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Transcript: WGAN-TV Intro to Momenzo for Real Estate Agents & Photographers14240

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Atlanta, Georgia
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Momenzo for Creating and Sharing Real Estate Videos in less than 15 Minutes | See 20+ Momenzo Real Estate Templates | Save 15 percent this WGAN affiliate link for 12 months of Momenzo and coupon code: GET15

WGAN-TV Live at 5: Introduction to Momenzo for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers with Momenzo Co-Founder Guillaume Taieb | Friday, 12 February 2021.

Momenzo Real Estate Video App for for iPhone and Android

Video: How to create a real estate listing video using the Momenzo app for iPhone and Android. (Video courtesy of Momenzo)

Transcript: Introduction to Momenzo for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers

Hi All,

Transcript below ...

Whether you are an ...

1. experienced real estate photographer spends too much time editing real estate videos, or
2. newbie real estate photographer thinking about adding real estate listing videos, or
3. Matterport Service Provider wondering how to easily add real estate listing videos as an Add On ...
4. Real Estate Agent that shoots your own photos and thinking about adding video

... the Momenzo shooting/editing/sharing real estate videos app can simplify the real estate listing video creation workflow to make it super-easy and super-fast to offer real estate listing videos as an Ad On for $149, $199, $249 or $299 per video (depending on your market and listings).

What's the Momenzo smartphone app shooting/editing/sharing experience like?

Spoiler Alert: You can create real estate listing videos without video editing! You can create branded real estate videos in less than five minutes from your iPhone or Android smartphone. The Momenzo app does the video editing for you!

Momenzo Co-Founder Guillaume Taieb was my guest on Friday, 12 February 2021 at 5 pm EST (GMT -5):

WGAN-TV Live at 5: Introduction to Momenzo for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers

The Momenzo app demo and discussion includes:

1. Demo: Momenzo example real estate video (one of two dozen templates)
2. Why Momenzo for real estate agents (what problems does Momenzo solve?)
3. Why Momenzo for real estate photographers (what problems does Momenzo solve?)
4. Demo: how to create a Momenzo real estate video
5. Demo: how to change templates
6. Demo: how to add existing video
7. Demo: how to add property info
8. Discussion
➡️ smartphone stabilizers versus hand-held
➡️ adding a wide-angle lens to smartphone
➡️ how long to be proficient?
➡️ tips for smartphone camera movement
➡️ changing the length of a segment
➡️ how to add voice over
➡️ how to speed up video play
➡️ How to do mini-lapse
➡️ Using FiLMiC Pro
➡️ Background music
➡️ Momenzo Pricing
9. Special Offers for Momenzo (Dan Smigrod)
10. What’s coming soon ...

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3. WGAN Standard Members and WGAN Premium Members receive the free use of the Momenzo App for 12 months to Shoot/Edit/Share Real Estate Videos.

Here's how to redeem this Special Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium Members

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2. Use this WGAN Coupon Code to save 10 percent: WGAN10
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Video 5: Momenzo Original Template 1 | Video courtesy of Momenzo YouTube Channel

Video 6: Momenzo Original Template 2 | Video courtesy of Momenzo YouTube Channel

Video 7: Momenzo Original Template 3 | Video courtesy of Momenzo YouTube Channel


Transcript (WGAN-TV Live at 5 recording at the top of this post)

- Hi all, Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Friday, February 12, 2021 and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

We have an awesome show for you today. Introduction to Momenzo for real estate agents and for real estate photographers to shoot, edit and share real estate videos, and here to talk about it is the Co-Founder of Momenzo, Guillaume Taieb. Am I close?

- Yes, perfect. Yeah, well done, thanks Dan.

- Awesome, Guillaume, thanks for being on the show today.

I thought where we would start is maybe just by playing a couple of examples of what a Momenzo real estate video looks like even before we jump into talking about Momenzo for real estate agents.

(Let me see if I can go ahead and share my screen. And I think you can see my screen there and we'll resize that.)

and... This is an example of a Momenzo real estate video for a listing. And I'll play one more, and you can still see my screen?

- Yes.

- Okay, great. So again, those are two examples of 23 different Momenzo Real Estate Agent templates. What problem or problems does Momenzo solve for a real estate agent?

- So basically Momenzo is a video that's helping real estate agents to create their own videos in just a few minutes.

So basically you don't need to learn any software: like complicated software. The editing is completely automatic with your branding.

You will have your logo, your profile picture, your contact details. And then you can just play with the app and choose the templates you want for different events, but I think we will talk about it a little bit later on.

So basically it's just like a shortcut to make your own videos in just a few minutes. You shoot it, you are still with the owner of the property and the editing is already done. You can already share it. You don't need to go home to spend time editing.

You can focus on your client and not spend a lot of time or pay an expensive filmmaker.

- And how much equipment do I need to buy in order to shoot a Momenzo real estate video?

- So that's another power of Momenzo actually and we are lucky because nowadays we are very powerful phones.

So you just need to use your phone, that's the first thing you need, but we really recommend that you use a gimbal.

The gimbal that you put your phone on it, it stabilizes the video; is really helping you to make very smooth videos.

That's really two things you need. So basically almost nothing because you already have a phone. Quite simple, you don't need to spend money on any expensive equipment, yes.

- And is that a Momenzo iOS app or Momenzo Android app?

- So it's both. You can use it on iOS and Android: both of them.

- So I can shoot just with my smartphone. A plus would be to have $150 gimbal that stabilizes the smartphone. It's not a requirement, it's recommended.

- Exactly.

- But I don't get a DSLR camera? I don't need...

- No, you don't need any extra camera. I mean, the better your phone is, of course, the better your video will be.

And when you think about, for example, if we take this one, the iPhone 11 Pro, when you think about it, you can use the wide angle, which is really, really good for your inside - when you shoot the property.

You just use your phone, and like I said, better the quality of your phone is, better your video will be, but you don't need to buy an expensive DSLR that you are going to use only for videos.

You can use your phone and they are super-powerful today. We are very lucky for that.

- So I don't need to spend thousands of dollars on gear or special devices, the whole, the rig, et cetera. Boom, it's my smartphone.

What about software? Don't I need to go buy some kind of editing software? I saw on your examples. ... There were transitions of text and it seems like it's pretty complex of how all that gets done.

I'm a real estate agent, do I have to understand real estate software to create a Momenzo video?

- So, basically the software is the app. So you can go on the website, you just need to subscribe to the app, but then you don't need any extra software.

You don't need a computer. You don't need to export all the data on your computer and then to edit it. And a funny story as well, when we did start Momenzo, when we tested it, it was with my grandma.

She is 70-years-old. And we said, if she can do a video with Momenzo, anyone can do it. And she made it and actually, we have the video showing her shooting her house with a gimbal - with Momenzo - automatic editing.

