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Frustration with Matterport subscription levels13017

GWatsonImages private msg quote post Address this user
I predominantly shoot businesses like restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, salons etc and not so much for realtors. My clientele really has a need to have their tours hosted long term as opposed to real estate or realtors who for the most part, you host the tour for 30-60 days until the property sells and then it can be archived or deleted. I'm finding that as I grow my client list, the number of publicly visible tours available in each different level of the subscriptions make no sense. I've seen it discussed before where you can get 5 hosted on the Starter plan for $9.99 a month but then the next tier is Professional at $69 for only 25. If I signed up for 7 different starter accounts, I'd have 35 spaces for tours. And I know the Professional subscription has some additional features, but again for the majority of my clientele those are things I'd never use anyway. When I was searching last night to see if I had any additional options, I stumbled across the "classic" pricing plans and those seemed to make waaaay more sense and fit for my business MUCH better. (basic plan was $49 a month or $499 a year and had 100 active publicly viewable spaces). Does this frustrate anyone else?

I emailed them today explaining this to them and letting them know that I'd love to continue using Matterport for all my jobs, but basically the reply was "as much as we'd like to keep your business there's nothing we can do". So frustrating.

My biggest concern here as a new 360 business is as I grow, even if I build additional costs into my pricing up front, the monthly plan costs start to get pretty outrageous after you get over 100 models. If things get lean next year and I don't have the cash flow to maintain paying $300+ to keep all my tours hosted, then what?

I don't want to just vent my frustration and it not be productive so I'm really curious, for those that have similar clientele to mine, how do/did you address this when getting started? One thought was to just set up a new account for each client I get and prepay it for a year so it's taken care of on a year to year basis, but from what I've seen I can't even prepay for a year on a starter plan. Plus Keeping track of that many additional accounts would be a nightmare as My clientele base grows. Matterport HAS to know this is an issue and try to help resolve it right? Curious what others think.

(hopefully this is the correct forum to post this in BTW)
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Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Your frustrations are valid.

I find Matterport unwittingly punishes success with the arbitrary space limits.

You’d think they’d want to encourage their customers to keep their models “live”, as the more models there are the more the general public would learn about Matterport and want to hire MSPs or even buy a camera themselves and have their own subscriptions which would make Matterport more money.

My best advice is to try to purchase a classic plan from someone leaving the business. I have both the classic and a new plan and I use the classic plan for all my long-term hosting and the new plan for archiving (don’t get me started on the decision to no longer restore previously deleted models)...

Good luck.
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