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Video: Thought-Starter on How to Get Inbound Leads from a Neighborhood DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsExpertise (1178): Honestly? This makes ZERO sense for a Real Estate photographer. Our net profit on one additional photos only shoot is like what? $50, maybe $75. That's way too much work in just the hope of reaping a tiny reward. Now, if it was Realtor? I'd still say you'd be way better off advertising Facebook or Nextdoor. Go where the eyeballs are.
Tip of the Week: Get #1 on All Google Searches in Your Market DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (29825): Grab: Google search using: Matterport Photographer Atlanta Tip of the Day: Get #1 on All Google Searches in Your Market Hi All, Are you actively working on getting #1 on all Google organic searches in your market? Do you own the organic Google My Business real estate in the top right corner of Google search?...
Need free help to get your response badges for Facebook and Yelp? GlennTremain 1 5 yearsGlennTremain (2678): check your free yelp profile and your facebook page. What are your response times? I looked at a few top posters here and saw 25% and 7 days response time? Who will reach out to you when it says you wont respond to them? PM me your profiles and I will get my people to message them with "WGAN" in the subject so you know its to get your online presence better and before you know it you will get the badges. Why is that important? FB gives...
Security Alert: Plugin Vulnerability Notification - Advanced Custom Fields GlennTremain 18 5 yearsGlennTremain (2678): Great to hear. Now on to converting php 5.6 and 7.0 to 7.2 and not having people upgrading to Wordpress 5.0 prematurely
Php 7.2 and Wordpress 5.0 what to know GlennTremain 1 5 yearsGlennTremain (2678): By the end of December your site has to use php 7.2. Php 5.6 and 7.0 will no longer have security updates supported. 85% of Wordpress uses will be caught off guard on Jan 1. Additionally Wordpress 5.0 is being released and many warn to backup your site before you upgrade to “Gutenberg” aka 5.0 because the editor is brand new and it is already known to conflict you some themes and plugins. Contact your hosting provider to make sure you...
Google My Business SMS Now Available GlennTremain 2 7 yearsGlennTremain (2678): If you get yours set up be sure to get friends or clients to message you from there when you are able to quickly respond. GMB has an "average response time" badge to earn.