It was super-simple. So yeah, we made it. It's really, really simple, and then you can play if you want. It depends on the branding that you want.

If you want the listing; if you want to do some events like a new listing, if you want only the branding but we will see later on the different templates.

- I'll go ahead and show those templates now as you were describing them. So we looked at two of them. I think you can see the template screen right now?

- Yes.

- Do you want to walk us through the different templates that you have and why?

- So basically just to remind ... Momenzo has been developed with real estate agents. So all the templates you see here, they are all made kind of with real estate agents.

So it's not from us. It's like we try to match all the needs of real estate agents. So what you have first is very important is your listings, of course.

When you shoot a property you can share it on your social media and everywhere. You want to show the property with all the details.

So that's the listing of the works for one, two, three, four. It's all with detailed icons and your branding. And then you're going to have different events.

So it's more about telling your audience what's coming, like, "Oh! I've got a new listing." Very important as well, if you sell a property, you want everyone to know that you sold it, and you want your branding to be on this animation because anyone who is seeing a video of you with your branding is saying sold, is giving you credibility.

And then we have other videos as well with only the branding. So you don't have anything about real estate econs or anything. It's only with your profile picture, your phone number.

So basically you have 23 different templates to be able to use it everywhere, and you can see it here as well for rent, very important as well.

Saving a lot of time when you want to shoot a property, you want to show a property and save time on viewings and you can see it. So you have all the templates for all the needs of the real estate agents.

- So I don't need to invest in any camera gear except maybe for a gimbal stabilizer for my phone, my smartphone, and then I don't need to buy any software because all the software is in the Momenzo app.

- Correct, yes, that's it.

- So I'll tell you what, why don't we play the video that shows how to make a Momenzo video and then maybe you could provide some commentary over the video about what's happening. Does that sound cool?

- Yeah, for sure, let's do it.

- (So let me go share screen again. Just take me a second. So you can see my screen now?

- Yes, perfect.) So actually, as you can see here, we have the gimbal, the Zhiyun Smooth 4. So you can use any gimbal you want but this one is quite good. And you can see on this video as well, we are using a wide angle lens because we were shooting with the iPhone X.

So you can put like an extra wide angle outside of your phone, which is helping as well. And then here; we've done a first shot and you can see I was editing the light. I mean, you can play a little bit with some small contrasts that are helping maybe to put some light on your videos.

Right now you can see you can just click on the red button. You have three seconds to position yourself and then you just record and you just follow the green line. As simple as that. And every time you make a shot, you can review it straight away.

So if you're happy with it, you go forward, if you're not happy, you just do the shooting again. And now we have like five steps. So now we're shooting the kitchen. And as you can see with a gimbal, you've got more movement.

You can go from the top to the bottom, it's really helping to give more impression when people are going to watch the video. So you can see again, you can review the shot, you can add some light if you want to and then if you're happy, you just go forward.

You can see it in this video... You have as well, some tutorials. So we have a guided version and the Pro version. And on this version, you can see every room. We have some recommendation, how you should shoot a room.

Is helping you to like maybe have some examples if you don't know how to do it. So now we've done the bedroom. So you can still put some light if you want to. And now we're going to go to the bathroom and we have one more shot.

Again, you can see, I love it with a gimbal. You can just play, it's so easy to use and it's giving you so much more flexibility on your shots. And one more time you review it, you watch it. If you're not happy, you just do it again and if you're happy, of course, you go forward.

And now when you've done the five first shots with a guided version, you can add as many shots as you want. So basically, if you want to add an extra room like maybe you want to shoot outside, you want to show more,

You can just add as many shots that you want. You can even speak in your videos, and record your voice. And with the editing, when you're speaking, the music is going to go down automatically and your voice will be over the video, and it will go up again when you stop speaking.

You can have some speed effect as well. So every time you choose what sort of shots you want to do; Do I want to speak? Do I want to put some speed effects?

And then as you can see, we are almost done after three minutes, like no cut, it was recorded with the GoPro showing you we are not cheating, everything is in only one shot. And now you just complete the project, we are still in the house.

And then you have the logo. You will have your logo there. You're going to have all the different branding. Like we were showing you with your phone numbers ... all the details.

As you can see here, everything is done. So we are still in the property and your editing is done with all your details. And of course, the details of the property that you can add.

You can change, for example, for the price or anything we can see on this template, but you can edit it at any time as well.

You can come back to the project and edit if you want to change something. And at the end you have all your like contact details.

And then it's super-easy if you want to go from one template to another, you just go inside the app again, and you click on the magic hand and then you can change the templates. In one click, you go from one template to another one.

- Awesome! So a lot went by in a very short period of time and I still have some questions there. So how did all that text and graphics end up on the video that you shot?

- So basically how it's made, first, when you register with Momenzo, we are asking you for your logo, your profile picture, your contact details by email and then our team is going to set up your account.

So we're going to work on the account. We're going to set up everything! All the templates will be with your graphic design.

Everything will be ready inside the app. When it's ready, we send you an email saying, okay, now your access is ready and you can login. Which is why when you log in, everything will be made with all your personal branding and then you can go from one to the other and then everything is super-simple.

Do you want me to show on my iPhone as well or some maybe how it's... So if I go inside this project, so for example with this template, then if I want to change from one template to another I will click in the middle here.

And as you can see so we have some platforms and I'm going to have... Let me show you all the different templates, just take off my flight mode, just to get all the templates.

Here we go. So you have all the templates here. We have all the works through we were talking about, all the original and you just click.

You can see at the back of it what it will look like. So let's say I've sold these properties. I just keep going down and I want to say, I sold the property and I just click here, just sold, and my editing is straight away with my branding thing.

I just sold the property, and then if I want to export it, I click on Share. ... They can share. Now it's exporting as an export.

So the video is going to be exported to my phone and then I can export it anywhere I want in one click as well in my social media, maybe I want to share it on YouTube to get the link and maybe to post it.

I mean, not the sold one, but for another template then you want to share it on your analytics platforms and then you click on Share, and then you can choose.

You have some recommendations here, and of course, you can do more. And some clients, they love to do it as well. For example, with WhatsApp, you can send a WhatsApp video to a client as well, which is very simple.

- Awesome! So does the video ever go to the Momenzo server or no, no, it all happens within the memento app?

- So for iOS, everything is inside the app so it's not going to the server. For the Android version is a bit different, the shots are sent to the server, the editing is done on server and is coming back.

But we don't touch anything, we don't stock anything. Everything is then on your phone and you do whatever you want with the video. We are not going to have a special link that you can only use. Now, it's your video.

You do whatever you want with it. It's like a normal video on your phone. You have no limitation on where you want to share it.

- And does the Momenzo logo appear on the video at any point?

- Not at all. No, it's only your branding and you can even hide your branding sometime if you want to. So basically when you are inside the app, and it's actually quite new, let me show.

