Hello WGAN

I'm looking for some advice, I am the proud owner and operator of a Matterport Pro 2, and have recently received an enquiry about creating a virtual tour of a college campus here in the UK. The campus is rather large, sparse grounds with many different faculty buildings.

I know that Matterport struggles to cope over a certain amount of scans, and I 100% believe that this campus is too large for Matterport to handle in a single scan.

First question, is it possible to combine scans to create an effective overview/floorplan of the whole campus?

Second question, what gear/system would you advise investing in to produce this virtual tour? I believe the client would like something like the tour in the link below (which in my humble opinion lacks any real interest compared with Matterport)

clickable text

Third question, is it possible to create something like the one shown in the link with a matterport using only 360 views?

Thanks for all of your help!