Screen Grab: Google search using: Matterport Photographer Atlanta

Tip of the Day: Get #1 on All Google Searches in Your Market

Hi All,

Are you actively working on getting #1 on all Google organic searches in your market? Do you own the organic Google My Business real estate in the top right corner of Google search?

As @GlennTremain at Nail Soup Media told me years ago, have the most positive Google My Business Reviews than anyone else in your market. Thus, if you Google: Matterport Photographer Atlanta - you are likely to see the above.

Today's WGAN Tip of the Day was inspired by the following post from this WGAN Forum discussion.

Originally Posted by @rzphotoman
And that brings me to the 3rd step in the formula...figure out how to get to #1 on all google searches in your market area. Thanks to Glenn at Nail Soup Media, that has proven to be the biggest reason I am so busy. It makes my phone ring a few times a day and I book 95% of them.

What are you doing to be at the top of all Google searches?