So for example, for this template, you can see, for example, for this video, if I want to hide my logo, maybe I want to hide my profile picture, you can choose.

Sometimes you want to show your logo, sometimes you don't want to. So just click, and the editing is done again automatically and you have nothing to do.

- So in the United States, typically for MLS, you want a version that doesn't have any logos, nothing that would identify the agent. No agent photo. No agent logo. No agent info. So is it easy just to turn it on and off?

- Yeah, basically you have a template called No Logo as well, and then when I click on it then all the branding is going away. I just have my normal video with normal branding. You can just add if you want to, the reference at the top, but yeah, everything is in one click. So you just go inside the app.

- Do I need to shoot the video twice in order to have one that's branded and one that's unbranded?

- No, you shoot once and then you can change it with a template, export one and then come back. You want to change, for example, some information, so I didn't show how you had the information as well. Let me show you that because it's quite important. So if I go back here, for example, as you can see here you're going to have all the details of the property.

- So when did I add all this information?

- So you have two solutions. You can add it at the beginning, we are asking you some questions but if you're busy, you just want to shoot, you can skip them and then you can come back to it at any time.

And if, for example, the price is changing, you just come back to editing; to the app, you change the price. The editing is done automatically with a new price and you can export it again. So you won't have to shoot many times.

You shoot once and then you can edit with all the different branding, all different information and you just organize as you want, just in one click.

- So I can have branded, unbranded, updates such as Sale Pending. Sold. And I'm just going into the same video to make those changes.

- Exactly, yes.

- Just select the appropriate template.

- Because basically any property goes through different events, like of course, it's always a New Listing. Then you have a Sale Pending. Before that you might even have an Open House maybe not during the COVID or anything but you have different events that you go through and you want to share it.

It's very important, you need to share it on your social media because the more active you are, and more people who are following you, you are getting trust from them.

And it's easier for you to create content and to be more visible and to get credibility and maybe if someone wants to sell their house, they're going to think about you because every time they see something is going on with your listing.

So it's super-simple for them to create videos like every week and to share them on their social media, for example.

- You were talking about the process on an iPhone, how long does that processing take?

- As you can see, we just watched the video together and it was just in one shot and I was actually, for example, shooting this property and it took three minutes and 50 seconds. So basically--

- So it took you under four minutes to shoot the house?

- Exactly plus--

- And how long is the process?

- It depends, on iOS it would be quite instant and on Android it can take maybe 30 seconds, one minute, two, maybe three minutes maximum. You have nothing to do, you just wait, the editing it's done and that's it.

- On an Android, a smartphone, I do need to upload it to the Momenzo Cloud. Does that take a while to transfer that video if I'm on 4G? 5G? Wi-Fi?

- No. If you have a good connection it is quite quick. If you have nothing to do, basically just click - I'm Done - and the Momenzo app is going to work for you and then it's going to tell you, your video is ready and that's it. So you have nothing to do. Just grab a coffee or something, in three minutes, it's done.

- So far, I'm trying to keep track of time. It sounds like one could say in less than five minutes?

- Yes, for both, yes, Android--

- And you can shoot the house and have a fully produced video. So I think maybe to be on the safe side, say, okay, we have two levels, three levels of a house that certainly within 15 minutes, that sounds like it's way more time than you possibly need but truly, you could go through a house and shoot a listing in something like five to 15 minutes, maybe five to 10 minutes.

- Yeah, that's correct. Of course, it depends on the size of the house, of course. But the only thing you have to do really is just to walk through the house, maybe talk behind, and then it's like, I will say the longest parts most of the time for videos editing that's taking so much time.

I mean, I don't know if you've been editing as well. It's taking ages just to make all your videos perfect; the sounds perfect; the cut. And if you want to add some layers, I mean, you have to use Adobe After Effects. All the templates are made with this difficult software After Effects.

You won't need to learn After Effects to do that because it's already done in the Momenzo app!

- And how about in terms of the quality of the video?

- So basically it's full HD. So any video you want to do, you can use them in full HD at the moment, why? Because all the main social platforms they are using most of the time HD because you know to go faster on our phones where it can be some time as well, full HD.

And we might come back to the 4K as well. We had it in the past. It was like two years ago that our phones were a bit slow. But now that we have more powerful phones, we are thinking of bringing it back to 4K as well. But basically all our clients with a full HDR are already very happy. It might be an option that we're going to bring back.

- And how do I keep track of time? If I know I want to put it on Instagram and I can't do more than a minute video for Instagram, is there an easy way to keep track of time?

- Yeah, kind of. I mean, when you're shooting for Instagram, for example, you're saying maybe you're going to use a teaser, like something a bit shorter. Otherwise, basically, as you are adding shots at the end of the video, of course, you know how long the video is.

I mean, most of our clients, they share it on Instagram, Facebook, and a lot on YouTube as well because this is where they can have all their listings, and they can share the YouTube channel.

And of course, with the link of YouTube it's easy to put on an email. If you want to send an email to a client to show property, you just add the link.

- So if you're doing, I don't know, let's say a normal size house, whatever normal means, I don't even know if there's such a thing because normal in New York City is different than in Atlanta. Are you typically shooting less than a minute videos, anyway?

- It really depends on what you want. Do you want to tease people just to show them the best aspect of the property?

Yes. You can do it in less than a minute. Do you want to save a lot of time on viewings? Then you want to show more.

So for example, people who are like, if you have a house for rent, maybe you want to show them the whole house and save time because I'm pretty sure they're making less money on rent than for example listing.

So you don't want to spend too much time on the renting place. You share the link and if people watch it, they're like, I'm already in the house now, I know exactly how it's organized. And it's not like this 360 or 3D. You don't have to click, it's a video. So you just have to watch it--

- Careful! Our community likes that clicking of 360s.

- Yeah, I know ;-) I know but I'm not saying it's not good. I'm not saying it's not good--

- We might want to use a different example on that! But if I want to create two videos to say, and I think it takes two and a half minutes or it took two minutes, but I also want to have Instagram.

Do I need to shoot twice?

- There is an option for that some. If you really want to do different kinds of length for your videos, you can, as well, shoot with your phone and then you have all these shots in your phone and you can import them.

So for example, you can import your shot inside Momenzo. If you want a really long video you're going to import all your shots, it's really fast as well. If you want, for example, a shorter video you're going to import on maybe five shots.

You're going to choose how long you want them to be. Yes, you will need to do it twice if you want to do different lens of videos which is really fast too.

- But I would not need to shoot twice because in the example you described I'm not necessarily using the Momenzo app to shoot that particular listing.

I'm just shooting the video with my smartphone, hopefully with my gimbal as well, and therefore I now have all these video clips and it sounds like I now have a choice to say select clip one, two, three, four, and then Momenzo does all the editing using the clips that were already on my phone.

