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My QuoCam 8K Odyssey: Seeking a 360 Camera for Multiple Tour Platforms12235

homefinders3d private msg quote post Address this user
I want a camera to use with other platforms such as 3DVista and Eyespy360. The Z1 is unavailable.

I originally ordered a Qoocam 8k (QC8), but canceled it after waiting 5 days for an overnight express order and reading lots of bad reviews.

Then I started seeing more positive reviews and how great the camera is after the latest firmware updates. So I ordered one from Adorama.

I hate to say, it's probably going back. Having built a couple of tours using 3DVista (excellent software) it has been a HUGE disappointment. I'm not an expert,

I do have a lot of photography/videography experience (50 years). The only other VR cameras I have owned are the Insta360 One X and the Matterport.

The QC8 has great difficulty producing an image that has equal exposure from both sides of the camera.

This results in an image that gives the impression that you accidentally left a ND lens on one lens. The Super HDR mode produces DNG files that have extreme blue casts from windows etc.

It requires a lot of post processing to produce an almost "good enough" image. Then you hit the next issue: The images are not very sharp - very shallow depth of field.

I thought maybe it was my inexperience with the camera, but their facebook group is full of current threads discussing these issues.

Based upon the threads, I would guess the QC8 is probably the most returned camera in history.

The truth of the matter is: a one shot camera should produce an acceptable image in one shot. If I need to do a bunch of post processing, then I might as well use my DSLR and get a really good image.

I have tried using the images with PTGUI, their studio software, Photomatix Pro, LR, PS.

So far I am disappointed. But, I want an alternative camera. I'm not sure what the next step is. Wait for a Z1, try a Pilot One.

I have read that the Pilot One produces a soft image as well. Anyone using a QC8 and happy with your results?
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homefinders3d private msg quote post Address this user
Here is a 3DVista tour produced with with a QC8.

This was created by someone else and given to me as an example.

But you can see some of the issues mentioned.
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Boxborough, Massachusetts
toddwaddington private msg quote post Address this user
Unfortunately, from what I gather--and haven't done exhaustive research, but enough. If you want results like or better than the Z1 then the costs go up considerably. IE, I'm looking at the the Insta360 Pro2. $5K, but will do everything, including cinematic 360 video. It seems that "prosumer" models end at $1K and then you have to do a big leap to get the "right" pro cam.

I own the OneX and while it takes very good images, it doesn't match the Z1. Another camera to consider is the GoPro Fusion. Not without its issues. From what I understand, the workflow, particularly for video isn't the best. But the images are generally highly rated. Here is Ben Claremont's review from 2018.
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homefinders3d private msg quote post Address this user
@toddwaddinton I had the Insta360 One X and thought it was a great camera for it's price. I may play with the QC8 a little more. I'm thinking of buying either the Z1 or the Pilot One. I am a little concerned about the initial reports on the Pilot One GPS module. I am not even sure what camera in the pro range would be best for home tours and GSV. I thought about spending 2k on the Obsidian, but that might be a waste too. I could wait a little longer and possibly purchase an Insta360 Pro2 lol.
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MarkJohn private msg quote post Address this user
@homefinders3d Have you seen the 360rumors videos

Best Virtual Tour Camera 2020 (11 360 cameras + DSLR compared)

Best 360 Camera for Virtual Tours (2019): 66mp Aleta S2C Review Tutorial Comparison
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homefinders3d private msg quote post Address this user
@markjohn I put too much faith in what these youtbubers post. I watched the video where Ben where Ben Claremont stated that the QC8 would eventually be the camera of choice for tours. The a couple of weeks ago in the comments he said it was the best choice, better than the Theta Z1 now. In that same video they state the XPhase had great detail, but had too many issues. Now this past week they have state the X Phase has the best photos they've seen. I will look at your links to make sure they are not ones that I have seen already. Knowledge is power lol - it just has to be filtered.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
There is only a couple of things in Z1 that make it to stand out for me:

a)a better resolution comparing to other pro-consumer 360 cameras
b)good HDR.
c)I like their plugin that allows to shoot each imaging sensor at different time letting you hide near a camera.

Everything else is just bad and superbad:

1)wifi range is 2-3 meters top if you are in direct line of sight. It can be solved by using a pocket wifi router but without it forget about operating it from around a corner
2)GPS location data handling in their theta app will screw you up a lot. You can use it with a Street View app when it does not happen but just do not expect Ricoh to even care to fix it. Their V model coming with all these problems.

I would say go with a Pilot One but with a bit of hiccup recently with their GPS module mounting problem it is better to wait till they fix it.

What's left is probably hi end Insta360 cameras like Pro, Pro2 and Titan which apart from old model Pro are not going to be cheap. If you have under $2500 budget then may be Pilot Era. I cannot fault it apart from small problems which are more related to GSV capture.

I am not offering to use DSLR/mirrorless+fe lens on a nodal head because you mention it.
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homefinders3d private msg quote post Address this user
@wingman part of the problem with the QC8 is the limited wifi range, It disconnects intermittently (a lot) once you are 4 or 5 feet away. I am leaning towards one of the Pilots. I would like an Insta360 Pro 2, but lol. Thanks for the input.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Technically a dslr/mirrorless camera +fe setup for manual capture without a cost of a manual nodal head or even automatic rotator can cost very little. Mine so far is Sony a6000(about $200-300 used on ebay) and Meike 6.5mm fisheye lens(should be less than $200 for brand new)

You will need a nodal head setup with a rotator-indexer but you can adapt doing it even with cheap $50 chinese ones.

I started with a Neewer one and I was keen on using it for a long time. However found a used setup with nodal ninja head rotator and even an original leveler on ebay. The seller was selling it for a reasonable price and even with a lens collar for Canon 8-15(that alone cost over $100) he asked about $150USD for all. When I saw it for sale I was already thinking about getting automated rotator Mecha e1 so I decided to get that used kit. No regrets about it.

I can get 64MB pano resolution with this camera and lens combination by doing only four shots. I can use Auto HDR built in my Sony a6000 and only do stitching for post processing or I can do AEB shoots. So you have some flexibility with HDR if your camera can combine HDR on board. Not so mind blowing as with using AEB for HDR but much faster.
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homefinders3d private msg quote post Address this user
My Canon does onboard HDR, but I've only used it once. I've been using Photomatix with AEB.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I know, once you try AEB for HDR and combining it in something like Photomatix built in AutoHDR seems like a poorly designed toy.
I just had to try it to be sure and that was a reason I chased Sony a6000. It comes with it built in.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: The Forgotten QooCam 8K Magic : Creatively Use Express DNG8 and In Cam RAW+ at the same time!!! | Video courtesy of Yuqing Guo YouTube Channel | 21 June 2020
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