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EOS R5 vs R6 vs Sony A7S III. Which camera, and why ?13137

ChuckJ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Folks,

I am curious to know if you are planning to upgrade, which camera will you get and why ?

I have a A7III right now, I was thinking to switch back to Canon when they initially announced the R5/R6 (I missed their ergonomics and color science), but with the overheating issue and sony just releasing a A7S III, I am wondering what I should do (it has only 12 MP, which is kinda poor).

The main reason that makes me upgrade is that I am missing 4k60 in my camera.

What are your thoughts ?
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PickChuck private msg quote post Address this user
I switched from Canon digital to Fuji X series when they came out with the first X1. I haven't looked back.

Mind you I had 40K in Canon gear. 3 - 1DX's and all canon glass.

Now I have a T2 and 2 H1's and all the fast (2.8) zooms as well as a good set of fast primes. Still I am at 1/2 price of what Canon, Nikon or Sony for the same gear.

I find the Fuji's color science, responsiveness to customers and mirrorless with what you see viewfinder to be super for my needs.

I also like being able to see a depth of field scale in the viewfinder for using hyperfocual distance.

I also don't miss full frame.

Just throwing that out. Actually, all of the cameras will do more than we ask of them and all will make us a living.


P.S. In a previous life I shot with Leica's and the Fuji's give me that feel and fun to photography that neither Nikon or Canon never did.
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Love my Sony A7RII. I do miss some of the Canon stuff, like being able to shoot whatever brackets YOU want. I'd like to get an A7RIII if they get a bit cheaper. I typically shoot crop frame with the Sony 10-18, and love the results. I've never invested more than $2500 on a body/lens for real estate and I'm not starting now.

I'd get an A7III, but shooting with my trusty 10-18 I'd be down to around 3600 x 2400 file size, which doesn't leave much room for cropping.

The A7S III is video oriented, pixel count is sacrificed for low light performance.
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PickChuck private msg quote post Address this user
I also love the Sony's they are absolutely amazing. Each and every brand comes up with new stuff and we are the winners.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: Sony A7S III , WHY buy a 12MP camera in 2020? What is it good for? | Video curtesy of photoshopCAFE YouTube Channel | 1 October 2020
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Club Member
Queensland, Australia
Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by ChuckJ
and sony just releasing a A7S III, I am wondering what I should do (it has only 12 MP, which is kinda poor).

Sony A7s sensor has quite a big pixel size for much higher sensitivity. That's why it has so low resolution. In fact I do not believe it will ever exceed 12Mp for a full frame format.

I used to have Sony a7s in first iteration of this model. I bought it for astrophotography or more accurate for video astronomy 11 years ago. It is so sensitive that you can see hydrogen clouds in nebulas in colour and real time. To get the same even on dedicated to video astronomy CMOS cameras you need 1-5 minutes exposure.
Have a look

The second iteration is also 12MP and now it is the third.

The only way to increase resolution for a7s is either to reduce its sensitivity by making pixel size smaller or make an imaging sensor bigger sensor than a full frame.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I’ve been shooting HDR with the Sony A7Sii for over three years. It was my first still camera with a digital viewfinder and on this issue, I will NEVER go back to an optical one. The usefulness of focus peaking and zebra improve accuracy and accelerate my shooting dramatically. Many of my clients hire me to shoot HDR stills, a 3D or 360° virtual tour, AND a production video all in a single visit. I arrive with six different cameras. Add twilight and I’m there from 8am to 8pm to complete shooting everything on a 9000 sq ft house like I shot last week (video still editing, but here’s another similar home:

I’ve loved shooting with the Sony and have never had a client disappointed by the 12Mp limit. Anything on the MLS, Zillow or other site is down-graded so much below that pixel res, so the only value in higher res is large format paper printing like 8.5x11” printed brochure covers. Even there, it would be difficult to see difference above 12Mp. And the extraordinary light sensitivity means that my interiors with dark floors and furnishings don’t fall victim to horrendous noise. Very happy with Sony (former Canon shooter)
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