- Exactly, in your library. Yes, you can shoot with your phone and import them. That's funny because before... I mean, like I was saying every time the evolution of Momenzo app is with the recommendation of the clients which are real estate agents.

And before we were having long videos and then we had editing making them shorter and the agent said, "No. It's too short!" "It's too fast!" And, "We want to keep the long videos with the branding on it." And, that's why we didn't touch the length of the video actually.

- So it sounds like; that's a solution for the aerial. So if I happen to have an aerial video I can incorporate that within the Momenzo workflow simply by having that video be on my smartphone in my library to simply select it.

- 100%, very important as well. You can maybe have someone to shoot the video for your aerial video, and then maybe send it to you. You just need to have it on your phone. You can, of course, import it inside Momenzo which is very very nice to have a drone shot inside your editing, yes.

- Okay, awesome. When we were playing the video, I'm not sure our listeners could hear but I could hear music. Can you talk to me about the music library, what are my options for music with using... Let's see how to say this. What are my options for music within Momenzo?

- So basically you have about 20 music beds at the moment. You can use royalty free anywhere. That's something very important as well because if you want to share new social media you don't want to have any trouble.

So we are choosing the music for that and we try to change them every month. And sometimes we even ask real estate agents to... We are sending them like a big library of music and we ask them to choose them and we're going to put them in the app.

Or if you want, you can even export it without the music at all and maybe with another software or anything you want to add your own music. And that's something we're going to develop as well; maybe to be able to import your own music or anything. Again.

We have good music inside the app and we can have different styles and our clients are very happy with it and we try to change them to make sure they're not getting bored with the music.

- So Momenzo is providing approximately two dozen, royalty free soundtracks to be added to the videos. So I can have it with sound, with music, without sound and I can also do a voiceover to narrate the video.

- Yes. It's very important as well. That's one of the powers of the app. Like I was saying, you can shoot the sort of shots you want to do. So for example if you want to speak in the video, you're going to use the Commented Shot.

I just want to add something a bit technical, but it's important as well. You have, for example, Record the Voiceover or the Commented Shot. Basically the Commented Shot is when you show your face when you're speaking with your profile, you are speaking with your voice and your face and the Voiceover is you Behind the Camera, talking and showing.

Why is it important? Because when the editing is going to be automatic, with the Commented Shot, when you're going to speak, we're going to see you.

All the layers are going to go away because we don't want the layers to be on your face. So automatically all the layers are going to go out. But when you do the Voiceover, we still have the property, no human.

So you can still have all the text/graphics layers on it. So that's why it's very important to say the difference between these two shots.

But for both of them, when you choose Commented or Voiceover, the music is going to go down when you speak and going up again when you stop speaking. It's automatic.

That's something that's taking a lot of time when you edit with a normal software on a computer.

- I'm a bit confused. So if I'm doing a Voiceover, am I doing a Voiceover for the entire length of the video or am I doing a Voiceover for a specific shot?

- Basically you can do like, for example, the first one, like there is no voice. I just went through the house, I want to say something special about this room. Then I choose that shot. I'm going to show you how it works.

So when I'm here, I've got all these shots. I've got the standard one, then I've got the Commented one, then I have the Voiceover, the Speed App. Time-lapse. And, I've got more shots here.

And basically every time I do a shot, I choose it, I record it. I stop it.

And then I can do another one. So it can be a lot of different kinds of shots and all of them are going to be behind and then the editing isn't tedious.

- So for either the Voiceover or for Commented, that is going to be the specific length of that shot.

- Yes, correct. It will apply--

- Five seconds, it's a five second voiceover. If it's Commented, it's a five-second Commented.

- Exactly.

- If it's Commented, am I using the other side on my iPhone? Am I looking at --

- You can choose, you can choose between --

- So I have a choice of either using either camera: the front or the back of my smartphone to take that shot.

(Continued ...)
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- Correct, which is very good as well. If you have your gimbal or just your hands, you can choose the selfie camera as well.
You can just speak like this. And I think he's quite good as well because some people just want to make it sometimes a little bit too professional to be outside, and I think it's really cool just to have the agent just speaking, like if a friend is more friendly.

So yes. You have this option. But if you want to make it really professional, you can see that someone is shooting you from the normal side and you will be on the other side of the camera. So you can choose between each side if you want, yes.

- And going back to the music, when do I select the music?

- After: when you are done, when you are done with the video then on the right here, you click here. And you can listen to them and then you can select it.

- So I see Firefly. Can I listen to that before I select it?

- Yes, you just click on Play, you can play it. And then if you want, you choose it and I have it now.

- Awesome! Guillaume, I think we've covered a lot of ground. We've talked about problems that Momenzo solves for real estate agents.

Don't have to buy a ton of professional camera gear! Don't have to buy any kind of editing software!

Don't even know how to shoot a real estate video because you're prompted the whole time ... this is the bedroom, move the camera, follow the green light.

- Exactly, we are helping, we have a guided version and one we call Pro. The guided one is telling you how you can shoot. So it's giving you a recommendation. So if the first one you use, then it's helping you.

- Let's hold off on Pro until later in the show. So we're just going to assume that a real estate agent who maybe is not as sophisticated as a professional photographer: totally happy with automatic!

And let's focus on that for the moment. So it's solving the problem of Don't have to buy expensive gear! Don't have to buy expensive software!

Don't have to learn how to use the gear! Don't have to learn how to use the software. Don't have to know how to shoot a video; just follow the prompts.

Don't have to learn editing. The Momenzo app does that. And if you want it with no music; you want it with music; you want it with music; with voiceover; or you want it with music and Commentated; your picture included. You want it branded.

You want an unbranded video. There's so many benefits I've lost track! Other reasons that are appealing to a real estate agent! Or, I still want to stay with the problems. Are there other problems that Momenzo solves for a real estate agent?

- Actually, yes you've said them all! I'm just thinking if there is anything that's coming to the top of my mind, but it's mainly about the editing part that's like no one wants to work on. I mean, it's not their job. So yes. That's mainly it.

- I mean, my impression, super-easy, super-fast to create a real estate video with the cost of the Momenzo app. We'll talk about pricing later.

We'll also talk about how our viewers can save 10% for sticking with us; hearing that WGAN-TV special offer.

It seems so amazing to me, where did this idea come from? What problem were you trying to solve that you ended up here with Momenzo for residential real estate agents?

- I will make it short but just to tell you the story from the beginning, before we had another company completely different. We were importing sports cars from England to France and basically I was doing the marketing for this company and I had to shoot every car.

Every time I had a car for a client, of course, I want to sell more cars, but I want to show the credibility that we've done a beautiful car for clients.

So I was shooting the car, it took me four hours to record, then go home, do the editing of this new car. And every time I was kind of doing all the same like editing but I had to do it every time, every time, every time.

And then we met another co-founder, a developer and we went from four hours to five minutes because basically this guy did the app and like I was showing you the editing and automating.

