan Smigrod: That's where you are today, in Lisbon, Portugal. But normally, based out of Miami. I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum, and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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Video: Add Matterport Links & Create Unique Matterport Tours to your Virtual Tours | Video courtesy of ThreeSixty Tours YouTube Channel | 30 March 2022
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