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Video: WGAN-TV 3 Introduction to iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit (and Demo) with Planitar (iGUIDE) Marketing Manager Chris White (@Chris_iGuide) | Thursday, 18 March 2021

iGUIDE PLANIX Sample 3D Tour and with Interactive Floor Plan courtesy of iGUIDE | 2D Schematic Floor Plans

Webinar: iGUIDE PLANIX/Stitch Tech Release Update | 2 pm ET Thursday 9 December 2021

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If you own an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit – or are thinking about buying an iGUIDE PLANIX Camera KitiGUIDE Subject Matter Expert Chris White (@Chris_iGUIDE) will give an:

iGUIDE Tech Release Roundup Update | 2 pm ET Thursday, 9 December 2021 | Zoom Link

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