So we have to work hard first to make it ready and then the editing is automatic. And then we met a real estate agent, he was just saying, "In the real estate industry, it's so difficult.

It's so expensive to do videos, you guys should do something!" We said, okay, let's work together.

We've developed the project together until he said, now, how much is it? So we said, okay, now we have a product. And we were growing and we were starting in France and then we were partners with Century 21, France.

And we were keeping growing with other big companies and now we're like selling in USA and all over the world.

- So it doesn't seem possible, but the four hours to five minutes, is that really the case?

- Yes, it's really the case, it's just crazy! When we're working on the app, of course, it took us one year to develop the app and make everything ready for it. But then when it's done it just follows the steps and everything is automatic.

I don't have to go home again, open my computer; import all the shots; do the editing and everything. It was faster and even better because we had all the graphic design that I wasn't doing by myself because I didn't have the knowledge to do it.

But with the app - and with the designers we have - now we have all the combinations. So basically when you use the Momenzo app, you have designers; ... you have a designer inside the app for you; we've done the work for you. Yes, that's the story of Momenzo.

- I think you've mentioned two other benefits or problems that were solved we hadn't talked about earlier.

One, is that Momenzo totally compressed the amount of time that it takes to shoot a real estate video.

You as a professional videographer, probably using all the thousands of dollars in gear, thousands of dollars in software, we're taking four hours to create something that you can now create in five minutes.

- That's correct. And you're saying about that advantage as well. I'm saying again about the graphic design because I think it's really, really important.

All these graphic designs, basically I want to say the big difference with... You can find a lot of video apps with those editing but none of them are specialized only for real estate.

So that's what we are doing now. We do it mainly for real estate; 100% for them. We are working for a niche. We want to make sure all the templates are made for them because for other apps, maybe the app is going to be good for a garage; like a bakery.

It's not possible and that's why we're just focusing and that's a huge advantage is to have templates made for them.

- Yes, I'm glad you said that because that was the second thing that came out of watching the video, was it might be just watching -- I guess I would probably summarize it as; It's hard work to make it look so easy!

So all those graphics that were added, you probably have some terms for a fade-in, fade-out, speed-up the video, fast-motion video, slow-motion video I don't know, Chyron. I don't know what. The overlay. The graphics.

So ... a real estate agent doesn't need to be a designer, an aesthetic video producer. All the design and aesthetics has been handled by Momenzo with these prebuilt transitions and overlays from shot-to-shot-to-shot.

So I guess that seemed to be the second thing that struck me when you were telling your story was; you as a professional videographer and designer were probably pretty meticulous about what your transitions looked like, what your overlays looked like, and that's what you have expertise in.

But for a real estate agent; just picking up their smartphone. Don't have to be an expert at design; or video editing, video production.

- Yeah, exactly. And I have to say, again, we are very close with our clients. We love feedback. We come to them ... like you're saying, all the templates we have now there've been developed for three years, just with feedback, adjusting.

We are not real estate agents. We have all the knowledge about the design, about videography, we put everything in it, but then they know how to do their job.

They know how to sell. So we add just everything, every time they're asking for something new. We develop it for them because they need it.

So yes, Momenzo is the combination of the real estate agents' needs and asking for and all knowledge with marketing videos and all the graphics around this, yes.

- Anything else on residential real estate agents meets Momenzo?

- What do you mean?

- Was there any other topic that we should cover regarding real estate agents and using the Momenzo app? I'm ready to move on to real estate photographers but I want to make sure before we do that we've covered the Momenzo story for real estate agents.

- Nothing, I think we've done a lot around the effort for the real agents so yeah, I think I'm happy with it.

- Awesome! So what about real estate photographers using Momenzo?

- So basically for photographers, we have more and more demands. More and more photographers are asking for it because basically they want to offer more to the clients, of course.

And one of the advantages of Momenzo if you have your own pictures; you can create from these pictures, call it a show reel.

I don't know exactly what the term of it but in a few minutes you can import quality pictures inside the app and make a beautiful video again with the branding, with all the templates.

You can use it for the client. I think they're adding value again to their services and again, in five minutes with the app. Yes. We have more and more photographers coming to us.

- Do you have any concerns about photographers joining the Momenzo platform?

- So of course we are finding at the moment some limitation that we're working on as well. Because, of course, when we developed the app, the main focus was on the real estate agent at the beginning, it was about their branding.

So one access; is one profile picture, one logo, one contact details. But when photographers come to us, of course, they don't have only one client.

They have multiple clients. So now they're asking for different brandings. So that's something we are considering because we always develop the app when we see a volume, when we see high demand and it starts to grow with the photographers.

We are already working with a lot of photographers. But right now they can use the template. They can use the graphic on it. But now they're exporting without the logo, without the profile picture, because that's not something you can do at the moment.

You can't play with different profile agents and everything but they are still happy because it's still saving time on editing; and they can still use the real estate templates made for their market.

- Let's talk a little bit about the problems today with using the Momenzo by a real estate photographer, because I'm sure you don't necessarily... ... as you probably would like to have as many customers as possible, you probably don't want to frustrate customers and you don't really want to have a photographer join only to find out that they can't do this, that or the other.

It's probably not in the interest of the photographers, not interested in Momenzo, particularly if at some point you solve the problems for photographers. What kind of problems does a real estate photographer experience today, Friday, February 12, 2021, with Momenzo?

- Like I was saying, it's all about the profile picture of the agent and the picture.

If you have ... maybe more than 10 clients; it's a problem. So that's why they're exporting with a no logo or with no profile picture and maybe with another easy app they are going to add this logo on it, but they're still very happy because they can use all the templates but without the branding of the agent.

- I believe the first big opportunity for real estate photographers -- and I should ... introduce this segment - to ... say why I reached out to Momenzo originally -- The first time that I saw the Momenzo platform, I went, "Oh my gosh! This is so AWESOME for the We Get Around Network Community.

So we have 25,000 plus real estate photographers; we have real estate agents; but we have a preponderance of real estate photographers. And many in our Community -- ... first entry into residential real estate is using Matterport to create 3D tours.

And from Matterport to create photos and floor plans. But there's something missing there, which is video. And I'm thinking, we have 80,000 posts among 13,000 topics in the We Get Around Network Forum.

I think I've read nearly all of them in six and a half years, and when I start to think about photographers, I think photographers fall into three categories.

So first is kind of a newbie, new to video. And the first thing is like, "I don't want to spend all that money on gear and I don't want to spend all that money on software and I don't want to try and understand all that because I can't even get a lot of money for the real estate video even if I could do it efficiently."

So I think we have a lot of newbies that have probably said, "I don't want to offer a video because it's too hard and it's too much money."

So that's why I got really excited about Momenzo, and then I was thinking that second group was Matterport Service Providers, photographers, who maybe don't even use a DSLR camera and are pulling their photos from the Matterport camera, they're pulling their floor plans from the Matterport camera and they don't even own a DSLR camera to do real estate.

They're perfectly happy with the photos that are coming from the Matterport camera but they're missing the check-the-box for video. And again, they kind of fit into this newbie category of, "I don't really want to invest in the gear and the software and then figure out how to do this so I'll just leave video alone." And then I think that the third group, Guillaume, is professional real estate photographers that already do professional video and probably have a workflow, something like what you've done with expensive cameras and expensive software and a lot of knowledge and expertise.

But what the photographers are finding is that the real estate agent is simply unwilling to spend the amount of money that it would take to justify the time commitment to shoot a residential real estate property.

So maybe they're only doing 5% of the listings at the very top end, and I'm thinking, well, they're missing 95% of the listings and here comes my Momenzo.

So that was just -- I was super-excited because Momenzo eliminates buying gear; maybe except for a smartphone gimbal; eliminates the software; eliminates the education; the learning curve; you eliminate all these things.

And as you just said, Momenzo compresses the time for maybe taking four hours to shoot it in five minutes, maybe 10 minutes certainly less than 15 minutes for any house. So as a photographer though, that key question is, but I really want to be able to select the branding for each of my different clients, is that coming? Is it coming soon? You're not sure when it's coming?

- I mean, we're working a lot of different things but it's not soon-soon-soon but it's definitely something we're putting on the top as well, because as we have a lot of people asking for it, we have to develop it, of course. I can't really say a date, but it will be done and that's something we have to do.

- So I think that We Get Around solved this particular problem as a work-around solution even before you offer multiple agent brands within the app, which is ultimately-- it's not that you're not aware of that this is important, it just in terms of your development, it's not the highest priority maybe today.

You've got other things you're still obsessed with in terms of the residential real estate agents before you go on to photographers. And obviously, I'm pushing a little bit because I got a Community of 25,000 plus real estate photographers.

Momenzo makes a huge amount of sense whether you're a newbie or a professional real estate photographer.

This is like amazing! (Anyway, let me see if I can just share my screen for a second here. And I'm going to go into the We Get Around Network Forum. I think you can see my page here.) So this is an example of a five second tag.

I have it looped so it'll keep playing as I'm talking, but this Member of the We Get Around Network Forum Community, Dave, his member name is @Dataventurer in the Forum. He loves your app and he's been using it but again, his challenge was he's both a real estate photographer and a real estate agent, and he shoots video for his other agents.

So he was really interested in how to do the branding. And I said, well, how about you use our video editor which we met through Fiverr two years ago, does a ton of editing for We Get Around Network for WGAN-TV Live at 5 in particular.

So if you came on this page, you would see that George creates that five second video tag, it's created by WGAN Fiverr video editor, George, there's a link to George. And George has agreed to do these video tags for $5 each when you order five or more and $10 each, if you're ordering one or two at a time.

So all of a sudden for $5 each, when you're ordering five or more, you're getting a video professionally done with the text; the graphics, here's the logo; here's the agent license number; phone; email; website; photo.

And then Dave can put that video on his smartphone, which he did, and then he went and just created a quick sample, he didn't do the entire house on this video. He just wanted to show how he's using that five second tag within your template.

Not every room in the house and then boom. So there's his :05 tag. We think this is an excellent work-around. You don't need to be a professional at editing that five second tag. All you need to do is send a message to George and say, "here's the info; the photo and our logo

- at "times" five or more ideally - and create a library of :05 tags for all their clients. I don't know, $5 a client seems like the deal of the century to me to have it professionally done. Even if you knew how to do it, it wouldn't make sense to spend your time if someone else has spent five minutes on it. What do you think of that so far?

- Yes. It's a really good idea! And actually just to clarify how it works, when you have this five seconds then you are going to import it in the app.

So it's like at the end of the video, you want this outro, so you import it and then you do it once. For the client, you create once and like you're saying it's really cheap and very affordable to do it and then every time you do a video for this client, you already have the outro and you can keep going and keep creating videos for him.

So it's one time investment for a client and then you can keep selling your service to him.

- So that's for We Get Around Network Forum Members, that special pricing. It's free to join the We Get Around Network Forum, ... 50 plus membership benefits, including special pricing in order to order these five second tags.

I think we solve a real problem for real estate photographers today even when Momenzo actually offers the app specifically for the photographer community. I thought I would just go into something else that I'd like to show, just take me a second.

I think this kind of really drives home the point about Momenzo. (You can see my screen now?

- Yes.)

- So this is a calculator, WGAN Double Your Income with Momenzo Calculator. For a real estate photographer, let's say you charge $199 for a 25-35 image shoot.

Let's say you do five shoots a week, that's 260 shoots. In a year's time, that's $52,000. I think with Momenzo, you could actually shoot that-- let's say a unbranded video, let's call it $99 for five to 15 minutes of your time for a shoot that you're already there and you've just added a $26,000 by doing a $99 Add On, unbranded.

And the app already works for unbranded for real estate photographers.

So if you don't even want to think about getting into the branded version, offer an unbranded version, let's call it $99 as an Add On. And I think you actually have a shot at doing that for 100% of your shoots.

I think it's also possible to probably charge another $99 for a branded version, and then all of a sudden you can see that the calculator has doubled your income.

So the reason I'm so excited about Momenzo, I see it as an Add On for the We Get Around Network Forum Community of real estate photographers, whether you're a newbie real estate photographer or a Matterport Service Provider, or even a professional real estate photographer that's given up on trying to offer video because you can't do it in a timely manner at a price point that makes sense for a client.

But I can imagine for your professional videos that a real estate agent is going to say yes for $99 for unbranded; maybe $99 for branded.

This calculator is free in the We Get Around Network Forum. If you just join the Forum or even just Google, WGAN Double Your Income with Momenzo Calculator, you'll find it or come to our Forum,

And what I've tried to do here, Guillaume, is to say, those are my assumptions, but if you want to tell me, no, no, you're in a market that you can only get $153 and you're not doing quite as many shoots and maybe that's your income just from photos or maybe you're in a bigger market and you're getting $249 a shoot and maybe you're still doing five shoots a week.

-You can go play with these numbers and then say, well, I think I can actually charge more than what Dan says and maybe, but I'm only going to get 90%.

So you can play with the calculator and quickly see what the impact of Momenzo is. That's why I'm super-excited because when I look at Momenzo and I think, you're going to save all this time, I don't need to know anything about video!

I don't need to be a graphic designer! I'm already on location! I can do this in five or 10 minutes and I'm done! And then I can upload it to YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or share it with whatever app or platform that you're using.

And then I think you said the magic words at the top of the show, there's no Momenzo branding on it. So you get to export the video and as far as the client's concerned, this is what you do.

You don't have to even show them the Momenzo app and what you're doing, just do it. I just call it magic, and that's part of your subject matter expertise. I'm trying to say it to my audience, "Who cares if it's totally easy because Momenzo made it totally easy! It's value-based pricing."

And if your client's paying you $199 for a shoot, they'll likely pay $99 or $199 in order to get video too and you can do it in an affordable amount of time.

Anyway, I just wanted to kind of tee that up for our audience. So a number of our professional photographers who are using FiLMiC Pro, could you comment on FiLMiC Pro meets Momenzo?

- Yes, so FiLMiC Pro is more, I will say about a lot of settings, like deep settings, but then it's not like really... I mean, it's taking more time.

If you want to do your editing is not at all the same way as we do and you don't have all the... Very important as well, you don't have all the specific templates.

You won't find any other app who is going to add all your branding with all this graphic design for real estates. So that's a huge gap, actually. It's not as easy. When you try Momenzo--

- It's compatible, but it's compatible.

- Of course, of course, definitely. Yeah, exactly, but it's not the same approach. If you want, you can try them both but then when you start using Momenzo, you will figure out that it's just faster and easier.

- I just want to sometimes shake the tree because I think people sometimes get so focused on, well, I really like this tool for... This is going to be a whole conversation, are you an artist or a business person?

But if you're a business person and you use the Momenzo app, you got something that's very commercial, you can sell it and you haven't invested in all kinds of extra gear, extra software, extra time editing.

We've simplified! If you want to do the branding, here's the solution, $5 for five or more :05 videos. You only need to do that one once, anyway. Incidentally, when I was showing the calculator, Guillaume, it occurred to me while you were talking earlier that I really could add updates.

Okay, I've done it as a Listing. Okay, it's Pending, that's $25.

- Exactly, yeah, yeah. You can sell events.

- We Rent it out. You don't necessarily have to give... They are not charging us, but just because Memenzo doesn't charge for updates doesn't mean you as a photographer can't. You might still come in and say, well, it's $79.

And when the agent says, okay, great, do you have a version for Sale Pending, or for Sold or for Rent? You have iterations and you can charge for those. So I just want to point that out because Momenzo really is this game changing solution to enable a real estate photographer to double their income.

That's how I look at this. That's why I think it's so important. That's why I'm shouting from the rooftops in the We Get Around Network Forum to look at Momenzo.

And I think really the only thing that's holding everybody back is they're super-busy. With the pandemic there, they're out doing a lot of shoots. They haven't taken the time to actually say, "Okay, this sounds like it's going to take me a long time to learn how, I don't really have the time." I'm a professional photographer, how long is it going to take me to be proficient with Momenzo?

- How long is it going to take you? Basically, we have a lot of video tips as well. If you go on the website, for any step you're looking for, we have special video tips, like tutorials.

Otherwise, we start with 15 minutes or 20 minutes videos that we will send you as well. After 20 minutes, you just follow the tutorial to do it with your phone, then that's it. You just record maybe once at your place. I will say maximum 30 minutes, you can do any property.

- So maybe I watch up to 30 minutes of a video training tutorial before I show up on site. And then how many houses do I need to shoot that I feel like I could do this with my eyes closed? Is it one? Is it two? Five? Is it 10?

- I will say just one shooting. Like maybe you just play at your place, you just play for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, just to feel when you click on the button how it reacts and everything, and then that's it.

Maybe our next strategy is just to play with the app, but nothing else. And if you have any specific thing that you don't know, on our website, you have all these tutorials with how to have text on my video. How to change a price. Everything is up there on the website.

- Let's go to: WGAN.INFO/momenzo

- Yeah, sure.

- And then I'm going to comment about how I recommend getting there. So this is the Momenzo website.

I'm going to suggest that instead of, that you type WGAN.INFO/momenzo You're going to come to the same page and you're going to say, why should I type that? Well, that is the WGAN affiliate marketing link for Momenzo.

And if you use WGAN.INFO/momenzo, when you go to purchase, you'll save 10 percent. Why don't we talk a little bit about pricing? This just seemed like a good time.

- Yeah, for sure.

- We'll click on pricing. So why don't you tell us about pricing?

- So basically we have two pricings. I mean, it's like we have the monthly and the yearly but we're going to see that a bit later on--

- I'll show you that in a second but this says, early adopters, $19 instead of $49. Is your plan actually to charge $49 at some point?

- Basically, yes. At some point, we would like to increase the price as well, that's why we said Early Adopter. Now we are going global, we want to make the price very affordable for everyone. And then when you start to pay this price, you will keep this price forever. So even if we increase one day, the price, you will stay at the price you subscribe. So it won't change for you.

- This is really awesome! I thought at $19 was pretty reasonable and when I clicked through then I went, well, I can get it for $14.08 in the United States. That's $169 a year.

- Exactly, and it's very important as well as you can see, it's unlimited videos, no engagement. We only want to keep and work with people who are happy with the app.

So if you're not happy with the app, you can unsubscribe at any time. Just send an email and you can unsubscribe. Very important, we don't want anyone who is not happy with the app. So it's very easy and flexible.

- So what happens if I sign up for the year and I try it for three months and I'm not happy?

- That's different. I will recommend you start then by the monthly as you can stop at any time, and then we have a lot of people starting with the monthly and then going for the yearly.

- Okay, great. So let's just assume that for our Community, $169, that seems like the deal of the century. I'm going to put in the WGAN10 coupon code and you see that $14.08 ... went to $12.68. That's actually $152.10

Again, you use: WGAN.INFO/momenzo and then come in here and use our discount code: WGAN10 those two things together, then you have your choice of either paying month to month at $17.10 monthly; or paying annually, $152.10 which actually works out to under $13.

In my mind, if you sell one video, two videos, I can't imagine, looking at this and saying, why not? Maybe the only hold up is to say, "Well, I don't own a gimbal." I would say, well, get over it, just get it. It's $150 - top-of-the-line:

- Even $100 I would say ... And we have to tell you also as well about gimbals. If people need it, we have like a five minute video just explaining how to use a gimbal. It's super-simple, and we have a tutorial as well.

- In fact, the latest gimbal that just came out from DGI, let me just see if I can go Google it quickly in our community. Just take me a second. In fact, I'll call it up. I just want to just show a picture of it here real quick.

In our WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes, recently we actually gave away one of these to one of our winners.

This is the DJI OM 4 for handheld, three axes smartphone gimbal stabilizer. And you can buy that on Amazon for $149.

One of the really cool things about this is if you've ever had a gimbal before, this one just really...

There's a little clip that goes around that phone and there's a little magnet and it attaches and you don't have to balance the gimbal if you've ever experienced that before, no balancing.

- And something good about the DGI as well, basically it's a special arm, not the same as all the other gimbals and it's very good if you have a wide angle because when you're ready to shoot, you're not going to see the arm of the gimbal. This is one of the specialties of this gimbal.

- I just thought that that was awesome, $150, and as you said, for those a little bit more price sensitive for $100, you can still get an awesome gimbal. It's really quite amazing. Guillaume, we've covered a lot of ground, what have we not talked about with Momenzo that would make sense to talk about?

- Maybe the updates that we are working on and that will be something interesting as well to talk about. So what I will say, now we are working, of course, on different formats.

That's something we want to help with, the square, the portrait format and everything. That's something we're working hard on and very soon we will have it. Something else will be on the onboarding for the platform.

So right now, every time you subscribe, our team gets in touch with you. We do it like manually with you, and we're working on the special platform that we make it automatic. So you won't need us anymore.

You just log inside the app, the platform, and you will upload your pictures and that's probably the way we are going to be able to offer a lot of different branding as well, because it would be automatic.

So that's something we are developing as well at the moment. And what else? I think that's mainly what we're focusing on now.

- Awesome, and I'll keep lobbying you about the photographer community.

Excuse me. I know our community would just love to have the ability to have multiple agent branding. I can imagine at some point when you have that, you probably do have a $49 a month product, particularly for real estate photographers.

And I think what I'm hearing is for those who subscribe now to Momenzo is that you're grandfathered in at the existing rate, no matter if the pricing increases. I'm telling my Community, MatterPeep photographers, real estate photographers, run!

Don't walk! Get Momenzo because you'll be grandfathered in on pricing and it's only going to get better and even today, you could probably double your income using the Momenzo app. I just think it's awesome.

In fact, I'm so pumped up, Guillaume, I'm going to just take, if you don't mind, a minute or two and I'm just going to tell the Community my thoughts. Just summarize, then maybe you can embellish.

So if you're watching us on a WGAN-TV Live at 5, we've been talking for about an hour and 15 minutes with Guillaume Taieb, he's the Co-Founder of Momenzo.

I thought I was excited before the show, I'm super-excited having visited now with Guillaume. Run! Don't walk! Get Momenzo.

It is an awesome platform that enables you to easily, quickly and seamlessly create professional real estate listing videos without any expensive gear; without any expensive software; without having to learn software for editing; without having to be a graphic designer; in order to have amazing transitions in graphics.

And, the fact that you can be on location already doing a real estate photo shoot, call it $199, maybe you're doing 25 or 30 photos, what a perfect opportunity to offer an Add On because you're already on site!

Create a professional real estate video that will take you five to 15 minutes of additional time on site And for those that are just racing through the house, it possibly could be as little as five minutes to the shoot.

And I say Momenzo in terms of shooting, editing, and sharing, but frankly, there is no editing because Momenzo does the editing.

And as Guillaume talked about earlier, the problem that he solved for himself working on a previous project where it was taking four hours to shoot and edit a video of a minute or two, now literally takes less than five or 10 minutes on site.

I just think it's amazing!

And in addition, Momenzo has been kind enough to extend a 10 percent discount for WGAN-TV viewers and WGAN Forum Members of 10 percent off, whether you're doing it month-to-month or whether you're prepaying for the year and using that WGAN affiliate link, WGAN.INFO/momenzo and the WGAN coupon code: WGAN10

You can get the Momenzo for an entire year at $152.10, works out to less than $13 a month.

It's $12.68 cents. And for $152.10 annually for something that you will likely make back on your first shoot.

This is just a huge opportunity to offer real estate videos as an Add On. And then depending on your market, if you're shooting photos for $149 or $199, or $249, I'm going to guess that you could probably get as much money for video as an Add On.

And if you don't think you can, split the price and offer, let's say, if you're doing a $199 photo shoot for $99, you'll do an unbranded real estate video for your client.

And if they want it branded, then for another $99, you'll do a branded version. So you've just doubled your income on an annual basis by using an app, by using the Momenzo app that lets you double your income for 5-10 minutes of additional time on site.

It's like I don't know how to make it any easier for real estate photographers and if you're hung up on, "but I don't like the transitions" "and I don't like the graphics and I don't..." Get over it! Because it'll never be as good as you can do it with your thousands of dollars in gear and thousands of dollars in software and countless hours in training.

But if you don't make this transition and switch so that you can provide real estate videos for 100% of your clients, then at some point your competition will be.

So, if you're still stuck in taking an hour or two or three or four to create a real estate video, and the next person that comes into your client says, I can do something that's very similar and I can charge you $99 or $149 or $199, whatever the number is, then too late.

You're going to miss the opportunity and if you have legacy clients, you'll give them the benefit of the new pricing, maybe not, but in my mind, 100% of your real estate photo shoots need to include video.

Guillaume, I'm going to turn it back to you because I could imagine you have some talking points about why video is so important today.

- Yeah. It's huge. Actually, mainly for real estate as well because people, they want to project themselves and it's helping them. With video, you have emotion. It's something of a plus.

Pictures are very good to have like another look but with videos, you're going to have more sensation and you want people ... That is going to take their phone and call you.

And as you can see on social media as well, all the algorithms, they are playing with video. If you were putting a video or a picture, the algorithm is going to push up the video more than the picture as well. So you have to play with the new internet rules.

- Awesome! Before we end the show, anything else that we should cover, talk about? Something that we've missed.

- I think I'm very, very happy with this talk and thank you, Dan, for having me. It was super-interesting. I think we've been over everything, I've got nothing to add, just saying thank you for this show.

- Awesome, how about thumbs up? And we'll get a thumbnail here for our video. Big smile. Good, I didn't even ask you, Guillaume, where are you today? Where are you doing your call from?

Right now I'm in the Canary Islands, in Tenerife Island but most of the time I'm living in France. So I'm between an Island in Tenerife and France.

- Awesome! And I'm in Atlanta. Again, thanks for being on the show today. We've been visiting with Guillaume Taieb, he is Momenzo Co-Founder, founder of the platform,

Momenzo for real estate agents and for real estate photographers.

I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.
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Hi All,

It's always nice to hear from WGAN-TV Live at 5 viewers.

San Francisco-based Coldwell Banker Realty agent - and photographer/videographer - Dave Avilla (@Dataventurer) writes:

You led your interviewee through all the salient points of the app methodically and thoroughly! There were a few points where you pressed for clarification and you got the details clearly stated. Nice!

The big reward for me was hearing that the music tracks can be previewed by clicking on the arrow that’s located to the left of each title in the track list. That’s worth the cost of admission to the livestream today!

Momenzo really is an amazing resource for both agents and photographers. It’s not that challenging to master and the payoff in saved time makes a really compelling case for investing the effort!

Got a comment about this episode? Feel free to post here.



P.S. @Dataventurer much thanks!
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Momenzo for Creating and Sharing Real Estate Videos in less than 15 Minutes | See 20+ Momenzo Real Estate Templates | Save 15 percent this WGAN affiliate link for 12 months of Momenzo and coupon code: GET15
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